How to Clean a Diaper Bag


How to Clean a Diaper Bag


Your diaper bag can get stained and dirty through various ways. We all know how important and useful diaper bags are so there is need to keep them clean. The question here is, How do you clean your diaper bag? This article is centered on answering that question.

How to Clean a Diaper Bag

First and foremost is cleaning the exterior of your diaper bag, it is good to know the different types of materials these diaper bags are made of, as the material type determines how a particular diaper bag should be cleaned. Most of the diaper bags available today are likely to be made;

  • Leather
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Canvas

All these different materials have different cleaning methods and there is not really one method of cleaning all of them. We will be looking at the different cleaning methods, but before that, make sure you remove all contents in your bag; Let’s start with the first;

  • Leather

The best and widely known method of cleaning any leather product is by conditioning. Using a leather conditioner on your leather diaper bag will help the revive it back to its true and natural condition. You should try to condition your leather diaper bag whenever it feels try, best it to do it within intervals of months. How do you pick the best leather conditioner to use? it’s easy as there are lots of quality ones available in stores. If you would love to, you can also make a leather conditioner yourself. You need just warm water, few drops of vinegar and a tablespoon of soap. Mix them properly and you have it, use it along with a cloth to wipe your bag clean. After that, make sure you leave it to dry.

  • Polyester

To clean a polyester bag, you should use warm water along with soap or detergent. Just like your clothes, you can either hand wash or you put it in your washing machine, polyester materials are synthetic and usually machine washable. However, it is not advisable to use a machine dryer for drying, you should lay it flat and allow it to air dry.

  • Nylon

Nylon materials are relatively very easy to clean, this is because nylon is a synthetic material. The quickest way to clean leather is to wipe off stains immediately. You can also wash it with mild soap and clean water by dipping a sponge or soft brush into the soapy water and then scrubbing it clean. It would interest you to know that Nylon material is machine washable, so you can just put it in a washing machine if you want.

  • Canvas

Spot cleaning is the best and ideal method for cleaning a canvas diaper bag. You should get a cleaning cloth, dip it in plain warm water – you can add a little detergent if you want to – and then squeeze it to remove excess water from it. Use the cloth to carefully wipe your bag clean, it is easy as that. You can also soak the entire bag into water and hand wash, after that, ensure you rinse and wring it to remove excess water then leave it to dry. .

Now, the next thing to focus on is how to clean the interior of your diaper bag. Not just cleaning it, but how to make sure it stays clean, we will be looking at that. Below listed are some tips that could help make your diaper bag clean.

1. Perform a Shake

Perhaps this will be quicker and more easier. If you want to remove dirt, food crumbs and trash in your diaper bag, performing a shake may do. First you have to remove everything inside the bag, open all zippers and clasps, turn it upside down and give it a thorough shake. That would leave all dirt falling and you have a clean bag again. Probably, you must have  done this before so it should be nothing new.

2. Try a Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes, preferably once in a while, you may just need the help of a vacuum cleaner to help clean the interior of your diaper bag. Using a vacuum cleaner is a quick and less stressful way of cleaning inside your diaper bag. You just turn it on, and then hold it above your bag and let it do it’s work. The vacuum cleaner will be very effective in removable crumbs and remains especially from snacks. I would say it is an alternative to performing a shake.

3. Use a Damp Cloth and a Dish Soap

You can also use a damp cloth and dish soap or detergent to clean the inside of your bag maybe when there is a stain or something of sort. After mixing your soap or detergent in warm water, take your cloth and dip it inside, squeeze it to remove excess water and then clean the stained area with it, leave it open to dry. If you want to wipe the entire interior this way, you should pull your bag inside out and carefully do that.

4. Try Baking Soda

You may have heard that baking soda acts like some sort of cleanser or disinfectant, well you heard right. To make your bag smelling fresh just like new, you should try baking soda. You can put a small bag of baking soda in your bag or you sprinkle it inside in all compartments and pockets and leave it overnight. What does the baking soda do? It absorbs and neutralizes any odor your bag could have.

5. Try Vinegar

Using Vinegar – White Vinegar to be specific – is another way of cleaning inside your diaper bag. Vinegar being acidic in nature is what makes it a good cleaner. How do you clean your bag with vinegar? It’s simple, just spray the interior with a little of it and allow it to dry. The vinegar smell will evaporate as the bag dries, it serves as a deodorizer and a disinfectant. It’s likely that you already do have a vinegar spray at home, if you do not, you can buy one or better still make one yourself at home.

Tips to keep your Diaper Bag Clean

To ensure that your diaper bag does not get dirty easily and stays clean, you could try the below listed tips;

1. Use a Deodorizing Spray

You can carry a deodorant spray around, inside your diaper bag and occasionally spray your bag with it to keep it smelling fresh. In cases where by there is a milk spill or something of sort while out, you could quickly put the smell out with a deodorant, so, try to carry one around more often.

2. Get an extra bag/box for carrying kids snacks

You could choose to buy a separate bag for carrying your kids snacks. Snack crumbs are what usually makes a mess of any diaper bag and so if carried in another bag, it go a long way in keeping your diaper bag clean. You can buy kids snack bags or boxes in stores or you order them online. They are usually inexpensive and costs only just few dollars. What more, they are small and light weight and so wouldn’t be a burden to carry along with your diaper bag.

3. Get a Mesh Laundry Bag

Mesh laundry bags are ideal for protecting your diaper bag and ensure that it does not easily gets damaged when in the washer. If your diaper bag is machine washable, it would be worth if you could put it in a mesh laundry bag before throwing it inside your washer especially if you are washing it along with other laundries. Your bag needs to be cleaned, but damaging it while cleaning is not something you would like so a mesh laundry bag is recommended.

4. Take your bag off the floor

You hardly seat on the floor, why is that? Because you do not want your clothes to get stained, same goes for your diaper bag. If you keep your diaper bags, you are subjecting it to getting dirty and carrying germs. Keeping your bag on the floor means you do not really care about it, you should ensure you store it properly.

5. Make Sure Your Diaper Bag is well organized

You already know what I mean, everything should be just where it is meant to be, organized. This is a very good way of making sure that you don’t easily dirty your diaper bag. Put everything where it is supposed to be – diaper bags have different pockets and compartments for different purposes – and do not overstock your diaper bag. Your bag is sure to look messy and unkempt when there is a lot of items inside and not well arranged.


Generally in cleaning a diaper bag, it is advisable to first check out the manufacturer’s instructions, that way, you would see the recommended cleaning method. All the same, I hope following the tips and hints contained in this article will help you in cleaning your bag and making sure it stays clean always.

Baby Nap Transition Tips


Nap transitioning is an important aspect of parenting. Babies do not only need to sleep at night as taking naps during the day are very important for their overall growth and development. Naps constantly change and gradually, your baby may give up on them because the more they grow, the less sleep time they will be needing. It is best if you help your baby transition better from maybe three naps or two to one and you can do so by following these simple baby nap transition tips;

1. Know when it’s time

Babies behave differently, the time when one would be needing a nap transition will be different from the other. You should be watchful so you know just when it is the right time for them to transition. Babies usually start getting tired of too much nap time when they are between 14 to 18 months old, that may be the ideal time. Sometimes, they may even start refusing naps earlier than that, just wait for the signs, and strike when you see them.

2. Give it time

Early signs may mislead you and you would think your baby is ready to transition when they are actually not. There may be other reasons why your baby is refusing sleep and possibly, one of them is the fact that they are not really tired. Give the signs time, say about 10 – 15 days so you can be totally convinced that your baby is really ready for transitioning.

3. Perform the Half Hour Trick

One way you can help your baby transition is by performing the half hour trick. It’s very simple, just start pushing back your baby’s nap time by half an hour – 30 Minutes. This is more effective in getting rid of the morning naps. It’s a trick, and yes it works too. You do not have to do it every day though, have intervals before doing it again. This trick can also help in taking away afternoon naps too. If you push your baby morning naps to about 10 or 11am, they definitely would not be needing the afternoon naps so much and are likely to drop it anytime soon.

4. Exhaust your baby a bit before nap time

Since you are trying to make your baby sleep less during the day, it is best if you make that one nap they have enough for them. You can exhaust your baby (a bit) before it is nap time so out of tiredness, they will sleep deeply. Any thing or activity that will get them very active like getting them to dance should do and you should do this about 30 minutes before nap time. If your baby is not a bit tired before nap time, there is a possibility of it being hard for them to fall asleep or that they will wake up almost immediately.

5. Try to keep your baby awake

You do not want your baby sleeping at every opportunity they get so you have to try to keep them awake. You can take them out to the playground or to be parks to catch some one or you simply keep them busy indoors by playing with them or allowing them watch shows on TV or on your phone. Just try to keep them busy when you don’t want them to sleep and you can stop when they get used to it.

6. Maintain Bedtime Sleep routine

Nap transitioning means your baby would no longer be sleeping too much during the day. One of the reasons why babies sleep much during the day time is because they don’t get enough sleep at night, most babies cry too much at night that it would be hard for them to sleep. As sleep is very important, make sure the nap transitioning does not affect how they sleep at night. Making sure your baby gets enough sleep time at night will also make them need sleep less during the day time.

7. Exercise patience

You should be patient. Baby do not change their sleeping routine overnight, it can actually take about a month or two for a successful nap transition to be completed. Trying to transition your baby naps may make your baby react as the naps they are accustomed to are being taken away from them. You can try to make them feel relaxed by giving them special treats.

8. Monitor your baby naps

Yeah, you should monitor so you know if you are making progress or not. To know when you are getting successful at it, one daily nap that will take an hour or two should be OK enough. If no success is recorded within the first few months, just keep doing all what you are supposed to do and be patient.

Some other things you can do.

Whereas the above listed tips are the majors you need to help your baby transition, below are some other tips that might be helpful.

  • Make your baby comfortable while sleeping

Just like you should exhaust your baby to make that one nap worthwhile, you should also ensure that the sleeping area is very soft and comfortable for sleeping. The bed, sleeping crib, pillows, blankets and the rest should all speak of comfort.

  • Watch the room temperature

Once again, if you want your baby to enjoy that one nap time, you should make sure that the temperature of the room is in the perfect sleeping condition. It is advisable that the temperature is somewhere in between 65 and 70 degrees.

  • Play Background Music

It would be easier for your baby to fall asleep and sleep comfortably when there is little noise in the background as total silence can be a turn off. Hopefully, most sleeping cribs have player that plays soothing music, other than that, cool and low-tuned music from your phone or a noise from a rotating fan would do.


Nothing comes easy especially when it comes to babies as they can be very stubborn at times. Following the tips and hints provided in this article can help you transition your baby naps for the good. Hope it helps.

How And When To Stop Swaddling Your Baby


Swaddling is something almost every baby experiences but it certainly is something that your baby will not need forever. In truth, there comes a time in your baby’s life when you will need to stop swaddling immediately. This article will help you know how and when is the right time to stop swaddling your baby. Before we get to that, let’s look at the benefits of swaddling.

Benefits of Swaddling

Swaddling is beneficial to both you as a mother and to your baby for many reasons; most especially when it is done safely and correctly. When you swaddle your baby, you make him feel just as if he were still in the womb, covered and comfortable, this helps your baby to sleep longer and better as he is in a comfort zone. Swaddling helps soothe your baby to sleep and when your baby is swaddled, less anxiety is experienced and they won’t wake up unnecessarily at night as a result of startle reflex which is something every baby is born with. Another benefit of swaddling is that it prevents your baby from face-scratching, with his hands not free there is no way he can scratch. Swaddling also ensures that your baby maintains a perfect sleeping position, once you place your baby in bed, they will hardly roll out of place. And surely, when your baby sleeps comfortably and peacefully all through the night, you too will have a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Why you would need to stop swaddling your baby

Swaddling is beneficial; no doubt about that but, it can not be done forever as the time will come when your baby will no longer be needing it. It’s normal, just like every other thing your baby uses like pacifiers, cribs, and all the clothing you’ve ever bought, your baby will outgrow the swaddles. Most babies outgrow swaddling when they are between 3 to 6 months, but it is ideal you try to stop swaddling your baby from 4 months of age. If you continue to swaddle your baby after such age, it may turn out to be a threat to his over growth and development. Also, you would need to teach your baby how to sleep on his own, as your baby grows there is need for him to experiment different sleeping positions and having their hands and feet stuck will not help matters.

How to know when your baby has outgrown the swaddle

Like earlier stated, your baby will outgrow the swaddles and it is usually between the age of 3 – 6 months, some babies even outgrow swaddles as early as 2 months. You should swaddle your baby for as long as you think is safe and comfortable for him but also watch out for the signs so you know when it’s time to drop it. Some of these signs may include;

1. When your baby can break out from the swaddle

Let’s take for example, you waking up in the morning and going to get your baby from the baby nursery and you find that some parts of his body like hands and legs are out of the swaddle when you tucked him in properly in the night. What would you think? Let’s say you take it as nothing and then the next morning and the following one a similar thing happened. That means your baby can now break out of the swaddle all by himself and it can be a sign that he no longer needs it. If that is the case, you should start considering dropping the whole swaddling blankets for good.

2. Baby waking up in a different sleeping position

This is usually common and one of the major signs you should be looking out for. You swaddled your baby and placed him in a comfortable sleeping position in his crib at night and when you go to get them in the morning, you see that he has rolled to a different position while still in his swaddle. It may be nothing for the first time but once it happens again and again, you should know that your baby is no longer comfortable with sleeping while swaddled and actually wants to be free, so drop the act.

3. No more – Or Less – Startle Reflex

One of the major importance of swaddling your baby as we found out earlier is to prevent startle reflex which newborns are prone to experience. But, your baby will stop experiencing – or better still, experience less of – these startle reflexes and at that time, you would not be needing the swaddle blankets so much. When do baby stop experiencing or starts experiencing less of these startle reflexes? By 2 or 3 months, your baby will stop experiencing less and by 5 or 6 months old, they may disappear completely.

4. Baby being able to pull up in the crib

What this implies is that your baby has developed, developed to the stage that he is now able to pull himself up in his crib. This may be a sign that your baby no longer needs the swaddle as he now enjoys being free than being stationary. Most babies start doing this (pulling up themselves in the crib) when they are between about 8 months and 10 months. This is close to when a baby begins to stand and you certainly cannot use a swaddle on a baby for that long.

5. Being uncomfortable with the swaddles

Babies are cool with and usually enjoys being swaddled, it sure do make them feel comfortable. But, some babies become uncomfortable with it. You should not give up swaddling yet because it may be that your baby is not comfortable with the swaddling technique you are using, so you should try  a different swaddling technique. If he continues to be uncomfortable and maybe cry when swaddled – this is likely with older babies – it certainly means that your baby is telling you to flag down and that he no longer needs to be wrapped up in swaddling blankets.

Tips on how to stop swaddling your baby

So you have known the signs that shows that your baby may no longer be needing a swaddle, now how do you stop it. It maybe more easier than you think and the progress you’ll make depends on the behavior of your baby. If your baby has already started resisting the swaddle, it will be more easy to stop swaddling. But if your baby is still dependent on his swaddle to sleep, you may have a tough time with stopping it. All the same, the below steps will help;

1. Start by Minimizing

You should start by minimizing the number of times you swaddle your baby in a day. If you are the type that uses a swaddle both during naps at day time and bed time at night, you can consider minimizing it to swaddling your baby just during the night time. This is a very helpful step if you want to stop swaddling your baby as it will help him have more time to sleep freely so he won’t be much bothered when he sees the swaddle blankets no more. If your baby loves his swaddle so much, this will do the trick.

2. Gradually cut down on the Night Swaddling

So your baby has now gotten used to sleeping without a swaddle during the day and sleeping with it at night, great for a start now you know what to do next; cut down on the night swaddling. You should no longer be swaddling your baby every night, skip some days, you can swaddle this night and skip the next. Doing this constantly will help your baby adapt to no longer being swaddled. However, you should watch how your baby react to it every night so as to know if he is OK with it or not. If he seems fine during the nights without swaddles, then you just scored a huge point.

3. Try other swaddling methods

In this scenario, you are swaddling your baby, but not completely. One method is by wrapping only the upper or lower area of your baby’s body. You can also start by leaving one arm, or one leg of your baby un-swaddled at first. Next, you change gradually to leaving both arms, or both legs, unsaddled. From there, you will get to the point where your baby will be totally un-swaddled. Eventually, you will build up to the point where you are not swaddling at all. This is a slow and gradual process, at the end, the goal is to make it easy for your baby to get used to sleeping without being swaddled.

4. Soothe your baby before bedtime

Your baby stills needs to feel safe and comfortable before sleeping and now that you are taking away the swaddles, you can do a good job by soothing your baby before bedtime. You can carry your baby and rock him in your arms before he falls asleep or any other thing you know you can do to make him feel safe and comfortable before bedtime. This will make your baby not to miss the warm and soothing feel of being in the swaddle and if you continue with it, they will learn to live without it.

5. Make use of transitioning products

Transitioning products have been the savior for most people in their journey to stop swaddling their babies. These products are available in the market and they help a great deal with the swaddle transitioning by making it more easier for your baby to feel comfortable while sleeping. Some of these products include;

  • Baby Sleep Suit
  • A baby sleep suit is a recommended baby transition product that you should buy. It helps babies transition from the swaddle by providing them with a comfortable and secure feeling while sleeping. It is a body suit so it covers your baby’s body properly and is usually made of very soft and skin friendly material. With a baby sleep suit, you no longer need to worry about your baby at night because they sure will be getting the best of sleep without the swaddles. Babies can start using a baby sleep suit instead of swaddles when they are about 3 months of age. If you want to purchase a swim suit for your baby, check recommendations and read reviews so that you can get a quality one.
  • Baby Sleep Sacks/Blankets
  • These are wearable blanket ideal for replacing your baby swaddles in the crib. They leave your baby hands free and do not cover your baby’s face so it can’t interfere with breathing. These blankets help your baby in sleeping safer and sleeping better too, they also help prevent over heating. They give your baby the sort of warmth he gets when cuddled and it will be impossible for your baby to kick it off. With such blankets, your baby gets to sleep soundly and comfortably all throughout the night. Baby sleep blankets are usually recommended for use when your baby is at least 12 months old but there are some made for much younger babies that you can buy.
  • Baby Weighted Blanket
  • Generally recommended for sleep and relaxation, weighted blankets are another option you can turn to. These blankets are very much different from the baby sleep blankets mentioned earlier because they are more heavier than them. They have become a popular sleep accessory used by both adults and children. These weighted blankets are well padded so they are very soft despite being heavy. They are also usually filled with pellets that helps distribute weight equally across your body while you sleep. Weighted blankets are ideal for improving sleep quality and duration and can do your baby a whole lot of good.
  • Baby Pajamas
  • You already know the usefulness of pajamas as it is possible that you already have one or two. Just as your pajamas are very useful to you during the night so it will be when you get one for your baby. Pajamas allow proper inflow of air, especially to the leg area and they are soft to the skin. Also, they do not stick to the skin so it hardly causes sweat. In overall, these pajamas provide your baby with the ultimate level of comfort and ease they were used to with the swaddles.

Other products you can buy

The above listed products are the ideal ones when it comes to swaddle transitioning. Below are other products you can still try that will support your baby and help him sleep, relax with comfort;

  • Baby Lounger
  • These are portable bassinets that you can lay your baby in for relaxation or a quick nap especially when outdoors. These baby loungers are creatively designed, just like a nest, they cradle your baby by providing your a secure, warm and comfy space. There are some baby loungers that babies even from 0 months of age can make use of. Your baby should be under supervision whenever you lay them in a baby lounger and should not be left to sleep overnight in it, you have your crib for that.
  • Neck pillows
  • A baby neck pillow is another product you can buy to provide your baby with the support they need for a comfortable and relaxing sleep. You can carry your baby neck pillow along with you anywhere you go, especially when traveling. When purchasing a neck pillow for your baby, look for one that is very soft and produced from organic materials, they are the best.
  • Crib Wedge
  • This is not all that important but it may be useful to some babies (not all). Crib wedges go under the crib mattress to elevate one end of it. Generally, it helps your baby get a more restful sleep by providing a comfortable incline which helps him to fall asleep and stay asleep too. However, like earlier said, not all babies need a crib wedge so if you feel you baby needs a crib wedge, you should discuss with your pediatrician before making the purchase.
  • Snuzzlers
  • Baby Snuzzlers are usually meant for car seats and baby strollers but it can still help with your baby swaddle transitioning. When your baby no longer sleeps with the swaddles, you need to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable anytime they relax. Baby are funny with the way they fall asleep sometimes, Babies can sleep in the car and in the stroller so with the help of the snuzzlers which provides them with head and body support, they feel safe and cozy as they sleep or relax. These snuzzlers are usually well padded and contoured so they feel soft on your baby. 


Swaddle transitioning is a must as a time must surely come when you would need to Stop swaddling your baby. Such times can be hard or can go smoothly, it depends on how much your baby loved the swaddles. Whichever way it is for you, I hope that the information contained in this article helps you out.

Tips to organize a diaper bag


Diaper bags are meant to help you carry your baby diapers and other items comfortably and easily. As a mother, it is certain that you would need to carry so many items in your diaper bag, as your baby would need a lot. When you have so much to carry, it may be confusing to decide what to put or what not to put, what is really important and what really is not. The question “What should I pack in a diaper bag” is one of the most asked by mothers.

Your diaper bag needs to be well organized with all the items you need placed properly. By reading the below outlined tips, you will find out what and what is needed in your diaper bag and how to organize it as well.

1. Get the right diaper bag; I believe before now, you must have already gotten a diaper bag, the question is, is it the best diaper bag for you? If you want to organize your diaper bag properly, you would need a diaper bag that is optimized to help you do so. It is recommended that you pick a diaper bag with so many pockets and compartments for you would have more space and storage units to your advantage.

2. Start with the little stuffs; This is where I believe every task of organizing a diaper bag should start. Small stuffs I mean includes items like your pacifier and all other small tiny items your baby will be needing. These little stuffs may be a heck of a task to find if not properly kept, this is because they are very small and can easily get lost in your bag. Fortunately, modern diaper bags usually have so many pockets and compartments where you can store these little items, some of the pockets are specifically made for your little stuffs. When you store them in these pockets, you get to know where they are which helps you to get them easily whilst keeping your diaper bag very organized.

3. Pack your baby diapers; The main reason why a diaper bag is needed is to help you carry your baby diapers more conveniently so it should be the next to go in. Now, the question is How many diapers should you pack in your bag? The amount of diapers you will put depends on the size of your diaper bag and how many hours you intend to spend outdoors. But, a maximum of about 6 or 8 diapers should be OK, if there is still enough space, you can consider adding more, just to be safe because babies are very funny at times. You should pack your baby diapers side by side so it would be easier to access them.

4. Put in your diaper wipes; You can’t afford to leave this one out, your baby will not forgive you. Make sure you pack just as enough baby wipes you will be needing. Most diaper bags have wipes pocket, these pockets were made to carry diaper wipes so you should put them in there.

4. Put in Creams and ointments; You need to carry your baby creams, lotions, ointments, powders and other likewise items. This would be a lot easier to carry if you buy samples sized products. 

5. Put in your changing pad; A changing pad is one of the essentials you should put in your diaper bag. There must be a time when you will need to carry out a diaper change when you are outdoors, and with a changing pad, it would be a lot easier. Changing pads are usually slim and padded so storing it will not be too much of a work. You just have to fold it into half or sections and carefully place it in a befitting area inside your diaper bag. Most diaper bags usually have side compartments for carrying these changing pads so if you have such a bag, you can see it as an advantage.

6. Keep spaces for soiled clothing; Your baby clothes may get dirty and soiled such that you would need to change them. Where do you keep the dirty clothes? Or in cases whereby you make use of cloth diapers which are not disposable and they get soiled, you would definitely need some space to keep the dirty clothes so you can wash when you get home. You can’t put them directly into the bag where other items are or it will dirty them as well. If your diaper bag has a wet pocket, they can go in there. Otherwise, you can purchase a spare plastic bag for this purpose, it helps keep your bag organized so you don’t mix things up.

7. Keep spaces for your own mummy items; The diaper bag is not only meant for your baby alone, as a Mom you should also carry your own items too. While packing your diaper bag, you should keep some space for carrying items you may need, items like your wallet, car keys, novel or even a camera of you love taking pictures. There are lots of pockets and compartments in a diaper bag where you can put these items so you should not just scatter it anyhow. Side pockets and front pockets usually featured on diapers backpacks are perfect for this.

8. Carry your baby bibs; You should not forget your baby bibs, unless of course you would like your baby clothes to get messed up while feeding out doors. You can opt for disposable or reusable baby bibs but for outdoor use and packing in a diaper bag, disposable baby bibs are recommended. This is because when you are done with it, you disposable it at once without having to put it back inside your diaper bag where it can stain other contents. If you want to make use of reusable bibs, then you can designate a separate compartment for putting them after use, other than that, they should stay off your bag.

9. Carry toys only if necessary; Toys can be a life saver most at times, especially when babies wants to disturb or when you want to carry out a diaper change, you can just hand them a toy or two and they will get carried. But, some of these toys can be really big and space consuming at times that you would be confused as that whether to carry them along or not. If you ask me, I would say you should carry these toys only if necessary. If you are not going to stay out for long, I do not think there is any need for toys. If you would stay longer, you can carry few, but try to select the smaller ones which can easily go into the pockets. If your baby happens to have attachable toys, it would be better because you can easily hang them to your diaper bag or your baby stroller if you go out with one.

