8 Best Baby Washcloths


Baby’s bath time can be quite the bond between you and your little angel. However, if you are not equipped with the right gear, then it can be a slippery and sopping mess.

When preparing the list of your baby’s bath essentials, you will need one thing that you might not think you will— a stock of baby washcloths that are soft, fluffy and size just right for your bundle of joy; it can make all the difference.

Here are some of the best baby washcloths you can find today!

  1. Brooklyn Bamboo Baby Washcloth

A bestseller, this baby washcloths from Brooklyn Baby is made by a loving family for families! It uses 100 percent organic bamboo fibers which are softer, more absorbent and durable than terry washcloths and cotton so it is soft on your baby’s sensitive skin. In addition, the towels are hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and dry faster.

The washcloths are made without harmful substances and chemicals, so you do not have to worry about your baby’s safety when using these washcloths. It has a generous 10 x 10 inches sizes that are comfortable and handy to use on a daily basis. It comes in a convenient 6-pack in 2 different colors, great for both baby girls and boys. For easy care, these baby washcloths are machine washable.

  1. Bamboo Organics Baby Washcloths

Bamboo Organic offers these premium baby washcloths made from organic and hypoallergenic bamboo fibers that are free of chemicals and toxic dyes. It is ultra-absorbent and extremely soft guaranteed to be gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin even for those suffering from eczema or dry skin.

These large 10 x 10 washcloths are made to last. In addition, these bamboo washcloths are 100 percent biodegradable so it is not only better for your little one but also to the environment. Stop wasting money on chemical-filled baby wipes that fill in landfills and go natural with these washcloths that doubles as perfect reusable wipes for your little one. Lastly, Baby Organics offer 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee for a risk-free buying.

  1. Luvable Friends Washcloths

Affordable and cheerful, this 12-pack of baby washcloths comes in fun patterns and colors. You get 2 white washcloths as well as 4 patterned ones and 6 solid color washcloths. Made of soft and absorbent cotton terry fabric, these washcloths are gentle on your little one’s sensitive skin.

These are machine washable, so busy moms won’t have to worry about hand washing. And with such a big pack, you’ll have total value for your money. Plus, you can keep some in the bathroom for bath time and some in the kitchen for mess-free meal time.

  1. Mukin Baby Muslin Washcloth

These washcloths from Mukin features 100 percent muslin cotton that is safe and soft on your baby’s skin. It has a generous size f 12 x 12 inches for daily bath time use. It comes in 5-pack washcloth with 2 natural colors, great for both baby girls and boys.

The washcloths are highly absorbent, reusable and durable to last for years to come. In addition, the gauze will never drop fur, so it safe for your little one’s respiratory health. Mukin also guarantees that the washcloths are made without harmful substances and chemicals. For your convenience, these washcloths are machine washable.

  1. Spasilk Terry Washcloth

Another bestseller with over 2,000 reviews on Amazon, this pack of soft Terry Washcloth from Spasilk is a must-have for your little one. The washcloths are 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester, making it soft on the skin, but is durable enough to withstand wash cycles.

The pack includes 10 washcloths with a size of 9 x 9 inches, making it perfect for bath time as well as various cleaning situations. Other than that, the washcloth set comes in assorted patterns that are fun and brightly colored, adding visual interest to your child.

  1. Bamboo Baby Organic Washcloth

These organic washcloths from Bamboo Baby are the perfect way to clean your baby’s delicate skin, particularly those that suffer from cradle cap, diaper rash, eczema or baby acne. Guaranteed 100 percent organic, these washcloths are made from organic and natural bamboo fibers that will not irritate or scratch your baby’s skin.

In addition, it contains no dyes or any other artificial chemicals that can harm your little one, making it safe and hypoallergenic to use. Not only that, but these washcloths are also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. With a size of 10 x 10 inches, these organic washcloths are large enough to cope with every baby clean up needs but also for teens and older kids.

Lightweight and small, you can carry it all without the hefty feeling. In addition, these baby washcloths are gender neutral in 3 pure white colors and 3 off-white colors.

  1. Baltic Wonder Baby Washcloths

Rated 4.9 out 5 stars on Amazon, these baby washcloths from Baltic Wonder are a favorite among moms! Made of 100 percent natural and organic bamboo, these washcloths don’t have any added pesticides or chemicals that harm your little one. It is super absorbent and thick that is gentle on your baby’s skin and has great longevity.

Multi-functional, these baby washcloths are not only perfect for bath time. Its versatile fabric also makes it perfect for wiping up spilled milk or drools or even wiping out diaper accidents. Baltic wonder offers a risk-free buying with their 100 percent money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the items.

  1. Burt’s Bees Baby Washcloths

Made of knit terry cotton, this 8.5 x 8.5 inches baby washcloth from Burt’s Bees offers great absorbency. Not only that, its organic cotton is GOTs certified and is gentle on your little one’s sensitive skin. Proven safe, these washcloths are made without harsh chemicals that may cause harm to your baby.

It features a smooth side and loop on the other and is neatly finished with a 100 percent organic cotton trim. The washcloths are also combed and ring-spun for added durability as well as softness and no-pill washing.

best double strollers


Best Double Stroller: Top Picks and Buying Guide 2019

Raising a single kid is already hard. What more in having two toddlers? Can you imagine yourself carrying two babies by the hand? That’s so tiring and really stressful. But, owning the best double stroller could be the remedy whenever you walk out the door.

Babies needn’t be always staying inside the house. They also deserve to wander and enjoy the outdoor sceneries. One way to let them go outside with full security is through riding on a double stroller. You heard it right, a double stroller.

A double stroller is a great transport solution for a single parent with two kids. The kids will surely fit on this ride with better comfort and stability. We go over the top-rated double strollers in the market and site reviews about the products. Hoping the details below would help you find what’s best for your kids.

Best Double Strollers: A Quick Buying Guide

The selection process isn’t easy. Hence, preparing a budget is the first step in making a purchase. Before deciding which double baby buggy is a good buy, there are many other factors need to be considered, such as:

What are the Different Types of Double Stroller?

Double strollers are categorized into three types – Side-by-side strollers, In-line strollers, and Sit ‘NStand strollers. Each of them has numbers of advantages and disadvantages and the final decision depends on your liking.

  • Side-by-side –It appears like a twin stroller in side-by-side position. Each baby can move freely.
  • In-line –The seat structure is one at the lower portion and the other seat be higher. It’s like falling in line positioning.
  • Sit n’ stand –It is obvious that one baby is sitting and the other one is standing. The latter stands on a provided stroller board. Some models allow a seat on the stroller board.

Types of Double Stroller



1. Side-by-side

– Equal stroller experience

– Independent adjustments

– Bulky

-Difficult to maneuver

2. In-line

– Easier to maneuver

– Narrow

-Doesn’t offer the same experience

– Different adjustments

3. Sit ‘N Stand

– Easier to store

– Easy to maneuver

– Additional purchase items

Things to Think through

You are aware of the increasing number of double strollers in the market. To keep away from stress in choosing a product, here are the key points for the best double stroller you might consider:

  • Kid’s age difference –For example a toddler and an infant. The younger demands more protection than the older kid. Also, the dimensions of the stroller hinge on the height and weight of the child.
  • Price – Buy a product that your budget can bear.
  • Child’s comfort –The baby must properly fit on the stroller with adequate air circulation. Additionally, the seat primarily holds comfort for the baby. It can be reclined or adjusted up to the desired comfort.
  • Safety –Stroller uses 3 or 5-point harness or a belly bar to secure the baby. Make sure the construction is sturdy enough to hold babies.
  • Maneuverability –The wheels are usually lockable, swiveling, and has a suspension system. These factors help for better steering on any surfaces. Rubberized tires are more preferable for all-terrain roads.
  • Storage – If you don’t have a budget yet to buy a stroller organizer, some strollers provide compartment under seat or pockets for storage. Others add cup holders and snack tray to hold baby’s and parent’s food.
  • Versatility –For the growing toddler, an option of attaching a stroller board is expected. It still stays as a double stroller in a sit and stand mode.

Other Things to Consider

A stroller bedding isn’t enough to give comfort for infants. Herein, purchasing an additional infant car seat or bassinet is the most immediate solution. It serves as a travel system too. Consider compatibility before buying a car seat by checking the stroller’s dimension.

20 Overall Reviews for Best Double Strollers

The following products are classified into four levels: Lightweight, Cost-friendly, versatile, and Best-buy strollers. Without further ado, let’s get it started!

Top Picks for Lightweight Double Strollers (Less than 30-pounds)

It is an umbrella type of double stroller caused by its twofold canopies. Lightweight and versatility are the best features it could offer for the passengers and parents. Regardless of its lightness, each reclining seat can carry a maximum weight of 45-pounds. Position the footrest in place to attain all-out comfort. It can pass through standard doorways.

The wheel’s swivel features, as well as a suspension system, support every maneuver in tight spaces.Extra features include under seat storage basket and flex cup holder for parents. The stroller is a one-hand folding ride and hence hassle-free to store in most cars.

Further, Evenflo conforms to all safety standards so most parents recommend its effectiveness to accompany kids.


  • The extended visor on the canopy
  • Only weighs 26-pounds
  • Easy to store
  • Very affordable


  • Difficult to access storage basket
  • Flimsy wheels
  • No cup holder for children
  1. Baby Trend Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame

Buying this stroller frame requires additional cost to add up bedding. Don’t worry as Baby Trend makes it compatible with many infant car seat brands. It includes Baby Trend, Graco Snugride, Chicco Keyfit 30, Evenflo Discovery, Safety 1st, Aprica30, Combi Shuttle 33, Summer Prodigy, Peg Perego, UppaBaby, Britax, and Maxi-Cosi.

The frame is formed with plastic and steel that makes it firm enough for longer use. The wheels aren’t lockable but can rotate by one-hand steering. Food necessities have a place on the parent tray and cup holders. It has sufficient compartment for other baby essentials. 

The car seat can be placed on the stadium seating style frame without removing the baby inside the seat. Yet, the sleepy head isn’t disturbed.


  • Spacious storage
  • Can be folded flat
  • Highly compatible with many infant seats


  • Bulky in size
  • Unreachable storage baskets when both car seats are installed
  1. ZOE XL2 BEST v2

This might be the lightest lightweight double stroller on the list weighing only 16-pounds. Seeing its weight may result in hesitations. Can the stroller hold a baby safe and sound? Can it last long? Can it be useful?

The goodness is the quality of the stroller isn’t compromised nor lessens. So, regardless of its weight, it can still be trusted to bear two babies. The buggy can actually carry up to 50-pounds of weight. It has a wide-ranging and very comfortable seats made of fabric with ultra-durable 600D materials. You can recline the seat up to your desired degree of comfort.

Its four-panel canopy with magnetic peek-a-boo window protects the kids from the direct sunlight. There’s a foam-padded belly bar for added security. Lastly, the tires are removable and lockable for easy control. ZOE XL2 BEST v2 is JPMA certified!


  • Added travel backpack, snack tray, and removable cup holder
  • Elastic storage basket
  • One-hand folding


  • Cannot bear infant seat
  1. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller

Busy parents might forget having the best of times with their kids. With this Kolcraft Cloud Plus Double Stroller, a JPMA certified stroller, everything is possible. Its weightlessness is a great advantage for all-around use. The ride fits in any car storage and hence perfect for out of towns. It has two storage compartments able to hold more than enough stuff both for parents and babies.

The front wheel suspension sustains the stability of the stroller throughout the ride even on difficult roads. Its three-panel canopy with peek-a-boo window covers the kids from any weather. Additional storage includes a removable snack tray and 2 cup holders which benefits both parties.

You can leave the 23-pound stroller folded at any corner as it can stand alone for storage.


