Diaper bags are meant to help you carry your baby diapers and other items comfortably and easily. As a mother, it is certain that you would need to carry so many items in your diaper bag, as your baby would need a lot. When you have so much to carry, it may be confusing to decide what to put or what not to put, what is really important and what really is not. The question “What should I pack in a diaper bag” is one of the most asked by mothers.

Your diaper bag needs to be well organized with all the items you need placed properly. By reading the below outlined tips, you will find out what and what is needed in your diaper bag and how to organize it as well.

1. Get the right diaper bag; I believe before now, you must have already gotten a diaper bag, the question is, is it the best diaper bag for you? If you want to organize your diaper bag properly, you would need a diaper bag that is optimized to help you do so. It is recommended that you pick a diaper bag with so many pockets and compartments for you would have more space and storage units to your advantage.

2. Start with the little stuffs; This is where I believe every task of organizing a diaper bag should start. Small stuffs I mean includes items like your pacifier and all other small tiny items your baby will be needing. These little stuffs may be a heck of a task to find if not properly kept, this is because they are very small and can easily get lost in your bag. Fortunately, modern diaper bags usually have so many pockets and compartments where you can store these little items, some of the pockets are specifically made for your little stuffs. When you store them in these pockets, you get to know where they are which helps you to get them easily whilst keeping your diaper bag very organized.

3. Pack your baby diapers; The main reason why a diaper bag is needed is to help you carry your baby diapers more conveniently so it should be the next to go in. Now, the question is How many diapers should you pack in your bag? The amount of diapers you will put depends on the size of your diaper bag and how many hours you intend to spend outdoors. But, a maximum of about 6 or 8 diapers should be OK, if there is still enough space, you can consider adding more, just to be safe because babies are very funny at times. You should pack your baby diapers side by side so it would be easier to access them.

4. Put in your diaper wipes; You can’t afford to leave this one out, your baby will not forgive you. Make sure you pack just as enough baby wipes you will be needing. Most diaper bags have wipes pocket, these pockets were made to carry diaper wipes so you should put them in there.

4. Put in Creams and ointments; You need to carry your baby creams, lotions, ointments, powders and other likewise items. This would be a lot easier to carry if you buy samples sized products. 

5. Put in your changing pad; A changing pad is one of the essentials you should put in your diaper bag. There must be a time when you will need to carry out a diaper change when you are outdoors, and with a changing pad, it would be a lot easier. Changing pads are usually slim and padded so storing it will not be too much of a work. You just have to fold it into half or sections and carefully place it in a befitting area inside your diaper bag. Most diaper bags usually have side compartments for carrying these changing pads so if you have such a bag, you can see it as an advantage.

6. Keep spaces for soiled clothing; Your baby clothes may get dirty and soiled such that you would need to change them. Where do you keep the dirty clothes? Or in cases whereby you make use of cloth diapers which are not disposable and they get soiled, you would definitely need some space to keep the dirty clothes so you can wash when you get home. You can’t put them directly into the bag where other items are or it will dirty them as well. If your diaper bag has a wet pocket, they can go in there. Otherwise, you can purchase a spare plastic bag for this purpose, it helps keep your bag organized so you don’t mix things up.

7. Keep spaces for your own mummy items; The diaper bag is not only meant for your baby alone, as a Mom you should also carry your own items too. While packing your diaper bag, you should keep some space for carrying items you may need, items like your wallet, car keys, novel or even a camera of you love taking pictures. There are lots of pockets and compartments in a diaper bag where you can put these items so you should not just scatter it anyhow. Side pockets and front pockets usually featured on diapers backpacks are perfect for this.

8. Carry your baby bibs; You should not forget your baby bibs, unless of course you would like your baby clothes to get messed up while feeding out doors. You can opt for disposable or reusable baby bibs but for outdoor use and packing in a diaper bag, disposable baby bibs are recommended. This is because when you are done with it, you disposable it at once without having to put it back inside your diaper bag where it can stain other contents. If you want to make use of reusable bibs, then you can designate a separate compartment for putting them after use, other than that, they should stay off your bag.

9. Carry toys only if necessary; Toys can be a life saver most at times, especially when babies wants to disturb or when you want to carry out a diaper change, you can just hand them a toy or two and they will get carried. But, some of these toys can be really big and space consuming at times that you would be confused as that whether to carry them along or not. If you ask me, I would say you should carry these toys only if necessary. If you are not going to stay out for long, I do not think there is any need for toys. If you would stay longer, you can carry few, but try to select the smaller ones which can easily go into the pockets. If your baby happens to have attachable toys, it would be better because you can easily hang them to your diaper bag or your baby stroller if you go out with one.

10. Carry additional baby clothes; This is really not something you need to be told. Additional baby clothes, about 1 or 2 extras should go in your diaper bag because there are high chances of babies dirtying their clothes and needing a change of clothes thereafter. Just as you would store clothes in any other bag, roll up the clothes or fold them in sections and carefully place them inside your diaper bag. Getting a ziplock bag to pack the clothes before putting it inside the diaper bag is also not a bad idea. You might also consider carrying extras of other stuffs like socks and shoes.

11. Carry Clean Blankets; Blankets are needed along with a changing pad when you want to perform a diaper change. Make sure you pack really clean ones, fold them and place it inside your diaper bag. If you want to breast feed while out, the blankets can serve as a nursing cover.

12. Foods and Snacks should be kept separately; You can’t afford to put your food, snacks and drinks in the same place as others, this is both for health and safety purposes. You should carefully place your eatables in separate compartments away from the diapers, clothes and the rest. Some bags have pockets and compartments specified for carrying food and snacks. For water bottles and drinks, most diaper bags, especially the backpacks has insulated pockets where you can store them to keep them warm.

13. You may need band-aids; If you happen to have band-aids for kids, you should try to carry them along. Babies like to play and playing when outdoors, they may get bruises and scratches if very rough. In such a case, a band-aid may come in handy as it allows you take care of the situation immediately.


Making sure your diaper bag is organized and contains all need is something every mother should endeavor to do. If every item in your bag is organized and placed properly, It saves you the stress of having to look for these items as you would know just where to get them when needed.


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