10. Carry additional baby clothes; This is really not something you need to be told. Additional baby clothes, about 1 or 2 extras should go in your diaper bag because there are high chances of babies dirtying their clothes and needing a change of clothes thereafter. Just as you would store clothes in any other bag, roll up the clothes or fold them in sections and carefully place them inside your diaper bag. Getting a ziplock bag to pack the clothes before putting it inside the diaper bag is also not a bad idea. You might also consider carrying extras of other stuffs like socks and shoes.

11. Carry Clean Blankets; Blankets are needed along with a changing pad when you want to perform a diaper change. Make sure you pack really clean ones, fold them and place it inside your diaper bag. If you want to breast feed while out, the blankets can serve as a nursing cover.

12. Foods and Snacks should be kept separately; You can’t afford to put your food, snacks and drinks in the same place as others, this is both for health and safety purposes. You should carefully place your eatables in separate compartments away from the diapers, clothes and the rest. Some bags have pockets and compartments specified for carrying food and snacks. For water bottles and drinks, most diaper bags, especially the backpacks has insulated pockets where you can store them to keep them warm.

13. You may need band-aids; If you happen to have band-aids for kids, you should try to carry them along. Babies like to play and playing when outdoors, they may get bruises and scratches if very rough. In such a case, a band-aid may come in handy as it allows you take care of the situation immediately.


Making sure your diaper bag is organized and contains all need is something every mother should endeavor to do. If every item in your bag is organized and placed properly, It saves you the stress of having to look for these items as you would know just where to get them when needed.

Baby Sleeping guide


It is very important that you teach your baby how to sleep, not just how to sleep, but how to sleep properly. There is so much for you to learn about your baby when it comes to sleeping, this baby sleeping guide contains necessary information about babies and sleeping to help you understand the whole process better.

Why sleeping is very important for your baby

Sleep plays a very important role in the physical health of every human being. Having enough sleep is  helps in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Not having enough sleep can increase risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney disease. For babies, when they sleep, the blood supply to the muscles is increased, important hormones are released for the growth and development of the baby. It also helps restore energy and repair body tissues. What all these means is that sleep is very important for everyone, but you can say it is more than important to babies.

What Makes a Good Night’s Sleep?

There are many things involved in making sure your baby has a good night’s sleep, some of them include;

A Quiet Room

Your baby cannot have a good night’s sleep by sleeping in a room that is not quiet, you as an adult cannot too. Make sure the room is quiet, you can also add white noise if you want.

Dark or Dimly Lit Room

Too much light in the room is another discouraging factor for a good night’s sleep. If you do not want your baby’s room all dark, dim the lights or make use of a soft, bedside lamp.

Moderate Room Temperature

The temperature of the room should be moderate, not too hot, not too cold. It has been said that overheating can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in babies. For babies to sleep comfortably, a room temperature between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.

Fresh Air

Everyone needs fresh air, you will hardly be comfortable if the air is not fresh, so too will your baby be. Babies need fresh air because it helps them to sleep longer at night and that is ideal for them to get a good night sleep.

How much sleep do your baby need

The amount of time or hours baby needs to sleep varies, but you should know the recommended sleeping hours to ensure your baby is getting enough.

  • 0 – 3 months old; Babies of this age needs to sleep for about 10 – 11 hours each night and about take about 4 – 5 hours nap time during the day.
  • 4 – 5 months old; Babies of this age needs to sleep for about 10 – 12 hours each night and about take about 2 – 4 hours nap time during the day.
  • 6 – 8 months old; Babies of this age needs to sleep for about 11 – 12 hours each night and about take about 2 – 3 hours nap time during the day.
  • 9 – 17 months old; Babies of this age needs to sleep for about 11 – 12 hours each night and about take about 2 – 3 hours nap time during the day.
  • 18 months – 3 years old; Toddlers of this age needs to sleep for about 10 – 12 hours each night and about take about 1 – 3 hours nap time during the day.
  • 3 – 5 years old; Toddlers of this age needs to sleep for about 10 – 11 hours each night and about take about 0 – 3 hours nap time during the day.
  • 5 years and above; Toddlers of this age needs to sleep for about 9 – 10 hours each night and do not necessarily need to take naps.

What might keep your baby awake

Some babies may find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. It could be that there are some things keeping them awake, some of the things that might keep your baby awake include;

Sleep Association

If your baby has formed a habit of sleeping with a particular thing or object (sleep association), it may be difficult for him to fall asleep if it is not available. It can be anything, a toy, the pacifier, anything your baby is fond of. You should try to change these sleep associations early so your baby will learn how to fall asleep without needing that object.

Certain Development Stages

Babies get nervous at times especially when they reach a developmental milestone like when your baby learns how to pull up, crawl, walk or talk. It’s normal for them to get anxious which may make them wake up at night. If that is the case, there is not much you can do than trying different soothing methods or allowing it to pass.

When your baby is Teething

This is usually the case because babies find it very hard to stay asleep when the milk teeth is emerging. During this time, it is likely for their gums to swell and get sore, this causes them pain and makes them fussy. There are ways by which you can ease these pains, like making use of teething gels and giving them small doses of paracetamol and ibuprofen.


If your baby is hungry before going to bed, believe me he falls asleep, he will wake up in the middle of the night and cry on top of his voice. When hunger is the case, you already know what to do but feeding late in the night is not advisable. To avoid this make sure your baby is well fed before bedtime.

Baby Colic

When your baby has colic, it can keep your baby awake and prevent him from having a healthy sleep. You know if your baby has colic mainly from doctors diagnosis and you should start finding possible solutions to it immediately too, because it is really not a nice situation. You can try some natural remedies in treating baby colic, they work best.

How important is soothing to your baby

Soothing is very important for your baby to sleep and you would come to benefit from soothing more when your baby learns how to self soothe. Below are some of the reasons why soothing (self soothing especially) is important;

  • Soothing helps make your baby feel calm and relaxed. When your baby is calm and relaxed, he can quickly fall asleep and also enjoy his sleep as well.
  • If your baby can self soothe, he will be able to fall asleep and stay asleep all by himself. This takes some work off your shoulder as your baby is now helping you.
  • Soothing will make your baby’s bedtime routine easy to maintain. You can set up a schedule and when it’s time your baby won’t want to sleep, but when you soothe them, they definitely will sleep.
  • Babies who can self soothe normally grow up to become toddlers who manage their tantrums better and it can also make them perform better in school (Strange but true).

How important is a baby bedtime routine

When talking about babies and sleep, a baby bed time routine is very important and it is something you should try to develop and maintain. Below are some of the reasons why your baby needs to have a daily bedtime routine;

  • Your baby having a bed time routine helps him understand when it is time for him to get to bed. As you carry out your baby bed time routine everyday, you are actually training your baby to be organized and develop a good sleeping habit.
  • A good bed time routine can help calm and soothe your baby to having a good night sleep. This is true since your baby will be active for few minutes before bed time.
  • A baby bed time routine helps you as a mother to bond with your baby. It brings you and your baby closer so you get to know and understand each other better.
  • Bed time routines can help your baby feel safe and secure at home and around family. When your baby gets used to his bedtime routine, it becomes easy for him to trust the parents as he can now predict what they do.

These are few, but should be enough to convince you. Now that you know just how important a baby bed time routine is, you should try to create a consistent and effective one for your baby to follow.

Sleep Training

Sleep training has to do with helping a baby learn how to fall asleep and stay asleep all through the night. This is normally quick and easy for some babies to do, but the majority do have problems with sleeping and going back to sleep when they wake in the middle of the night, so you will need to help them with it.

When you should start sleep training

Babies are different, so the time that you should start sleep training differs. That being said, it is recommended that you start sleep training when your baby is between the age of 4 – 6 months. The signs that shows that your baby is ready for sleep training are likely to starts showing up when he is about 4 months old, most babies usually don’t feed much at night at this time and they may develop a sleep-wake cycle. Baby training can be done in a number of ways but these are the 3 major approaches;

  • The no tears approach; In this process, you make sure your baby is very comfortable and does not cry (no tears) when it is time for sleep. You can soothe your baby to sleep and comfort him almost immediately when he cries.
  • The cry it out approach; This process is in contrast with the previously mentioned one. The cry it out approach implies that you leave your baby to cry and not pick him up, unless it gets out of hand. By doing this, your baby will learn how to self soothe and be able to fall asleep on his own.
  • The fading approach; You gradually fade away from your baby’s crib, one step at a time. You may sit close to his bed today, the next you move your chair a bit farther and so on. This also makes your baby learn how to soothe himself.

What you should know about Naps

Naps (Daytime sleeps) are really helpful, they provide you and your baby with rest. They are very important if you want to grow a healthy and happy baby. The number of naps a baby needs differ from age to age and you would need to have a nap routine, just like your bed time routine.

There are periods when some babies may refuse to take naps – more especially the older babies – though they are tired and still needs to rest. If this is the case, it could be that your baby is having more than or less than enough sleep during the night so you should try adjusting his bedtime. It is not easy to make your baby get the right amount of naps they need as babies can be stubborn at times. You should just be patient and be consistent with the nap routine, your baby will surely catch up with time.

Sleep regressions, what are they?

This is the last thing I will be talking about in this

baby sleep guide – sleep regressions. It is a common situation among most newborn babies and it gets parents really confused.  Take for instance, your baby who has been sleeping soundly every night suddenly starts waking at night, just like that, for no reason. Or your baby no longer takes naps, and when he does, he wakes up almost immediately – that is what sleep regressions means. It usually happens between 1 – 4 weeks after your baby is born.

To handle sleep regressions, you just have to put more effort in soothing and comforting your baby to sleep. Make sure everything needed for a good night’s sleep is available and everything that will prevent sleep is removed. You can also try putting your baby in bed more earlier so he has enough time to get sleep.

Best Bassinet for Twins


Title: Choosing the Best Bassinet for Twins – The Mother’s Guide

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Halo Bassinet Twin Sleeper Double Bassinet – Premiere Series

Circle Tech Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

Graco’s Pack n’Play Playard with Twins Bassinet

JOOVY Room 2 Twin Nursery Center

Arm’s Reach Concepts Ideal Ezee 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet the Best Bassinet for Twins – The Mother’s Guide

Are you an expectant mother of twins? Have you already started shopping and preparing for the babies’ needs but still look for guidance before deciding on bassinets? Can you relate to that? Then this article is for you!

We know that the best bassinet for twins will make your life much more comfortable, especially when traveling, thanks to its rolling wheels, small size, and handy extra features. But what specific characteristics should you consider before deciding on which bassinet is best to pick up? And what are the best bassinets for twins today?

In this article, we will be providing you with the top recommended products as well as the necessary criteria for the best twin bassinet to ensure your babies’ protection and relief.

Which Is the Best Bassinet for Twins? – Our Picks

We have reviewed many bassinets and selected the best for future mothers of twins. This review is for women who plan for several pregnancies. Some bassinets come with single baby baskets, that is the space where to lay the babies. Others have multiple baskets and are designed to fit twins.

Halo Bassinet Twin Sleeper Double Bassinet – Premiere Series

If it’s your first time having a baby, or a couple of them to be exact, know that Halo is a reputable brand in this industry, one that has been in the business creating and marketing premium products for years. The premier series of their Twin Sleeper Double Bassinet is yet another high-quality product in their catalog, and it’s designed to give your family the comfort it deserves.

Starting with the design, besides being a real space-saver, what’s really impressive about this bassinet is the fact that you can get to both of your babies with ease, something that many twin bassinets don’t implement. This may not seem like an outstanding feature for parents with a singleton, but for a couple with a twin, it will prove to be of great importance over time.

The features of the design don’t end there though, as this bassinet boasts a smooth 360-degree rotation and an adjustable height for you to stay close to your babies all the time.

The bassinet sides are made of mesh, giving your babies a feeling of togetherness while separating their sleep areas, each of which measures 35×35, making it spacious enough for each of your babies, and comes with a waterproof mattress pad and a fitted sheet.

Besides being tender and comfortable, the mesh sides also provide the convenience of easy viewing. Lowering them is a piece of cake as well, something that’ll prove handy for soothing and feeding throughout the night.

As for the accessories, the Twin Sleeper Double Bassinet comes with two storage pockets, a  nightlight, and a music module that can play three lullabies and three nature sounds with two levels of vibration. Although we like the music/vibration features, note that some users complained about this module having battery life issues, so take our word with a grain of salt.

All in all, this is a real bargain for the price considering the comfy and convenient mesh sides, versatility, and 360-degree rotation feature. If your babies are under five months of age and 20 pounds of weight, this can be the best bassinet for twins for your family and will definitely give you the bang for the buck.


  • Comfy mesh sides
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Waterproof mattress pads


  • A bit pricey compared to the other bassinets in the same category

Circle Tech Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center

Circle Tech’s Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center is the epitome of versatility on our list. Not only is it designed to give your babies the comfort they need during their early age, but it’ll also find its use even when your twins no longer need it.

The Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center weighs around 41 pounds and measures 49.2 x 46 x 30.3 inches. It consists of two removable, independent bassinets, each having its own canopy and can transform into a standalone rocket. They also feature ergonomic handles for easy transportation when you’re outside having a nice picnic as a family.

As your babies grow, the purpose of the double bassinet can be altered when it’s no longer needed. Simply remove the bassinets, and the base will become a changing table. Fast forward a few months, when your babies start moving around, the base can turn into a play yard for your kids to have fun in a safe manner.

The Circle Tech Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center comes with a couple of extras, including a small light that you can use to check on your twins without having to reach the large room lights, a volume-controlled music module that can play songs and nature sounds or vibrate, a storage area in which you can store the diapers and wipes to keep them nearby, as well as the flip changing table mentioned above.

Granted, this double bassinet is a beast, but it does come with some drawbacks. First, it weighs 41 pounds, which means that despite being portable, it can be a pain to move around for some people. Second, you cannot use the flip changing table while the left bassinet is in the nursery center. Finally, the bassinet is only hand-washable, which may seem inconvenient for some people, but the fabrics are easy to clean, so it’s not that bad, really.

If those drawbacks don’t bother you, and you’re looking for a moderately-priced bassinet that offers great versatility, Circle Tech’s Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center might just be the best bassinet for twins in your case.


  • Impressive versatility
  • Built-in flip changing table
  • Music/Vibration module and night light


  • You can’t use the bassinets and changing table at the same time
  • A bit heavy

Graco’s Pack n’Play Playard with Twins Bassinet

If you’re looking for an affordable bassinet that’s light, easy to assemble, and portable, you can’t go wrong with the Graco Pack n’Play Playard. This twin bassinet weights around 29 pounds and measures 46 x 35 x 34 inches. Compact? Maybe, but it’s totally understandable considering that it’s designed for babies weighing less than 15 lbs, which means that it’ll be more than enough for the first 3 to 6 months of your newborns’ lives. Once they outgrow the bassinet, you can turn it into a play yard for them to have mutual fun.

Although this double bassinet comes with one quilted mattress, your babies will sleep separately on two separate canopies. Keep in mind that the bassinets of Graco’s Pack n’Play Playard are not independent, which may come as a turn-off for some people.

Maintenance-wise, the bassinet is extremely easy to clean. As all you have to do is wipe the plastic, vinyl, and metal parts using a damp cloth or sponge along with household soap or detergent. Easy peasy.

Although 29 lbs may seem cumbersome, this Playard features a set of wheels for easy transportation. It also has a carrying bag in which you can place all the extras of your newborns.

There’s no sense denying it, Graco’s Pack n’Play Playard with Twins Bassinet costs less than Circle Tech’s Nursery Center, but you’ll get a couple of drawbacks for the money you’re saving, for one, the bassinets share the same mattress, which means that if one of your babies makes a mess during the night, you’ll have to clean the whole mattress. Besides, there is no changing table nor a storage space, so there is a lack of versatility here.

Those disadvantages aside, you’re getting a great twin bassinet for the price, one that you shouldn’t miss if you’re looking for the best bassinet for twins without going hard on your wallet.


  • Affordable
  • Easy transportation and efficient portability features
  • This double bassinet can turn into a play yard for your babies


  • The bassinets share the same mattress
  • No changing table/ storage

JOOVY Room 2 Twin Nursery Center

If you’re one to enjoy unique concepts and designs, you’ll surely like the JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center. It measures 16 x 5 x 40 inches and weighs 9.5 lbs pounds, making it quite spacious and lightweight compared to other products in the same category, and it can hold up to 30 pounds in total.

The two bassinets are separated by a divider that zips to form two separate sleeping areas which are covered with a water-resistant removable surface and a machine-washable cover for extra convenience.

The changing table is placed in such a way that allows you to take care of your baby even if the other baby is sleeping. Not only that, but it can also be folded down and put out of the way when necessary, which proves that twin bassinet excels when it comes to versatility. The table can hold up to 25 lbs, which is more than enough for the first months of your babies’ life.

Keep in mind that this system is sold as a separate accessory for the Joovy Room 2 Playard, which means that this bassinet costs more than it sounds, and that’s an important factor to consider before choosing the best bassinet for twins. If you decide to buy both the Playard and the bassinet, know that it’s a good call as the Joovy Playard is one of the top-rated options on the market, which means that the investment is worth it, as the whole system, when put together, has a compact size that can fit in any room without ruining the décor. If you don’t have much space and you’d like to get a quality twin bassinet, this is a solid option to consider.


  • Easy to clean and water-resistant
  • Easy to set up and close down
  • Exceptionally soft sheet
  • Can hold up to 15 lbs


  • You need to buy the Joovy Playard separately
  • Takes more space compared to the other bassinets

Arm’s Reach Concepts Ideal Ezee Bassinet

Yet another versatile bassinet that you should consider during your quest to find the best bassinet for twins. Arm’s Reach’s Concepts Ideal Ezee Bassinet measures 25 x 33 x 39 inches and weighs 33 lbs, and it can be used as a free-standing bassinet, a bedside sleeper, or a Playard when your newborns outgrow the bassinet.

Although the sleeping area is wide enough to fit both of your babies, it doesn’t come with any kind of separation features, which means that you’ll have to assemble your twins’ pillows to allow them to sleep together without rolling into one another. The sleeping nest comes with straps in place to keep it balanced, stable, and safe, and the bassinet comes with pockets on the die for you to keep your babies’ stuff within reach.

It’s worth noting that this bassinet is only suitable for babies that are under 5 months of age and can hold a total of 18 pounds, as the sleeping area isn’t high enough to provide a safe environment for bigger babies. Do not worry though, as you can turn the bassinet into a playing field or a storage space when your babies outgrow it.

The only thing that we felt was lacking in the Arm’s Reach Concepts Ideal Ezee bassinet is the wheels. Although the two wheels that it has can be efficient, it would’ve been better and easier to move around if it had four wheels and a locking mechanism instead. Nevertheless, it’s still an excellent and affordable bassinet, one that’s easy to put together and transport.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes pockets and straps
  • Can be used as a free-standing bassinet or bedside sleeper


  • Only suitable for babies under 5 months of age
  • Comes with two wheels instead of four

Picking the Best Bassinet for Twins – Buyer’s Guide

What Should Look for in Your Twin Bassinet?

If this is your first pregnancy, purchasing in advance every product your baby needs is essential, chiefly when you are expecting twins. You won’t spare time shopping when you give birth. Also, having your essentials besides you will help you devote yourself entirely to taking care of your babies without any extra worries.

The bassinet will be like a crib to your twins, and the exciting part is its compact model, making it easily portable, especially when traveling. The sides are lower for easy access, and you will have an accompanying cover to keep the babies warm when sleeping. You will find the wheels smooth to roll to make the movement more comfortable on travel. 

You will need the bassinet only during the first few months, yet the crib will be more useful for toddlers. So, if you look for a product that lasts for some years, you have to consider this feature before deciding whether to buy a bassinet or a crib.

Should You Get a Portable Bassinet?

If you know that you will be moving around the house or outdoors too often, then we highly recommend getting a portable bassinet. They have wheels, they are foldable, and they have a smaller size and lighter weight compared to other models.

Some sophisticated models can even be transformed into a hand-carry baby basket, which can be very beneficial, particularly if there’s someone to help you with the other twin.

However, make sure that each of these characteristics can be held into place. For instance, if the bassinet has a mechanism that makes wheeling easy and fast, it must also be instantly stopped and locked to ensure the safety of your bassinet while on the go.

Are Twin Bassinets Multi-Functional?

Numerous types of bassinets include storage areas below the basket or on the sides. They are used to hold the milk dispensers, baby diapers, clothes, toys, or other equipment. You will find this feature very important for vacations and while traveling.

Some bassinets have accompanying milk bottle holders so they are securely placed. Some others can be turned into a table for when you have to change your baby’s diapers or clothes. There are also foldable models that can be adhered to twin strollers.

Some sophisticated bassinets even come with a removable baby basket. Others can be turned into a play yard for your kids when they outgrow the bassinet, which is the case for most of the products reviewed above. That can come in handy if you’re not one to get single, limited-usage products.

Choosing a multifunctional bassinet will not only save your money but also guarantees you put everything you need in one place and can get it at any time. 

Can Baby Bassinets Be Moved?

Some types of bassinets are developed with a quick-release latch mechanism, which allows the bassinet to roll smoothly and quickly. Specific models sway when the wheels are locked, but these come with rechargeable batteries.

Some parents can be daunted with this kind of bassinets. Their primary advantage though is that they get the babies to sleep profoundly and comfortably as if someone was rocking them, which ensures their relaxation and your rest.

Which Security Standards Are Implemented in Twin Bassinets?

Your babies’ safety is the ultimate priority when it comes to picking up a product for them. If your twins are going to be on the bassinet for prolonged periods of time, you have to make sure it is entirely safe and supports them properly.

That leads us to say that the bassinet should have a safe, reliable and long-lasting construction, and come with a soft and comfortable mattress.

Always look for models approved by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association (JPMA). These institutions have strict criteria, so be sure that cribs and bassinets that have their accreditation meet the safety standards.

Is There an Age and Weight Limit for Twin Bassinets?

You have to consider the weight limit of the bassinet, mainly for twins. The maximum weight supported should be approximately the total weight of the twins at the age limit set by the bassinet. Hence, you will be sure your babies are safe and well supported.

Aside from this, you should know in advance how long you are going to use the bassinet. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on an item you need just for a couple of months.

While some bassinets don’t mention any age limit, you should frequently check whether the bassinet conveniently suits your babies. In such a case, the only indication about the utility and endurance is the weight limit. If the babies are still within the weight range for at least six months, you still have to see if they move comfortably in the basket and aren’t bothered with the lower walls.

Are Protective Walls Important?

The construction and breathability of the walls are essential features you have to take into consideration. Some of the best bassinet models are manufactured in wood slats and are typically used for cribs since they provide sustainability and stability. Some gaps separate the branches for good air circulation so that the babies can breathe in any posture.

As for the compact twin bassinets that come with stainless steel corners and mesh-like walls for enhanced safety, they ensure a convenient airflow around and inside the bassinet. Even when the babies sleep facing the wall, be sure they are breathing well and comfortably.

Verdict: Choosing the Best Bassinet for Twins

When you have kids, all you can think about is their well-being, safety, and comfort, and when it comes to comfort, nothing tops getting the best bassinet. That especially applies when you have twins, as most bassinets are designed for a single baby, which makes finding one that can get your newborns the comfort and protection they need without breaking the bank seem like a hard task.

Thankfully, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Above, you’ll find the top-rated bassinets for twins along with their reviews. Each product has its own perks and disadvantages, so make sure to determine your preferences and needs before delving into the list. Furthermore, read our buying guide carefully to make sure that your pick is the most suitable for your babies.

Baby Monitor for Twins


Having one baby is hard to supervise. How about having twofold? It’s hard to fix your eyes on two babies all day. There will be times of neglecting a responsibility that is not intended. However, avoiding that commotion is promising with the best baby monitor for twins. With only one sight, you can check both babies having a good night sleep, or playing around a crib.

We reviewed baby monitors with single and dual cameras and hoping this will give you a hint in picking the right one for your babies and for your convenience.

Have a good read!

15 Best Baby Monitors for Twins 

  1. Infant Optics DXR-8

It’s a good thing to start with the latest award-winning baby monitor for two. Having two babies in the same room gets easily monitored and easily rescued when something bad happens.

The monitor exhibits clear and colored video, distinct audio, and longer battery life. It could last for 12 hours when only audio is set and for 8 hours when it comes with an image. There’s a beep warning when the battery is low.

It comes with a DXR-8 camera that has an interchangeable lens system, including normal, zoom, and wide. Further, it offers no time delay in monitoring your twins. Only one camera is included for it turns like a CCTV to check on your children.


  • A night mode
  • No apps are needed
  • A quality camera


  • Very small monitor
  1. Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color
  2. Babies love to cry at night and sometimes we won’t easily notice which one is crying. With the use of a dual monitor, it is much easier to distinguish who’s crying in just one look. Summer Infant invented a monitor to help you out.

You’ll get two cameras and one monitor in one purchase. The two cameras have a great zooming factor thus you can completely monitor the babies. Further, the audio is clear and it can be turned into night mode vision. The cameras can be placed in different rooms of about 600-feet above the surface.