  • A lot of rooms for easy access storage
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to clean snack trays


  • Cannot be fully reclined
  • An issue on cup positioning
  1. Amoroso Twin Baby Stroller

By only looking this twin baby stroller, it seems unreliable. But looking its further amazing features would change your mind. Other than that, Amoroso Twin Baby Stroller is made available for average earner parents.

It is polyester-made stroller ends up weighing only less than 15-pounds which is the lightest under the lightweight category. Pushing it requires no greater force and it can be done by only one-hand. It still has a high weight capacity up to 55-pounds. That’s already a great weight deal for babies. However, the stroller might not work for growing kids.

A 3-point harness attaches on the seat secures the kids. Controlling the stroller is accompanied by the 360-degree rotating six wheels and a foot brake. The braking system is a new feature which is favorable for parents designed for safer control. Additionally, the handlebar is adjustable for better steering.

Getting stuff is easier as the storage is on the handlebar. That means away from the kid’s reach.


  • Adjustable seats
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Very portable


  • Not so stylish

Top Picks for Budget-friendly Double Strollers (Below $200)

1. J is for Jeep Scout Double Stroller

Starting up with Jeep Scout Double Stroller that costs lower than $100. It gives a budget to other baby’s needs apart from a ride. Expect for a simpler design yet easy to use and comfortable to be with. The buggy is made lightweight so it can go through tight spaces. Its seat can be reclined in several positions for the comfort of the babies. It comes with a soft-padded 5-point harness. European-style canopies look different than the normal sunshields which adds to the style of the stroller.

Wheel suspension system results in a smoother ride and more convenient steering. Its storage capacity is superb that can contain much of the baby and parent essentials. Parent’s cup holder is a plus. The product is ASTM, JPMA, and CPSC certified. However, the stroller’s overall weight capacity is only 35-pounds which speak its price.


  • Inexpensive
  • Can fit on standard doorways
  • Conforms to safety standards


  • Very low weight capacity
  • Seats are difficult to adjust

2. City Street LX Side by Side Stroller by Delta Children

The previous stroller is cheap but City Street LX Side by Side Stroller is much cheaper. Infants and toddlers age up to 2-years old are to whom this stroller was made. Each seat can carry up to 35-pounds of weight which is weaker than the other strollers. The soft-padded seats with 5-point harness are adjusted independently whether upward or inclined position. This provides each kid with the desired comfort plus European canopies for extra protection.

Shock absorbing wheels can swivel at 360-degrees and can go over rough roads. The stroller can easily enter through 30” standard doorways because of its lightweight structure. Some airlines allow this stroller on board during flights so check on airlines’ policies. The ride passes ASTM, CPSC, and JPMA standards to ensure babies’ safety. For damaged parts, the company provides free replacements.


  • Dual storage bags and cup holders
  • Very affordable
  • Travel-friendly


  • Cannot function well on uneven roads
  • Lesser weight capacity than the other strollers

3. Chico Echo Twin Stroller

As compared to the above-mentioned pocket-friendly double strollers, Chico Echo Twin Stroller might not be the most recommended one. For the reason of the flaws it bears but there are still positive reviews upon this ride. Let’s check it out!

Its weight capacity is higher than the first two strollers which are up to 40-pounds per seat. That’s incredible despite the cost. It comes out stylish with its gray color. The best thing about this stroller is the foam-padded seat with 4 adjustable positions and 5-point harness. The shoulder strap is even adjustable for greater comfort. Each seat has an adjustable and properly ventilated canopy. In addition, the leg supports are also adjustable to accommodate taller kids. One removable cup holder is added but the main storage isn’t sufficient.


  • Easy to set up
  • High weight capacity
  • Seat and footrest adjustment options


  • Hard to load and unload
  • Not enough storage

4. Costzon Double Stroller

Who would’ve thought a well-made and bursting with unique features double stroller is within every parent means? Costzon Double Stroller is the one we’re talking about.

It is a side-to-side type of double stroller which is composed of one canopy with independent peek-a-boo windows. Monitoring the babies would be within your reach via the peek-a-boo window. Its unique seat covered with non-toxic Oxfords enhances the safety and comfort of the kids. The reclining seat has 5-point harness and detachable guardrail for better protection. Besides, it can be reclined in multiple positions. Each seat can accommodate up to 33-pounds weight capacity.

It is made up of swiveling, lockable, and EVA tires with foot brake so easier to maneuver on different areas. This ultra-light double stroller can stand alone after folding it with one-hand and hence space-friendly for storage. Removable snack tray and drink holders make it hassle-free to clean and store.


  • Take a few minutes to set up
  • Well-built
  • Ultra-light feature


  • not a well-known brand
  • less weight capacity
  • one canopy only

5. Summer Infant 3D Double Convenience Stroller

At the time of review, Summer Infant 3D Double Stroller isn’t available in the market. Yet, waiting for its availability will cause no regrets.

This stadium chic double stroller has high back seats which are new among the list. It might be more suitable for growing babies to be comfortable in it. However, infants can also ride on it through separately sold car seats. That includes Graco SnugRide Click Connect, Chicco KeyFit 30, and Chicco Fit car seats. Canopies are removable for better ventilation.

Regardless of its design, babies can still rest their feet with ease. And, they can also find real-time comfort by reclining the seat up to halfway flat. Getting a nap is much easier with this position. The seats have different weight capacity, 50-pounds for the front seat and the other seat is 40-pounds. It is commended for travel purposes as it can be compressed for storage.


  • Adequate storage
  • Travel-friendly
  • Well-design seat


  • Not available yet

Top Picks for Versatile Double Strollers

1. City Select with Second Seat by Baby Jogger

Surprisingly having a third child? Baby Jogger offers not only two seats but three in one stroller. Durability is in place even it has to carry three children once and for all. A three-seat stroller could happen by adding a standing board at the back. That area is made for the oldest kid to stand for. This stroller style supports a better relationship among the kids as it avoids the sense of jealousy between the kids.

It is made bulkier and heavier than the previous strollers. In spite of being heavyweight, the performance it renders is like no other. First is storing the ride is hassle-free and space-saving with its removable wheels. Moreover, it offers 16 comfortable positions, including facing ahead or towards the parent, or attaching a car seat on it. Whichever will be, works very well. The two seats are covered with canopy with separate peek-a-boo window. Per seat can carry a maximum weight of 45-pounds.

There’s an additional control you can use on this stroller which is the handbrake. The adjustable handlebar gives extra comfort in steering the ride. Amazingly, its compartment could hold up to 15-pounds. The use of fabric material is machine-washable.


  • Imported and high-quality 100% polyester materials
  • Multiple seat positions


  • Highly expensive
  • Separate costs for the accessories

2. Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Double Stroller

Babies grow fast wherein riding on a stroller isn’t a lifetime practice. But, Baby Trend makes a sit n’ stand double stroller for kids at a growing stage to enjoy. It is composed of two attached seats with 5-point harness each and a standing board with a bench. Surely, a 5-years old kid can still go with you in buying groceries. The seats can both hold infant seats at once without covering up the other baby. Comfort is still unrelenting. The canopy design is different on each seat as the front has a removable canopy and the back’s canopy is permanent.

This has to be the highest weight capacity for up to 120-pounds. Its wheels have less suspension and cannot function well on difficult roads. However, a footbrake helps for better and safer navigating.  It includes easy to access snack trays for both parents and kiddos. Storing the stroller is done by only folding it.

The ride standsfor a 6-month warranty.


  • Lightweight
  • High weight capacity
  • Stroller for three kids


  • No included manual guide
  • The back canopy cannot be removed

3. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

Really a sit n’ stand stroller is becoming lit these days. It might be the most practical purchase every parent could make because of its extended usefulness. Starting from the age of 3-months, a baby is able to ride on this stroller with the help of an infant car seat. It differs from the previous strollers as only the front seat is able to hold a car seat, either forward or backward facing. The additional standing board and bench can be placed in replacement of the back seat for the sake of the grown kid.

An added universal car seat adapter makes every car seat compatible into it. As it is ready to go miles, pushing the stroller with one hand is possible. Its lockable wheels and the braking system makes every ride smooth and easier to control.

The ride can go with a maximum weight of 45-pounds. Necessary stuff is privately stored inside zippered pockets. There are two thirst quencher holders added. You can buy an additional rain cover too.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Demands a small area for storage


  • Limited storage pockets
  • Cup holders are unsteady

4. Chicco BravoFor2

It looks like a single stroller at first glance because of its dimensions but in reality, it is a double stroller.

Chicco Bravo creates a sit and stand stroller perfect for siblings aged up to 2 and a half years. By adding an infant car seat under the Chicco brand, an infant can ride on it with enhanced safety and comfort. Other car seat brands aren’t compatible with this stroller. At the back, you have the option of whether putting a seat or a standing board. This area accompanies an older kid.

Pushing the stroller with two passengers weighing a total of 80-pounds will be so smooth with the help of its lockable and spinning wheels. You can adjust the handlebar to set the desired comfort. Most parents love its one-hand folding feature during storage. Additionally, it can stand alone in the corner. The bedding is machine-washable.

You can also buy its upgraded model BravoFor2 LE for more unique features.


  • Lightweight
  • Optional back seat or standing board
  • Adjustable handlebar


  • The storage basket is difficult to grasp
  • Only one suitable car seat

5. Graco Roomfor2 Stand and Ride

Graco Room for 2 Stand and Ride Stroller is comparable to Baby Trend’s sit and stand stroller when it comes to pricing. Also, the features and performance it offers are almost the same except for the car seat options. That includes Accepts Graco, SnugRide, Click Connect, and Classic Connect.It is only the front seat that can hold an infant car seat to provide more space at the back seat. Also, the front seat has a reclining flat feature perfect for a nap. Seats are secured with 3 and 5-point harness for back and front seat, respectively. The backseat is foam-filled to add up comfort for the baby.

Standing board can be attached at the back for extra ride suitable for the older kid. Its overall weight capacity is 100-pounds. However, many complain about the tires’ inability to last on long distance walk. It has a sandal-friendly brake.

And yet, parents have a habit of buying this stroller because of its low price. The product passes ASTM and JPMA standards.


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Easy to clean
  • Has comfortable seat


  • No sun protection at the back seat
  • Trays are not removable

Top Pick for Best-Buy Double Strollers

  1. UPPABaby Vista and RumbleSeat

Your money will never be wasted with this UPPABaby Vista and Rumble Seat. Everyone knows how costly it is to become a parent. But, entrusting your finances to a high-quality stroller will save your pocket.

UPPABaby is a trusted brand offering baby products. Vista and Rumble Seat might cost expensive to most parents yet certified as the most quality stroller. It is a heavy-duty double stroller with a frame design made of aluminum and magnesium materials. Its 100% leather handlebar makes it unique in the line of stroller products. With that simple feature, it caught the attention of many parents.

Placing two infant car seats at the same time is possible. The toddler seat can be reclined in multiple times either forwards or backward. Baby can get a nap without any hassle. In addition, toddler seat is built with all-season protection. Folding the stroller is so easy even without removing the toddler seat. You can have a standing board for the older kid in a separate purchase.


  • Huge room for storage
  • Shock absorber wheels
  • Added accessories


  • Heavyweight
  • Highly expensive
  1. Contours Options Elite

Contours Option Elite is less expensive than the UPPABaby Vista but still has a lot to offer. This one is also lighter in weight yet can accommodate up to 40-pounds per seat. It has changeable seats and so car seats can be positioned in either way. Car seats are easy to assemble and easy to remove whenever you wanted to. You can adjust the seats independently to find the desired comfort. Three reclining positions and sun protection are available. Also, the footrest is adjustable for better comfort.

