While expecting a baby, you have to prepare for a lot of things, from making sure that you and your baby are in good health to preparing your surroundings for the coming of your new born. This article contains 15 things amongst others that you can do to prepare for your baby, from things you should buy, things you should engage yourself in and more.

1. Seek Pediatric Care

Who is a Pediatrician? A Pediatrician is a medical practitioner specializing in children and their diseases. The health and development of your baby should be your among your top priorities so a Pediatrician is needed. It is no longer news that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) enjoins expectant parents and families to schedule their first pediatrician visit during pregnancy. With the help of a pediatrician, you get to find solutions to common issues and concerns regarding your baby, and doing so before your baby comes is best. It also gives the pediatrician enough time to get to know you and your family better. Ensure that you seek pediatric care from a qualified pediatrician, book and schedule appointments ahead of your baby’s arrival and try to meet up with them. Pediatric care may be expensive at times, especially when you have to book a private pediatrician, but it is worth the money.

2. Choose your baby name

Choosing a baby name is another very important task to complete while preparing to have your baby. It is true that some people like waiting till after the baby arrives before choosing a befitting name but, it is always advisable that you pick a name before to give you enough time to deliberate on it. There are thousands of names out there that you can choose from and at the same time, there is so much to consider in other to pick the right name for your baby. Names are significant, so you should not just go choose any name, there certainly must be a reason behind it. The number one source of baby names is the family tree and also most families have specific naming traditions that you should follow.

3. Buy Baby Clothes

Of course you cannot skip this one for any reason. Shopping and buying baby clothes are one of the most important things to do while preparing for the arrival of your baby m. Your baby cannot stay naked after being born; he or she needs to be clothed almost immediately. There are lots of shops and stores where you can buy baby clothes and you can also choose to shop for baby clothes online. To make it more fun, you can shop together with friends and family. Know the right sizes to buy and buy as many as you think your baby would need but at the same time, do not buy too much as your baby will outgrow them within few months. Also, make sure you buy nice wears that will really look cute on your baby.

4. Prepare a Baby Nursery

Your home needs to be informed that a baby is coming so you should definitely prepare a baby nursery. Select a room, a room you feel is best and make sure it is safe. Clean it thoroughly, take out anything that shouldn’t be there. To add style and live, repaint the walls with a more baby friendly color; do make sure that the paint is non toxic. You can also choose to decorate the walls with wall art if you want. Buy all the furniture you would need in a baby nursery like the baby crib, dresser, changing table and others.

5. Buy Nursing Items

After giving birth, you immediately enter into the nursing period and not being prepared for that is not the type of situation you would like to find yourself in. There are lots of nursing items you should buy and they include, Nursing bras, Nursing Robes, Nursing pads, Nursing pillows, Nipple creams and a whole lot more. All these items are needed to make your nursing period less stressful and much more enjoyable, it is very important that you get them now. You can ask your friends who have been through this stage before, and they will tell you how important it is to buy these nursing items. Make sure you get quality ones too.

6. Get Enough Sleep

You must have heard this over and over, even before you got pregnant and yes, you are hearing it again because it is important in general health and very important to you as a pregnant woman. Sleep has a great effect on the baby you carry in your womb, It has been stated that expectant mothers who are preparing to have their babies should try to sleep at least for seven to eight hours per day, some hospitals and doctors even recommends more sleeping time. It is no doubt that many women find it hard to fall asleep while pregnant and this normally leads to complications at birth. Getting enough sleep while pregnant is a highly effective means of taking care of pregnancy strains and it is also good for your child’s health.

7. Seek Advice from experienced moms

When preparing for your baby, especially if it is your first time, you are sure to get curious and concerned about some issues that you have to ask questions. It would be no harm seeking advices from experienced mothers, those who have passed through the stages you are now. Your own mother is a nice person to turn to for advices if you need some, or your friends and other relatives who are experienced. You can also spend time online on parenting blogs and forums where you could meet other mothers who can help answer some of your questions and give you useful advices as well, you could learn a lot. However, you should know the ones to take, if you feel like a particular advice is not really applicable to you, you should drop it.