For convenience, you can perceive the monitor with hands-free or using a kickstand while you’re at the kitchen. Moreover, its batteries are rechargeable or if the battery is getting low, you can set it into battery saver mode. You can also adjust the volume and brightness through it.


  • Two separate cameras
  • Adjustment button on the monitor
  • Audio visual display from quietness to loudness


  • No beep sound for notification
  1. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

Normally, babies sleep on a crib for safety. The one we will be discussing next is intended to be attached on a crib. Moreover, since smartphones are popular nowadays, its usefulness is also elevated. You can now monitor the twins thru a more advanced technique.

It is positioned capturing an overhead view above the crib wherein it monitors the overall position of the twins. Besides, it is connected to WIFI to check how long the babies’ sleep is and it enhances a better sleeping habit. In addition, the audio is monitored even if other apps are working on your smartphone.

Moreover, it serves as an advanced nightlight in which the level of lighting and the temperature on the crib is also monitored. It could turn into night mode vision and will give you an HD bird’s eye view upon your child.


  • The app wherein you can monitor your babies from anywhere
  • Background audio


  • Cannot be rotated unless manually done
  • Poor camera quality
  1. Babysense Video Baby Monitor 

Both babies are monitored even in separate rooms. No more guessing at night which baby is crying, as your eyes are fixed on both of them. Babysense helped parents in monitoring their twins since 1991 that has to be expected to continue nowadays.

The monitor and the camera have to be the perfect tandem in 24-hour care for your twins. It gives you cue upon the temperature in the room. Further, talking to your baby even if you’re away with each other is way possible with this tandem as it has a two-way communication system. In addition, the camera can play lullabies thru operating the monitor.

Additionally, even at night, you can clearly see the babies thru infrared night vision. As well as, 2x zooming in is achieved during daytime and only 1x during the night. Besides, up to 900-feet above surface, it could clearly capture the twins. The monitor has complete buttons for adjustments and alarms.


  • Better image quality
  • Can add up 2 cameras
  • Talkback and lullaby system


  • Need of extended cord for the camera
  1. DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor

Wider monitor renders a better view especially to parents who are having poor eyesight. This tandem of a monitor and a camera are must-haves if you want a betterment intensive care for your twins. The preceding monitors are smaller in size yet do a great job to observe babies. How about trying a bigger in size? Would it make any difference?

To continue, the size of the monitor is 4.3” which is hugely wider than the others. Additionally, there’s a split screen feature as when you decide to buy extra cameras, you can easily monitor it all. At night, the screen size reduces for 2” to activate a night mode vision which is not good for parents who have poor sight.

The camera can be tilted, horizontally and vertically, for better monitoring. Other features such as talkback system and lullaby audio are achieved. In addition, the sound-initiated LED gives a cue about your child’s crying status. Lastly, there’s a sound adjustable alert system whenever the battery is getting low.


  • Split screen for multi-angle image
  • Sound activated feature


  • Battery life expectancy is poor
  1. AXVUE E612 Video Baby Monitor 

Nursing your twins anytime and anywhere is made easier by AXVUE. Monitoring a child is not only during the sleeping time but also when it’s time to play. As a busy mom, fixing your eyes on your babies all day long isn’t possible. That’s why a baby monitor has been invented and with this, seeing your twins in one sight is probable.

The same size of the LCD screen as compared to the preceding monitor, however, a switching function is needed to view each camera one at a time. It has a complete button on its front sides for the adjustments and settings. Whereas, the two cameras are on its standing platform that can be manually tilted in 180-degrees.

Further, a talkback system is done with a clear voice coming from the camera. There’s no need for internet connection to do so. It also informs the parent whenever the baby is crying through the VOX function. The package included wall clips and tools for assembly.


  • Included two cameras
  • Wider screen for monitoring
  • Power saver mode


  • Manually adjusted cameras
  • Camera scanning takes longer
  1. Motorola Video Baby Monitor

A worthy tandem between a monitor and cameras is a good catch in purchasing. It is important that both of them can function well, can complement each other, and can be trusted in nursing your twins. Speaking of the budget, you don’t have to prepare for more pennies in purchasing this one as it costs a reasonable price.

Motorola is known for its competitiveness in terms of quality and pricing. The monitor can be shut off when not in use to preserve its battery life. Also, a split screen function is attained thus viewing the twins at one time is permissible. Its buttons are also used in adjusting the cameras, during daytime and nighttime.

Moreover, the cameras can be tilted and zoomed through the parent’s unit. Other features include a talkback system, temperature specialist care, and a widescreen. Additionally, a beep sound serves as a cue when the battery is low. Other accessories are power adapter for both monitor and camera, and a rechargeable battery.


  • Far range connectivity
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent quality of sound 


  • Video quality is coarse
  • Lowly battery life
  1. Moonybaby Video Baby Monitor

Other monitors listed are needed to be controlled when shifting into a night mode vision while this one, it will automatically alter the mode according to a specified time. Some parents are forgetful to switch a baby monitor into night mode thus results to epic monitoring at night. However, here’s the remedy on that chaos.

The app downloaded on your smartphone can accommodate up to 4 cameras (2 are already included) that can be controlled by pressing the switching button on it to alter which baby will be monitored at one time. Further, no WIFI is needed. Other features include a talkback system, 5 lullabies, temperature monitoring, and other advanced modes.

In a 1000-ft outdoor range, you can still have a connection to your baby however, it could be different indoors of about 350-ft. only. The 2x zoom in factor is also great in checking your babies at night. Moreover, the cameras can be rotated 360-degrees but manually. You’ll be amazed by its battery saving mode wherein the LCD screen will be automatically awakened when the baby cries.


  • Clear sound and picture
  • Extended how far it reaches


  • Battery saver mode is very sensitive that it hears not just a baby cry
  1. 10.Dtemple Baby Video Monitor

Sometimes one camera is adequate to monitor two babies in a room as long as both of them are caught by the camera. Another reason, if there are still no enough budgets to buy 2 cameras in one purchase, you can settle with this one. As said, your nursing power is not compromised yet at ease.

The package includes one camera, monitor, a standard power adapter, and manual. The camera can be positioned either tabletop, on the ceiling, or attached on the wall, whichever you prefer. It is connected on the monitor about 900-feet far from each other. You can also play lullabies as an extra comfort for the babies. Moreover, it has sound sensitivity when battery saver mode has turned on wherein the monitor will light on when the baby cries.

Further, room temperature can be monitored to make sure about the baby’s comfort and safety. When the babies cry, you can talk back to them thru its talkback system as the camera will swivel towards the babies’ direction. Lastly, even hours of feeding can be recorded to alarm when it is needed to be done.


  • Clear visuals and sounds
  • Multiple positioning of the camera
  • Lightweight


  • No internet connection
  1. 11.Evoz Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Leaving your babies at home while in travel is very risky as there’ll be no one seeing them. Hence, thanks to the advancement of the technology as Evoz provides an advanced way of monitoring your kiddos even from afar. No doubt that the babies will be safe when they’re alone sleeping while you go out to buy groceries.

Software must be downloaded in your Android or iOS device and it needs to be actively connected to WIFI for you to monitor the babies. It can be clearly monitored by more than one person and that’s a good thing. Moreover, the camera’s wide-angle lens is the reason it captures clearer pictures and sends it into your monitoring device.

As you’re afar, the camera will play a lullaby to ease comfort for the babies by controlling it through your device so they won’t feel alone. Further, all data it captures are stored for review including feeding time, temperature status, sleeping hours, and diaper changes. It can detect babies’ cry and will send you an alert via email or SMS.


  • Easy to set up
  • High definition video quality
  • Smartphone connection


  • Foggy lens after a month
  1. 12.Victure 1080P Security Camera

Keeping your eyes on your twins even away from home is undoubtedly within reach. Just like the preceding product, you can monitor the kiddos and even keep your house in full safety through the use of this security camera. Normally, it is used as a surveillance monitor, however, can work well as a baby monitor considering its defining features.

Having safe custody for videos and images captured is considered by this device wherein only your own account had access on the files being saved. This requires a strong WIFI connection to constantly monitor the twins. Moreover, it can be connected via Android or iOs to complete the monitoring.

The camera has a two-way communication feature that lets you talk to your baby even from afar and hear your baby’s response. It also reduces unnecessary noise for clearer audio. During nighttime, the LED automatically turns on for a night vision wherein it can detect motions even at night.


  • Wide-angle lens
  • The camera rotates 355-degrees horizontally and 100-degrees vertically
  • Excellent motion detection


  • No in-built battery
  • Separate purchase of a memory card
  1. 13.DophiGo Set of 2 Wireless Baby Monitor

Did you know that you don’t have to pay a hundred dollars just to keep your babies in full security? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. Twins safety and even home’s safety are highly achievable with DophiGo’s Baby Monitor. Once more, a further way of nursing twins is listed, however, let’s take a look at its differences compared to preceding models. 

The package included 2 set of DophiGo cameras which are both 1080P HD cameras that can be tilted horizontally and vertically in very wide angles. Even its zooming factor is up to 4 times compared for only 2 times with other cameras listed. Moreover, it still renders clearer shots at night thus no worries for neglected care.

Other specs include two-way audio where talking to the twins is done via smartphone and the cameras. Another is motion detection that you’ll be immediately notified via smartphone. In case of protecting your privacy, cloud storage protects information from leakage all the time. Further, a memory card that fits in it is Samsung Evo Select keeping 32GB.


  • Has reasonable price
  • Easy to assemble and connect to a smartphone
  • 1080P HD


  • Slow customer service
  1. 14.YI 4pc Home Camera, Baby Monitor on iOS and Android App 

More cameras equal fewer worries. If you’re planning to have two twins, perhaps this baby monitor must be on your list. You can now watch over the babies anywhere with no hassle and with more confidence you’re stalking all the happenings.

The four cameras have proportionate quality feature, including wide angle lenses, 1080P HD video quality, and a panoramic view. In addition, viewing all camera captures in one screen is achieved via YI Home App. It can also detect motions and gives notification. Further, YI cloud is available for one-month free trial for better-storing security instead of spending more pennies on SD cards.

As the babies are having a sound sleep, a night vision turns on thru infrared light for clearer shots. Moreover, it detects babies’ cry and suddenly notifies the parent. Another is a two-way talk that calms babies’ tantrums even in the distance and even use to scare pets from getting nearby.


  • 4 quality cameras
  • Night vision mode is adored


  • Super sensible audio detection
  • No date and time recorded
  1. 15.Zmodo 2-pc Wireless Security Camera System

Mini cameras render comparable functions with the bigger ones. Smaller tools don’t mean lesser capabilities but flexible too. Moreover, 2 cameras are sufficient in monitoring the twins even in different rooms.

It is a wireless camera that keeps you on track on your baby’s activities wherever you go. In addition, it has a wide angle lens that doesn’t require tilting for pro viewing. It also allows multi-viewing at a time via Android, iOS, or PC monitor. Moreover, infrared light permits an adjustable night vision from no light to low light.

Other features include two-way audio and 24/7 motion detection. The camera is positioned 30ft above the ground.


  • Individually customized
  • Zooming factor


  • Mounting supports are not sturdy
  1. 16.Ring Stick Up Security Camera

Grown up twins will surely love to play outdoors. If you’re looking for a baby monitor that can be placed both indoors and outdoors, on a wall or platform, here is the last product listed that can do both. Fully monitoring of babies will never be the same again.

The camera is an all-proof device thus placing it outdoors doesn’t compromise its quality. Moreover, 1080P HD shots can be stored via a plan for improved security that demands costs. There’s an option on how it is plug-in, whether via WIFI or Ethernet.

Other features are the same as the preceding baby monitors.


  • All-weather proof
  • Sturdy mounting support


  • Expensive
  • Inadequate tilting


  • What is a baby monitor?

A baby monitor is composed of two devices; one is for capturing baby’s moments and a parent unit for monitoring. There’s a connection between the two devices resulting in one purpose: to keep an eye on the babies.

  • What to consider in buying a baby monitor?

Battery duration. Babies need to be observed all the time thus having an extended battery life is so important.

Night vision.  Clear shots at night make you at peace.

Distance range. Consider monitoring the babies even from afar by purchasing a more advanced baby monitor that can be connected on your smartphone.

  • How many monitors to purchase?

If babies sleep in one room, look for a baby monitor that can be tilted or has a wide-angle lens. Purchase a baby monitor with two cameras when the babies sleep in different rooms. 

  • Can I add up extra cameras?

Yes, there are baby monitor models that give an option to purchase an extra camera with added cost.

  • Is privacy achieved by baby monitor apps?

It is your job to investigate whether the one you’ll buy is considering your privacy or not. However, all baby monitor apps mentioned above consider privacy as a primary concern.


Parenting is a tough profession. Having twins at home normally demand more supervision upon them and it’s your irrevocable responsibility as a parent. However, by having a baby monitor, it would become easier and it increases your productivity doing other chores. We, therefore, convince you to buy one for your own sake. You can look for other brand until you find what you think is best.

Go on and monitor the twins!

Best Silicone Baby Dolls



JC Toys Berenguer Boutique La Newborn Life-like Boutique Baby

Paradise Galleries Tall Dreams Realistic Baby Doll

Paradise Galleries Over the Moooon Reborn Baby Doll

Ashton Drake Little Peanut Baby Doll

JC Berenguer Dolls La Newborn with 8-Piece Gift Set

Ashton Drake Sophia Breathes Interactive & Realistic Newborn Baby Doll Is the Best Silicone Baby Doll? A Gift for You and Your Kids

Baby Dolls are one of the most famous playing toys for kids in the world, and they have been so for many centuries. The strikingly realistic features are what draws the attention and interest of children and adults alike.

As opposed to electronic gadgets and video games, Baby Dolls provide interactive gameplay that fosters the kids’ motor and cognitive development. The models have been changing and evolving, and many designs with various features are now available in the market.

Whether you want to purchase a gift for your baby, or you are an enthusiastic collector of dolls, we will be guiding you to choose the best silicone baby doll for you at a reasonable price.

What Is the Best Silicone Baby Doll?

JC Toys’ La Newborn Life-like Baby

There’s no denying that JC Toys is one of the top brands when it comes to baby doll making. Take a look at their realistic La Newborn doll, and you’ll understand why they got such a reputation. If you’ve been looking for the most realistically-looking and the best baby silicone, this might just be the one.

The La Newborn Baby measures around 14 inches and weighs roughly 1.5 pounds. As the name suggests, this doll looks as close to real life babies as it can get, as the features are handcrafted by talented artisans to mimic those of real babies. Furthermore, it has a shoulder, neck, and hip joints for the baby to have an excellent moving range.

The tender skin that covers the doll is made in Sain using washable vinyl, making this silicone baby quite soft and smooth to the touch. Not only is it beautiful and smooth though, but it’s also practical and durable as it’s waterproof.  No need to worry if your baby refuses entering the shower or pool without taking his/her doll.

As for the accessories, JC Toys’ doll comes with a 9-piece gift set that includes a shirt, booties, hat, diaper cover, blanket, and several other items that will render your kids’ playtime into an enjoyable, fun, and creative experience.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Beautifully-crafted
  • Waterproof and durable
  • A decent set of clothes and accessories


  • The size is a bit small

Paradise Galleries Tall Dreams Realistic Baby Doll

Before diving into the review, note that this doll is designed by the renowned artist Michelle Fagan, which already says a lot about the quality you should expect, and explains why this carefully-crafted toy can potentially be the best silicone baby for you.

Tall Dreams Realistic Baby Doll measures 19 inches and weighs approximately 3.15 pounds. Realism-wise, this is definitely the best silicone baby when it comes to life-like features. It boasts cute brown eyes with dark brown hair and delicate feet and hands. All those features are bound to get out that inner “awww” of yours as soon as you lay your eyes on the doll. It also smells really lovely and mimics the scent of real cute babies.

As mentioned above, it’s designed by Michelle Fagan who’s known for producing excellent-looking silicone dolls with great craftsmanship, so there’s no doubting how well-crafted this doll is.

For the accessories, Paradise Galleries’ Tall Dreams Realistic Baby Doll comes with a handful of them, including a jacket, bib, and other items that your kids can use while playing with the doll.

It’s also worth noting that the best silicone baby form Paradise Galleries abides by the ASTM F963 safety recommendations, so you needn’t worry when your kids are playing with it.

Knowing all that, you may be wondering; why is this doll placed second in our best silicone baby list? Well, the only reason behind that is the fact that this doll, despite being quite affordable, is a bit expensive compared to other products in the same category.


  • Safe for young kids
  • Hand-crafted and well-made
  • Comes with different accessories
  • Realistic weight, height, and features


  • Pricier than other dolls
  • The hair may become matted with time

Paradise Galleries Over the Moooon Baby Doll

You know what they say; “If a brand provides high-quality dolls, it gotta be featured twice in the best silicone baby list”. Yes, I just made that up, but it’s not wrong, is it?

Paradise Galleries strikes again with their sleeping girl, a baby doll that will allow your kids to feel over the moon thanks to its realistic features and nearly-perfect similarity to a real human.

This masterpiece is handcrafted by Ping Lau from GentleTouch Vinyl with details in mind. It measures around 19 inches and weighs 4.41 lbs, thus mimicking the measurements of a real baby.

The Over the Moooon Reborn Baby Doll features delicate hands, tender skin, and a realistic sleeping posture, all of that along with a realistically-looking face that has hand-crafter eyelashes and hand-painted hairs that give the doll an overall cute newborn look that’s bound to put a smile on your kids’ face.

As with the other dolls on our list, this silicone baby comes with a plethora of useful, fun accessories, such as hats, outfits, and a cute cow toy.

Keep in mind that this doll is intended for kids over 14 years old, so if you have children within that age range that are looking for something that genuinely resembles human newborns, this is the best silicone baby for them.


  • Realistic size, weight, and face features
  • Newborn-like sleeping face and posture
  • Several accessories for your kids to have fun


  • Only suitable for 14-year-old and above kids
  • Some people may not like the sleeping face

Ashton Drake Little Peanut Silicone Baby Doll

In case you didn’t know before, Ashton Drake is another big-time brand in the doll-making industry, and the Little Peanut Doll is yet another product in their extensive catalog of detailed, well-crafted baby dolls. This silicone baby was crafted by Tasha Edenholm, the renowned artist known for creativity and quality craftsmanship.

Ashton Drake’s Little Peanut Silicone Baby is tiny, there’s no sense denying that, but it’s tiny in a way that makes it look extremely cute and adorable. The doll measures 17 inches and weighs roughly 4.77 lbs, and it’s designed in a way that mimics the natural human structure of a real newborn, giving it a small yet attractive physique.

The doll features a peanut-like nose, which is the reason behind its name, along with bright little eyes to make the face look exceptionally cute and realistic. Add that to the tiny wrinkled finders, and you’ve got yourself a cuteness overload. Overall, this is one of the most life-like dolls we’ve ever seen.

Let’s talk build quality. The doll has a soft vinyl skin that’s soft to the skin and features hand-painted features sculpted by Tasha to provide kids with the best silicone baby for the price.

The accessories are the only downside for this doll, as it only has a onesie and a hat.


  • Realistic face features, weight, and size
  • Realistically-looking hair and eyebrows
  • Vinyl skin that’s soft to the touch


  • Not many accessories included
  • Not suitable for children under 14

JC Berenguer Dolls La Newborn

JC Toys is doing it again and hitting the doll market with a toy that not only looks realistic and cute but is also safe for kids over two years and well-built. This masterpiece has been hand-crafted by some of the world’s finest artists, making it one of the best silicone babies that you can get to your kid.

This doll measures around 14 inches and weighs 1.5 pounds, giving it a physique that’s similar to that of a real newborn. It’s made of washable vinyl, making it not only soft and tender to the touch, but also durable and waterproof for your baby to take with them everywhere.

As for the looks, this doll presents some of the most realistic features in silicone babies, so if you’re looking for the best silicone baby with realistic, life-like, and cute face, this toy might just be the one for you.

For the accessories, as the title suggests, this doll comes with a gift Set that packs a bodysuit, a t-shirt, a diaper cover, a hat, a hospital bracelet, and a couple of other toys. For even more options, you can use any baby outfit as they can perfectly fit this baby doll.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Realistic features and measurements
  • Several accessories and dress up options.


  • A bit smaller than other silicone babies

Ashton Drake Sophia Breathes Interactive Silicone Baby Doll

Do you know what’s even better than realistically-looking silicone babies? Interactive dolls.

Whether it may be blinking, crying, cooing, or breathing, interaction can turn a life-like baby doll into a real newborn partner for your kid. That’s why the Ashton Drake Sophia Breathes Interactive & Realistic Newborn Baby Doll was handcrafted by Linda Murray. Not only does this doll look real, but it can also sleep and breathe while held in your arms. Come on, who wouldn’t love that?

This baby doll measures 19 inches and weighs 5.1 lbs, which are the measurements of a real newborn. It features a posable soft cloth body, and it’s covered in RealTouch skin that’s soft and tender to the touch, making it truly one of the most realistically-looking dolls out there.

The doll needs 3 AAA batteries to work, which is totally understandable considering that it can breathe and coo. Not only that, but place your ear on her little chest, and you’ll even hear her heartbeat!

Given all the complicated interactive features that it has, Sophia is more suitable for doll collectors and admirers rather than kids, but it’s also sold for children ages 14 and up.

All in all, if you’re looking for a realistic doll with extra life-like attributes such as interactive breathing and sleeping, this is the best silicone baby for you.


  • Realistic features and attributes
  • Interactive features
  • Excellent leg movements
  • Tender skin and cute appearance


  • The arms are a bit stiff
  • Not suitable for kids under 14 years old

Choosing the Best Silicone Baby – Common Questions

Whatever your taste for dolls, and what features you are looking for, it is recommended to consider the materials used in manufacturing before buying. While plastic toys are cheap and abundant, silicon models are better. They are smooth, BPA free, and ensures realistic traits and feel that most people seek out while selecting dolls. You should also take into account the size and overall composition of the toy, to make sure it is adjusted for frequent use and doesn’t involve toxic elements.

Why Should You Get a Baby Doll?

What’s exceptional about silicon dolls are their beauty and realism. Many stories around the globe confirm the astonishing resemblance of these dolls to human baby traits. For instance, in some cases, cops broke car doors to save burning or suffocating babies only to realize afterward that those were baby-like silicon dolls. But apart from the beauty of these toys, they provide many benefits to develop your kid’s mind and body.

What Are the Benefits of Silicone Baby Dolls for Kids?

Although most parents pick up the best silicone baby doll as a fun toy, they ignore a crucial benefit, which is the development and strengthening of the babies’ motor capabilities. The interactions with a lifelike baby doll can have a significant influence on physical and mental growth. Moving around with the toys forms a solid basis of overall development as it fosters the motor abilities and enhances the assimilation of the outer world.

Another primary advantage is the strong willingness of the kids to parent their dolls properly. Hence, they develop their vocabulary, and with constant interaction and playing, they may even start speaking and conversing at earlier months.

Silicon baby dolls have a striking resemblance to humans, that’s why kids often perceive them as real babies and treat them as if they were real, which urges the toddlers to take good care and nurture the dolls, something that fosters a sense of caring, compassion, and kindness from an early age.

Above, we have selected ten models of silicone baby dolls and have detailed their characteristics so you can decide better on which one will intrigue your baby and aid his growth.

Can Adults Benefit from Getting the Best Silicone Baby Doll?

Interestingly, in some cases where parents had lost a child or baby, purchasing a baby doll helped them cope and progressively recover from the grieving loss. Also, some studies have shown that caressing this type of toys increased happiness and pleasure of older people.

Aside from their psychotherapeutic effect, expectant couples can also turn to silicone dolls that have realistic traits and baby-like features to prepare themselves and practice caring and nurturing their baby.

Baby dolls can be the best toy choice, as parents can be confident their kid is playing safely and staying busy while learning. Hence, they will also have much time for themselves to get the house chores done or concentrate on work for a while.

Most importantly, the best silicone baby dolls are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also possess special features that will captivate your attention as well as your kid’s for how realistic they make the dolls appear.

All in all, not only can silicone baby dolls be an excellent gift for any kid, but they can also help adults in one way or the other, whether it be for their psychotherapeutic effect, their usefulness as a trial before getting a real baby, or how they can keep your kids occupied in a safe manner while you take care of your business.

How Can You Pick the Best Silicone Baby Doll?

There are countless brands and models of Silicone baby dolls available in the market, and to make the right decision on which one to purchase, you should take into account some information about the manufacturing and particular features. We know this is not an easy process, that’s why we are providing the necessary data, so you eventually pick up the best.

The first step in this choosing process is to define your desires and expectations by answering these questions clearly:

What Size of the Doll Would Be Comfortable for Playing?

The size of the doll is a crucial characteristic you have to take into consideration before buying. Silicone dolls come in various sizes and shapes, some are as small as 11 inches, and others could be as big as 22 inches. Considering also the different sizes in between, you have to carefully determine which size would be best for you or your kid.

Are Dolls Washable and Waterproof?

It is terrific to know that some of the best silicone baby dolls are washable and waterproof. Hence, your kid can even play with his toys while taking a bath. You can imagine how shower time will become more fun and enjoyable for your baby. While this feature might be beneficial and enhances the baby’s learning process, you only can decide whether it is an essential criterion of selection or not.

What Accessories Are Available with the Doll Package?