The included car seat adapter is compatible with many stroller brands. That includes Chicco, Graco, Combi, Evenflo, Britax, Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Baby Trend, Peg Perego, Safety 1st and UppaBaby.It easily fits on standard doorways. Storing your stuff is more secured through its zippered storage.


  • Durable frame design
  • Universal car seat adapter
  • Interchangeable seat


  • Difficult to carry for storage
  • Snack tray and parent console are sold separately
  1. Maclaren Twin Triumph

Let’s proceed to a more fashionable and innovated twin stroller. It’s the first time on the list that a double stroller conforms to Global Safety Standard. When a stroller meets this standard, which means it has the ability to compete all over the world.

Maclaren Twin Triumph has a sporty look with its lightweight aluminum frame design. It can go for a long-distance trip while the baby’s comfort is sustained through the built-in leg support. Wheel suspension and the braking system helps to provide a safer and smoother ride for the babies. There’s no need for assembly the day it is delivered.

Kiddos can do their own agenda as the seats were designed independently. The stroller only weighs 21-pounds yet can carry kids weighing up to 110-pounds in total. Several seat positions are to be experienced by each kid. You can remove the seats in times of washing. Additionally, a waterproof canopy with UPF50+ sun protection protects the kiddos.


  • High weight capacity
  • Stylish look
  • Promotes independence for the kids
  • Conforms to Global Safety Standard


  • Uneasy to buckle the harness
  • Difficult to store
  1. Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller

Baby Jogger is never contented upon the strollers they already produced and decided to continue making a legacy in the market of strollers.

Baby Jogger upgrades the City Select into LUX which is good for a growing family. It is because the stroller can be converted into a double stroller, in case needed. Lux stroller is also able to add up a third-seat to accompany the older child. All of the seats can uphold infant car seats, bassinets, and jam-packed seats. 20 seat arrangements are available to meet the desired comfort of the baby. 5-point harness and 3-panel UV50+ canopy are attached for protection. You can monitor the babies via peek-a-boo windows.

The rubber-made handlebar is extended with 1” length for taller parents. It contains a handbrake to provide more convenient maneuvering of the stroller. The ride can go with a maximum weight of 90-pounds. Moreover, you can put stuff on its elastic pocket storage at the back.

With attach seats on the stroller cause no hassle in folding it for storage. The seats made of soft fabric are therefore protected against dirt.


  • Multiple seat arrangements
  • Extended handlebar
  • Easy to access storage
  • Has great stability


  • Additional cost for the other accessories
  1. Britax B-Ready 2017

Another price worthy double stroller offered to you by Britax. B-Ready 2017 makes you ready for the upcoming year! Britax has completely redesigned the previous model they offer with superb enhancements.

Just like City Select LUX, both seats can accommodate 3 seat options such as infant car seat, bassinet, and its original seat but only has 12 seat arrangements. That’s half lower than what City Select LUX could offer. You can purchase a separate Britax infant car seat so you’ll not be wasting money ordering another car seat adapter. When using a single stroller, its seat can carry a kid weighing 55 lbs. Moreover, you can purchase a second seat that will carry 35 lbs. but it’s not alterable. Babies are covered by 2-panel canopy with peek-a-boo window. The comfort experience on the seats is in proportionate to the comfort the adjustable footstool offers.

For easy maneuvering, full suspension and multi-functional foot brake are built. At ease, steering is accompanied by the foam-made handlebar.

For storing purposes, its more than what you could expect for it can contain 2 large diapers compared to other brands that can hardly contain 1 large diaper. And it has extra pocket storage for your phones or any personal things.


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Most starred stroller on the list
  • Huge storage
  • High-quality double stroller


  • Separate costs for the accessories
  • Highly expensive
  • Heavyweight and bulky


We bet you’re getting more and more excited to have one among the listed best double strollers, if not, among what the market offers. Here are five frequently asked questions gathered that might be a big help in making a purchase:

  • Why do you need to buy a double stroller?

Having a double stroller will lessen the hassle in caring for two kids at the same time. It greatly benefits the parents who are so busy making chores or in going to groceries. Parents can buy much stuff as they can carry it all by the hand without the worry of neglecting the security of the kids. Buying a double stroller also cuts the cost of buying only a single one.

  • What is the certain age a baby could ride on a double stroller?

Newborns are welcome to ride on a stroller but with an infant car seat. It helps to assure the comfort and safety of the baby. Children from 6-months old to 3-years old normally fit on strollers. Or, it may depend upon the growth level of a child. As long as the kid can lie alone on stroller bedding, it is certain that kid could ride a stroller.

  • How to clean a double stroller?

The secret of a long-lasting stroller is by reading its manual guide. Cleaning a stroller might seem crucial due to the attachments made but it’s actually not. See whether the material is machine-washable or not. There are fabrics which are only good for hand wash cleaning or through wiping it with a wet cloth. Knowing these factors will save you from further expenses.

  • What additional items could I get in purchasing a double stroller?

Aside from the stroller, manufacturers normally offer so many additional items such as snack tray, cup holders, and storage pockets. These items make every purchase more cost-effective and an advantage for average earner parents. Other accessories such as infant car seat and adapter are sold separately.

  • What are the seals every double stroller manufacturer must have?

Baby’s safety is surely the prime purpose of every parent in buying a double stroller. The ride must conform to the following standards, such as:

Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) – JPMA certifies that an independent facility has tested the baby product if it meets the guidelines and standards of ASTM international.

American Society for Testing Materials–This sets the standards for the overall safety and performance of a product.

Consumer Product Safety Commission –This standard protects the public from unreasonable risks that may result in using a certain product. In case of a double stroller, the risk of injuries is surely avoided.

If a double stroller has been sealed by those above-mentioned, it is a sign of a good buy product.


With a double stroller, bringing two kids in every trip is very convenient. The two kiddos are safe from being unmonitored as they’re both contained in a stroller. Yet, proper parenting isn’t to be excused in growing kids. Further, double strollers greatly benefit single parents out there.

Now that you have lots of choices of double strollers, pick the ride that suits your baby’s need. Consider the provided buying guide in deciding which product is a good buy to avoid regretting in the end. You can search for more dual strollers at any legal sales sites. We recommend the Amazon site for more branded options.

Did we miss a point?

For more queries, leave a comment down below and wait for a quick response. Thank you!

Best Graco Stroller With Car Seat


There are some instances wherein we face some troubles bringing our babies with us whenever we travel. But thanks to the modern inventions and to the technology because we don’t just have conventional strollers with us now. Many people including those who are nursing a baby know that a stroller was really helpful for carrying the baby while walking in the park together with some of the things that you bring with yourself. If you are one of those parents or soon to be parents that are looking for good quality strollers, Graco brand is here for you to help you out on your stroller needs as they offer quality standards for different baby products especially strollers.

Many people tend to enjoy strollers from Graco because they can be easily availed and acquired in very affordable and flexible price ranges without throwing away the durability and performance that a parent is looking for. Graco strollers with car seat are even designed to go on with your kids’ growth.

Parent’s Guide In Choosing A Stroller With Car Seat

You can actually find a lot of different strollers and car seat duo in the market today, but not all of them can give you the standard of quality that you deserve. That is why we decided to help you out upon choosing the best strollers with a car seat that you can only buy with Graco. We will delight you with all the things that you need to know before you proceed on the actual satisfying products of Graco.

Different Types Of Travel System For Baby Strollers

One of the very first things that you need to know is the travel system that you need for your baby. The travel system is simply the actual type of baby stroller. Every single time that you will engage yourself in buying a baby stroller, you will always see four different travel systems with different pros and cons.

1.    Double Travel System – these are baby strollers that are often used or utilized by parents with twins or two babies. A parent can also be able to transport two kids with them at different ages. It comes with a preset of a stroller with a car seat dedicated for kids. There are also some manufacturers that can offer you to customize the size just to fit with your kids’ requirements. So, if you are really expecting a twin baby these are great baby strollers for you that are worth considering.

2.    Jogger Travel System – these are baby strollers that are built to accompany parents while they try to exercise or jog through the park and the neighborhood. They are designed to help parents monitor their children at ease while keeping themselves fit and healthy too. Jogger car seat strollers offer the sleekest design among the different travel systems of baby strollers. You don’t also need to worry about the durability and safety of this kind of baby strollers because they are usually developed to achieve a compact overall design. They are even equipped with much larger wheels compared to those usual strollers that are being used by many people, those wheels have more treads and even a stronger suspension. It’s like you got a three-wheel travel system stroller with a monstrous performance comparable to four-wheel travel system baby strollers. The last good thing about this type of baby stroller with car seats is that they are not as heavy as they are described because you will be able to get a lot of lightweight models with Graco.

3.    Three Wheel Travel System – these are baby strollers that are very good for people who tend to go over tight and narrow spaces. So, if you are someone who lives in a very active city with a lot of crowd walking across the streets, three-wheel travel system baby strollers accompanied by a car seat are the best option for you. perfectly designed to interact with busy activities all throughout the city. They can also be kept in a cab or car’s trunk easily whenever you want to bring them with you when traveling to farther places. The only thing that makes this type of travel system lesser than other types is that it lacks space dedicated for carrying other things needed by the baby. But it is not a very big problem because you can easily find diaper bags that can be attached to your Graco baby stroller.

4.    Four Wheel Travel System – these are baby strollers that runs with four wheels that is why it can be considered and the sturdiest among the different travel system types of baby strollers with a car seat. They are perfectly designed to accompany a family that frequently goes on a trip from one place to another. You don’t even need to bother yourself thinking if it can last when used in different terrains because they are made to let you roam your kids to a zoo, park, city streets, and many more different places that you wanted to go.

Now that you know the four different travel system of baby strollers, you are now ready to proceed on the other things on this guide that you needed to know before going to the actual products of Graco that will surely bring you the satisfaction you deserve when it comes to baby strollers that comes with a car seat.

What Are The Different Factors That I Also Need To Consider When Buying A Stroller With A Car Seat?

Of course, there are some simple yet substantial factors that you should consider whenever you want to get a stroller that suits your kid’s need. Right down below are the factors that will help you come up with an excellent decision.

    Design – if you are someone who wants to get a baby stroller that comes with a stylistic and fashionable appearance, using the design as a basis is a must for you. But you should be very wise when it comes to this factor as some might give you aesthetics but less in quality and functionality. Although there are still a bunch of good baby strollers with excellent design, you might just not like the price though.

    Tires – well, it is very obvious that you should be attentive to the tire of any baby stroller that will catch your eyes because this is a very essential factor that will secure the safety of your baby. Most of the time, a good baby stroller will present a well-treaded tire and wheels combined with a good suspension system. This must be the very first thing that you get yourself with when you frequently travel into different places with different terrains. Well-treaded wheels often last longer than usual wheels used in baby stroller nowadays.

    Compactness – this might be a factor that accompanies the design. Baby strollers with a compact design often bring ease to its users as it can be kept easily by folding. Compact designed baby strollers are also sturdy enough to carry your baby together with the things your baby needs.

    Storage space – you should also pay attention to the storage space that you have for the baby stroller. Buying a large sized baby stroller might give you problems if your house doesn’t have enough space to hold the storage of the baby stroller. If you have limited space the best option for you are those that can be folded or disassembled for easier storage at home or at your car’s trunk.

    Comfortability – of course, you should also think about your child’s comfort on the stroller. Choose a stroller that has well-cushioned padding on its seat. Remember that a strollers purpose is to serve a comfortable journey for your baby. A good parent will always think about your baby’s well-being, and a baby usually gets irritated when they don’t feel comfortable at all. Your baby will always love to stay on the stroller when the seat was foamy and comfortable for them and that will prevent your baby from crying too much.