8. Pack your Hospital Bag

You can fall into labor at any time when it’s due, when that time comes, you would not want to be rushed to the hospital and find out that not everything you need is inside your Hospital bag. That being said, it is very advisable that you take your time now that you are still preparing for your baby’s arrival to prepare your hospital bag and make sure it contains all you need. Most important things to have in your Hospital bag includes Dressing gowns and Night dresses, Slippers, Massage oil or lotion, snacks, socks, Hair bands and more. Your hospital may also recommend list of items you need to get, make sure you buy them too.

9. Look Beautiful

This is not a joke; you need to look beautiful while preparing for your baby. Why is this? It is because as a pregnant woman, you are sure to get a lot of attention from family and friends who may come to visit and assist you. You are sure to take pictures especially after giving birth and you would love to look your best in them. Make your hair in the best style you know, do your makeovers, paint your nails and perform every other beauty technique that will complement your appearance. You could tell your partner to get you some fresh jewelries and accessories or you get them yourself. It’s just really nice for you to look your best while you await your baby.

10. Make your home baby proof

Making your home baby proof is a sure way of keeping your baby safe when he or she arrives. When babies starts walking, or even when they starts to crawl, you would be surprised at how easy it will be for them to get into all areas of the house when you are not watching so therefore, all areas of your home needs to be baby proof. There are many things to do to make your home baby proof but most importantly is to get rid of sharp objects or keep them very far away from baby’s reach. Most furniture has sharp edges, try to cover them up with padding lock up places you wouldn’t want your baby to enter. You can check online or seek expert advice on how to properly baby proof your house.

11. Take Parenting classes

Taking parenting classes is something you should engage yourself in while preparing to have your baby. Why are these classes important, it gives you professional advices on how to take care of your baby and be a good parent when it’s time. You also get to learn how to manage your home, healthy nutrition habits and more. These parenting classes are usually organized in hospitals, other organizations and agencies also offer parenting classes.  You can choose to sign up for one online as well if it an option you prefer. Parenting classes are not only for expectant mothers, they are also very important if you already have a child.

12. Exercise

Most women are scared to exercise while pregnant, some believe it is not safe but in reality it is an essential aspect of preparing for your baby. Doing exercises when pregnant helps to have a healthy pregnancy, these exercises helps boost your energy and keep your blood flowing and this is very useful in preventing constipation, sweating and bloating. It is recommended that you exercise for at least 30 minutes every day if possible. Being physically active also helps you to maintain your shape while pregnant and to quickly recover after you must have given birth. However, you should be selective of the type of exercises you do as not all exercises if ok for a pregnant woman. If you registered in a gym, your instructor is sure to direct you on which exercises are best for you.

13. Get a baby car seat

For you to be able to move your baby around in your car, you need to get a baby car seat. It is a safe way to carry your baby in your car without them getting hurt especially as you would need to be visiting the hospital frequently. There are many baby car seats available that you could buy, just buy and install it and wait for your baby to come and occupy it.

14. Drink lots of Water

Water is life as it is necessary for the survival of any being on earth. As an expectant mom preparing for the arrival of your baby you should not be dehydrated, drinking enough water is very important for you. Water helps your body absorb essential nutrients and also helps distribute it to the fetus in your womb. Drinking enough water also helps prevent constipation, headaches, fatigue and anxiety which are usually common when one is dehydrated. You should drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water per day, and very importantly you should have a drink of water just before going to sleep. While drinking water is very important for you during pregnancy, make sure you are drinking from a safe source.

15. Get a Baby Memory Book

What better way is it to revisit pregnancy and your baby’s early childhood years if not through a baby memory book. Getting a memory book for your yet to be born baby is one of the ways to prepare, you get to store different developments and milestones reached in the life of you and your baby. While waiting for your baby, you should take your time to look for a good memory book that you can buy to store all those wonderful memories you would love to recall in years to come.


The things you can do to do to prepare for your baby are not limited to just the 15 listed here as there are whole lot other things you can do. Carrying out the 15 in this article should be ok and ideal for getting the best pregnancy experience.


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