Unless you have killer sewing skills and you would love to create tailor-made outfits for the baby doll, you may opt for dolls that come with a wide range of garments, accessories and even toys. This may be a great addition to the package, but it will remarkably increase the price of the toy package. The joy of taking good care of the appearance and clothing of the doll may come at an expense, but it is worth it in case you want an original and customized toy for your kid.

How Close to Reality Are the Interactions with the Doll?

Some doll models have very realistic features like a beating heart, breathing, and facial expressions, thus making the toy even more human-like and closer to life. These incredibly realistic and interactive baby dolls are the favorite model for most people, that’s why we have added some brands to our review. This feature highly increases the price of the toys, but we have mentioned many types with different amounts so you can get one at the budget.

What Postures Can the Dolls Make?

Most of the silicone dolls we have reviewed are poseable and lay down or sit effortlessly. But there are also many types that lack this feature, so it is up to you whether to purchase a flexible and graceful doll or not.

As a general rule of thumb, a flexible baby doll would be better than a limited-motion one as it can help your kids understand how the body works while giving them the opportunity to move the legs, hands, and even head in some instances. It’s time for an anatomy lesson using the best silicone baby doll!

How Much Does the Best Silicone Baby Doll Cost?

The vast majority of silicone baby doll models are of reasonable price, yet some still come at higher prices for their particular characteristics, manufacturing quality and brand names. While deciding on your criteria of selection before picking up the best silicone toy, set your budget limit in advance, but no worries, we are sure that you can always find a high-end and affordable doll.

Our Final Words on Silicone Baby Dolls

We have stated above the different benefits your children can get from acquiring a baby doll. These toys can be of great entertainment and joy for the kids, but also aid them to acknowledge their surroundings and start interacting. Typically, they profoundly influence the mental, psychological and physical development of toddlers.

Most importantly, we included in this review detailed information about the different characteristics and features that different models have, so you can easily make the best decision about which type to purchase. Now you can confidently order your best silicone baby, or get it from a nearby toy store, to gift your child a safe, entertaining, and constructive toy.

best car seats for small cars


We all know this:

Safety is the most important thing when driving with a kid. That’s why parents invest in the best car seats out there. And although child’s safety is a priority, your comfort or that of your passenger is also important.

If you own and drive something with wide leg room and a huge back seat space, then you never have to worry about buying a car seat that will fit inside. You can just waltz around the store, get something according to your personal taste, and secure that your big Beluga of a car will hold it.

However, owning a smaller car is a very much different matter. A compact car under 50 inches room in its backseat or a minivan with around 63 inches— whereas most infant car seats are at least 18 to 23 inches wide.

And math says it’s not easy! Especially if you are installing a car seat facing the rear when the approved and safe angles usually require good space that passengers and drivers cannot fit in front of it.

We can’t tell you exactly what you should buy. However, our list of car seats, mostly convertibles, are ones which you can turn to when faced with such a tight backseat.

  1. Graco SnugRide 30 Infant Car Seat

Do you need a lightweight car seat but do not wish to buy a convertible car seat yet since you have an infant? Well, this ultra-lightweight infant car seat is the best one that can fit small cars.

The SnugRide car seat from Graco is one of the best car seats for a small car that has the best accessories and conveniences to not only protect your child but also provide comfort. Graco SnugRide is lightweight and extra small which can fit most medium to small size vehicles and can be carried with ease.

If you are a Graco fan, then this product will offer you convenience since it is compatible with all Graco Click Connect strollers. You will certainly love its easy installation, featuring Click Connect plus Latch technology for easy installation and secure fit. It comes with excellent safety standards since it has passed rigorous testing and exceeds most federal child safety standards.

  1. Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Car Seat

A convertible car seat for small cars, the Maxi Cosi combines compact size and portability with superior protection for toddlers and infants.  The Maxi Cosi Pria is probably one of the smallest child car seats out there and can fit kids above 2 years of age.

The Pria is a very convenient car seat since you can use it during infancy as well as when they become toddlers, thanks to its two-mode function. Although small, this car seat can be used as a bucket seat for preemies from 4 – 40 pounds in the rear facing position and shifting it to forward facing where you can use it for kids from 22 – 70 pounds.

LATCH compatible, the Maxi Cosi Pria is very easy to install and fit in almost any type of car seat since it supports deep recline adjustments for custom fits into your car.

Your kid will ride safely and comfortably with its plush infant inserts as well as 3-harness shoulder heights adjustments plus an advanced patented cushioning systems to protect your little one from all manner of crashes. Pros

  1. Britax G1.1 Frontier Clicktight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat

Being Amazon’s Choice, the Britax Frontier Clicktight has made a name for itself as one of the bestselling and most popular baby products out there. The Britax G1.1 is a great car seat for both rear-facing mode for infants and toddlers, so you do not have to buy 2 car seats as your little one grows.

It offers high-grade protection to your kid through its Clicktight installation system as well as a Safecell integrated impact protection system. It also offers the most number of reclining options than any small car seats out there, with 14 adjustment options, allowing your kid to stay comfortable during a long ride.

Also, the car seat features an angle recline bubble adjust as well as a Safesnug harness indicator so you do not have to worry about whether you have installed the car seat correctly. These features will always guarantee that your kid is safe and comfortable. The Frontier Clicktight also boasts a smart design for easy height adjustments as your kid grows, ensuring fit and maximum comfort with just a push of a button.

  1. Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Car Seat

When looking for a car seat, most parents look for safety. However, most forgot to choose a seat that can last for years. Most car seats for small cars tend to offer safety and a good fit, however, they only last for over 2 to 3 years.

Surely, you do not want to buy another car seat every year. If so, then the Graco 4Ever is just the car seat you are looking for. This car seat is famous for its long extended use for all types of car seats with a lifespan of at least 10 years. Such durability offers you convenience since you can use it from infancy until your little one shifts to seats through the rear facing, high-back booster forward facing and backless positioning mode.

In addition, this car seat is compact and lightweight and is a great fit for most small to medium size cars that you drive or even car services such as Lyft or Uber. You do not have to deal with annoying harnesses and straps, the Graco features integrated harnesses which make it easy to put away the harnesses and straps when not in use, especially on booster mode.

Moreover, this car seat makes use of Expanded Polystyrene or EPS, a lightweight and resilient foam plastic in the head and shell restraints which absorbs crash forces and minimizing injury to your little one in case of an accident. Also, your kid gets to enjoy all comforts including drinks on the go and infant inserts as it comes with integrated cup holders.

  1. Diono Radian R100 All-in-One Car Seat

Diono is a reputable name that makes one of the best narrow convertible cat seats in the world. This basic Radian seat comes at a reasonable price point and can fit in most small to mid-sized cars.

The R100 is only 17 inches wide and comes with a layer of side impact protection. Without any infant inserts, this one is quite roomy when used in the rear-facing mode. This car seat can support 5 to 40 pounds of weight on rear-facing mode; 20 to 65 pounds of weight on the front facing with 5-point harness; and at least 100 pounds of weight when used as a booster with your car’s shoulder belt. The R100 can be folded flat and uses belt or LATCH tech to secure it to the car.

  1. Evenflo Tribute LX Car Seat

Evenflo products seem to dominate the world of compact convertible seats. This particular car seat, the Tribute LX, is a great product to consider. Featuring a width f 18.5 inches, this car seat can seamlessly fit on the rear bench of most small cars.

The tribute LX meets all safety regulations and standards and has been side impact tested for its structural integrity. This car seat is suitable for babies from 5 to 40 pounds and can accommodate kids 2 years old and over.

The unit is designed to grow with your little one and features a 5-point safety harness that is height adjustable and comes with upfront adjustments. Comfortable yet compact, the Tribute LX also includes a comfortable head pillow and a removable seat liner.

  1. Safety 1st Guide 65 Car Seat

Bestselling car seat, this one from Safety 1st can fit in all manner of small and medium cars and yet to find a car that will not fit into. Small and lightweight, this car seat has the highest standards of quality and safety.

It can hold infants up to the time they are toddlers of at least 52 pounds since you can use it in both forward and rear-facing modes. You can even fit 3 Safety 1st car seats in your backseat, thanks to its very small footprint with still enough legroom.

The car seat comes with a 3-buckle position, five position harnesses, and an integrated anti-rebound bolster in order to enhance the safety of your child in case of crashes or accidents.

  1. Evenflo Tribute Sport Car Seat

Another great compact car seat from Evenflo, the Tribute Sport is a convertible car seat with a width of about 18 inches which can fit on the rear seat of most small-sized cars. Recommended for children older than a year old, this car seat is smartly designed and tested for its structural integrity and meets all standard federal crash tests.

The Tribute Sport is fairly comfortable for your little one and comes in two styles and colors. Safety is guaranteed, thanks to its 5-point harness system that comes with 4 height adjustments in order to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

Its upfront adjustment provides easy access, helping you to get your baby in and out of the seat easily. The car seat is also very easy to clean. Its seat pad is removable and machine washable and the safety harness only needs mild soap and warm water.

  1. Chicco NextFit Car Seat

The safety angle of rear-facing car seats is one of the numerous reasons why they are troublesome to fit into small vehicles. However, Chicco addresses this problem with its NextFit car seat. And it did not achieve it by making the car seat narrower or smaller. Instead, it features a 9-position leveling system which allows an accurate fit in a broad range of vehicles, including compact and small cars.

With many reclining options, you can find one angle that fits in your small car and on rear-facing mode on top of that, without giving away leg room in the front seat.  It is also much taller than most convertible car seats for small cars, making it comfortable for taller toddlers.

The NextFit also features easy installation. With 2 ride right bubble levels, it shows you the correct seat angle in both forward and rear-facing modes. Parents who used this car seat also love it for its aesthetic appeals. Being lightweight and streamlined, it is also pleasing to look at.

  1. Graco SlimFit 3-in-1 Car Seat

Another Graco car seat, although this is probably the company’s narrowest convertible car seat available. Not nearly as narrow as the Diono model, however, it comes pretty close with just about 18 inches wide. This narrow size makes you fit 3 Graco SlimFit car seats in a row in larger vehicles such as a minivan, SUV, full-sized cars or a truck.

The SlimFit also features great safety features including a 5-point harness, side-impact testing of the car seat’s double-layered side impact protection, EPS energy absorbing foam and an InRight LATCH system, so you can rest assured that your kid will stay safe in case of crash or accidents.

Also, the car seat offers some convenient features such as an adjustable harness, an infant insert to support kids as light as 5 pounds, headrest which adjusts across tons of positions, 2 cup holders which can swing in to meet the 18 inches wide requirement, 4 position recline and the versatility to go from an infant car seat, to a belt-position booster or a convertible car seat with harness.


There is no doubt that car seats are a fundamental baby gear specifically designed to keep your little one safe and comfortable when going for a ride. With a small car, you might have the problem of getting cramped up, but with our list above, you can definitely get the best car seat that can fit into your small car.

12 Best Baby Wipes Warmer


Diaper leakage is so popular during late nights and to keep a baby asleep when got disturbed at the middle of the night is absolutely hard. However, you can stop that adversity by being gentle on your baby’s bottom through the use of the best baby wipes warmer to get rid of cold wipes touching your baby’s skin.

Adults hate the icy feeling a baby wipe could give so as the babies having a good night sleep that suddenly felt cold, it’s disgusting. So we’ve decided to talk over wipes warmer to ease that struggle.

The following wipes warmer is the most reviewed products on Amazon and we’ll be going to sum it up according to its best use.

12 Best Baby Wipes Warmer

  1. Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer 

The visibility of the number of wipes in the container is what mommies loved most on this baby wipe warmer product. The wipe can be easily taken off the box without it getting breakage. When changing your baby’s diaper at night, there will be a night light on the box so that locating where the object is will be easier; it doesn’t act like an overnight light just a 10 minute light. It can only hold up a hundred pieces of wipes thus placing the other pieces on a ziplock will be fine. The lid can be moved in a flip-top way for stress-free access on the wipes and it helps to warm the wipes from top to the bottom.

  1. Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

The presence of the Ever-Fresh Pillow System and the overall anti-bacterial additives in one purchase makes it the best out of the best baby wipes warmer in the market. These helped the wipe to maintain its moisture and to prevent the browning of the wipes when stored in a long period of time. It is recommended to replace the Ever-Fresh Pillow in every 3 months to remain hygienic and the replacement is sold separately. It can hold up 80 to 100 pieces of wipes but it could be better if only one-third of the warmer will be filled to easily warmth all the wipes from bottom to top. Prince Lionheart sells separately an attachable organizer for your baby’s other essentials.

  1. Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer 

Prince Lionheart proves that wipe warmers are not only made for wipes but also for cloth wipes by producing this warmies wipes warmer which only fits for cloth wipes. This could be an environmental-friendly warmer for it reduces the waste coming from the used wipes by simply replacing it with a recyclable cloth wipe. Unlike other wipes warmer with a small hole on top, this device has a wider space to hold up the rolled cloth wipes in place then turn on the warmer to add moisture on the cloth.

  1. Prince Lionheart Compact Wipes Warmer

Another Prince Lionheart wipes warmer that is designed for traveling because of its compact structure yet still needs to be plugged in. A wall and car charger are included on the package for the warming of the wipes purposes thus using it at home is allowed. Since it is small in size, it can only hold up to 30 pieces of wipes which are enough for short-distance travels. Furthermore, like other Prince Lionheart products it also has anti-microbial additives for safer moisture of the wipes inside.

  1. Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser by Hiccapop

It is a baby wipe warmer that can hold up weekly wipes needed by your baby that is perfectly design at home. Perhaps it is more expensive than other wipes warmer but it is manufactured perfectly base on its ability to keep the wipes at its best temperature. The seal is made of silicone that maintains the moisture content of the wipes and also helps to prevent it from browning. With the use of a low-voltage power device and a thermal fuse, it becomes safer when plugging at home. It also provides a well-lit portion outside the warmer intended for changing a diaper at night and it automatically turns off after 10 minutes. It is primarily designed for both boy and a girl baby as it is colored with a neutral white.

  1. Dexbaby Wipe Warmer

If you’re using different brands of baby wipes, this wipes warmer perfectly fits your budget. This will keep the wipes warm and moisturize from top to bottom at the desired temperature. There’s a light which alarms you whether it is okay to pull-off some wipes or not yet. In terms of style, it is manufactured simple but with durability on its overall use. Additionally, the transparent window in front of the warmer lets you know if it needs to be refilled or it’s still full.

  1. Dexbaby Wipe Warmer Space Saver 

The space saver wipes warmer has been released for every parent who wants to keep their baby’s space a little wider. It is designed vertically which can literally minimize the space it can occupy thus the numbers of wipes it can hold is also minimized. But the downfall is, it cannot easily warmth the wipes at the top portion of the warmer and sadly there’s still no remedy on this chaos. However, the good part is it can warm and moist wipes for only 2 hours but could last up to 12 hours. Lastly, the night light that lit up the room with a warm radiance during midnight change of diaper. 

  1. MEMI Cozy Wipe Warmer and Dispenser

Thinking about baby’s comfort is nice but also considering your energy consumption is nicer. MEMI Cozy develops a wipe warmer that could be plugin using a USB cable that can actually lessen energy the device going to consume. Other than that, they’ve meet health, safety, and environmental standards. You can place the wipe without tearing its packaging thus makes it more convenient. It warms the wipes in a bottom to top way.

  1. Motif Maylilly “Daylilly” Wet Wipe Warmer

As wipe warmer talked about heating up a cold wipe, Motif Medical takes it into three different levels of temperature. There’s a LED display for the control of temperature up to your baby’s desired warmth. It heats the wipes in a steam heating way that makes it evenly warmth from bottom to top. The package includes the warmer and a sponge for the warming process. Most importantly, it is a BPA free product. 

  1. 10.Babies R Us wipe warmer

This wipe warmer renders two heat options in accordance with your baby’s comfort and safety. It works well in the long run even if plug in a short period of time thus consumes only a low-voltage of energy. It is designed as usual as the other products mentioned earlier. The wipes on the inside can be visibly seen through its transparent frame in front of the equipment, there you’ll see if you’re running out of wipes or you still have enough wipes to be used. Similarly, it can light you up while changing diaper late at night in which the light will automatically lit off after 10 minutes.

  1. 11.Bela Beno 2-in-1 Multi-purpose Safe Voltage

Since we are discussing more on wipe warmers, we’ll focus on revealing about its wipe warmer use rather than the other uses such as warming bottles and other baby essentials. It can warm each package of wipe for about 40 minutes and it will last up to 5 days without browning. It can be used whether at home or during travels for the package includes an adapter for charging purposes. Other than that, the other uses can be executed together with the wipe warmer.

  1. 12.Combi Quick Wipe Warmer 

The handiest wipe warmer mention in this article. Put the whole package of baby wipes inside the warmer then plug it for 30 minutes. You can easily get wipes through pushing the button and wait for the wipe to pop-off. Additionally, it lights up when using at night.

  1. 13.Tuut Baby Wipe Warmer & Wipes Dispenser

Lastly, a baby wipes warmer with a lifetime guarantee to ensure its effectiveness for your baby’s bottom best comfort. It keeps the wipes warmth, fresh and moisturizes that is good for baby’s sensitive skin. Moreover, no need to remove the wipes on its own package as you can place it directly in the warmer then plug it within a few hours for warming.  It can hold up to 80 pieces of wipes in all sizes and expect for even distribution of heat through it all. The lid is made of silicone which makes it more durable while taking off some wipes for use. Last but not least, it doesn’t spend too much energy.


Since baby wipes warmer is not that popular, being aware of these following frequently asked questions may give you some hint about the product and it may help you to end up with the best product you could select.

  • What is a baby wipe warmer?

Wipe warmers are baby wipes containers with the ability to keep baby wipes warm and moisturize thus avoiding the discomfort it could give to babies while changing a diaper at the middle of the night.

  • Does it moisture and warm wipes from top to bottom?

Normally, there are two-ways in warming wipes. First, the top to the bottom way that brings primary satisfaction on the first wipe you pick which is suddenly warmth. Second, the bottom to the top way that’s more effective in heating wipes more evenly. You can choose either of the two. 

  • What types of wipes a baby wipe warmer can hold?

A baby wipes warmer can hold two types of wipes depending on its capability. The first one is the one-use wipes which are normally cold but with the help of this device, it’ll be warm. The other one is the recyclable cloth wipes or a normal baby towel. Instead of putting in boiling water, a wipe warmer will do the heating process. A wipe warmer product is certain on what it can hold so you better check it out.

  • How can I use a baby wipe warmer?

Using a baby wipe warmer is as easy as 3-steps. First, remove the top cover so you can fill in the wipes inside then close tightly. Next, to finally warmth the wipes plug in the warmer with supervision to check it over time. At last, uphold the flip-top cover then take off your needed wipe. For clearer instructions for use, read the manual provided by the product purchased. 

When the wipes are gone, it is better to clean the warmer before filling up with another piece of wipes to keep it more hygienic.

  • What are the things to consider in a baby wipe warmer?
  • Durability: To ensure the wipes moisture and warmth content it must be well-built as properly sealed. 
  • Energy-saver: Since it is the best use when plugin a few hours, having it at low-voltage consumption is well preferred.
  • Light: The warmer will brighten itself to avoid late night cry from your baby for the reason of light bulb being on.
  • Warming ability: The primary expectation on this device is its warming effect on the wipes. That’s why reading customer reviews must be given attention to be aware of its warming ability.


Seeing a baby with a good night sleep feels commendable. By having a baby wipe warmer you won’t disturb a dreaming baby during late night leak. Instead of the cold feeling caused by a wet wipe, the baby could feel warmer and comfier feel.

Hopefully, the products above helped you to understand more about wipe warmers but we still recommend seeing it yourself more products in the market, to have more choice before deciding what product you will buy.

Baby wipe warmer may not be a baby’s primary essential but it could be a way to a better living of every child in a world today. Surely, you’ll essentially need it once tried.

Best Baby Bassinets Reviewed by Karen (2020)




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Choosing which baby cradle to buy may be a very challenging task as you must have found so many online, both with good and bad reviews. You finally decided to settle for the BabyBjorn cradle and you may just be wondering how reliable it can be. Well, read on as we will be telling all about the BabyBjorn cradle and in the end, you would know why you should or shouldn’t buy it.

Product Description and Features

The BabyBjorn Cradle is one of the safest and most comfortable cradles your baby can sleep in. The first thing you notice about a product is its design, you may even conclude on buying or not buying a product after just looking at the design. If you love elegance, you may just fall for the BabyBjorn cradle at a glance. It is designed in a simple pattern with sturdy legs. The frame is made up of wood and metal. It has mesh sides that are made up of very soft polyester fabric that are breathable and allows proper flow of air in and out of the cradle.

babybjorn Product Description and Features

This baby sleeping cradle is a rocking cradle, you as a parent can rock the cradle as your baby falls asleep or you can as well leave your baby to do so with their body movements. The BabyBjorn cradle features a suspension spring so it can hardly get stuck in one position. You can easily transport this sleeping cradle from one room to another as it is very lightweight, it weighs just 13 pounds.

The BabyBjorn Cradle measures just the perfect height that allows easy access to your baby while on your own bed. This product also has a waterproof mattress that comes along with it. The cradle fabric and the waterproof mattress are both removable, it also can be washed by either hand or washer machine, it is relatively easy to learn.

The BabyBjorn Cradle is a very safe product health-wise, it meets the EN and ASTM standards and is free of toxic elements that may be harmful to your baby. Most customers often complain about the SUFFOCATION HAZARD warning label that is boldly sewn on the seam of the cradle, I don’t know if that should really be a problem since it is not removable.

Who can use the BabyBjorn cradle?

The BabyBjorn cradle was made to be used by babies newly born to those that are up to 6 months old. Generally, it can hold babies weighing 8 – 17 lbs.

How much does the BabyBjorn cradle cost?

BabyBjorn Cradle is a high-end premium baby bassinet that is usually available for under 400$.

  • Light weight
  • Portable
  • Non Toxic
  • Expensive


Many customers feel happy and contented after purchasing the BabyBjorn cradle and I believe you would be too if you choose to buy it. It is one cradle that is highly recommended, you get exactly what you pay for.




After giving birth to your baby, you should be concerned with the safety and comfort of him or her. Whereas you have many baby items and products to buy, it would be a nice thing to purchase a sleeping bassinet so your baby can always have a good night time. One of such bassinets is the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet which I will be reviewing in this article.

Product Description and Features

This bassinet is one of those types of the bassinet that you just love because of its elegance. It is designed in a perfect manner that allows you to sleep comfortably with your baby next to you. It is made sturdy with four wooden legs with wheels. The wheels function properly making the bassinet portable; it even has a brake function. The bassinet has mesh sides that allow you to see your baby very well and also provides breathability.

If you purchase the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet, you will discover that it is very easy to assemble bassinet. Also, there is a storage basket underneath the bassinet where you can store some of your baby items for easy reach. However, you should note that this bassinet is recommended for beds up to 24″ high through the leg height is a bit adjustable. You can attach the bassinet to your bed with the adjustable length strap.

Now, this bassinet comes with a thin mattress. Some customers say it is plastic like because of its thinness and babies definitely won’t be comfortable with sleeping on such a mattress. You may consider buying a thicker mattress, or you could use the co-sleeper which is about the size of a pillow. The fabrics are all removable and can be washed. Bassinets are usually not heavy. This one weighs about 29 pounds.

Who can use the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet?

The Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet can be used by newborn babies and up till when they are about 5 months old. The manufacturers did not state the maximum weight it can hold, but from customers, it was discovered to be about 20 – 30 lbs.

How much does the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet cost?

On the cost of the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet, it is somehow a very expensive bassinet. I said somehow because of it is a product of good quality coupled with the fact that it is both a bassinet and a co-sleeper.

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  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Expensive


After going through this review, what I can tell you is that the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet is not the cheapest baby bassinet. From the features to its uses and the price, you will find out that it is not cheap in any way. But If you can afford it, I would so recommend the Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-Sleeper Bassinet because it is a durable and long-lasting product. You can go on using it as you give birth to more babies.




Chicco is a popular brand when talking about baby products; they are very popular in the USA. They have been producing baby products for decades and have come to be among the top sellers in the market. I shall be reviewing the Chicco LullaGo bassinet, one out of the many Chicco products.

Product Description and Features

There are many reasons why you would love to buy the Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet. What people normally say about this bassinet is that it is portable, of course if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t have been a portable bassinet as the description implies. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble as well and you can do that with or without the manual. All you have to do is just to put the legs inside the frames, that’s all. The legs are made of metal and are snap on which also makes it very easy to store.Product Description and Features

The Chicco LullaGo bassinet is made with partly mesh panels on both sides of the bassinet, so it allows proper flow of air in and out making it breathable and highly ventilated. This product comes with a waterproof mattress pad. It is included to offer extra comfort to your baby. It also comes with a carry bag with the Chicco LullaGo print and the bassinet and can be easily folded and put inside of it. This feature is to improve the portability of this product, since it has no wheels, putting it in a bag seems like a good alternative and you wouldn’t like to carry your bassinet around like that or when traveling.

You may not find it a very efficient easy to move it from room to room so you should set it up in a possibly permanent position. This is a very easy to clean bassinet, the fabrics are removable and washable either by hand or with a washer machine. The Chicco LullaGo bassinet is a very light weight bassinet, it weighs just 17 pounds.