    Size – baby strollers have different sizes and those sizes correspond to different purposes too. Bigger strollers are intended for bigger babies and multiple babies, while the smaller baby stroller is intended for a single baby only. It was also important to consider the size of the stroller depending on the usual track that you travel daily. When you go to narrow or tight pathways you should be wise enough to get a smaller or a slimmer stroller, but if you are usually walking your baby on the sidewalks of wide streets that is the time for you to get bigger ones.

    Canopy – the last thing that you need to know is the importance of the canopy in your baby’s stroller because this is your baby’s protection from the weather. It was actually their protection from the heat of the sun, dirt of the surroundings, smoke, and other substances that your baby should avoid.

That’s all the factors that you should consider when you are going to buy a baby stroller for your baby. They are the few simple things that you need to remember in order for you to come up with a worthy choice and decision in choosing the best baby stroller with a car seat.

Best Graco Stroller With Car Seat

Now that we are done with the brief guide, it is now the time for us to embark the best Graco baby strollers with a car seat combination. Graco did not fail many people in providing innovative baby stroller designs that were part of the baby products that they manufacture to give the people the things that they deserve without throwing away a lot of money.

1.    Graco Verb Click Connect Baby Stroller Travel System

The Graco Verb Click Connect Baby Stroller Travel System presents a very fashionable and stylistic design while you and your baby travel smoothly in the streets, park, or in your neighborhood. The baby stroller comes with a great car seat that can hold a baby from four to thirty pounds. You do not need to worry about the car seat as it was one of the best car seats of Graco which is the SnugRide Click Connect. The SnugRide Click Connect can be attached or combined to the actual baby stroller by just operating its very safe 1-second attachment. The Graco Verb Click Connect Baby Stroller Travel System has a great suspension system that was paired with front swiveling powerful wheels to provide you and your baby a delicate and smooth walk. Many previous buyers often commend this Graco baby stroller for its portability, smoothness, and convenience.


    It can be utilized in different terrains just like other Graco baby strollers

    It has a great canopy cover for your baby with a breathable window that will help you watch over your child

    It has a custom travel system

    It has a stylistic and fashionable design

    It has a very affordable price despite all the functionality that it can offer

    It has excellent wheels that provide a very smooth ride


    The durable might not be as competitive compared to the more expensive choices

    There are some reported problems on it front-swivel wheels that gets jammed

2.    Graco Aire3 Baby Stroller Travel System

The Graco Aire3 Travel System is a baby stroller from Graco brand that comes with a combo car seat. The car seat that was included in this travel system is the SnugRideSnugLock, the Graco Aire3™ Travel System can hold a child with a weight up to fifty pounds. The sleek design of Graco Aire3™ Travel System provides a very light baby stroller that only weighs around twenty-one pounds in total. The Graco Aire3™ Travel System is a three-wheel baby stroller that can be easily folded to let you keep and store it in your house, car, and other transports. It even has a very comfortable seat for your baby as you can recline it to support their growth through time.

This is a great choice for you if you enjoy roaming around with your baby as you can use its big basket for storage of your things. Well, there is nothing else to worry about anything if you are able to bring everything your child needs on your trip.


    It has a very excellent build that makes it perfectly suitable for new parents

    It has a lightweight build that was very helpful for parents who can’t exert much strength on pushing a loaded baby stroller

    It has a good car seat that is very useful when paired with a car seat cover


    Adjusting the wheels on this stroller might be a little trouble if you are someone who gets used to a four-wheel travel system

    If you get a car seat which is not from Graco will more likely not fit on the stroller

    This is not the best baby stroller for you if you want something that can accompany you while jogging

3.    Roadmaster Jogger Baby Stroller Travel System

The Roadmaster Jogger Travel System can be considered as one of the best jogger baby strollers that were made nearly to perfection. It has the combination of mobility, convenience, and comfort created in one single stroller. The Roadmaster Jogger Travel System is said to fold faster than other Graco fast acting baby strollers for joggers. The mobility and portability of this baby stroller are made very efficient by its one-handed quick-fold mechanism, and it was partnered with a one-step Graco click connect technology for a secure and safe car seat attachment in just a few quick steps. If you also want an extra smooth journey with your baby, the air-filled ultra-durable tires will easily let you roam all over different types of terrain.

You can even switch its front-swivel wheels when you decide to go jogging from just strolling around. the baby’s comfort is not also thrown away because of its very comfortable reclining seat that usually supports your baby as he grows. The Roadmaster Jogger Travel System also comes with a weatherproof canopy shade for your baby’s protection to heat and other unwanted objects. You don’t even need to worry about your other things as you can put them together with your baby’s gear in the big storage basket of this baby stroller.


    Very good choice for new parents

    Very portable and very easy to utilize

    It has a comfortable car seat of the baby

    It has a lightweight overall


    The price is more expensive than usual baby strollers

4.    Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Baby Stroller Travel System

The Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Baby Stroller Travel System will make strolling and walking outside your house easier than before. It will even make you more convenient and comfortable while going out with your baby. Thanks to the SnugRide Baby car seat that will keep your child seat freely and safe when attached to the baby stroller through a quick attachment. The thing that was very unique with the Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Baby Stroller Travel System is its reversible body that enables you when switching from stroller to car and vice versa. You don’t even need to bother yourself in keeping and storing the Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Baby Stroller Travel System in your house or in the car as it can be folded. Once folder, it can already stand on its own on the storage room.

Bringing your own things and your baby’s gear is not a problem anymore as you can put a lot of things on the storage basket of Graco Comfy Cruiser Click Connect Baby Stroller Travel System. You can even use the dedicated parent’s tray and double cup holder for your baby’s milk and your own drink.


    It is compatible with most Graco accessories including other Graco car seats

    It was very good at carrying many things on its storage basket

    It was very easy to utilize and maneuver


    There are some few cases wherein previous buyers are complaining about missing parts

5.    Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Baby Stroller Travel System

The Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Travel System will let you experience how a single moment fold works through the developed folding technology of Graco. You can even easily carry the folded stroller easily with you with its ultra-lightweight build. Imagine the convenience that you can have when carrying a very light baby stroller on your right hand while you still have your other hand to manage and comfort your baby with you. You will also be able to let your child experience the comfort of SnugRide Click Connect car seat from Graco that is very easy to attach on the baby stroller.

The Graco FastAction Fold Click Connect Travel System also has a bunch of features that will help you to keep everything organized while feeding your baby on his stroller. It comes with a baby’s tray with a dedicated cup holder and your own tray with double cup holders. Thanks also on its storage basket that can handle heavy loads that is why you don’t need to bother yourself thinking what to bring or not.


    You can easily fold this baby stroller even if it is your first time

    It has a comfortable reclining seat for your baby

    It is very easy to utilize and maneuver around


    It is more expensive compared to other baby strollers


Choosing the best baby stroller with car seat starts when you decide to go for Graco’s products. It is very wise and practical for every parent to immediately find a brand that will not disappoint them especially when it comes to the needs of their baby. Graco is an example of a brand that provides quality baby products for a long time. Graco’s baby stroller with car seats is included in the quality products that they offer to parents. So, it is now up to you to decide on what you will get for your child.

Best Training Potties


Your child won’t be using diapers forever because there comes a time when you need to teach them how to use the toilet. For this reason, you have to set up a plan and buy a training potty that suits your child. If you are clear with the training plan, but you are still unsure if what training potty is the best for your child, here’s my list of the best training potties today. It might give you new insights that lead you buying the right one.

Should I buy a Training Potty Seat or Potty Chair?

Before buying a training potty, you need to ask yourself this question first. Should you buy a training potty seat or a potty chair?

Basically, if your child is below the age of 3, the ideal item you must choose is a potty chair. Since this infant-sized toilet sits on the floor, it makes it easier and safer for your child to independently access it. Some of the most common features of a potty chair include a removable inner basin that comes along with a splash guard. This makes it incredibly neat and clean and easy to maintain.

However, you might find it a hassle to clean the particular basin after every use. This is why other parents prefer training potty seats than potty chairs. Training potty seats allows you to skip the cleaning step completely. This is because it sits on top of real toilets so you only need to flush your child’s mess.

On the other hand, your child would require a step stool in order to get on the potty. This is the reason why some parents buy a combination of the potty chair and potty seat together or separately.

Additionally, using either of the two will still require the guidance of parents. Training potties are meant to teach your child proper toilets habits so make sure that the training is worthwhile. The early stages of every child are important so make sure to give them your full support while training.

Joovy Loo Potty Chair


Comfort is the most important factor to consider when choosing the best training potties for your child. Joovy Loo Potty Chair features a contemporary style with its functional design so your little one feels comfortable while training. It also has sealed inner bowl which is useful especially to prevent spillovers. Personally, I believe parents would love this part given that kids tend to be careless most of the time.

It is also worth noting that Joovy Loo is BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free. This means your child is safe from harmful materials. When buying a potty, most parents consider the size and weight capacity of the product. More so, I believe it’s a great advantage that this training potty has durable and solid construction. It can accommodate kids more than 60 lbs and any size.

The height of this potty is just enough to position your kids to a comfortable squat. It is incredibly easy to clean as well so parents wouldn’t have a hard time.

HEETA Potty Chair


If you worry too much about your child’s safety, HEETA Potty Chair might be your best partner. It has non slip pads that secures your child while using it plus a comfortable seat back for better support. Every child just like everyone else would love to relax while doing their thing on a toilet bowl. More so, the solid and reliable support of its seat back is vital.

Another reason to love it is that has easy to maintain toilet. In fact, it comprises a removable container inside that is suitable for most sinks. It also has a lid that makes your bathroom looks neat and clean.

To avoid mess, HEETA Potty Chair integrates a high pee shield to prevent your child’s piss from spilling out. And don’t forget its aesthetics. This little training potty boasts an ergonomic design and cute style available in three different colors. Let your child have fun while training with this whale cutie potty.

Be Mindful “Moby” Baby Potty


Be Mindful “Moby” Baby Potty teaches kids independence and self-resilience. It is an innovative product that has fun and adorable whale design that your child would love. When I was a kid, I remember having a swan-like potty. It helped me to understand why it is important to poo and pee in the right place in a very fun way.

To improve your child’s first potty training experience, Moby has a quick dry bowl. In fact, it features a high gloss bowl to repel solids and liquids which makes it easy to clean too. It also has an ergonomic design and a unique shape that prevents contents from coming out. This also allows easy cleaning with just a bit of swirl and swish.

Moby is available in three cute colors that are soft, enriching, and looks good on your bathroom. Placing one of this best training potties will definitely brighten up the mood.

SKYROKU Potty Training Seat


SKYROKU Potty Training Seat is a ladder type potty that allows kids to use the actual toilet in your bathroom. One step ladder allows your child to position on the toilet with an intended seat and back support. When using this training potty, parents must completely supervise their child. For better comfort and security, SKYROKU features non-slip design on its floor pads.

In line with this, it has 2cm thick removable soft cushions. This helps especially to keep your baby warm when sitting on the potty. It is easy to assemble too with its straight forward setup. You don’t need to use tools to tighten its screws because a key will do.

If you doubt the durability of this product, we did a test to make sure your child is safe. We found out that its latter can hold up to 75kg which is far greater than the capacity of any baby.

Summer Infant My Size Potty


To make your child feel real independence and training, this infant size toilet might help you out. Summer Infant My Size Potty is the best in the market that allows easier transition from training to real. Moreover, it has built-in wipes compartment on its tank. I believe it’s the most genius feature of this mini version toilet.

Aside from that, its toilet handle produces realistic flushing sound. This helps kids to practice right toilet routines. It also has a removable bowl for easy cleaning and a clip-on high pee guard for your little guys. This prevents pee from coming out of the cute potty which most parents avoid.