Many people may not know that the Chicco LullaGo bassinet is a rockable bassinet as it is not stated anywhere about the product, you can easily swing it back and forth to soothe babe back to sleep. Some customers complain that it has an odor that it comes with, though it may be a bit uncomfortable, it is sure to wear off with time.

Who can use the Chicco LullaGo Bassinet?

This bassinet is to be used by babies even right from birth. It can hold up to 20 pounds of weight.

How much does the Chicco LullaGo Bassinet?

The Chicco LullaGo Bassinet is one of the most affordable baby sleeping you can find, yet it is a very quality one.

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  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • No wheels
  • Partly mesh panels
  • Bit chemical odor


This bassinet is a durable one, it lasts long if handled properly. It is recommended by many customers who have used it and it is also one of the best sleeping bassinets available.



When you see a product with 4 and a half rating out of 5 on a top online shopping site like Amazon, you would consider it for purchase. That should be the case for the Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet but before you go ahead to place your order, take your time to go through this review on the product.

Product description and features

The Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet is a very pretty looking bassinet to be used for new born babies weighing up to 15 lbs. The Delta Children brand did a good job in the manufacturing of this bassinet.

The first thing you would likely do after purchasing a bassinet is to assemble it and doing that with the Delta Children Sweet Beginnings bassinet is very easy. You just have to lay the skirt over the bassinet and hold it in place with the snap buttons. The frame is made of steel with four legs on wheel. The bassinet features a canopy which is very useful for blocking lights while the baby is sleeping. This canopy is adjustable and you can also remove it when not needed. The Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet is breathable and allows your baby to stay ventilated with its mesh sides. The two section storage basket under, though not too large is just enough to hold some of your baby items making them closer for easy reach.

In height, the Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet is over 30 inches, it is OK to fit close to most beds. The bassinet is mobile, very easy to move around rooms in the house and also light weight with just 8 pounds of weight. It is not a bassinet recommended for travel purposes as you would have to disassemble it for that, it is more of an indoor bassinet. The bassinet comes with a mattress pad and fitted sheets. The fabrics are all removable and machine is making them very easy to clean.

Your baby can listen to calm and soothing music as they fall asleep from the electronic module attached to the bassinet. It also displays night light, and you will need 3 AA batteries to power it. The Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet has been tested and proven to be safe as it meets ASTM and CSPC standards. It is also JPMA certified.

How much does the Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet cost?

For the type of quality product this is, even if it were expensive, it would still be worth paying for. Fortunately, the Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet is affordable. You can get it with just about $50. It may be the most affordable baby bassinet you have seen yet.

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  • Very affordable
  • Light weight
  • Portable
  • No cons for me


I hope this review has been helpful as there are many mixed reviews online which may get one confused. The Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet is a great buy especially because of its affordable price. Many customers recommend it and you would definitely be satisfied with this product.



Every mother wants to give their baby that comfort they need. Getting a perfect sleeping bassinet for your baby is ideal if you want their night time to be very comfortable and also stress-free for you. One of the bassinets you can buy is the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet and I shall be reviewing it in this article.

Product Description and Features

The Graco Dream Suite is a multi functional bassinet, it is both a bassinet, a changer and more. You can easily switch from a bassinet to a changer and back again by just flipping the sleeping area upside down. The changer can be very useful when performing tasks like changing baby diapers. Assembling the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet should be easy to do but you may get a little confused if you choose to follow the instructions as they are not clear enough.

This bassinet has a canopy like structure that is primarily meant to block lights. You can still adjust the canopy to the perfect position you want it to be or you can totally keep it down if you want. There are two toys hanging from the canopy, your baby can have a good time playing with it. Your baby will stay ventilated while sleeping in this bassinet, thanks to the mesh sides. You can store items your baby uses for easy access in the large storage basket beneath the bassinet.

The Graco Dream Suite Bassinet stands on four legs, each with locking wheels and the wheels makes it easy to be moved around the house. It is wipe clean so it is easy to clean. The bassinet comes with a mattress cover which is removable and is machine washable. The Graco Dream suite bassinet weighs about 18 pounds, it is a light weight bassinet and can hold a maximum weight of 30 lbs.

Whereas it is not a rocking bassinet, it has something similar. You can set it at any of the two speeds of vibration and it will soothe your baby to sleep. The vibrator is controlled by an on and off switch. Some customers complain of the little buzz like noise the vibrator makes when on, if you feel you or your baby will be uncomfortable with it, you can just turn it off. For storage, the Graco Dream suite bassinet does not consume much space and it can as well be folded if need be. It is also a JPMA certified product.

How much does the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet cost?

The Graco Dream Suite Bassinet is available for under 150$. It is an affordable sleeping bassinet when compared to the cost of most baby sleeping bassinets.

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  • Saves Space
  • Affordable
  • Light weight
  • Vibrator
  • A bit difficult to assemble


The Graco Brand does not need much introduction, many mothers recommend their products because of its quality and usefulness. It is no different with the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet. You can see from the description that it is a bassinet with unique features that make it a top competitor in the market.


6Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard

There is a reason why people buy things; you don’t just go to the market or online to purchase something without any reason. So the question is, why should you buy the Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard? Read on to find out.

Product Description and Features

This is a specially designed bassinet and playard that has so many amazing features. Whether you are planning on getting a bassinet for travel sake or home use, the Graco Pack n Play On the Go Playard is an ideal one for you. It gives your baby a perfect, comfortable sleeping area and a playing space anywhere you might be.

To start with, it is easy to set up and easy to fold bassinet. It consumes very little space once set up and has wheels that make it easy to move within the house. I mentioned that it is great for travel. It features a signature push-button fold that makes folding very simple and quick. Then, there is the carry bag that it comes with, you just put it inside after folding and you are set to move.

The Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard weighs about 28 pounds. It is not heavy. You should note that the fabric cannot be removed, so you can only spot clean.

The Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard has a toy bar with three hanging toys, babies love playing with toys, and it will surely be a good advantage that they have something to amuse them. It also comes with a mattress, the mattress is just about an inch thick, so you may consider purchasing a thicker and better one. The bassinet has mesh sides, so it scores very well for breathability and ventilation.

There is often complains of chemical smell upon purchase. Well, not all the products are like that, and it is likely to be due to packaging. The smell is sure to wear off with time.

How much does the Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard cost?

This product is very affordable. You should be able to buy it for $50 – $80. You can purchase the Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard from Amazon or Walmart.

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Who can use the Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard?

The Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard can be used by babies that are less than 35 inches in height, such that they would not be able to climb out of it. As for the bassinet, it is for babies that are not yet able to push up on hands and knees. Also, it can hold a maximum weight of 15 pounds so it should be fine for any baby below that.

  • Affordable
  • Light weight
  • Portable
  • No cons


I must tell you that the Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard is a durable product. It is one of those products that you can use for years with proper maintenance. It is a fantastic product sold at a very affordable price.


7HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Bassinet – Essentia Series

Letting your baby sleep beside you at night is a common thing every mother do. But, it is not safe that your new baby sleeps right beside you in bed, it is always advisable that you get them their sleeping crib or bassinet. I will be reviewing one of the best selling sleeping bassinets for baby’s, the HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Bassinet.

Product Description and features

The HALO Bassinet swivel sleeper bassinet is a perfect bassinet when considering making your baby’s bedtime safer, it has exceptional features that every mother would appreciate. First of all, This is a very sturdy sleeper bassinet which can be hardly knocked down, It rotates at 360 degrees, and it stands on a 4 point metal base which ensures that it balanced on all angles. It doesn’t consume much space when set up in your room, it is great for space saving. It has mesh walls which are breathable and can also be lowered and auto return to provide easy access to the baby.

The base of this swivel sleeper is adjustable and so it can easily fit any bed height whether high or low. The HALO Bassinet swivel sleeper bassinet is a bit heavy sleeping bassinet, though the manufacturers gave the exact weight to be 46.7 pounds, some customers have claimed that it is a bit higher than that. Also, since it has no wheels, moving it around may not be very easy so it is advised that you assemble it at the particular spot you want it to be and leave it there, it is not a travel friendly bassinet.

Talking about assembling the HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Bassinet, it is very easy to do with or without the instructions. This product comes with a waterproof mattress pad, though not too thick, it can still be very useful if you choose to use it or you can also choose it to get a thicker one. It also has a mesh side pocket that can be used to store handy products your baby uses like a cream or pacifier. This product is spot clean only which means one can only clean the stained spot by hand without subjecting the product to hand washing, dry or wet cleaning, most customers are usually not OK with this feature.

Who can use the HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Bassinet?

This sleeping bassinet is recommended to be used for babies up to 5 months and it can hold a maximum weight of 20 lbs.

How much does the HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Bassinet Cost?

This is a high quality baby bassinet which accordingly is not the cheapest you can buy.

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  • Breathable Mesh
  • Easy access to baby
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not very portable
  • Heavy
  • Swivel feature


The HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper Bassinet is a quality sleeping bassinet. It has been mostly recommended for cesarean mothers. You can order this sleeping bassinet from the Halo manufacturers website. Ordering from Amazon and eBay are also good options.



It is certain that you need the best baby sleeping bassinet for your baby. This article is focused on one of the top sellers in the market, the Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet.

Product Description and Features

The Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet is a great bassinet for travel purposes. This is because it can be easily folded flat, making storage and carrying around very easy. It is also no work to assemble. You just need to join the 3 pieces, there are provided instructions but it is something you can do with or without the instructions. You can take it anywhere and set it standing in minutes. It stands on four legs with wheels so it is easy to move from room to room.

The Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet bassinet has mesh panels at both of its ends. This helps for breathability and also helps to keep your baby within sight. It is a rocking bassinet so you can use the rock feature to help placate your baby to bed and then you can put it in stationary mode once asleep. It is such a simple and easy process, you do that by twisting the base. Though it is a bit bigger and deeper than most bassinets, it is light weight with a weight of about 21 pounds.

The height of the bassinet is just perfect and it can fit right beside almost any bed. It comes with a waterproof mattress pad which is a bit thick and you can make use of it. The mattress is machine washable.

One thing customers complain of about the Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet is the crease in the middle of the bassinet. Having a crease is not nice because it may be dangerous to baby’s health. But the thing is, not all customers complain of it, so it is assumed that not all of the Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet has the crease, you just have to check before purchasing. You could also consider getting an extra padding so it could lay flat.

Who can use the Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet?

Any newly born baby would be OK to use this bassinet. The bassinet can hold a maximum weight of 15 lbs and it is advised to stop use once your baby is able to kneel or seat.

How much does the Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet cost?

The Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet is an affordable bassinet, it costs a little above $100.

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  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Crease in the middle


The Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet is a nice bassinet and a very affordable one too. What customer normally look for in a bassinet is how comfortable their baby will be with using. Yes, the Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet has its own short comings but if you have gone through this review, you would find out that there are many reasons why you should consider buying it for your baby.



You must have heard about the Kolcraft Cuddle ‘n Care Rocking Bassinet and maybe you are considering whether to buy it or not. You can read our review on the product and find out if it is worth your money.

Product Description and Features

The sole aim why this bassinet was produced is to help babies and their mothers sleep better, and so far it has performed very well. One of the things that could make one fall in love with the Kolcraft Cuddle n Care 2 in 1 bassinet at a go is the design. It is a bassinet with an adjustable canopy that protects your baby from light while sleeping. There is a stand by the side of the canopy where two toys hang, your baby will really love playing with the toys.

The Kolcraft Cuddle ‘n Care 2 in 1 Bassinet seems like a stationary bassinet but you can easily convert it to rocking bassinet. However, to do that, you will need to unlock the legs. Also, there is the attached light vibes electronic unit that plays different soothing music and sounds and also displays soft light effects. It also vibrates, which further aids in soothing your baby to sleep, you would need batteries to power this as well as the light unit. This bassinet is ideal for babies with colic, congestion, or reflux issues, thanks to the incline feature. The Kolcraft Cuddle ‘n Care Rocking Bassinet also has a storage basket under the sleeper that can contain some of the basic items your baby may need.

It comes with a mattress pad which is just about 1 inch thick, you could consider buying a thicker one for use. In buying a thicker one, just so you don’t buy one and discover that it doesn’t fit, it is recommended that you order from the Kolcraft manufacturers. This bassinet weighs close to 24 pounds so we can say that it is not heavy. It can hold up to 15 pounds of weight. It is ideal for newly born babies.

Setting up the Kolcraft Cuddle ‘n Care Rocking Bassinet is an easy task to do, just follow the instructions and within few minutes you’re done. The bassinet consumes little space so it can almost fit in anywhere. It stands on four legs with wheels so it is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. Also, the fabrics are removable and washable as well.

How much does the Kolcraft Cuddle ‘n Care Rocking Bassinet cost?

This is basically one of the most affordable quality bassinet you can get anywhere.

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  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Saves space
  • Mostly used for only new born babies


This bassinet is mostly recommended for the safety and it provides babies. But as the saying goes, what works for one may not work for another. Whereas many customers attested to the quality of this product, some other still disapproved of it. Nevertheless, I believe the Kolcraft Cuddle ‘n Care Rocking Bassinet is a bassinet worth buying.


10Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood On Point Bassinet

If you are searching for the best bassinet to buy for your baby online, you will find out that the Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood On Point Bassinet is one of the most recommended ones. This article will be reviewing the product and tell you all you need to know about it.

Product Description and Features

The Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood on Point bassinet is a bassinet with a cute look. You may mistake it to a standard size baby bed due to the wooden legs. The bassinet stands on wheels which make it possible to be moved around the house, but it can also be locked when not in use. This bassinet provides your baby a smooth and comfortable sleeping area. It has an adjustable canopy that is used for blocking lights from reaching your sleeping baby. There is an extra-large storage basket right beneath the bassinet that can contain necessary items your baby would need. A padded mattress covered with a fitted sheet is also included. This bassinet does not score really well on breathability because it has no mesh sides.

Due to the kind of structure this bassinet has, it may take some time for you to set it up. What I mean is setting it up is not difficult in any way but it consumes time. You would most definitely have to follow the pictures in the manual to do so. The Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood On Point Bassinet is an easy to clean bassinet. The mattress pad and the canopy are spot clean only, but the mattress cover and the lining of the bassinet is washable.

Most people often like a bassinet that swings but unfortunately this bassinet doesn’t do that. But it sure has its own features nevertheless. You can watch your baby go to sleep while listening to nice tunes from the bassinets baby soother. It features different songs and sound effects that will help soothe your baby to sleep. Also, you can put on the vibration if needed to further help your baby relaxed. You should note that a 3 AA battery is needed for this. The Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood On Point Bassinet is a light weight bassinet, it weighs 18 pounds. The bassinet can hold a maximum weight of 15 pounds.

Who can use the Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood On Point Bassinet?

The Summer Infant Classic comfort wood on point bassinet can be used by newborn babies till up to 5 months old. It is approximated that by this time they must be up to 15 pounds in weight.

How much does the Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood on Point Bassinet cost?

The Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood on Point bassinet is cost-friendly and affordable.

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  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Fabric goes around the mattress
  • No mesh sides


This bassinet has some nice features added to the comfort it brings to your baby that will surely make it worth buying. But I think the manufacturers can still make some improvements in the overall bassinet design.

15 Best Playmats for Babies 2019


Thank goodness for playmats, activity gyms, baby gyms or whatever is it you want to call it! They all refer to the same thing and has the same idea— an interactive and brightly colored mat for your baby’s play time.

Baby playmats may not seem like a necessity at all— until you get one!

A baby playmat is one of the few toys that will grow along with your little one during their first year. It not only offers different sensory activities that encourage curiosity and development in babies, but it is also a great arena for neck-strengthening as well as core-shaping tummy time!

And the big plus of all, when your adorable baby is on the mat, you get a bit of time to do things like, you know, space out, run to the bathroom, check the laundry, wipe down a cabinet or just shake out those tired arms for a minute.

However, choosing the right one can be troublesome, especially with thousands of playmats available in the market today.

Not to worry, though! We’ve come prepared.

May we present to you only the best playmats for babies of today!

  1. Infantino PondPals Twist & Fold Play Mat and Activity Gym

Coming on the top of our list is this Twist & Fold Play Mat from Infantino! Amazon’s Choice for “Infant Play Mat Activity Gym”, the Infantino playmat is the best travel-friendly playmat that you will ever find and for very good reasons.

With just a twist on the knob at the top of its arches, the playmat will collapse and can be easily carried from room to room. You can even do it with just one hand while carrying your baby on the other. The playmat can also be closed and folded using its attached Velcro straps, making it easy for you to bring it with you on the park, on a trip or to grandma’s house! Moreover, the playmat’s arches are also removable so you can choose to use only the mat as a comfortable play space once your little one becomes too old for dangling toys.

This activity gym comes with soft tummy time prop pillow, 4 linkable toys, and a large peek-a-boo mirror. Infantino offers their baby gym in several themes, so you have options that fit your preference, you can pick from the vintage boy, pond pals and sweet safari. The pond pals design is vibrant but not too “loud” and is perfect for parents who do not want a gender-specific theme.


  • Comes with plush toys
  • Travel-friendly
  • Can be transformed in just a soft play space for older infants
  • Removable toys


  • A bit small
  • Folds with the mat on the outside
  • No traction
  1. Baby Care Play Mat

The Baby Care Play Mat meets all your wants and needs for a perfect play mat. It comes fully cushioned which provides your baby with a safe space to play and roll around and is actually soft enough for your baby to enjoy naptime. The mat is also safe for babies, without any toxic materials or elements used and meets the current European, Australian and US safety standards— Mercury free, EVA free, Formaldehyde free, latex free, lead-free, BPA free, and Phthalate free.

Moreover, this baby mat is 100 percent made of recyclable materials and is very easy to clean. It is waterproof, so you only need to wipe out any messes or spills. This mat can go on any type of floor surfaces. It can be easily stored and is reversible. The mat comes in 2 sizes— large and medium. Its textured surface makes sure that your baby will have enough grip when learning to crawl or walk.


  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • 2-sided with vibrant colors
  • Half an inch thick
  • Texturized surface for walking and crawling


  • Too brightly colored
  • Pricey
  • Initial rubbery smell
  • ABC’s are in the wrong order
  1. Fisher-Price Kick ‘n Play Piano Activity Gym

This playmat is relatively small so your baby will not be rolling around that much. Such a big drawback, right? So, you might be wondering why we pick it. That’s because of the piano! And yes, it is that valuable.

Your little one can kick on the piano and play a tune while doing tummy time or laying down which gives an added bonus of exercising your baby’s legs. Meanwhile, the toys above can entertain your baby for hours. And once your little one earned how to sit, he or she can then start banging away the keys. And when he or she starts to walk, that same piano can be removed from the mat and carried around by your little one. 

So, despite its small size, this I one great play mat when it comes to keeping your baby stimulated and interested. Also, take note that the play mat is a bit lacking in padding, so you might want to lay it on top of a carpet or rug.


  • Easy-to-reach toys
  • Longer lifespan
  • The piano


  • No off mode for music
  • Small mat
  1. Tiny Love Meadow Days Play Mat

Got enough toys for your baby and only needs a fun play mat for your child? Well, get the Tiny Love Meadow Days Play Mat, then! This big quilted mat is vibrant and colorful and is fully equipped with a detachable mirror and carrying handles.

The baby playmat itself is full of surprises including a carrot teether, a horn, a peek-a-boo tree, a crinkly fox tail, variety of quilt textures and a ring to attach extra toys. This mat is big enough to accommodate two babies or just one who likes to roll and play around a lot.

The Tiny Love Super Mat can be thrown in the washing machine and quickly air dries. It is very easy to store and is compact enough to be carried with your from room to room, to the park or wherever you go!


  • Good padding
  • Sensory features on the mat
  • Large space
  • Machine washable


  • Too slippery
  • Cannot be put on a dryer
  • No way to keep quilt folded
  • No texturized grip
  1. Infantino “Grow With Me” 3-in-1 Activity Gym + Ball Pit

If you are looking for a play mat that will grow with your child, then the “Grow with Me” ball pit and activity gym from Infantino is just the thing you need. Just like its name implies, this baby play mat is specifically designed to grow with your little one!

Initially, you can use it for overhead discovery. Once your little one learns to sit up, you can bring up the mesh sides easily in order to create a pit ball for your baby. By the way, the balls can be easily stored in the head of the turtle.

When your baby becomes too big for the arches, you can unlock them while leaving the ball pit in place. The sides can also be used in order to transform it into a mini playpen which keeps your baby from rolling out of the playmat. The mat itself is quite easy to wipe down for easy cleaning.


  • Easily transforms from mat to pit
  • Colorful and fun play mat with toys
  • Grow with your child


  • Not washable
  • Not padded enough
  • Too small
  1. Tiny Love Gymini Lights & Music Play Mat

Another travel-friendly play mat, the Tiny Love Gymini Play Mat provides a lot of interesting things for your little one to play with as he or she grows older. Its dangling toys are just the starting point. The mat comes with a larger mirror for self-discovery and enjoys tummy time.

This play mat offers a lot of stimulating features from lights on the 3D flower patch to motion-activated music to a crinkly elephant ear on the mat. It is quite colorful that will surely keep your baby entertained for hours. As your baby grows older, you can remove the arches in order to create more play space.

Storage is also easy thanks to eats quick fold up. Although it is not waterproof, this mat is machine washable, but you will need to take out the sound device before doing so!


  • Machine washable
  • Easily folds up
  • Comes with a traveling bag
  • Lots of interactive stuff


  • Thin padding
  • Music is not loud enough
  1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Light Activity Gym

An adorably-themed playmat, the Fisher-Price Rainforest Activity Gym can be used to keep your babies entertained for a long time. This activity gym comes in a quilt with silky borders and vibrantly colored arches which have different links to attach different toys at different heights.

The quilt also features loops which enable you to attached toys and encourage tummy time. This play mat comes in 3 modes of play— rainforest sounds (20 mins), continuous music (20 mins) and baby motion-activated music.


  • Music and lights available
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quilted and soft
  • Multiple loops


  • Not travel-friendly
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Lights cannot be turned off
  • Bit pricey
  1. Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Playmat and Activity Gym

Another great mat, the Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friend Activity Gym is uniquely designed with a circular shape. It features hanging animals, squeaker flowers and crinkled leaves which can bring a smile to your little angel.

The mat is plush and is comfortable for tummy time. Like any other activity gym, this one comes with a mirror with built-in sounds. The mat includes a cushy pillow that can be used to prop your little one up or elevate their neck when lying on their back. The mat is small, thin and takes just a second to be folded.

The mat can be used solo or its crisscross bars can be put in place without problems. Moreover, it is very easy to wipe down or easily clean it in the washer any time!


  • Comes in a circular shape
  • Easy to fold
  • Comes with a cushy pillow
  • Very easy to wipe down
  • Machine-washable


  • Too small
  • Too Thin
  1. Bright Starts Sunny Safari Baby Play Place

This next playmat is one-of-a-kind. Why? Well, it can transform from a simple baby mat with arches for overhead play and discovery to a tunnel to crawl on, a private mini-playpen that will keep others away, or a large soft play place for both parent and baby.

The Bright Starts Play Place comes with prop pillow, a mirror, crinkle fabrics, bead sliders, teethers, and an electronic toy which lights up and play 20 minutes of music. The very same electronic toy can be removed and attached to a crib or carrier for your little one’s continued entertainment.


  • Comes with a detachable electronic toy that can be attached to a carrier or crib
  • Features lots of toys
  • Transforms into a tunnel and playpen


  • Thin padding
  • Pricey
  • Walls can be easily pulled down by an older infant
  1. 10.Skip Hop Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym

Looking for a play mat that provides a variety of sensory features for your little angel? Well, the Skip Hop Alphabet Play mat definitely fits the description. Featuring 13 loops, you can hang toys at various heights or on the mat itself. In addition to its quilted and extra soft mat, Skip Hop also provided a bolster, curved pillow to support your baby’s chest.

The play mat has multiple textures, a squeaking monkey, a mirror, crinkling bird wings, crinkling elephant ear, a tactile mane (zebra) and a crinkling tree flap. The mat meets EN71, CPSIA, ASTM, and other applicable safety standards.


  • Meets safety standards
  • Lots of loops for extra toys
  • Lots of sensory activities on the mat
  • Tummy time pillow


  • Padding is not thick enough
  • Toys can hang too low
  • Expensive
  1. 11.Baby Einstein Nautical Friends Play Gym

Baby Einstein created a padded playmat that will keep your baby busy while you stay busy. The playmat comes with a plush starfish toy which can be attached to the activity gym or on your baby’s crib and carrier.

Aside from its colorful undersea theme, the play mat also includes a number of toys in order to keep your busy interested. These include flashcards, a sand dollar teether, baby Neptune rattle plush toy, and a crab bead chaser.

The activity gym also plays more than 20 minutes of classical music and lights that can be set to continuous play or motion activated. Baby Einstein even added a whale-shaped prop pillow for your baby’s tummy time plus a baby-safe mirror. Although not easy to store, the play mat is easy to assemble.


  • Undersea theme
  • Lots of toys included
  • 20 minutes of lights and music
  • Tummy time pillow included
  • Starfish plush toy can be attached elsewhere


  • Small size
  • Only used for a short span
  • Can’t detach toys
  1. 12.Wee Giggles Baby Play Mat

Wee Giggles offers this baby play mat in 2 sizes and different colors like grey, white, black color pattern and various green, blue and pink hues. This playmat is a top-rated one that is created for a single purpose— to keep your baby safe while crawling and playing around.

This playmat is a foam mat, measuring around 24 x 24 inches. Its tiles are thick, about half an inch, meaning your little one will not hurt his head if he falls over. Also, it is non-toxic and does not contain formamide, formaldehyde, latex, lead, phthalates, or BPA.

The tiles can be easily assembled together in a rectangular space which can measure 7 feet long and 5 feet wide. You can also use the other pieces in order to create walls and keep your little one contained. The mat is texturized so it is slip-free plus it is very easy to clean with just a wipe of a damp cloth.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Thick padding
  • Well-constructed


  • Not travel-friendly
  • No toys attached
  • Strange odor at first
  1. 13.Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Playmat and Activity Gym

Another great baby playmat from Skip Hop, this one comes in a sky theme that features a variety of celestial-themed toys to keep your baby interested. IT includes toys such as a squeaking cloud, bird rattle, musical sheep and light up star that creates an interactive, heavenly environment for your little angel. The mat also offers different textures that help promote sensory development of your little one.

Skip Hop also included a teether that is completely BPA-free as well as neon pops for stimulating your baby’s sight and keeps them focus. Not like most activity gyms with thin pads, this one comes with puffy and oversized pads with very plush fabric. It also includes a prop up cloud shaped pillow and a sunshine mirror for tummy time. For easy cleaning, this mat is machine washable.


  • Machine-washable
  • Thick padding
  • Mat is extra soft
  • Detachable toys


  • Does not fold up easily
  1. 14.Baby Einstein Caterpillar & Friends Play Gym

Another baby playmat from Baby Einstein, this one is also loaded with sensory activities that will encourage your baby to learn and explore. This machine-washable and large mat is padded and features bright colors. Meanwhile, its overheard includes interactive elements that will surely capture your baby’s eyes.

Its most prominent features are the brightly colored orange stars that produce lights up and 8 jiggling music. The same star can be detached from the arc and added to your baby’s carrier or crib. The mat also offers a mirror that adds fun and helps in tummy time.

Baby Einstein also included a prop pillow for tummy time as well as removable hanging toys for play while laying down. Included toys are also easy to clean with a mild soap and damp cloth.


  • Portable
  • Toys are easy to clean
  • Detachable toys
  • Washable material


  • Thin padding
  1. 15.Lovevery Play Gym

This activity gym from Lovevery was designed by experts in child development, so it has all the activities that can contribute with your child developments. The playmat comes with a teether that is made of organic cotton with teething rings that are completely BPA-free for your little one to gnaw and chew on.

Moreover, it comes with a battling ring which your little one can practice and battle to grasp and sharpen his or her motor skills. Once your baby starts crawling and rolling, the playmat comes with a handy organic cotton ball that is also shaped in a way your baby can easily grasp as he or she practices how to crawl.

This play gym also includes a mirror card for tummy time. Featuring black and white cards, this mat can help attract your baby and help them learn on focusing on an image. The manufacturer is also kind enough to include an activity guide that will help you keep your baby engaged with the right age activities as they go through various development stages.

The mat itself can be cleaned quickly with just a wipe of a damp cloth. Or you can remove all the legs and card holder and throw it on the washing machine and air dryer. It is very easy to assemble and comes in various color.


  • Well-padded
  • Detachable toys
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Easy cleaning


  • Not suitable for traveling
  • Relatively expensive


As you can see baby playmats come in different designs and features. You can find ones that can dazzle your little one with music and lights or get a playmat that can only be used as a safe place to play.

Regardless, playmats are extremely important. Not only does it help in promoting your baby’s developments in different areas, but it also gives you and your arm a few minutes rests!

20 Best Baby Carriers of 2019


Having an intact relationship with your children starts at the beginning of its journey; you have to grab every opportunity to gain that kind of relationship be in your hand. Being a parent you want to take all the responsibilities in taking good care of your child but how could you do that if you’ll going to carry a baby for the rest of its childhood life? You can do that by purchasing one of the best baby carriers of 2018 discussed below.

Beforehand, baby carriers were made for the convenience of every parent to do more stuff without affecting its parenthood responsibilities. There are different kinds of helpful baby tools but this kind is one of the best tools in pampering a child.

Let’s discover its usefulness and effectiveness!

20 Best Baby Carriers of 2018

  1. LILLEBaby All-Season Baby Carrier

LILLEBaby is known for their dedication in creating innovated baby wear products in terms of its style, the comfort it could give and continuously making products that are best for the family. There are 3 models of baby carrier that’s good for all season:

This model seriously supports the hips of your baby with its adjustable seat and leg support and it is approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It is a “ready to use” baby carrier without needing any kind of insert from birth and no worries for back pain on the parent for it has a strong lumbar support that relieves back pressures. It can carry the baby in six different ways with comfort for it is made of 100% cotton and has a temperature control section. Other models for Complete All-Season baby carrier includes Airflow, Original, Embossed and Organic Baby Carrier.

It is made for grown-up babies to whom the previous model are not able to carry. It can convey a toddler in 3 different ways including front, hip and back carrying way wherein it can breathe freely and feel comfy at the same time. Other features not mentioned are present on the first one. Another model is the CarryOn Airflow.

It is good for newborns and toddlers for it offers 4 different positions to carry a baby including front, hip, and back and for the newborn, you need to purchase a separate infant insert. It is called “Essential” because it gives a breathable and cool feeling on the baby with the help of a temperature control section.

  1. Ergobaby All-Position 360-degree Baby Carrier

Ergobaby is doing a great job in positioning their baby carriers in the market as the best. It gives an extra comfort on the baby with its ergonomically designed seat and a hood for extra protection from sunlight as well as on the parent carrying it for it is built with a padded lumbar and shoulder support. Moreover, it fits on both petite and large body size for it can be easily adjusted. It can be used into 5 positions if you’ll buy an extra insert for newborn use. The best baby carrier in providing a cool feeling for the baby it conveys.

  1. Innoo Tech Cotton Baby Sling
  2. A baby carrier with a twist as it is designed just like a wearable cloth with no hard materials attach on it. A French Terry, 95% cotton and 5% spandex made product. The company included an instructional DVD in the package for every parent to have a guide to follow on how to wear it. It is highly suitable for first-time mothers for breastfeeding as it is a hands-free baby carrier and you can do many things while carrying a baby. 

With this baby sling, no more back pains and muscle sores will be experienced by both parent and baby. But, it may not fit for a plus-sized parent.

  1. CuddleBug Baby Wrap

With this one wrap, you can do 4 things including a baby carrier, a breastfeeding cover, a post-delivery belt, and a heat regulator. A baby carrier (where it is primarily used) makes your baby be with you wherever or whatever you’re doing; in other words, it makes you more productive even cuddling with your baby. A breastfeed cover where you can do breastfeeding even outdoors without being bothered or using another covering. As a post-delivery belt which helps to restore your original size right after birth and a heat regulator to warm a baby during the cold weather.

It takes 8 steps in order to set up the baby wrap for ready use.

  1. Tula Ergonomic Carrier

Tula got the award for the best babywearing brand in the year 2017 and 2018 because of quality-made and stylish products. Being a parent doesn’t mean losing your personal style thus by having this Tula Ergonomic Carrier you can be a stylish parent as they offer various designs. You can carry a child in front or back positions as well as supporting its hips and spine without you getting hurt as it is made of padded shoulder straps and wider waist support. There’s no added zipper and a 100% cotton-made which renders more breathable and cool feeling to the baby. Additionally, a hood with optional used for sleeping or protection.

  1. Baby Bjorn One Baby Carrier

A JPMA certified baby carrier which means designed properly for baby’s safety. It is a newborn-friendly baby carrier for it doesn’t need an additional insert and it is good for outdoor use. One Baby Carrier suits more likely for a sporty parent (especially for dads) for it has extra waist support and padded shoulder strap and has plenty of pockets for storage and an added sporty bag. The baby can be carried in 4 various positions in front or at the back concerning head, neck, hip and leg support. It can be perfectly used by a newborn up to 3 years.

  1. Boba Baby Carrier

A baby carrier that is best for baby up to 45 lbs. for it has multiple adjustments for both parent and baby’s comfort and a soft-quality that is admired the most. One adjustment is located on the chest which is adjusted by sliding it up or down and the other is on the side for easy breastfeeding purposes and adjustments on the straps. In addition, it has a two-positioning built-in infant insert and a removable hood for sun and sleep protection. It can convey a baby both in front and back position.

Boba Air is a storage-friendly baby carrier which can be kept in its small pouch and a great companion in every travel with your baby. And also, an easy to clean carrier as it is made of 100% nylon. Because of its padded leg openings, it is greatly adored by most parents as it adds comfort for their baby.

  1. TwinGo Original Baby Carrier
  2. 10.It’s so struggling to carry two babies at once thus TwinGo made a twin baby carrier to ease that struggle. The baby carrier can be worn as one (one at the back and one in front) or be worn separately (one for mom and one for dad) and could be adjusted up to 8 times depending on the babies’ sizes. The hoods are 100% cotton-made which works as head support and a shield from the sun. Its waistband is also adjusted from petite up to large waistline for added comfort. For storage purposes, it has an extra-large pocket for your babies’ essentials and also for your personal stuff.
  3. 11.Bebamour New Style 2-In-1 Carrier
  4. 12.It is a 2-in-1 carrier which can work as a 3-way baby carrier as well as a 3-way baby single seat. The shoulder and waist pad is made of cotton which ensures the comfy feeling of a parent wearing it and the baby’s seat is made of foam pad to make it feel at ease. Another accessory attach on it is the removable hood and 2 baby bib attach on the shoulder strap. There’s also storage underneath the belt enclosed by a zipper. If you’ll be using it as a single seat, make a guard on your baby to ensure its safety.
  5. 13.Gemini Performance Baby Carrier by Beco

Beco created a soft-structured baby carrier with much toughness on its quality which can be used for a newborn until it weighs 16 Kg. It is fully padded thus will not cause you back pains, and muscle sores while carrying a baby as well as your baby will get its desired comfort as its leg support is also soft-padded. Lastly, no need of buying another infant insert as it is all soft-padded.

  1. 14.Clevr Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Carrier

Parents (especially in this generation) love to go hiking and with a baby, it could have been harder. Thus, Clevr steps up the game by creating a baby carrier suitable for hiking so you can now carry a child while enjoying the trek. It is a lightweight and an all-season baby carrier having a canopy and waterproof storage and a lot more pockets for additional storage. If you get tired carrying it on your back, it can stand alone on the surface with its metal stand. It has foam-padded seat with a 5-point safety harness for the comfort and security of the baby. It can carry a not more than 3-year-old kid weighing up to 40 lbs.

  1. 15.Mother Nest Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Mother Nest creates a 100% cotton-made baby carrier with an affordable price that meets the US safety standards. It has 2-way carrying positions according to specific ages told by the company such as facing the chest (for 4-month old) and placing at the back (for 8-months and up). There’s also a separate pocket for the parent and for the baby and it has a double-layered hood for more heat protection. For more storage, there’s a two secret pocket and one elastic pocket on the belt.

  1. 16.Baby K’Tan Original Cotton Wrap

Another USA approved 100% cotton-made baby carrier as it is best for breastfeeding, unlike other baby wrap products you don’t have to put much effort into wearing this. The package includes a baby carrier and a sash-like bag which are both machine-washable and provides greater security on your baby. There are no buckles used thus preventing unexpected muscle sores. You can place a baby in it in 5 different ways where all give comfort for the baby.

  1. 17.Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier

It is an old-style baby wrap with no buckles attach on it and it is good for a fast-growing baby for it is flexible in nature and to its fitting. There are 3 different ways of carrying a baby using this Sash Mei Tai Carrier including chest-facing, hip-position, and backpacking. It has a well-balanced seat for the baby to feel at ease and to enjoy the carrying experience. It also relieves shoulder aches with its lumbar support system as it can carry a maximum weight of 36 lbs. Another is the removable hood for sun protection.

There are 5 more models of this brand that can be effective in carrying a baby.

  1. 18.Newborn Baby Carrier by Sleepy Wrap

It is a baby carrier that is perfectly designed for newborn wherein a lot amount of elasticity helped the baby to be more comfortable and free to move without getting frustrated. As baby normally loves to feel the warmth, by using this baby wrap you can heat up your baby when it’s cold and it helps them to strengthen their immune system. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex that’s why wearing it doesn’t make you feel hot. Furthermore, breastfeeding and getting your baby unto sleep is easier with this baby carrier as it renders a direct contact of the baby to their parent.

  1. 19.MiaMily 360

MiaMily 360, a Swiss expert-approved baby carrier, got the highest attention for the best baby carriers of 2018 as it offers 9 different positioning for your baby including 3D hip seats. It helps to avoid hip dysplasia by providing a proper hip seat for the baby. For the ventilation, it keeps your baby feel cool with its breathable used materials. Shoulder straps can be used in a single or double way depending on how you will carry the baby. Lastly, it contains much storage for your stuff and an extra bag for your baby’s essentials.

  1. 20.Ring Sling by Hip Baby Wrap

A 100% cotton-made baby wraps that look very simple but available in a very elegant rainbow color (made of nontoxic materials), it can be used for hip carrying. It has an aluminum ring on the upper shoulder that serves as a lock for the whole baby wrap and unfortunately, it has no shoulder pad. It can carry a baby weighing in a range of 8 to 35 lbs. Moreover, it is machine washable.

  1. 21. NimNik Sling Carrier Hipseat

NimNik made a soft-padded hip seat and a baby carrier in one package wherein the hip seat can be detached for more comfortable to carry. It is appropriate for a kid weighing 12 lbs. to 45 lbs.  And also, the waist strap is soft-padded and adjustable for more lumbar support. It also has multiple pocket storage for your phone and other essentials.

  1. 22.Ergonomic Baby Carrier by Mother on the Move

A soft-designed, mother-friendly baby carrier and can carry a baby in 3 different positions including back front-facing, chest-facing, and hip-positioning. It is not appropriate for infants to use weighing less than 12 pounds. For comfy feeling, its shoulder and waist straps are both soft-padded that kept every parent comfortable even using it all day. During storage, it can be folded and be stored in a diaper bag; that’s how portable it is.

  1. 23.Evenflo Breathable Soft Carrier

The last but not the least baby carrier to be mentioned is from Evenflo brand; not the least for it is the most affordable baby carrier on the list costing $20. Unlike other baby carriers, it only has 2 options in carrying a baby; either in and out front-facing holding the baby’s head and neck on its own. It is made of breathable fabric materials that make cool air be felt by the baby and the parent wearing it. It also has a bib located directly below the baby’s chin and it is detachable and washable. The padded back can be adjusted up to the desired fitting. Most importantly, it has a lockable buckle that supports the baby’s body.


  • Why should I use a baby carrier?

A study said that carrying a baby lessens its crying session and also enhances their relationship with their parents. You should use a baby carrier for you to develop an intact relationship with your child in an early stage.

  • In what position should the baby be in?

This depends on the baby carrier you have bought whether it allows front-facing, chest-facing, backpacking, hip-positioning, and other positions. There are baby carriers that work in multiple positioning and also for a single seat (as mentioned above). Just make sure that the baby is comfortable in its place.

  • Can baby carriers cause back or shoulder pain?

Depending on how you wore it. Most baby carrier products are having their soft-padded shoulders pads to avoid the aching of shoulders and as soon as possible there is no buckles attach to completely prevent muscle soreness. On the back, it normally has lumbar support to keep you at ease even carrying a heavy child.

Again, wear it correctly.

  • Is it safe for a baby to sleep in a baby carrier?

Absolutely yes! As your baby has the full support from head to legs thus falling asleep makes no difference in its safety. Just uncover the face and tilt the chin for the baby to breathe freely and keep the head and neck be at full support. In addition, if there’s an available hood you can use it to cover your baby from direct sunlight.

  • When should I start using a baby carrier?

You can start using a baby carrier as long as the baby is able to support its head and neck. There are appropriate baby carriers for a newborn which is the sling and wrap style where the baby can lay down during breastfeeding. But, normally a baby aged 4-months-old can start using a baby carrier still with parent’ support.

  • Does it cause hip dysplasia?

Manufacturers of baby carrier intelligently create a product by considering this chaos that’s why most baby carriers are approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute’s guidelines. There is a thing to consider preventing your baby from experiencing hips dysplasia:

  • Leg positioning

Choose a baby carrier that positions your baby’s legs in M-shaped just like when the baby is in the womb.

  • What should I consider before buying a baby carrier?

There are many features you need to consider but most importantly you must take into consideration the durability of the product and the comfort it will give to the baby when you start using it. Baby carriers are primarily made for comfort and for babies to not feel frustrated when being pampered.


We understand the difficulty of having a baby (especially for the first-timers) to continue a normal living like doing chores independently. By these baby carriers, you can move normally without setting aside your baby’s needed attention from you for it’ll be with you all the time. Your baby can have your full attention. Thus, in choosing a preferred baby carrier you need to consider your baby’s comfort and safety.

If you’re a parent and wants to have a close relationship with your child, start it with a baby carrier until it develops when the baby gets older. As we promise, you won’t regret getting one. If you’ve finally tried some of these baby carriers, we would love to hear from you. And if not, try using one of these baby carriers right after reading this.



No one likes seeing their kids hurt, the healthcare of children is always essential to every parent. In unfortunate cases where your kids sustain injuries like wounds, scrapesand bruises, as parent you need to properly treat these injuries so as to reduce the pain it causes the kids and also enhance the healing process.Band-Aids and Bandages are some of the things you need in treating these injuries, there are basic items that should be in your kids’ first aid box. You may be thinking, of what use are these Band-Aids and Bandages. Let’s take a look at their uses below;

Primarily, Band-Aids and Bandages are meant to cover and help protect the wounds. By covering the wounds, they help limit its exposure to harmful germs bacteria and dirt. The Band-Aids and Bandages also apply pressure to the wounds and so helps stop bleeding. The same applied pressure to the wounds also helps stop swellings. It also generally gives a decent look, your kids walking around with open wounds and other injuries would not be too pleasant to the eyes so it is not nice to keep a wound uncovered.

Now that you have gotten an insight on why you need to get Band-Aids and Bandages for your kids, the next question that may come to mind is how do I know the best Band-Aids and bandages to buy for my kids? Well, you can say thank you to this article as it will be of good use in answering your question. Below is a compiled list of the best Band-Aids and Bandages you can buy for your kids.

Note that this list is in no particular order.

1. Band-Aid Brand Kids Adhesive Bandages for Minor Cuts & Scrapes, Disney Frozen, Assorted Sizes, 20 ct, (Pack of 6)

These Bandages features Disney Frozen characters that will be fun for your kids to look at. It is a sterile bandage and helps in treatment of minor cuts, bruises and other injuries your kids may have. The bandage pad is non-stick so it does not stick to the wounds but stays firm on the skin. This package comes with 20 pieces of bandages and they are all of different styles and shapes. Also, it is a very affordable product, one of the best you can get.

2. Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages for Minor Cuts, Nickelodeon PAW Patrol, Assorted Sizes, 20 ct

This is a similar kids bandage like the first listed but it is designed with Nickelodeon PAW Patrol characters which includes Ryder and his team of pups. These Nickelodeon PAW Patrol designed bandages contains 20 sterile bandages which are in different sizes and designs. The bandages were made to cover and protect your kids wounds, bruises and minor injuries they may sustain.   It also has the non-sticky feature as it doesn’t stick to the wound but the skin instead. It will be OK for your kids use.

3. DC Comics – DC Super Hero Girls 100 Bandages

Manufactured by White Cross, This product offers a whooping 100 pieces of quality bandages. It features designs with popular female DC super hero characters like the Wonder Woman Bat Girl and Super Girl. These bandages give total protection to your kids wounds by covering it up. It is non-sticky and it is easy to put on and to take off too. It is not only meant for kids though, Adults can use it as well.  If your kids are really into DC comics and their characters, you would be doing them a nice favour by getting these bandages for them.

4. Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages Featuring Disney-Pixar Cars For Kids, Assorted Sizes, 20 Count (Pack Of 6)

Are your kids’ fans of the Disney-Pixar cars cartoon? Then you need to get these band-aid bandages. Using these adhesive bandages gives your kids fun and protection at the same time. The package contains 20 counts of sterile bandages which are made with different designs and of different sizes too. It does not stick to the wound. Customers who have used this bandages on their kids has expressed nothing but satisfaction afterwards. It is a really recommend product and your kids are sure to get excited when they see Lightning McQueen.

5. SmileMakers – Transformers Bandages – First Aid Supplies – 100 per Pack

What customers love most about this SmileMakers Transformer bandages is the size. Also, this product is latex free so if your kids have sensitive skins, you could get these bandages for them. It is perfect for helping your kids wounds heal as it covers and protect it from dirt and germs. To further entice your kids and make them feel at ease even when injured, the bandages features designs of the Transformers cartoon characters. From the description, you can see that the SmileMakers Transformers Bandages contain 100 pieces of bandages per pack. It will make a good choice if you purchase it.

6. Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandage Variety Pack for First Aid and Wound Care, Assorted Sizes, 120 ct

This is a recommended product with a very good quality is good. It is convenient to use and also portable to carry around. This product package comes with five different types of adhesive bandages. Even when wet, you can still keep them on because the bandages are made with water resistant adhesive material and is 100% waterproof. These bandages are also very flexible and won’t go off your kinds as they play around or do any other activity. It is ideal for both kids with delicate and sensitive skin as it is latex free.

7. – Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Bandages – 100ct

This is a really really affordable bandage pack you can buy for your kids. Despite being inexpensive, it delivers nothing but quality. These bandages are non-latex and perfect for whichever type of skin your kids may have. It is designed with Marvel Guardian characters like Characters Groot, Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and Drax the Destroyer. It is a verified product produced by the American White Cross and among the best bandages your kids could use.

8. ASO – Despicable Me Bandages 3/4×3 100 per box

This is yet another latext free bandages. It features Despicable Me cartoon characters which will provide fun for your kids. adhesive bandages make first aid fun. The material it is made of is very soft and flexible. It sticks well to the skin and not the wound so it feels very comfortable, also very easy to put on and off. These bandages are ideal to protect minor injuries like wounds and bruises, not just for kids alone but adults can also make use of them.

9. Careband – PJ Masks Kids Bandages, 100 ct – Adhesive Bandages for Minor Cuts, Scrapes, Burns

These bandages are for various utility purposes and it does its work very well. It is produced with soft, smooth and flexible material and it easily contours to the skin of your kids. It is designed with PJ Masks cartoon figures making it look attractive and appealing to little kids. This is a very good quality bandage pack for your kids use, I will recommend it more because it is inexpensive, and you can purchase it with just a few dollars.

10. American White Cross – Marvel Avengers Assortment Adhesive Bandages 100-ct

Marvel Avengers, many kids are fan of this cartoon comic series. If your kids happen to be one of them, you really need to buy these bandages for them. Marvel superheroes like Hulk, Black Widow and Ant Man makes up the fun design it features. It is water absorbent so it deals with moisture very well. It sticks very well when applied; the bandages can stay on for long until you feel the need to take it off. It is one of the most affordable kids band-aids/bandages you can buy.

11. SmileMakers – Tonka Bandages – First Aid Supplies – 100 per Pack

Another SmileMakers product, the pack contains 100 pcs of sterile adhesive bandages. These bandages are latex free and each is decoratively designed with images of strong construction trucks.  The bandages are individually packed and very easy to put on. It sticks well and you will have no problem of it going off easily if your kids hit the playground. It is a product of good worth and your kids will love using it.

12. Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages, Disney/Pixar Finding Dory Characters, Assorted Sizes, 20 ct

Your kids are assured of daily wound care and protection by using this adhesive bandages. It doesn’t come short of covering and protecting your kids wounds and scrapes. It protects the wounds from dirt and germs whilst helping it heal. It is decoratively designed with decorative major Disney/Pixar Finding Dory characters like Dory Nemo. Your kids are sure to find these bandages really attractive if they love the toon. These adhesive bandages are available in different sizes and you are sure to find the perfect match for any wound size.

13. Derma Sciences Inc. – First Aid Children’s Adhesive Bandages: Planets and Stars 100 Per Box

This product is fun; it takes your kids on an trip to space to see the Planets and Stars. Not a real trip per say, but the Planets and Star designs on the bandages are sure to give me that space experience. These adhesive bandages provide needed protection for your kids and help in covering and fast healing their sustained injuries. It has a non-stick pad and it is also moisture absorbent. You will sure be able to afford it as it is not expensive at all.

14. SmileMakers – My Little Pony Bandages – First Aid Supplies – 100 per Pack

The My Little Pony Bandages are cute pieces of bandages designed with cartoon characters like Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie and other pony friends. The box comes with 100 pieces of bandages and they are all latex free. The bandages feature unique two pattern individual designs but they are all of the same size. They are meant for kids but some grownups uses them and still reports positively. The bandages are very thick and so they stick well with the skin.

15. Band-Aid – Monsters University BAND-AID Brand Kids’ Bandages Featuring Favorite Children Disney Pixar Cartoon

You noticed that there were a lot of Band-Aid products in my list and now I am rounding up with yet another one from them. The Pixar cartoon figures print makes these bandages admired by kids. It duly conceals injuries your kids sustain and also facilities healing. These are a bit expensive than most kids bandages but it provides top quality so it is worth the price.


Q: Is it better to use Band-Aids and Bandages or not?