The flip-up lid also allows your child to learn what to do before sitting and standing up. With the realistic design of Summer Infant My Size Potty, kids could learn easier and faster. It is ideal for 18 months old and up to 50 lbs kids.

VIBOE Potty Training Seat


VIBOE Potty Training Seat is suitable for children ages 1 to 7 years old. Unlike SKYROKU, this training potty doesn’t include a ladder since it is intended for children older. It also has a unisex design so both girls and boys would be happy to use this toilet seat. If you opt for a training potty that can last for years, VIBOE is ideal for you.

While having a stylish design, it also sports easy cleaning feature that most parents are grateful about. The firm seat provides better support so your child won’t fall while using it. Another thing you’ll love about this potty is its very hygienic feel that makes your child comfortable. It also has a urine splash guard that keeps floor clean all the time.

When buying a potty, prioritize your child’s safety. VIBOE is BPA free and made with high-quality materials to protect your baby skin against harmful chemicals.

Child Potty Training Chair by Jool baby Products


This Jool Baby Potty Training Chair has top features that help children build the best toilet practices. One of these features is Jool’s splash guard which is specially designed to prevent urine from coming out of the toilet. If you don’t want to see messes and piss on your bathroom floor, this feature can help you out. It also has secure handles which provide confidence that even bathroom beginners would be comfortable using the product.

The minimalist design of this training potty is also a plus, especially that most of its kind is bulkier. It only comes in one color but both girls and boys can enjoy using it. Simply wipe its surface to clean and it will quickly become smooth and sleek again. You could also slide it out, empty the potty, and then wash it.

This aqua blue trainer potty has a nice height that brings your child to a comfortable sitting position. Its sturdy backrest enhances confidence and security.

Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty


Feed your child’s imagination while training them to poo and pee in the right place with Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty. Just as what its name suggests, it allows your child to learn how to flush after doing their thing on the toilet with its cute little yellow flush handle.

One your child finish using the potty, ask them to press the flush to get rewarding musical ditties, twirling water action, and lights. While entertaining your child, this helps to build a good habit on them in terms of using a toilet. The whole thing looks like a mini-version of a real toilet but it carries a design and feels perfect for children. In fact, the cute potty has a face on its backrest that can visually stimulate your child.

Side handles on its toilet ring allows kids to feel safe while using it. Like most trainer potties, Learn-to-Flush Potty also has pee guard in front to prevent pee coming out of the toilet.

Kolcraft My Mini Potty


In the midst of the best training potties is the clean and fresh looking Kolcrraft My Mini Potty. What makes it unique is its 2-in-1 design which includes a fun-sized fun-sized potty chair and a detachable trainer potty. For those who want to save money, this multifunctional trainer potty might be the best choice you would have. Besides, no one wants to waste money from buying the same thing when they can get both at the same price.

Kolcraft My Mini Potty looks like a real toilet for an infant. It also comes with a flash handle to help kids feel the rewarding feeling of finishing a task. This pretends flush handle can actually produce sound when pressed. Unlike other trainer potties, it has a volume switch that provides an option for low, high, or off.

For extra convenience, this trainer potty is equipped with built-in deflector shield on its waste cup that you can remove easily for cleaning and disposal.

Ikea Lilla Children’s Green Potty


If you prefer the simplest trainer potty among the list, we have here Ikea Lilla Children’s Green Potty. Upon looking at this product, you will definitely agree that it’s the most uncomplicated trainer potty in the market. It is basically composed of only one component so assembly isn’t necessary. It looks like a small monoblock chair that has a hole in the middle where your child does his thing.

While it looks plain, this trainer potty is not an Ikea item for no reason. I personally love how easy it is to empty and clean and use a mild soapy solution to wipe it. It also has anti-slip material underneath so it won’t move unnecessarily especially when your child is doing his business. Since it only has one component, kids won’t be distracted while training.


To sum it up, the best training potties this year features useful functions that allow children to learn proper toilet practices. However, I observed that some are still lacking in terms of targeting other needs of a child. Some potties are entertaining that the real deal is not greatly considered. There are also potties that are simple but comes with a host of excellent functions. I personally love Summer Infant My Size Potty for its shrunken real porcelain toilet look along with its innovative tank wipe compartment and flush handle. On the other hand, I also love the multifunctional trainer Kolcraft My Mini Potty. For wise parents who want to save money, this innovative product might be their number one pick.

12 Best Stroller Organizers: Review and Buying Guide 2019


Complete a stroller get-up by adding the best stroller organizer into it.

We understand the struggle of every parent out there in every getaway that they need to bring most baby stuff. Well, the stroller itself only accommodates the baby and not the other essentials. Herein, stroller organizers enter the setup.

Stroller organizers are a kind of storage bag well-suited for strollers, depending on the type. It is responsible for keeping baby’s necessities such as bottled milk, wipes, diapers, food, and even toys. Parents don’t need to take along another set of bags, which is beneficial for them to move freely. It doesn’t only keep pieces of stuff but leave it all organized.

There are 12 stroller organizers below that we would like to recommend. We hope this helps to lead you to the right product.

Best Stroller Organizers: A Quick Buying Guide

Before you explore the best picks for stroller organizers in 2019, consider a quick buying guide. We hope this section would help every parent out there in deciding which product is the best pick.

Why you need a stroller organizer?

A stroller organizer is a lifesaver hack for parents with a kid on a stroller. It renders too many advantages, such as:

  • Eliminates the use of bags – Instead of bringing another set of carrier bag, an organizer takes liable in holding both the baby and the parent’s stuff.
  • Transportable –Traveling with a stroller and attached organizer is more convenient. Organizers can keep essential things like a passport.
  • Additional storages –Organizer’s pockets are everywhere. It reduces the chances of losing important things.

What to look for the Best Stroller Organizer?

Choosing the best stroller organizer among the best optionsis so crucial. Without having any ideas on the key factors, a stroller organizer must-have might bring you to failure. Here are the key features to consider before buying a stroller organizer:

  • Size –Most organizers fit on any strollers, but there are some models which may not be compatible with a particular stroller.
  • Adjustable –Making it suitable for most strollers, it is good to consider its ability to adjust. This assures long-lasting usefulness.
  • Durability–Sturdiness depends on the materials used. Leather-made organizers are costly yet highly toughas compared to nylon-made organizers which are inexpensive yet lightweight.
  • Secureness –Flex technology helps to keep an organizer steady even when passing through uneven roads. Plus, a well-built enclosure secures all the stuff inside the organizer.
  • Ample space –A stroller organizer must contain all the baby essentials, if possible. Added pocket is a plus for extra storage.
  • Design –Adjustable Velcro straps are used to attach the organizer to strollers easily and even to car back seat. Be sure that the materials used are safe for babies.
  • Cost –Quality products will cost higher, just like those branded products. Better invest for stroller organizers made by trusted brands.

Three Attachment Methods

When you already have a stroller organizer, connecting it to a stroller is the next goal. There are three ways to attach a stroller organizer on a stroller, including:

  • To the side –This style is perfect for strollers with curved handlebars. It connects to a stroller at a high or low point by taking advantage of the Velcro strap. Feel free to make adjustments.
  • Straight down –It looks suitable for strollers with straight handlebars. Attach the Velcro strap then straight it down to the handlebar.
  • Angular –For curvy handlebars, “to the side” attachment might be good but sometimes causes tilting. As a solution, attach the Velcro strap and turn it into an angular direction to keep it stable.

Stroller Organizers: Top Picks Review

Here are our top 12 picks stroller organizers:

1. Britax Stroller Organizer 

First on the list is an adjustable stroller organizer that matches almost any stroller within the market. The stroller’s handle must measure 13 to 21-inches wide for compatibility. It is out of 100% polyester, which could last a long time of usefulness.It comprises several compartments such as the middle compartment, three outside pockets, and two insulated beverage containers.

The central storage has silent magnetic closure instead of Velcro, which is more secure and could hold baby’s diapers, toys, and other essentials. You’ll be able to place small objects and personal stuff in the exterior pockets for easy access. Maintaining the right temperature of drinks, whether hot or cold, is possible via the two insulated containers.

You can store the organizer together with the stroller without removal. And hence, ready for the next trip.


  • Well-designed compartments
  • Adjustable Velcro strap
  • Lightweight


  • Cannot contain larger items

2. BTR XL Double Stroller Organizer

Having twins needextra organizer, and then BTR created an organizer suitable for double strollers. It’s an even bigger compartment to uphold more baby necessary items. Moreover, an added rain cover protects the valuables,such as mobile,place within the organizer in case of sudden rain. Aside from the large main compartment, cup holders and two zippered secret pockets are present too. The cup holder has built-in elastic straps to keep the bottles stable and away from leaking.

The two exclusive features this organizer has to include touchscreen PVC cellphone pocket and two stroller hooks. The phone pocket gives way in answering phone calls and other agenda while the two hooks serve as extra hanging storage. There’s a key clip to carry the keys. It is easier to install and remove with its 2 Velcro straps.


  • Instant-go bag feature
  • Larger storage area
  • Easy access mobile pocket


  • Complaints on the cup holders

3. Ethan & Emma Stroller Organizer

This organizeris suitableto most stroller models, including jogger, double, and standard strollers.It’s possible with the help of the adjustable handle loops perfect for any sizes of stroller handles.Users don’t have negative feedbacks about this product, so it portraits a good buy. It is built with durable and easy to clean materials which benefit those parents without extra time in cleaning an organizer.

In between the two drink holders is a center pocket with quiet magnetic closure. It provides enough space to hold stuff. Your phone or wallet has a place too in the form of exterior zippered pocket for easier access. In having extra storage, a hanging mesh pocket is available to keep larger items such as diapers and toys. It can be folded along with the stroller during storage.


  • Highly suitable to most strollers
  • Adequate storages
  • Easy to store


  • None

4. Momcozy Universal Stroller Organizer

The goal of every organizer is to keep things in place, so Momcozy Stroller Organizer is built with more pockets. It can be attached to most stroller bars and handles from different trusted brands. The organizer is out of waterproof material, and hence contained stuff arefully secured. Two insulated cup holders are counted in with a massive compartment at the center and other extra pockets.

There’s a detachable clutch bag for independent use designed for parents. Additionally, an easy access mesh bag is made to secure smaller items. The Velcro strap can be folded fully or at 45-degrees depending on the handle’s style. Turning the organizer into a handbag is possible through its adjustable shoulder strap. Even without the stroller, all baby essentials are packed and ready for a trip.


  • Insulated beverage holder
  • Adjustable Velcro strap
  • Can turn into a handbag


  • Doesn’t securely hold bottles

5. Bugaboo Stroller Organizer

Parents’ and baby’s stuff are very contradicting at times. Therefore, Bugaboo created separate pockets within their organizer. You can attach it behind the seat or on the handlebar, whichever is more accessible,of any Bugaboo strollers. The pockets are all zippered for more privacy. It has three attachment systems for enhanced compatibility to any strollers.

The way it looks is different from the previous stroller organizers with its modern design. It is suitable for both gendersbecause of its neutral color design. The organizer can turn into a handy tote for grab-and-go convenience on day-to-day trips. It adds up an insulated bottle holder.

Cleaning the organizer is stress-free than you imagine because of the fabric materials used during the production.


  • Separate storage pockets
  • Simple yet stylish design
  • Dual attachment options
  • Convertible into a tote bag


  • No other color option

6. AMZNEVO Universal Baby Jogger Stroller Organizer

Baby essentials usually don’t fit in one container. However, with AMZNEVO Universal Stroller Organizer, you can easily store all the necessary items. This universal design organizer is pretty big, with sufficient compartments from the inside and out. There’s a large center storage area with small layer bag which is enclosed by a silent Velcro. It also consists of three outside pockets perfect for phone, keys, and other small items. Additionally, two insulated bottle holder is on both sides.

The organizer is built sturdy with the help of oxford fabric materials.It works in two modes: as stroller organizer and a shoulder bag with the included shoulder strap.Parents do have multiple color options that could fit every stroller design. The material is appropriate on almost all mobility solutions aside from strollers such as pushchair, rolling walker, and wheelchair. 


  • Universal and stylish designed
  • Can be transformed into a shoulder bag
  • It includes many pockets 


  • Issues on the Velcro enclosure

7. Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer

Not at all times, you’ll need a huge organizer, especially for short-distance trips. With Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer, you can bring everything you need. It might be smaller than the other, but it has enough space to hold things up. It is composed of the center compartment, two cup holder, and zippered interior pocket. More than that, all parts are waterproof, so keeping all the stuff inside will not cause leakage.

The adjustable straps, measured 5 and ½ inches long, are making it compatible with most strollers. You can alter it according to your preference. The organizer is folded along with the stroller for convenience during the storage.

The product is an award-winning piece as it received Loved by Parents or LBP Award. The award adds up to its credentials as a good buy organizer.


  • Still provides enough storage space
  • Universal design
  • Items are more accessible


  • No cover attach

8. J.L Childress Cups N’ Cargo Universal Stroller Organizer

This might be the most spacious and securedstroller organizer on the list. Unlike the organizers mentioned above, Cups N’ Cargo Organizer has a different look in every feature it shares. The way it is attached to most strollers is through an adjustable buckle strap which is more locked. All of the three compartments, including outside pockets, are enclosed with zipper and so improves the keeping of valuable items.

Nylon material is used in making the organizer that means less costly and lightweight in design. The material is also easy to clean. Mesh storage is added for additional storage for larger items like diapers, toys, and other baby essentials. It is enclosed by a magnetic closure to keep it more accessible to open and close upon getting an item. In addition to the compartments are the expandable cup holders on both sides. This can contain a variety of sizes of bottles.


  • Well-built organizer
  • Very affordable
  • Travel-friendly


  • None

9. Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer 

Skip Hop Grab & Go Stroller Organizer is perfect for outgoing parents with a kid riding on a stroller. Notwithstanding its stylish look, there’s a detachable wristlet for the parent’s own stuff. Also, answering phone calls has no difficulty at all due to the added headphone port. This neoprene-made organizer fits on most strollers through the help of its adjustable Velcro straps. Its main pocket is easy to access because of its open design.

Drink holders don’t spill by way of its elastic insulated feature. It can hold any size of drinking bottles. Important things can be placed inside a zippered pocket to keep it safe. The safety of the baby is considered as the organizer is BPA and phthalate-free.


  • Stylish designed
  • Includes zippered wristlet
  • Items are easier to grab
  • Safety features


  • Too bulky in size
  • Zipper design is so crucial

10. Luna Baby Stroller Organizer

Luna Baby Stroller Organizer is near to perfection thanks to the quality fabric it is made of. It could last for years of usefulness. This has a sophisticated designand fits on almost all stroller types which have a handle measurement of 13 by 21-inches. It is mostly compatible with top brand strollers. You can be sure it firmly connects to stroller handle through its well-built Velcro attachment system. In spite the perfection, anyone can afford this organizer.

This one has flexible storage compartments. It includes a main compartment locked by a magnetic closure with two insulated cup holders on its sides. You can store immediate items in exterior mesh pockets for easy access. Just collapsed the stroller, and the organizer will come along with it for storage. The fabric used is easy to clean even by only wiping it.


  • Well-designed organizer
  • Universal attachment
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Very affordable


  • Smaller compartments than the other organizers

11. Novopal Universal Stroller Organizer

You can buy a stroller organizer as well as a shoulder bag in one purchase with this Novopal Universal Stroller Organizer. It comes with a shoulder strap to give way in turning it into a shoulder bag. It has several compartments, including a center compartment, two drink holders and extra pockets. These are enough storage to keep all the needed stuff which is secured with magnetic closure and zippers.

The organizer is to be attached on stroller handle through the use of metal safety buckles. The Velcro straps can be adjusted to make it suitable for most strollers. The bottle holder can carry up to 32 ounces of a drink. You can put a phone on its exterior mesh pocket to quickly notified upon phone calls or any updates.


  • Made of durable materials
  • Many pocket storages
  • Adjustable Velcro straps with safety buckles


  • Very simple looking

12. Anvy& Me Stroller Organizer

Anvy& Me Stroller Organizer entirely securesall your baby’s stuff with its fold-over-flap enclosure. It contains a middle compartment, two drink holders, a hidden zipper pocket, and a mesh pocket behind the closure. On the sides are two pockets as extra storage for keys and other small items.

It is an eco-friendly stroller organizer because of the materials used during the production. The organizer has a versatile carrying option by using the included shoulder strap. It converts into a tote bag when the parent decides not to use a stroller. To keep it compatible with other strollers, take advantage of the adjustable 2-point straps.


  • Newly design organizer
  • Has a cooler portion
  • Adjustable Velcro straps


  • Sticky zip on the clutch


Maybe you’ve decided to buy a stroller organizer right now. We’ve collected five frequently asked questions to serve as a guide for further usage of buggy organizers. It includes:

  • Where to buy stroller organizers?

Stroller organizers are part of babyessentials, and so it can be bought to stores selling items for babies. The online marketplace is also selling stroller organizers, and one most trusted online site is Amazon.com.

  • How to ensure the compatibility of an organizer into a stroller?

Moststroller organizers are universal or adjustable design, which means highly suitable for all stroller types. To be more precise about the appropriateness of the organizer to the existing stroller, read the product specification section. In there,compatible measurements are discussed so that a buyer will know if it fits on the stroller.

  • How can I store a stroller organizer?

Stroller organizers are mostly made of fabric materials that are lightweight and foldable. It can, therefore, be stored in two ways. First is by simply detaching it from the stroller then fold it. Or, keep it attach on a stroller and wrap them all together.

This type of organizer is perfect for travels thereof, which results from the way it is installed and uninstalled.

  • What if someday I plan to buy a double stroller, will the stroller organizer still fits?

The answer depends on where your existing stroller organizer is suitable. If it’s for a single stroller, it isn’t able to be attached on double strollers. You better buy another set of the organizer which is suitable for double strollers. There are lots of organizer models that are designed bigger and could matchdouble strollers.

  • Is there a chance when stroller organizer causesthe stroller to tip over?

There is a chance. However, tipping over can be prevented by being aware of the weight balance. Loading the organizer with items requires not too heavy items even though it can carry weights. This helps to ensure the stability of stroller while a baby is riding on it. It’s just a matter of balancing the entire stuff. The topmost priority is the baby’s safety, so keep watch of the stability.


Indeed, stroller organizers are the best companion of every parent next to strollers. No one can hinder you in bringing all the essential stuff for your baby. 

Now you have read all the product reviews to choose from to complete a stroller get up. We assure the quality these stroller organizers bear. You can depend on the buying guide provided earlier in picking the best stroller organizer for you and your baby. There are numbers of organizers for buggy still available in the market that you could look for.

We’re rooting for your best pick!

We’ll meet again until the next post. Till then, don’t forget to fill in the organizer with the important stuff.

12 Best Stroller Boards: Review and Buying Guide 2019


Having two kids at a near age is very challenging in which the one needs to ride on a stroller and the other can walk alone. Sometimes it’s hard to manage to cross the road with that situation and the instant remedy is to buy the best stroller board in the market.

A stroller board, also known as a buggy board, is attached at the rear end of a stroller for the growing kid to ride on. Most parents prefer to buy this attachment rather than buying another set of a stroller for the convenience of the older kid. However, choosing the right product might be difficult due to the growing number of stroller board’s manufacturers in the market.

In this post, we have listed 10 best-recommended stroller boards that’ll make your parenting life be better. Beforehand, let’s take a look at a quick buying guide provided below.


Things to Look For In a Stroller Board

Buying a stroller board lets you think on the welfare of your growing kid so it’s not an easy decision. Take notice of the key points in looking for the best stroller board for the sake of your kiddo:

  • Compatibility –Not all boards fit on all types of strollers. Go through the product’s specifications to check whether the board is compatible with the existing stroller. There are universal options for an assured fitting to any stroller.
  • Structure–Large platform is favorable to accompany the kid whether in sitting or standing position.
  • Weight capacity –The height limit isn’t highly considered as compared to the weight capacity. Kids grow fast and choosing a stroller board that can grow with the kid is suggested.
  • Easy to install/uninstall –This saves time and effort by knowing the tools required for the installation process.
  • Portability – A stroller board that can be folded along with the stroller promotes portability.
  • Anti-slip surfaces –This serves as an added protection for the little one’s feet from sliding around.

Reason in Buying a Stroller Board

Do not belittle adding a stroller board to your child’s necessity, as there are many reasons why you need one, such as:

  • Convenience –There’s no need to buy another stroller for the sake of the growing kid, buying a stroller board can do.
  • Lesser budget – Purchasing another stroller demands more costly than buying a stroller board.
  • Added carriage – There’ll be allotted space for the older kid without consuming extra space on the road.
  • Promotes safety –The older kid need not walk on its own when crossing the street while riding on a stroller board.


1. UPPAbaby VISTA Piggyback Ride-Along Board 

If you already have a 2015 Model Vista Stroller, then, this might be the best buggy board to invest in. If none, you can look for other options.

The Piggyback Ride-Along Board is out of wood materials and so eco-friendly which can strongly handle bumps and crucial paths. It has a large, non-slipping surface area which is easy to stand on and can carry a kid with the desired comfort.

It requires no additional tools for installation and therefore ready to go. Outgoing parents will surely love this buggy board because of its foldable feature along with the stroller. When not in use, it can be lifted out of the way. This can grow with a child as it has a maximum weight capacity of 56-pounds.

Things we liked

  • Eco-friendly and durably made
  • All-terrain wheels
  • Easy to transport
  • Non-slipping surface

Things we didn’t like

  • Limited compatibility
  • Issues on jerking board

2. Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi

Do you plan to convert a single stroller into a double one? Lascal Buggy Board Maxi can transform a single stroller into a double stroller in just a minute due to its multiple attachments or universal connector. It is suitable for up to 99% of stroller models.

Additional features such as side bumpers and suspension system offer extra safety for every child riding on the platform. It can pass through difficult roads through its bigger and sturdy wheels and also has higher ground clearance.

The platform can carry a maximum weight of 66-pounds or can be used by 2-5 years old children. Installing and disconnecting the non-slip platform from the stroller is done rapidly via the quick-release button. You can separately purchase the Lascal BuggyBoard Saddle to provide a sitting option.

Things we liked

  • Easy to fit on the most baby carriage
  • Trouble-free on bumps
  • Seat option

Things we didn’t like

  • Not folded along with the stroller

3.Bugaboo 2017 Comfort Wheeled Board

Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board plus a seat renders more room for a parent who’s pushing the stroller with its only one attach wheel. Maneuvering the platform is, therefore, easier than those with two wheels.

The adapter is sold separately which makes it well-suited to any Bugaboo stroller models like Cameleon, Buffalo, Donkey, and others. It enhances flexibility among parents because of the adjustable board positioning to give extra walking space for others. The kid stays in place due to the non-slip surface and riveted grooves. There’s an included detachable seat for a stand and ride position depending on the child’s mood.

The board only ways over 6-pounds but can go with a child up to 44-pounds. That means handiness to accompany a growing kid. It can be put in storage by lifting it up or by detaching it from the stroller.