A: Like I earlier stated, it is no nice for you to leave a wound uncovered. You need theseBand-Aids and Bandagesbecause it will help the woundsstay dry and makes it heal faster.

Q: Can you put a Band-Aids and Bandages on a baby?

A: Yes you can, but watch them closely so they don’t take it off and stuck it in their mouths.

Q: Are these Band-Aids and BandagesLatex Free?

A: Some are while some are no, if that is what you are looking for you will surely find one on the list. Still make sure to check the Product description upon purchase.

Q: How long should I keep the Band-Aids and Bandages on?

A: You will need the Band-Aids and Bandages until the wound is fully healed butyou don’t have to leave one particular one on for long. If it gets soiled you should change it, they are multiple pieces in a pack


Kids love fun and Manufacturers are well aware of that. These Band-Aids and Bandages were specially designed for kids with fun and comical characters to make them enjoy themselves while protecting them.The products and brands listed above all have quality and are my picks for the best Band-Aids and Bandages you can buy for your kids.

best mini crib reviewed



The Orbelle Tina Three Level Mini Crib is among the most sort after and most customer recommended baby cribs today. Would you like to know why and you would also like to know if this product is that reliable? This product review on the Orbelle Tina Three Level Mini Crib will provide you with all you need to know about this product. I believe when done, you will be able to decide if you should purchase this mini crib or not.


The Orbelle Tina Three Level Mini Crib is a great mini crib that will make a good buy. Firstly, it can be converted from a mini crib to toddler beds. Well, almost all mini cribs have this feature, but unlike most mini cribs, it comes with a conversion kit which means you don’t have to buy it separately. Also, It is easy to install and assemble mini crib as it comes with everything you would need to set it up. You just need to read and follow the provided instructions. The Orbelle Tina Three Level Mini Crib is Greenguard gold certified, and it has been proven to be meet ASTM and U.S CPSC standard. It can hold a maximum weight of 20 pounds. Twenty pounds should be OK, but when compared to the maximum carrying weight of most mini cribs, it certainly is behind. The Orbelle Tina Three Level Mini Crib weighs about 41 pounds which makes it a bit heavy, but it is still portable. Having three mattress positions, It is made available in 4 different finishes, so you pick your taste, I do prefer the white one above all though. 


The Orbelle Tina Three Level Mini Crib is made sturdy wood material which is very durable. It is also safe health wise as it has been proven to be BPA and Latex Free. Aside from that, it has been tested to be able to withstand moisture.


To be assured of quality, you have to be mindful of where you make your purchase. It is always recommend that you order from top online shopping sites like Amazon or eBay. Better still, you order directly from the Orbelle manufacturers.


Buying the Orbelle Tina Three Level Mini Crib will cost you up to $185. You can say it is expensive, I agree with myself.


Greenguard Gold Certified

Easy to Assemble

Sturdy Material

BPA and Latex-free

Three mattress positions

Available in different finishes



A bit heavy


Having provided all the needful information about the Orbelle Tina Three Level Mini Crib, what will be your conclusion? Well, if you ask me I would say that the Orbelle Tina Three Level Mini Crib despite its flaws is a very comfy mini crib that your baby would enjoy using.


It is usually fun setting up and arranging your baby nursery. But how will your baby nursery look without a matching crib for your baby? There are lots of baby mini crib, and the Dream On Me Addison 4 in 1 Convertible Mini crib is one of them. To know more about this product, take you to go through this review figure out how useful the product can be.


Like earlier stated, this mini crib is a perfect addition to our your baby nursery, and it can be used by both babies and growing toddlers. It is a multi functional crib as it can easily be converted from a crib to a daybed or twin bed, but the rails needed for the conversion is sold separately. It is also easy to assemble, if you followed the given instructions, you would have no issues with doing that. You may not use the mattress it comes with as it is very thin so you may just consider buying another. Have I mentioned that it saves space, of course, it’s a mini crib, so it does consume less space where ever it is assembled? It has three adjustable mattress positions which are going to be an added advantage. It weighs about 37 pounds, so it is lightweight thus it can be easily moved in case you might need a change of room. It is available in different finishes, so you get to make and pick your choice. Customers often recommend the Dream On Me Addison 4 in 1 Convertible Mini crib for others to buy because they found it very useful.


Mini cribs are usually made of wood, and this product joins the trend. The Dream On Me Addison 4 in 1 Convertible Mini crib is made of strong, sturdy and long-lasting New Zealand pine wood and Chery material.


The Dream On Me Addison 4 in 1 Convertible Mini can be bought from the Dream on Me manufacturers by ordering it on their website. You can also buy from Amazon or eBay.


This product can be bought at $160 or even at a higher price. It does not cost friendly, but if you have the money, I would suggest you buy it as it is of good quality.


Saves Space

Easy to Assemble

Easy converts to a bed

Toxic free

Three mattress positions

Available in different finishes

Light weight



Rails for twin bed conversion sold separately


To end my review, I must say that the Dream On Me Addison 4 in 1 Convertible Mini Crib is a crib with a very beautiful design. It is well made and it looks elegant. It’s better you opt for this instead of getting a standard crib.


This is a product review on the Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib, one of the best baby mini cribs available today.


As a product, the Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib has everything you need in a mini crib. Let me start by complimenting its elegant and beautiful design that can make you fall in love with this mini crib instantly. But, we can’t be carried away by its design; we need to know how useful the Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib can be. Mini cribs are known to consume less space and so the Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib won’t be an exception. In fact, it is customized to even save much more space. This is a stationary mini crib as it has stationary rails. The Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib is a mini crib that can be easily converted to a daybed or a twin size bed. However, the rails or frames needed for this conversion is sold separately, you just have to spend a few more dollars in getting it. Also, it doesn’t come with beddings or a mattress, rather it comes with a 1″ changing pad which may just be useful for the mean time before you purchase a better mattress for the crib. The Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib provides needed support for your baby as he or she grows by featuring 3 adjustable mattress positions. This product is available in different finishes all of the same quality. It is easy to assemble as the package comes with all the needed tools for assembling. The Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib is light weight as it weighs just about 20 pounds. The weight is much lesser when compared to most mini cribs. Despite its light weight, it can hold a maximum weight of 40 pounds. This mini crib is toxic free, it has been tested to be free of toxic elements and it meets the ASTM and CSPC standards. It is generally a mini crib with quality.


The Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib is made of very strong quality wood material.


Amazon and eBay are the best places for you to order the Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib.


The Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib is sold at a very moderate and affordable price. You can get this product at about $120.


Saves space

Toxic free

Easy to Assemble

Light weight

Easy to fold

3 mattress positions

Available in different finishes


Conversion rails sold separately


The Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib is a product recommended by many customers so it most certainly will make a good buy.


The Dream on Me, 2 in 1 Portable Stationary side crib is one of the most used and recommended baby crib available. We are going to be reviewing this product to find out how reliable and useful it is and also detect its flaws. 


The Dream On Me, 2-in-1 Portable Stationary Side Crib was made for baby’s use. It is a very firm and sturdy crib that does not consume much space when set up. If you happen to purchase this product, you certainly won’t have any trouble with setting it up as the crib is very easy to assemble; you need as little as just a screw driver to assemble it. It is 2 in 1 so it has two support positions where you can lay your mattress meaning it can be adjusted to 2 different heights. It is portable as it has stationary back rails and hooded safety wheels which make it easy to move. Featuring the United States Patented rail system, it can also be used as a playpen or changing Station and it can easy be folded flat making it easy to store. As an addition, it 1 comes with a mattress Pad upon purchase. It has a dimension of 40 x 26 x 38 inches and weighs 30 pounds.


The Dream On Me 2 in 1 Portable Folding Stationary Side Crib is made of wood and is available in different finishes. The wood material is very solid and long lasting; it is also free from toxic elements. Being available in different finishes gives you an advantage of making a choice.


You can buy the Dream On Me 2 in 1 Portable Folding Stationary Side Crib by ordering it from online stores like Amazon or eBay. You can also order it directly from the manufacturers’ website.


The Dream On Me 2 in 1 Portable Folding Stationary Side Crib is not really a cost friendly product. It can be bought at $110 – $130. If you are lucky enough, you can order when there is a promo or discount offer so as to buy at a lesser price.


Free from Phthalates, latex, lead and BPA.

Available in different colors



Easy to Assemble

Travel friendly

Multi functional

CPSC Certified


A bit Expensive

Comes with a very thin mattress


In all ramifications, this is a good buy for a baby crib.  But make sure you buy from a verified seller as most customers often complain of getting bad, damaged or a crib with wrong parts which makes it impossible to assemble. If you purchase from a verified seller, you will be pleased with the purchase.


If you check reviews of the Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib online, believe me you are bound to get confused. Some customers do rate it 5 stars some will rate it as low as 2 or even 1 star. How do you know which is giving you the actual information about the product? Well, in this review, we shall be going in detail, and checking out the usability of the Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib.


The Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib is the ideal Mini crib for space saving. It is constructed in a luxurious manner that makes it a good addition to your baby nursery. It has wheels that make it very mobile and easy to move around the house. It also can be easily folded thus increasing its mobility. It is available in different decorative finishes and it comes with a mattress a little bit thick when compared to the thin mattress pad most mini cribs come with but it is still less useful, you are likely to consider getting a better mattress. It has 2 adjustable mattress positions which will really be of good use as your baby grows. Most mini cribs often have 3 to 4 adjustable positions, but believe me that is really not a problem. The Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib can hold a maximum weight of 35 pounds, a little lesser than most mini cribs. It is also a light weight mini crib as it weighs about 34 pounds. Assembling the Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib is also easy and can be quickly done. When new, the Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib often have a paint smell which is usually a common thing with painted wood products. But not to worry, with time and with constant use, the paint smell is sure to wear off.


The Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib is constructed with strong and sturdy wood. The material is long lasting and durable.


There are whole lots of online stores where you can order the Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib. Online shops like Amazon and eBay are the top recommended.


Now, this is not a cost friendly product, the Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib is sold at almost $200. It sure gives you 100% quality though.


Saves space

Easy to Assemble

Light weight

Easy to fold

2 mattress positions

Available in different finishes


Paint Smell



Whereas this mini crib may be expensive, it is good to spend your money on quality than buying cheap products at cheaper rates. I would definitely recommend the Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib for anyone looking for a mini crib to buy.


Looking for the best crib to buy for your baby? The DaVinci Anabelle 2 in 1 Mini crib and twin bed may be the exact product you have been looking for. Before you finally make your choice to buy this product, take your time to go through our review.


The DaVinci Annabelle 2 in 1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed is another quality product from the DaVinci manufacturers. It is a mini crib so it is ideal for small nursery as it takes up just little space where ever it is assembled. Being a mini crib, it is very portable and that makes it travel friendly.


This Mini crib can easily be converted into a twin sized bed although the bed conversion kit is sold as a separate product. This product is Gold certified by Greenguard and it is safe and free from toxic chemicals that may be harmful to your little baby. It doesn’t end there, this mini crib and twin bed is also approved based on the ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards. It is OK for use by babies aged 18 months and below, it can hold up to 50 pounds weight and weighs 37 pounds it self. It all features 3 adjustable mattress positions and a 1” waterproof pad is included in the purchase pack. Now this pad which serves as a mattress is very thin, you may end up not even using it as you would need a thicker one.  Nevertheless, you can purchase another to fit just the exact size.


This mini crib and twin bed is made from New Zealand pine wood, you should be aware that DaVinci normally uses pine wood for their cribs and beds. Now most people ask if the wood is painted. It is not, it is stained instead.


Where you choose to buy a product is very important. To be sure of buying the original DaVinci Anabelle Mini crib and bed, I would recommend you purchase from Amazon or other online stores like eBay. Ordering directly from the manufacturers website is also worthwhile.


You can purchase the DaVinci Anabelle 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed for a little above or below $180.


Very Portable

Available in different finishes

Waterproof pad

1year warranty

Easy to assemble

3 adjustable mattress positions


No conversion kit included – sold separately

Gets scratches on wood easily


Try the DaVinci Annabelle 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed, it’ll provide your baby comfort. It is a crib with a very simple yet luxurious design. It may have it’s cons (which of course every product have) but it is still one of the most recommended baby crib.


It is usually advisable to get a mini crib for your baby instead of a normal standard sized crib. The main reason for this is to save space and this Mini crib and Twin bed does just that. Read on to find out more about the DaVinci Kalani 2 in 1 Mini crib and Twin bed to find out if it is the right crib for your baby or not.


The DaVinci Kalani 2 in 1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed is an awesome crib coming from the DaVinci manufacturers. It is a product with great quality and is available in different elegant and colorful finishes. Just like it was earlier stated, it is a mini crib with a perfect size that saves space. It is easy to install, though it may be a little difficult for one person to do but if two hands or three are on deck, it is no task. This crib has 4 different positions where you can lay the mattress and it is a really useful feature that you too would appreciate. It comes with a mattress pad that is just plastic wrapped foam, it is very thin and the only thing worthwhile about it is that it is waterproof. You will fare well with this crib if you get another mattress for it, and make sure you buy one that will fit with the crib’s measurement. The mini crib can easily be converted to a twin bed but the conversion rails are sold separately and it is even sold at at a bit high price. Whether as a mini crib or twin bed, it is still a good fit for babies.


This mini crib and twin bed is made of Wood, cherry and oak material. The material is really durable and long lasting. The mattress it comes with is made of very thin foam and plastic. You may consider getting a thicker one.


There are many stores online where you can order the DaVinci Kalani 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed but I always recommend ordering from Amazon, EBay or directly from the DaVinci manufacturers through their website.


For the price of the DaVinci Kalani 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed, it is sold at about $140. It may seem expensive but it is worth the quality you are getting.


Saves Space


Easy to Install

Available in different finishes

Waterproof pad

1 year warranty

4 adjustable mattress positions


Very soft wood

Very thin mattress pad


The pros of the DaVinci Kalani 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed is more than its cons so we can agree that it is a product of quality and also one of the best cribs you can buy for your baby.


If you have been reading reviews online, you would agree with me that some customers scream Do not buy or Wasteful product when you come across their reviews, others say Beautiful, perfect and Great all for the same product which may make one very confused as at which is correct. I know you want the best for your baby so in this article we will be reviewing one of the best baby cribs out there, the DaVinci Emily 2 in 1 mini crib and Twin Bed.


The DaVinci brand is a brand known for producing quality products. The DaVinci Emily Mini Crib is a multi-functional baby crib and a good choice for your baby. It is designed in a luxury manner and it consumes less space in the room. This crib can come in handy if you happen to have twin babies as it can easily be converted to a twin bed. In this case, you get to save cost, instead of buying 2 beds for your babies, you just buy 1.


The first and main feature you will notice from the DaVinci Emily 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed is that it has 4 adjustable mattress positions. It also comes with a 1” waterproof. To further complement on its quality, you should know that it meets the ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards. A 1-year warranty is also assured by the manufacturer and it is GREENGUARD Gold Certified. It weighs 34.5 pounds and is 39.5 x 28 x 37.9 inches in dimension. It is ideal for babies of 18 months and below.


This crib and twin bed is made from pine wood gotten from New Zealand. The material is very sturdy, luxurious and long lasting. It also has the CARB II compliant MDF board mattress support. The Emily Mini Crib is available in three different finishes; you can choose the best color for you.


You can choose to buy by ordering it straight from the manufacturers. But I often recommend that you order from an online store, Amazon in particular.


You can purchase the DaVinci Emily 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed for about $160 or a little less. It is a bit expensive but it is worth the quality this product provides.


Luxurious Design

Easy to assemble

4 adjustable mattress positions

Consumes less space


Chemical smell

A bit expensive

Lowest crib too close to the ground


This DaVinci Emily 2-in-1 Mini Crib and Twin Bed can be seen as an alternative for a standard size crib. It is an absolute favorite baby crib for most parents and they keep on recommending it. You may also like to buy the 4″ DaVinci mattress, just to add to its luxury.


So you are looking for a mini crib for your baby and having a hard time to figure out which out of the many you should buy. The DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib is a great option for you to buy.


The DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib has some really unique and likeable features. The crib is optimized to fit in the smallest of space, it even can pass through doorways. It is a rocking crib and it does just that with the wheels off, the wheels are both lockable and removable which is a rare feature among mini cribs. Believe me that the rocking feature is one that you would really love. The DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib with a solid structure has three adjustable mattress positions, you can adjust it to the perfect position where you can easily reach your baby. It comes with a 1” waterproof pad which is common for the DaVinci mini cribs, you can opt for the 4″ DaVinci mattress which is sold separately for a better mattress.  The DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib meets ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards meaning it is free from toxic chemicals. The company issues a 1 year warranty, you could get a replacement if it breaks down within that period. This mini crib weighs just 25.5 making it very light weight, it is one of the advantages it has over other mini cribs. Also, the maximum weight capacity it can carry is 50 pounds. Setting up the DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib is no work, you just have to follow the provided directions.  Unlike other mini cribs, the DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib cannot be converted to a daybed or twin bed, it is one area that it is lacking behind. 


The DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib is a crib with an elegant structure. It is made from New Zealand wood and wood frame just like the other DaVinci mini cribs.


You can buy the DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib on Amazon or eBay. Shopping for this crib on the DaVinci baby website is also a good option.


The price for the DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib ranges between $120 to $125. It is one of the affordable mini cribs available and you can easily adjust your budget to purchase it.


Saves space

Easy to Assemble

Light weight

Lead and Phthalate safe

3 mattress positions

Available in different finishes


Thin mattress pad

Cannot be converted to bed

No teething guard


Once again, the DaVinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib is one perfect mini crib for small space. You could just keep the crib next to your own bed and watch your baby sleep comfortably. If you conclude on buying this mini crib, you will find it just as reliable as it should be.


One of the best selling mini cribs today is the Babyletto Origami Mini crib. It has gotten so many reviews by customers, both positive and negative. In this review, we will take a closer look at this product and tell you all you need to know about it.


Babylleto is a renowned baby products producing company. The brand has been invoke for years and have now become favorites for most moms. The Babyletto Origami mini crib is one of the products that comes out to prove just how reliable the Babyletto products are. The first thing you will notice about this crib is its really beautiful design. It is a very sturdy structure not minding that it can be easily folded for storage. This mini crib has two adjustable mattress positions which is needed as your baby grows. It comes with a very thin mattress, better still you can just call it a pad as it is certain that you will replace it by getting a better one. This crib really saves space; it has wheels that moves, making it easy for moving around the house. Most people complain that it is very difficult to assemble, but it is really easy. Maybe they are just not doing it the right way, if you follow the instructions, you will find it simple. The Babylleto Origami Mini crib is safe for your baby health, it has been tested and proven to be free from toxic elements like lead and phthalate. The product also meets ASTM International and US CPSC Safety Standards. This mini crib is available in different finishes, all are elegant and of the same high quality. One thing customers complain of is that the paint peels off easily, I wouldn’t want to disagree with that but it may be due to poor handling. The Babylleto manufacturer also issues a 1 year warranty for this product so you are still on a safe side.


The Babyletto Origami Mini Crib made with sturdy New Zealand Pine Wood and also Carb II Compliant MDF. The material is durable and long lasting.


You can buy the Babyletto Origami Mini Crib by ordering it online from Amazon, eBay or the Babyletto website.


You may have to set a higher budget to purchase the Babyletto Origami Mini Crib. It is sold at about $270. It has quality, but It is one of the most expensive mini cribs you can find.


Saves space

Rolling wheels

Easy to fold

Easy to assemble



Paint peels off


The primary concern anyone would have about purchasing the Babyletto Origami Mini Crib is it’s price. You may be pondering whether to buy it or go for a more affordable one. All I can say is that the Babyletto Origami Mini Crib is a quality product, and you should buy it if you have the funds.

Best Swaddle Blankets


There are few things more satisfying than wrapping your baby up in a perfect swaddle blanket burrito. The thing is, swaddling a baby isn’t just for the aesthetic, it’s to help bring comfort to your baby while they’re adjusting to the world around them. Before a baby is born, they are snuggled up in the womb, surrounded by the amniotic sac. Swaddling is meant to help simulate the feeling of being in the womb, in turn making it easier for a baby to settle down and sleep.

Most swaddling is one during the first 3 to 4 months after your baby is born. Some may refer to this time period as the “fourth trimester”. Parents find that swaddling their baby helps out a lot when it’s time time for bed, allowing them to sleep comfortably for longer periods of time. Not only does this help a baby get the rest they need, but the entire family can also get their sleep in as well.

Different Types of Swaddle Blankets

Swaddling has been done for hundreds of years. Recently, new types of swaddle blankets have been created to help make swaddling easier, more effective, and cuter thanks to the plethora of designs you can find in the market today. Swaddle blankets are made in many different styles, fabrics, and colors to suit your personal preferences and what you feel is best for your baby. The following is a list of the different types of swaddle blankets you can pick:

Old Fashioned Baby Swaddle Wraps

These swaddle blankets are the traditional way to swaddle a baby. They are either square or rectangular shaped pieces of fabric that require you to wrap your baby up yourself, which can be done in a few different ways. To help you out, we’ll explain the process step-by-step.

How to Swaddle Your Baby

  1. First, you need to lay the swaddle blanket down on a safe, flat surface in a diamond position. The top corner should be folded over 4 to 6 inches to allow your baby’s head freedom from the rest of the blanket.
  2. Next, you should lay your baby down on the center, placing their neck over the fold you just created.
  3. Pull the left side of the blanket over and tuck it underneath your baby. Make sure your baby’s hips are loose as you do this. You should never force your baby’s legs straight as you do this to prevent hip dysplasia.
  4. The next step is to pull the bottom corner upwards and place it over their left shoulder. Tuck this corner into the fold you created on the top of the blanket to keep it securely in place.
  5. The final step is to bring over the right corner and tuck it underneath your baby on the other side.

As you swaddle your baby, you’ll want to make sure their arms are staying either 1: on their sides or 2: in front of them together. Some babies are soothed from their hands being up front and together.

Swaddle Suits

Swaddle suits are a cheat for those who would prefer to make things a little bit easier. These swaddling suits use zippers, velcros, or hook & loops to help wrap the fabric around your baby and bundle them up. This is very useful for saving time, reducing stress, and making those night time wakings a little bit easier to deal with.

Some Tips to Help You Out

Even though swaddling your baby is something that comforts them, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in terms of safety and your sanity. Here are some swaddling tips:

  • For the most part, pretty much every baby likes to be swaddled. Don’t be discouraged if your baby seems to object at first. Try out different swaddling blankets and techniques and you’ll most likely figure out what works best for both your baby and you.
  • At around 2 months of age, your baby will most likely want their arms to be free. At this point, you can start to swaddle them less and look into a wearable blanket to help keep them warm.
  • Aside from a swaddle blanket or a wearable blanket, there should be nothing else in your baby’s crib. Bumpers, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and more are not safe to keep in the crib with your baby.
  • Start off with at least 2 or 3 swaddle blankets to ensure you always have one on hand. Since your baby will only need to be swaddled for the first few months of their life, you don’t need to go overboard with the swaddle blankets either (though many moms like to find secondary uses for these blankets later on!).

Best Swaddle Blankets Reviews

So now you’re a swaddling expert and need some swaddles for your baby. To help you out, we picked out the best swaddle blankets that you should definitely consider.

Miracle Blanket Swaddle

The Miracle Blanket Swaddle helps to make swaddling easy. A hidden pouch provides coverage for your baby’s legs that never gets kicked off. Wide flaps help keep your baby’s arms in place. Once your baby is all wrapped up in this swaddle, it will be a miracle! The only hard thing here is choosing which of the 7 patterns you should choose from.

The Ollie Swaddle

The Ollie Swaddle leaves a lot of room for swaddling your baby the way they want to be swaddled. Choose to wrap arms in or leave them out. The bottom part is adjustable and can open for easy access to diaper changes, or simply to let out longer legs. Secure your swaddle wrap with velcro so you don’t have to worry about your perfect wrap coming loose.

Kepi Support Swaddle

If you don’t mind splurging, the Kepi Support Swaddle is a great choice. It offers amazing support for your newborn’s head, neck, and back. Your baby’s arms will be swaddled in place thanks to velcro secures. The leg area is made to allow their legs to kick freely. The Kepi Support Swaddle can be used for babies up to 15 pounds.

Woombi Original Swaddle

The Woombi Original Swaddle makes swaddling easy in a different, unique way. In fact, you may find it has somewhat of a cult-like following (for a good reason). All you need to do is zip your baby up in this swaddle and their arms will be snug and comfortable. The fabric is stretchy to ensure the fit is not too tight. Double zippers allow you to zip both from the top and bottom so you can change diapers with minimal disturbance.

Baby Swaddle Wrap Sack by Bublo

You get 3 swaddle wraps in this pack of Baby Swaddles by Bublo. Secure your swaddle wrap with fastening straps that are also noise free. This wrap is essentially a breathable cotton sack that your baby will feel at home in. There are colors and patterns available suitable for both girls and boys.

Aden + Anais Classic Swaddle Baby Blanket, 4 Pack

Our first traditional swaddle blankets on our list are the Aden + Anais Classic Swaddle Baby Blankets. They are made of 100% cotton muslin to ensure comfort and breathability. You can choose from 20 different pattern packs, all of which are super adorable (which can make it hard to choose). What’s great is these blankets can serve other purposes such as a travel changing mat, a nursing cover, tummy time, and more! One pack of these gets you 4 swaddle blankets, which is enough to get your started.