Things we liked

  • Stand-and-sit stroller board
  • Has a detachable seat
  • Lightweight yet sturdy

Things we didn’t like

  • An adapter is separately sold

4. Bumbleride Mini Board

For parents who are looking for a more compact stroller board, Bumbleride Mini Board is a good buy. It is a skateboard-style and well-matched for Bumbleride Indie, Indie 4, and Indie Twin Strollers.

This mini board is worthy for growing toddlers who are recently using the mentioned Bumbleride stroller models. A clamp attachment makes it easier to install the board to the stroller. It’ll only take a few minutes to be fixed. The two swiveling wheels are very helpful for right steering on any surfaces.

Regardless of its compactness, a44-pound kid is safe to ride on this stroller board by way of its anti-skid design. Being not foldable when unused is in which the board falloffs. However, it can be detached from the stroller.

Things we liked 

  • Sturdy not considering its size 
  • Easy to install
  • Impressive weight capacity

Things we didn’t like

  • Some degree of compatibility
  • Cannot be folded

5. Baby Jogger Glider Board

Make sure of having a City stroller model before buying a Baby Jogger Glider Board to become cost-effective. This suits best with City Select, City Mini, City Mini GT double stroller, and others.

Locate the rear axle of the stroller then simply attach the Glider Board into it to make it ready for a ride. Position the board parallel to the ground or keep it angled toward the stroller for a comfier and safer ride. It provides an ample space for the toddler to stand on with non-slipping surface to ensure safety.

The board can carry a maximum weight of 45-pounds for strolling and not for jogging. During storage, the board is folded together with the stroller or flipped out, depending on the next usage. Additional accessories such as universal parent console, liquid holster, and cooler bag are sold separately.

Things we liked

  • Adjustable angle position
  • Travel-friendly and Lightweight
  • Easily folds

Things we didn’t like

  • Not universally compatible
  • Hinders the stroller foot brake

6. Britax Stroller Board

Though the stroller has an extra carriage at the back, it must still render a smooth ride. Britax Stroller Board promotes excellent stability and smooth turns throughout the ride because of the three wheels attach. Apart from the stroller’s suspension system, its wheels have independent suspension ability resulting in a better ride for the toddler.

This 50-pound capacitated buggy board is a perfect match for most Britax stroller models and BOB single strollers. It isn’t fit with Britax B-Lively Stroller, BOB Revolution CE Stroller, and Britax and BOB double strollers. Attaching the board to the stroller is done via horizontal or vertical stroller frame.

Through the quick-release button, installation and removal of the board are so easy. It can be adjusted to accommodate even taller toddlers and hence perfect for fast growing kids.

Things we liked

  • Can be folded
  • Independent wheel suspension
  • Provides smoother ride

Things we didn’t like

  • Many users complain about the wheels
  • Difficult to assemble

7. Englacha 2-in-1 Cozy X Rider Board

Englacha Cozy X Rider Board is another universal buggy board on the list that can fit for all baby strollers with the included connectors. Further, its versatility as standing and sitting board is a plus.

Connect the stroller board to the stroller rear frame or tube through the included connectors. The 3-section connectors are adjustable to meet the toddler’s height and weight demand and the arm can be placed higher for a wider walking space. It has a quick on/off functionality.

It has a non-slip surface design to keep the kid’s feet firm while strolling. There’s a storage strap for the convenient keeping of the board when the kid decided to walk on the road surface.

Moreover, the saddle seat is built with backrest and safety belt and a handlebar unlike those with other 2-in-1 buggy board models. Screw it away to detach.

Things we liked

  • Universal stroller board
  • Well-built seat
  • Included storage strap
  • Adjustable in height

Things we didn’t like

  • The seat  is difficult to store
  • Highly expensive

8. Englacha Easy Rider plus Trailer

Even without the use of a universal adapter, Englacha Easy Rider plus Trailer can offer compatibility for up to 90% of stroller models. Via a quick on/off connection mode, the height and the width of the stroller board are adjusted.

It uses up a special kind of adapter to be attached on the rear tube of the main stroller which is firm enough to hold on. Read the included manual before installation to keep everything in touch.

The platform can accommodate a weight not exceeding 45-pounds with better comfort. It is only a standing platform with a non-slipping surface to keep the toddler safe throughout the ride. The package includes a storage strap to secure the stroller board when not in use. With the help of the coupling straps, a smoother ride is within reach.

Things we liked

  • Extended handlebar 
  • Easy to store
  • No need for a universal adapter

Things we didn’t like

  • Not 100% compatible with any strollers

9. Peg Perego Ride with Me Board

Peg Perego Ride with Me Board might be the safest stroller board listed for older kids as seen on its overall design. It is sleeker than the other buggy boards and so makes every travel easier and more convenient.

It easily connects to Book lines stroller models such as Book Cross, Book Pop Up Stroller, Booklet, and others. Other than that, it is also compatible with both single and double stroller. The stroller board is made in Italy which assures the quality it bears. It includes attachable handle extensions that give extra space for the parent controlling it. Choose to attach the handlebar whenever your feet are touching the board.

Storing the board does not require removing it manually but by only folding it together with the stroller. The board is built not too bulky so don’t worry about how you can stock it.

Things we liked

  • Can accommodate three children
  • Easily folded along with the stroller
  • Includes handle extensions

Things we didn’t like

  • Limited shipping areas
  • Technical breakdown issues

10. Beberoad Glider Board

Beberoad is under multi-national certifications and requirements in producing high-quality childcare solutions including stroller boards.

The glider board comes with a 90-degree swiveling seat and compatible to strollers with 22” width and 3.9” rear leg perimeter. It can be installed to a stroller without the use of any tools after a few minutes. Attach the board parallel to the ground by following the manual instruction. A quick-release design is used to install and to disassemble the stroller board.

The board has exclusive seat design with one-piece armrest and three level height adjustments to fit every child’s height. It can be easily detached when the kid wants to stand rather than sitting. The seat can accommodate a maximum weight of 9.5-pounds as the overall weight capacity is up to 45-pounds.

Things we liked

  • All wheels suspension
  • Sponge cushion seat
  • Easy to fold
  • Ample footboard

Things we didn’t like

  • Flimsy wheels

11. Whys Giving Stroller Board

Another stroller board on the list has an extra-wide surface to provide a comfier space for the toddler’s feet.

The stroller board is designed neutral to suit both boys and girls. It is compatible with 95% of baby stroller models. You can watch an installation video online to make things clear. It has strong metal brackets for the attachment to the stroller’s frame but some say the bracket is built flimsy.

Above all the buggy boards mentioned, this has the highest weight capacity for up to 70-pounds which means suitable for early teenage years.

The company is a not-for-profit business and has a purpose in the revenue in selling their products. It goes towards a social impact investment that could possibly change the world. Then, if you want to help the social status of the world, better choose to purchase Whys Giving Stroller Board.

Things we liked

  • The purpose of the company
  • High compatibility rate
  • High weight capacity
  • Adequate surface space

Things we didn’t like

  • Flimsy bracket issues

12. Guzzie+Guss Hitch Ride-On Stroller Board

This fits on different types of strollers such as umbrella strollers, jogger strollers, and pram. Just check the requirements on the specification section for more details about the right matches.

There’ll be no adapters needed to install this board to a stroller which is more convenient. Most parents admire the height of this platform that is able to overcome bumps and curvy roads. The wheels have full suspension for a smoother ride and can be removed when not in use.

The 62-pound capacitated stroller board is disassembled when stored to occupy only a small space of most car carriages. If the child exceeds the maximum weight capacity, the board become unstable and cannot be maneuvered properly.

Things we liked

  • No need for a specialized adapter
  • High ground clearance
  • Easy to disassemble

Things we didn’t like

  • No included metal key to take away the wheels


One effective way to have the best stroller board in the world is to ask questions about it. Here are 5 (five) frequently asked questions gathered by the team to help you in picking for the right stroller board:

  • How safe are stroller boards for the toddlers?

There are included features that keep the toddler safe while riding on a stroller board, such as:

  • Non-slipping surface –It prevents the child from falling off the stroller board.
  • Frame design –It is built with high edges to keep the toddler from slipping off the board.
  • Ground clearance –It has the high ground clearance to avoid bumps and to conquer all-terrain roads.
  • Independent wheel suspension –This renders a smoother ride.

With those four features, the safety of your child is fully secured so nothing to worry about. Check out if your prospected buggy board has it all.

  • How much is the maximum weight a stroller board can carry?

The weight capacity of a stroller board depends on the model. It ranges from 40-pounds and beyond which is proportionate for up to 5-year-old kid. You better choose a stroller board with higher weight capacity for a longer use for growing kids.

  • How to store a stroller board?

A stroller board can be stored in three ways such as using a storage strap, folding along with the stroller, and lifting it out. Either way is easy to execute without using any tools. Another way is to fully detach the board from the stroller for separate storage.

  • How about the compatible features of a stroller board?

Every parent who wants to buy a stroller board must primarily consider its compatible features. Failing to do so will make the purchase non-sense. Compatible features are normally indicated by the manufacturer of the product by telling what stroller models are the perfect match for the stroller board.

Some stroller boards include a universal adapter to make it compatible for most strollers while the others are only limited to the same manufacturer’s stroller model. If a universal adapter isn’t counted in, you can buy it independently.

  • Where can I buy a stroller board?

Stroller boards are widely available in today’s market whether retailers or online. We recommend you to visit the Amazon site for more high-quality stroller boards. Always investigate the product before placing an order.


Of all the stroller boards mentioned earlier, we pick Englacha 2-in-1 Cozy X Rider Board to be the best-recommended product. Though it is priced expensively, the offered features are at its peak. First is the exclusive seat design which isn’t found on the other stroller boards in the market. It allows a kid to sit or to stand on this platform with added safety through its non-slipping surface. Further, connecting it to any stroller model is possible because it is a universal board with the included connectors.

Do we miss a point?

For additional queries, leave a comment below and wait for a quick response.

We hope you’ll end up with the best stroller board even apart from what are above-listed. Your older kid deserves a ride too so buy one as soon as possible. See you on the next post!

Best Baby Purses


Babies are a product of love and god’s gift. Being a first-time mother or a mother for a newborn baby is the greatest fulfillment of every woman’s life. You could feel a different range of emotions. This is a part of a woman’s life that will change everything for your life perfective, priorities and responsibilities. As a mother, there are many things you most need to know. You need to study their changing of emotion and feelings, needs or baby stuff and most important is the security and safety measures you need. Having a baby is challenging but worth it. Babies are a bundle of joy in a family and a beautiful piece of life that God gave. That is the reason why we need to provide the best comfort and care for them.

Here are some things you should know and prepared on having a baby:

  1. Sleep

Basically many people may say that babies can sleep 12-16 hours a day but the truth is not all babies has this kind of condition. Majority of the babies sleep long only 8-10 hours a day and wake up between 2-4 hours rather eat or to stretch. Monthly babies sleep time changes. Some may awake at day and sleep at night or vice versa. This is because babies are adjusting to the climate and to the environment. In this case, sleep is also one of the problems of motherhood. Having a baby means having less sleep for all mothers. The best advice is to sleep when your baby is sleep. Take this an opportunity to take a rest and sleep so that your body will recharge and regain strength. Having a baby will make you realize that it is hard to rest, sleep, eat and even take a bath. So you must prepare yourself.   

  1. Food

Babies need breastfeeding which is the most important meal for them but it is not easy to do. One thing you can do is to talk to your closest friends who successfully tried breastfeeding ask them what are their preparations for this. You can also ask you pediatrician to all the food you need to eat while having breastfeeding. There is also some information on some websites that you can find additional support or other information. Growing up, at the age of 1-year-old babies need to try some solid food to eat. As a parent, prepare food that is delicious and nutritious, this is a big help for their growth, energy and healthy body.

  1. Baby

The first 3 months of your baby is the hardest month. Newborn at this moment is gradually adjusting outside your womb. It may also affect you through hormonal and physical changes after giving birth. Because newborn babies don’t speak you need to observe their emotions and guess what they want or need. You need to have empathized with your child to provide what they need. Don’t get mad if your baby cries too much, rather know to have to handle them with gentle and care. Children have a stage were their need and wants change. As they have grown up they need more attention, love, and safety. While providing this needs of your kids you need also to protect yourselves, it is still important to have a good rest, nutritious meals and drink well. Never forget to take care of yourself.

  1. Fashion

Not because they are just baby means they can’t have their own fashion style. As a mother, you are the one in charge of buying and choosing the best outfit for your kids. Many mothers will agree that it is exciting to dress up your kids either a boy or a girl. It emphasized the creativity as a mother. But by choosing, you need to consider a few things like the mantel that is used, the texture of the clothes, does it give rash or itchiness to your kids and even the style. You need to consider the comfort of your baby in choosing their clothes to wear. Fashion never ended in just the clothes they wear, it also includes accessories, shoes or sandals and even purses. A girl kid loves to imitate their mother when it comes to fashion, they want to have the thing that their mothers have. This is the time kids develop their sense of style and taste. Sometimes they insist to choose on their own what style, clothes, shoes, and purse to wear.

Purses are mini handbags that give space for you to store small thing. This is a trend for kids ages 5-10 years old to use because it’s small, easy to bring and have enough space for their materials. Here are some best purses that you can buy in Amazon that has style:

6 Best Baby Purses in Amazon

  1. Hippie Little Girl Purses

This cute little purse is a crossbody bag with an adjustable strap and detachable. It is made of PU leather that is durable and easy to scrub. It has good materials, it is wear-resistant and stain-resistant.   This if a bag is flexible that can be beams, shoulder bag, handbag or crossbody bag. Easy to use, open and shut with its magnetic lock. It is a perfect gift for you little cute girls that will add to their style. With the sweet bowknot and two attached dangling beads will surely adore by your little princess. This bag is also available with different color like Pink, Blue, a combination of purple white and pink white. 

  1. Melissa and Doug Pretty Purse

This pretty purse is a great and translucent handbag for your kids. It has a high-quality machine washable fabric and phthalate-free plastic. It is durable and because of the translucent materials, you can easily see what’s inside. Little ones love to packed and unpacked things using a purse with their jingling, and other accessories they have. This pretty little purse includes mini soft coin storage, mobile phones, a mirror, and a toy keychain. This toys will help your kids to organize their things inside the purse.

  1. Dress Up America Little Girls My First Purse

Little girls love pink that is why this cute little handbag is cute for them. It comes with a new pink color modern design bag designed with a girl, flower and a beautiful butterfly painted on it. This bag called my first purse that helps to keep your kids look pretty while playing and even outdoors. The handbag comes complete with accessories like car keys, pink lipstick, fake credit cards, and a flip cell phone. This bag is made off adorable mock leather with cute blue handles. This cute my first purse will surely your kids will love. 

  1. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn My Smart Purse

This my smart purse is not just a purse but also a learning material to help your kids to learn about numbers, colors, greeting, and even Spanish words in more than 50 songs, sound, and phrases. The learning content changes according to your baby’s age and stage. This is a perfect playtime accessory for your babies. It a great interactive purse with colorful colors to handle inside and out of your home. Package includes rattle phones, mirror, fake credit cards, Clacker keys, and a bead bracelet.

  1. Play Circle Princess Purse Set by Battat

This princess purse is complete with a set is design with a perfect purse colorful circle with a play makeup, fake credit cards, keys, sunglasses, cell phone, and a coin purse. This is a perfect gift to your little cute kid to be stylish and girly. The purse can be used every day with its new look and easy to clean bag texture that will give no messy look for your kids. It has an easy to wipe fabric and a strong Velcro tab closure that will sure become your princess treasure.

  1. Click N Play 8 Piece Girl Pretend Play Purse

Like every little girl wanted things that are the same as their sisters or mother. This little cute purse is made to be their best friend in style and everyday accessories. This pretends playset is for pre-schoolers and toddlers to use. With its cute pink color that will surely kids love this set includes other cool stuff to play with like smartphone, fake credit cards, car keys, hairbrush, lipstick, and a blush. This has two carrying handles with a zipper use to open and close the bag. All items are safe for your kids and will help to develop their child’s imaginary cognitive skills.   


All of these items are available in Amazon which offers at a cheaper cost yet a high-quality product. As a mother, the safety of your kids is on your hand. Let’s not just provide them healthy food, good environment, safety household but also a creative and active lifestyle. Choose stuff and toys that will make your kids enjoy and as well as safe for their health. Mothers only goal is to love and care unconditionally their children in every aspect of their life.



14 Best Baby Walkers of 2019 and Buying Guide


Every parent should know how useful baby walkers are. In fact, it’s one of the most important things they need for them to have peaceable and quality time with their kids.

Baby walkers, on the other hand, are suitable for both toddlers and infants who are currently learning how to walk. With this stuff, parents will be able to do other chores or activities while their kids are enjoying.

Another important benefit of utilizing a baby walker is that it will allow the child to exercise so that he/she will develop his/her physical fitness. What’s more, baby walkers are very entertaining, most especially those that come with musical devices. In fact, such advantages are of great significance for your kid’s growth as well as learning.

How to Reduce the Risk of SIDS


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS is one of the scariest things every parent has to keeps an eye on. Since it has already caused numerous deaths, the ways to reduce its existence is extremely crucial to learn. For this reason, we prepared the things every parent has to consider in order to keep their child safe. Are you a parent? Would you like to save your child from this health risk? If you do, then you have the best reasons to keep in tune.

According to experts, SIDS or Sudden Infant Syndrome are encountered by a child who has an immature arousal center in the brain. Simply said, the child is not capable of waking self when experiencing trouble breathing. This causes death and it is more common on children sleeping on their stomach. Theory suggests that the position adds the chance of re-inhaling oxygen-depleted air.

Best High Chairs 


It’s hard to feed a baby who’s not in place, messiness is guaranteed. Try out these best high chairs to easily do other chores as your baby is independently feeding itself.

Babies grow really fast. Holding them in your arms in times of nursing might be difficult. Adding a high chair on your baby’s growing kit is recommended. This chair will hold the little one meal after meal or when the parent is busy doing chores. It benefits both parties in many ways.

Whereas, finding the right high chair that’ll suit your need is crucial. With that in mind, we compile a list of 15 Best High Chairs in the market to aid you in looking the right product. Hoping that with the details discussed below, you can easily choose a specific high chair for feeding time.

5 Best Baby Bottles


A safe and appropriate baby bottle is the next best method to give food to your child next to breastfeeding. In fact, there is a great chance that you will somehow need to utilize this thing regardless if you are breastfeeding or not. But the problem is you can encounter a sea of different baby bottles out there which makes it incredibly difficult to choose which one is the right bottle for your child. For this reason, we have done some thorough research and found these 5 best baby bottles. See if our list includes the one you need.

20 Best Organic Vitamins For Toddlers 2019


Parents want the best for their little angels.

However, parents can’t always have their way with their kids, particularly in terms of what they eat. And when mealtimes usually mean spilled food and bowls on the floor, then your child might not be getting the right nutrients that they need.

So, what do you do to fill in the nutrient gaps?

Well, you’ll have to rely on the best organic multivitamins for toddlers!

Tips and Ideas to Plan A Baby Shower


Are you assigned to host a baby shower, but don’t have any idea of what you are going to do? If that is the case, no worries because we’ve got your back.

Planning a baby shower is like planning a christening. From the date to reception there are lots of things that you need to do to make it successful. In the actual fact, planning a baby shower does not need to be hard, as long as you’re organized and know what you’re doing. What’s more, you can seek help from others to make this event more memorable for the expectant mom.

Nevertheless, the following are some proven tips and ideas to help you in planning the best and most memorable baby shower.

How to lose baby weight?


Women these days are having a hard time achieving a healthy weight after they gave birth. Sure, it is not easy to take good care of a newborn, recover from childbirth, and adjust in a new routine, but returning your healthy weight after your baby arrives is very important most especially if you want to become pregnant again. Nevertheless, read on and find out some tips that are certain to help you when you’re ready to lose baby weight.

Best Baby Velvet Hangers [2019]


Are you planning a complete redo of your child’s closet? Taking care of your baby’s belongings, especially clothing requires the use of the best baby velvet hangers. Come and check it out!

Hangers are often overlooked on the list of requirements to complete a baby’s room. In fact, they are one of the necessities to keep the cabinet more organize and neat-looking. As you can observe, it’s easier to find a baby’s outfit if they’re all hung up.

Top 15 Best Activity Centers for Baby


Kids, do you want to play around?

Beforehand, let me tell you a story.

We all experienced being a baby and undeniably we love playing around, messing around and even crying out loud during the old days. It’s so humorous to reminisce our childhood days that we can’t get over it sometimes and wanted to go back and stay there but sadly we can’t. As the quote said life must go on that no matter how badly we want to go back, we are old now.

But here’s the good thing for those parents who desire to give their babies an experience of joyful young years like theirs back then for this article will give you many ideas about the best activity center for baby available in the market.

Let us expose it out!

11 Best Double Jogging Strollers [2020]

Best Double Jogging Strollers

Nothing to worry about, the double jogging stroller has got your back to run or walk with your two babies. Having two kids in the near ages is so challenging to handle, and it can affect your productiveness and also your health.

That’s why manufacturers doubled the jogging stroller they’ve created to help you continue having a healthy lifestyle exercise even after having another baby.

We would want to introduce to you the selected products which are according to the loyal customers were quality approved and among the best double jogging stroller present in the market. We also mention its positive and negative features to guide you from choosing.

Best Single Jogging Strollers [2020]

Best Single Jogging Strollers

Desiring to be physically fit while raising a baby?

Jogging strollers will serve as a self-care tip for those parents out there who have no time in exercising as consuming a full load of house chores and babysitting.

Why not try these jogging strollers mention below for a more exciting jogging experience with your baby on and off the road? This list of the Best Single Jogging Strollers has well relied on the customer’s choice and reviews.

10 Best Mini Crib Mattresses

Best Mini Crib Mattresses

So, are you ready to enter the world of buying a mattress for your adorable little one?

Yeah, I know. It is not that exciting as buying those teeny-tiny onesies, strollers, and blankies.

However, you should know that your little one’s crib mattress is one of the most important purchases that you will ever make when putting together a nursery.

We all know that babies spend over 16 hours a day sleeping cozily in their crib. Therefore comfort and safety are a significant concern. You should know that not all crib mattresses are safe, and there is various misleading info out there!

The good news is, I already did the hard part of looking into the best mini crib mattresses and created a list of the best ones, so you do not have a hard time shopping for one!



Teaching people to swim is important and can also fun at the same time. Some Toddlers are usually afraid of it but some are very excited when being introduced to water.

Even as parents, seeing your kids playing in the pool with other kids is surely a thing of excitement. That being said, your kids cannot learn how to swim at a go. It may take some time as it is a gradual learning process. It is even risky that your kids could get themselves drown if not guided properly. In other, for little kids to learn how to swim very well and at an early age, caution and safety proceedings are advised.

Toddlers swim vests were made to help these little kids learn how to swim as beginners they are. By using a swim vest, common water accidents like water choking and drowning are totally avoided.

Toddler swim vest will make your child feel safe inside the water by helping them float properly. They provide your kids with total security even if you are not there to watch them.

There is a need to get your kids a swim vest, even adults use swim vests what more little kids. By this, I have bought you the list of best toddlers swim vest that you can buy for your kids to use.