Little Unicorn Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle, 2 Pack

Some more swaddle blankets on our list are the Little Unicorn Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle blankets. Little Unicorn makes swaddle blankets with some of the most darling patterns that you will definitely fall in love with. On top of that, these blankets are made of organic cotton! What better fabric to wrap around your precious, organic baby? Even though you need to work on your baby burrito wrapping skills, the end result will be heart melting.

Hudson Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Another set of swaddle blankets to consider are the Hudson Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets. They come in a pack of three so you can have one for swaddling, one for a stroller blanket, and another for those spit up emergencies. Choose from over 20 different colors and patterns to suit your baby girl or boy.

CuddleBug Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets

The CuddleBug Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets are made from 100% muslin cotton fabric that is soft to the touch. It’s perfect to use for your baby’s delicate skin and it’s breathable to ensure they don’t overheat while they sleep. These wraps come in packs of 4 and are offered in 5 different pattern packs, each of which are super adorable.

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle, 3 Pack

The SwaddleMe Original Swaddle blankets come in a pack of three. They offer you simplicity with hook and loop closures so you don’t have to stress out about making the perfect wrap in the middle of the night. It also means you can make your swaddle a little more snug or loose depending on your baby’s preference. If you would like, you can also look into the SwaddleMe wraps for preemies (for up to 7 pounds).

Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original

The Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original offers your baby the option to sleep with their arms up, a common sleep position we find our babies in. This wrap offers enough flexibility and freedom for your baby to move their arms and hands to their mouth if they desire. If you notice your baby doesn’t like super snug swaddles, then the Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original might just offer the freedom they desire while still providing a somewhat snug environment.

HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle

Don’t worry about performing origami just to get your baby soothed and back to bed when you have the HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle. This swaddle blanket is essentially a sleep sack. What makes it different is that it has “wings” that fold over and secure with velcro to help keep your baby snug while they sleep. You can also adjust the wrap to allow your baby’s arms to be free.

12 Best Nursing Tanks 2019


Love the idea of breastfeeding your little angel, but not that thrilled to reveal your post-baby belly to the whole world?

Well, you’re not alone!

There are plenty of women are fine with nursing while they’re out, however quite stressed on what to wear in order to keep things comfortable and private. This is why so many mothers are adding nursing tanks to their wardrobes.

Wearing a top that is designed to give you fast access for breastfeeding will definitely make your life so much easier when nursing every few hours. Particularly when your little one is screaming their lungs out, right now!

But, it can be quite difficult to find the right top that will not leave you bare and cold at the park, announcing something like: “nursing mom here!”

So, we already did the hard part and created this list of the best nursing tanks that are not only functional but will also make you look and feel great.

12 Best Nursing Tanks 2019

  1. Bravado! Designs Dream Nursing Tank

We got good news for the ladies with that big bust. This tank top designed around the idea of nursing bras, so it provides an excellent amount of support. The nursing tank features a full cup drop-down for private nursing and offers plenty of skin-to-skin contact with your little one. The tank does not offer tummy control, however, it is long enough in order to provide good belly coverage and can be worn even if you are still pregnant.

Using 8 percent spandex and 92 percent cotton, this tank offers you excellent breathability and comfort. You can wear it alone with your favorite pair of jeans or under a sweater with your favorite leggings. In addition, this tank is tested and certified with the oeko-tex standards, ensuring that the product is free from harmful substances that can irritate your little one’s delicate skin.

  1. Caramel Cantina 3Pack Nursing Camisole

Offering you 3 camisoles in each cami pack set, Caramel Cantina uses thick nylon spandex material for their tank top for your all-day comfort and good washing conditioning. This nursing tank is now available in 4 sizes from S-XL to accommodate a range of bust sizes. In addition, it also has a built-in shelf-bra which gives much-needed support for the bustier moms.

It features clips which are very easy to remove with one hand and has now straps on the back so you can wear it on criss-cross if you are wearing this under a racerback tank. Its long length offers great layering, however, you can also wear it on its own.

  1. iLoveSIA 2-Pack Seamless Nursing Tank Top

This seamless nursing tank top from iLoveSIA was made from 92 percent nylon and 8 percent spandex for your comfort and stretchy support you need. Its long design offers a comfortable feeding environment that makes it a perfect undershirt for nursing. It features one-hand nursing clasps and drop-away bra cups which offers the maximum skin to skin contact with your little one.

The tank comes with molded foam cups that are removable for a lining when you need it to hide your breast pads or nipples. It also has a detachable shoulder belt that offers more convenience when nursing. Featuring breathable, ribbed gore stretches, this tank can accommodate normal breasts size fluctuations.

  1. Leading Lady Empire Waist Nursing Camisole

This nursing tank is more than just a simple camisole. Designed with essential nursing features and silhouetting design, it is the perfect addition to any breastfeeding or maternity wardrobe. It has one-hand easy nursing clasps and a quick drop cups for maximum skin contact with your little one when nursing.

In addition, you’ll enjoy a perfect fit and length which makes it ideal for jeans, yoga pants and leggings. With gentle wire-free support of built-in shelf-bra, making it perfect for sleeping in or a leisurely day around your house. It also has a sexy lace racerback design that will make you still look fashionable when going out.

  1. SUIEK Nursing Top Tank

The SUIEK nursing tops were designed in order to provide convenience and comfort nursing. A good choice for sleeping and lounging this top tank has a fabric composition on 5 percent spandex and 95 percent cotton that gives you superior comfort all day.

What makes it different than other tanks is that it has no clasps and features a V-neck and crossover style where you can just simply pull it aside for instant nursing access. Hyperelastic, it allows extra room and can be used during pregnancy. Its adjustable straps come with built-in pouches for inserting nursing pads for added support.

  1. HOFISH Seamless Maternity & Nursing Tank Top

This tank top from HOFISH is a wire-free nursing tank top that is designed for your comfort and easy breastfeeding. Its bra design offers additional support that gives you that perfect boobs shape. In addition, it features a triangle cup with wide side and adjustable straps to accommodate your changing shape and can be used during pregnancy and nursing.

Made of 10 percent spandex and 90 percent nylon, it offers the support and stretchability that you need. It comes in sizes small – extra-large and comes in a variety color, including this 3-pack option which includes one grey, one white and one black top.

  1. Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Nursing Tank

With such a soft design, this nursing tank from Kindred Bravely is among the most recommended choices for sensitive breasts. Featuring a Cribsie Award, this nursing camisole is a favorite among moms and you can wear it under your clothes or casually at home as a sleepwear or a tank. It is available in sizes S – XXL with busty and regular variations.

With extra-long hip length, this tank can support maternity and postpartum tummies. IT has a built-in shelf-bra, drop down cups and nursing clips for easy pumping and breastfeeding access with removable padding and adjustable shoulders straps in order to accommodate your ever-changing body. It also provides the perfect amount of daytime coverage and support without uni-boob, makes nursing outdoors a snap.

  1. KUCI Nursing Tank Top

This tank top from KUCI is suitable for pregnant women and postpartum breastfeeding. Its V-neck design with drop down cups offers easy access for breastfeeding. It has abdomen ruching offering lots of space for your growing bump and a large range of motion.

It has built-in pouches for bra pads or nursing pads which can be exchanged easily. Its soft cotton fabric is free of harmful chemicals that may irritate your little one’s skin.

  1. UpSpring Baby Nursing Tank Top

With the UpSpring Baby Nursing Tank Top, you can now enjoy breastfeeding while slimming down your waist and belly. It has all the breastfeeding benefits such as built-in bra with easy-to-use clips and open cups for maximum skin to skin contact when nursing, as well as a 360-degree compression over your abdomen and cutting-edge bamboo charcoal fiber tech that slims down your waist and belly so you look and feel sexy again.

The bamboo charcoal fibers help naturally increase your circulation and raise your metabolism, slimming your post-baby belly. The tank is latex-free and is machine-washable for your convenience. And you get to choose sizes from small to extra-large.

  1. Smallshow Nursing Tank Tops

Offering a wide variety of fun colors, this tank top is a must-have addition to your motherhood wardrobe. Unlike other nursing tanks, the Smallshow Nursing Tank Tops has smart discreet feeding access with double-layer design for easier nursing.

With a basic pull-over o-neck sleeveless style, it is super easy to pair with skinny maternity jeans or leggings and your favorite sandals for a laid-back weekend look. Smallshow also offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, for a risk-free buying.

  1. Bearsland Sleeveless Nursing Tank Tops

A fashionable and stylish nursing tank top like any other, it comes in a variety of fun and bright colors for traveling, shopping or any other activities. Comfortable and functional, it is made of 6.9 percent spandex and 93.1 percent rayon so it has the right amount of stretch and comfort.

It has an O-neck sleeveless style with lace patch at the back making it practical and easy to dress up with your favorite legging or jeans. It has false two pieces where you can lift up the front layer for easy breastfeeding access without the hooks and clasps.

  1. Intimate Portal Gaia Nursing Tank

Made of 8 percent LYCRA and 92 percent cotton, this stylish nursing tank offers comfort and a sleep bra structure that provides light support and pull-aside nursing access in order to make nursing or pumping so much easier.

It features inner pockets that hold breast or nursing pads in places. This tank is highly stretchable to accommodate your changing body and can be used during pregnancy. Available in a variety of solid colors, you can choose from small – XXL sizes.

Things To Look For In A Good Nursing Tank Top

So, since has buying anything after childbirth been as easy as buying it before even getting pregnant? Never. And since clothing is not an exception, here are the following tips to pick out the right nursing tank.

  1. Built-in Bra

Most nursing tank tops should offer some support for your chest. Whether such support is enough in order to keep you comfortable will actually depend on your bust size, so don’t even think about burning your maternity bras yet. So, if you’re one of the very busty mamas, then you might need to get the extra support that a nursing bra offers.

  1. Material

If you’re eyeing a formfitting tank top, then you might want a soft fabric which should provide you with a comfortable stretch without losing fit. Polyester, spandex, nylon, and cotton are the most common materials that you will come across.

However, cotton has the best breathability, so if you want to avoid sweaty boobs and adding some saltiness to your little one’s meal, then cotton is the best to go.

After that, you will have to think of shapewear. Are you interested in a loose fit or something that will tuck your tummy in? Since these are both things which different nursing tanks offer, make sure to double check that you’ll be getting what you want before purchasing.

  1. Skip The “Wrinkle-Free” Tops

Yeah, I know you love something which means less work. Believe me, I do. However, wrinkle-free finish usually comes with chemicals such as formaldehyde added to the fabric.

Since you surely don’t want your baby to be resting their delicate skin against that, then you need to steer clear of clothes featuring a wrinkle-free promise.

  1. Avoid The Nip Slip

If you are an active mama, then take this into consideration:

Before heading to the gym for cycling or yoga classes, you need to make sure that your nursing tank is not going to fall open.

Know that there is some nursing cami that does not have hooks which are designed for a lot of bouncing around, providing a chance for your spin class to become awkward and embarrassing.

  1. Ruching Note

This is a technique of having some fabric “bunch” which can give a really cute silhouette. That is if you’re wearing the nursing tank as it is. However, if you are looking for a tank to wear as an undershirt then you might want to look somewhere else. Go for a smooth fabric which lays flat and smoothly against your body in order to avoid that bumpy appearance which can make people wonder what’s going on under your outer shirt.


So, as you can see, there are various ways to breastfeed without baring your all when out in the public. Since there are so many styles and designs to choose from, you will not have to sacrifice your fashion sense.

Have fun creating a wardrobe which works with your breastfeeding need, so that you and your little one can get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

Best Organic Baby Yogurts: Review and Buying Guide 2019


Many parents are still in doubt whether yogurts are good for babies. Let the best organic baby yogurts below clear that up!

Babies demand a high-fat diet for them to develop faster than ever. Apart from milk, yogurts are a great source of fat and it comes in different ways. That includes Greek or Regular, Plain or Flavored, Homemade, and Organic or Conventional. We’ll be focusing on the organic type of baby yogurts which are known to be more expensive yet better for babies.


Choosing the right food for babies can be crucial knowing they cannot say anything on the food they consumed. Before we get into finding the best yogurts for babies, consider these key factors when choosing a baby yogurt:

Baby’s age

Food consumable by babies chiefly depends upon their stage of development up to the fourth stage. Be certain the baby eats food appropriate to its age.

Organic-made yogurts

Artificial additives on food are dangerous to the baby’s health and so choosing organic options is desirable by most parents.


Babies are more caught up by flavored yogurts which greatly satisfy their taste buds. Please avoid yogurts with artificial flavors for good reasons.


Baby yogurts usually come in a pouch for traveling purposes and can last even when left unrefrigerated. However, it’s yummier when cooled.

Multi-pack options

It is more efficient to purchase one pack with multiple individual yogurts to save more money and time.

Top 10 Organic Baby Yogurts

1. Earth’s Best Organic Fruit Yogurt Smoothie

These 12 BPA-free, resealable pouches of fruity-flavor yogurts are suitable for toddler consumption. It offers classic flavors including a strawberry banana that is GMO-free and hence the best-selling flavor of Earth’s Best. It is fully organic with no artificial flavors added and rich of calcium and vitamins C and D.

You can expect tasty and real yogurt ingredient perfect for baby’s snack. The packaging is very child-friendly with its fun character decorations. The yogurt smoothie need not be refrigerated for a long time and best to bring during travels.


  • USDA-certified
  • Travel-friendly resealable pouches
  • Great fruity flavors


  • Some babies dislike its taste

2. Plum Organics Mighty 4

This organic yogurt is formulated with the help of a pediatric advisor and is certified organic without GMO ingredients. Each pack contains 4-ounce of four food groups such as dairy, fruits, vegetables, and whole grain. All nutrition a baby needs is therefore within one pouch of organic yogurt with added vitamin A, C, and E.

Moreover, it contains tweak amount of protein, fiber, and omega 3 ALA from chia which is helpful for babies too. Plum Organics really turn the raw nutritious foods for babies in a form of more interesting BPA-free packed tasty yogurts.


  • Good for toddlers
  • Nutritious organic yogurt


  • Issues on its new formula

3. Peter Rabbit Organics Baby Food

Peter Rabbit offers ten varieties of flavored organic yogurts packed in ten BPA-free pouches. Flavors are easily notableas the packaging color reflects its said flavor. There are no added preservatives as well as sugar content. The existing flavors are combinations of fruit and veggies with toasted oats that add more delicious taste on the yogurt.

This baby food is best recommended for older babies because of some solid particles it contains such as oats. The package’s labeling is clear to understand for it shows ingredient combinations. For example area veggie and fruity blend, fruity blend, and veggie blend.


  • Several flavor options
  • Well-packed healthy snacks


  • Spoilage issues

4. Happy Baby Organic Stage 2 Baby Food 

Happy Baby’s Organic Baby Food is one of the top-picks yogurts for growing babies under stage 2. It is packed in 16-pieces of a clearly crafted pouch that lets you see what’s inside the package. Along the way of exploring baby’s taste buds, this baby food is a perfect companion with balance organic blends and flavors a baby would like.

The company offers more unique tastes coming from fruit, whole grain, and vegetable extracts. Organic recipes are known nutritional as well as delicious which matches the child’s age. The most wanted flavor of kids is the Apple, Kale, and Avocado Blend Organic Yogurt which is rich in Vitamin A.


  • Well-packed
  • USDA-certified
  • Farm-grown ingredients


  • Unfriendly taste

5. Happy Tot Organic Stage 4 Super Morning Baby Yogurt

This one is suitable for stage 4 eaters and serves as a healthy breakfast with its unique fruits, whole grain oats, and chia seed ingredients. Additionally, it contains fiber for good digestive system and Vitamins A and C for eye health and immunity system. These 8 BPA-free packs of organic yogurts are kosher-free, gluten-free, and great for the budget.

Your tot can actively start a day with these tasty breakfast blends. It has a very welcoming taste for picky eaters. Only two organic fruity flavors are available.


  • Rich in vitamins
  • Toddlers love the taste


  • More oats content than yogurt

6. Stonyfield Organic Yokids Yogurt

Stonyfield guarantees freshness and quality of products, and Yokids Yogurt is no exemption. It isn’t packed in a pouch but in a cup and requires to be refrigerated therefore, a perfect snack for toddlers. You can get 6 evenly packs of two-flavored yogurt, including strawberry and strawberry banana blend, which are both kid-friendly tastes.

It has25% less sugar content than the other kid’s yogurt and rich in calcium, protein, vitamin D, and has 1% milk fat. It is certified USDA organic and gluten-free for a healthier lifestyle. This yogurt is appropriate for individuals who are lactose intolerant without any side effects.


  • Straw is included
  • Conveniently packed


  • Requires chilling

7. Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food

Are the flavors provided by the previous organic yogurts not enough? Ella’s Kitchen offers beyond expectation number of flavors about 25 options. You read it right!

Exploring new tastes of yogurts is supported by Ella’s Kitchen. Babies age 6-months and up are suitable to consume this food. The food product is GMO-free, USDA-certified, kosher-free, and pack in a BPA-free pouch. There are no thickeners and other additives added.

You can buy 6 or 12-packs that could last up to 24-hours without being refrigerated. It can be served as a snack or a meal for babies.


  • Many flavor options
  • Safe for babies
  • Fruity-veggie blends


  • Other kids hate the taste

8. Once Upon a Farm Organic Baby Food

Creative flavor names make this yogurt unique from the other yogurts which lead parents to be attracted in buying one. The delicious flavors freshly came from the farm with no added preservatives and are certified organic. One box contains 16 pouches of yogurts that are cold-pressed and not heat pasteurized. The pouches are recyclable via TerraCycle.

It is good for three stages of development from babies to toddlers due to its increasing texture. They also offer smoothies and applesauce for kids and for all ages, respectively. The yogurt is a Non-GMO Project and Clean Label Project certified that assures safety for baby consumption.


  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Fun flavor names
  • Certified product


  • None

9. Sprout Organic Baby Food

Protein is very much needed on every baby’s meal because of the good effects it releases. Sprout Organics proudly introduce protein into baby yogurts with these recipes, such as Plant-Powered Protein and Bone Broth Protein. There are other flavors beyond apple and pear which the company develops for 6-months and older babies. No concentrates, preservatives, sugar, and artificial colors added. The main ingredient ever use is vegetables.

Aside from fruity and veggie combinations, the first even bone broth yogurt for babies is made. The producer added 2-grams of broth in each pouch which is a great source of meat protein. This amount is only a few for babies not to majorly taste.


  • Whole food
  • Newly in the market flavor
  • Rich in protein


  • None

10. Gerber Purees Organic Baby Food

If pouches aren’t enough for your growing kid, you can purchase an organic yogurt in a jar. The pouch is designed with Smart Flow spout to avoid pouring out any substance on the floor. Further, Gerber Organics is widely available in any stores selling baby foods and their products are all budget-friendly. The company suggests to start feeding your baby with cereal or oatmeal under the same brand.

18-pouches are in the box with equally distributed flavors. All of the ingredients are the result of the hard work of every farmer in the US. This results in a more natural and organic baby yogurt. Small clap to those ordinary people behind the success of Gerber Organics!


  • Known and reputable brand
  • Well-designed pouch
  • Widely availability


  • Issues on the packaging


Perhaps these questions have been stressing you out the whole time you’re reading the reviews of products earlier. Of course, parents don’t want to put their kids in danger by picking the wrong yogurt in the market. Try asking first these most asked queries:

  • At what age should you let babies consume yogurts?

As long as the baby starts to eat solid food at usually 6-8 months of age and beyond, you can mix a small amount of organic yogurts to the baby’s diet. Make sure the yogurt is appropriate for babies.

  • What are the most essential ingredients of organic baby yogurts?

Babies are delicate when it comes to what they consumed. As a parent, there’ll be no time to check all of the ingredients written on the package. Hence, spotting these two ingredients is enough:

  • Organic whole milk also known as pasteurized whole milk

It must contain more fat in which essential for babies to gain muscles, healthy brain development, and have strong bones. Infants require up to 33-grams of fat per day while growing kids need up to 35-grams. It makes the yogurt tastes better.

  • Live active cultures

List of live active cultures includes L. bulgaricus, acidophilus, rhamnosus, and so on. These elements turn milk into yogurt and provide probiotics.

  • At what time of a day should babies eat organic yogurt?

Since yogurts are full of nutrients such as calcium, vitamins and minerals, and proteins, it can be served as baby’s main meal and snack. One cup a day is enough for babies as it already contains more and more nutrients a baby needs.

  • Are baby organic yogurts safe for a lactose intolerant individual?

Organic yogurts are safe for lactose intolerant individual without any doubt. The way it is made is organic and therefore no harmful ingredients are added. Moreover, the culturing process helps to breakdown lactose.

  • Why do medical communities say no to dairy products, including yogurt, earlier than 1-year-old?

They’re lying!

Dairy products are good for babies above 6-months for it is easy to digest. The only reason why experts don’t allow the yogurt to babies is they fear breastfeeding formula will come to an end. The remedy is to feed the baby with yogurt with moderation without excluding milk. Then again, yogurts are beneficial for babies earlier than 1-year.


There’ll be no substitute to a mother’s milk in nurturing a baby which is a great source of protein. However, adding an organic yogurt to the child’s regimen as early as 6-months is recommended for extra nutrients a baby can absorb. It’s important to know whether a selected yogurt is good for babies or not to prevent further serious damage upon the baby’s health.

Most parents are rooting on the best organic baby yogurt mentioned earlier. Hope you’ll pick one of those too.

Best Lightweight Strollers


Babies are the source of happiness inside a family, they display cuteness and good vibes to everyone. But what if you’re a mother with a busy life or you’re an adventurous one and traveling is your dream. You might think it’s hard to travel and even go shopping while holding a baby. Babies also love watching the world go by. They also love beaches, malls, and other places. This helps them to improve their eye sightseeing different colors, animals, and other god’s creation. But you might think it’s so exhausting traveling to a place and worrying about the comfort and safety of your kids. You might even think it is impossible to do but if that’s your case here are some simple tips you can do.

Tips on Traveling With Your Baby

  • Pack Minimal

As much as possible, you pack only those necessary needs. The less the better. Pack clothes that enough for your travel. If you choose to take only one luggage make an equal space for your thing and your baby stuff. You can also separate the thing of your baby in a hand carry bag to make it more accessible to you. Never forget important things such as diapers, wipes, milk, oils and other baby essentials. Don’t pack for what-if stuff, it’s better to check all the things that are need before going on a trip. First things first, as a parent before traveling to places you need to check the weather status of the place. This will help you to pack the necessary things you need.

  • Baby’s age and health

As you pediatrician before booking your flight or planning to travel. You need to check the capability of your baby before risking to take it on a trip. Mostly they recommended that parents can take their baby on a trip at the age between 3-6 months. At this time the baby immune system is well developed that means baby can fight viruses around them. You also need to consider the health status of your baby. Prevention is better than cure. Make sure that your baby completed all the vaccination needed and secure them by giving vitamins and other baby supplements to make their body strong.

  • Priority Boarding

One of the privileges of having a baby is the priority boarding given by airlines. In this point, you need it so grab it. Ask for assistance to help you put all your hand carry on the compartment or on the overhead bin especially when you’re traveling alone with your baby. Make sure to secure all your stuff than settle down to focus on your baby. If you go to toilet ask for the flight attendant to watch over your baby. Also make sure all the things like milk, wipes, diaper and extra clothes are on your side to easily access them if needed.

  • Book a place to stay

Never forget to book a place that is safe for you and your baby. Find a hotel or other suites that give high-quality service. Choose a place near the market, mall or even hospital as possible. This will give you peace of mind because you can access them in immediately in case of emergency.

  • Take baby gear as possible

List down all the baby travel essential for your travel tips. Organized all the things of your baby according to use. One of the problems might occur when you’re with your baby on a trip is holding them while exploring the place, this will make you tire and exhausting. That is why baby product manufacturers made different and useful strollers or car seat to give a solution to that problem. Before going on a trip make sure to have strollers or even a car seat for your baby. This is a big help for you to carry your baby around the place even your holding other luggage. Strollers and car seats also help to secure your baby on a trip. Check and choose the best stroller for your baby that gives comfort for your baby.

To choose a stroller that is best and most recommended by many parents around the world. Listed below are known and trusted stroller brand you can consider. All this product is available on the online market such as Amazon with perfect deals for you.    

City Tour LUX Stroller is manufactured by Baby Jogger which provides beautiful design and high-quality product. This Stroller is good not just for grown-up kids but also infant. The stroller has an infant car seat connection which is compatible with a foldable pram. Because of the innovation of this product, the Baby Jogger makes this stroller more useful by giving 5 different riding option from infant to toddler. The stroller has an ultra-compact one-hand fold which can be folded in either direction. You can also reverse the seat facing forward or rear. It has an auto-lock and carries a strap which helps to carry the stroller in anywhere you go. They make sure the stroller is lightweight and has durable tires to give a very smooth ride for your baby.


  • Beautiful design
  • Ultra-compact
  • Five different riding options
  • Perfect for infant and grown-up kids
  • Auto-lock
  • Durable tires that offer a smooth ride


  • No footrest
  • You need to buy the other accessories like bumper and cup holder separately
  1. Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

The 3Dlite Stroller by Summer Infant has a durable and lightweight design. This stroller has a stylish aluminum frame and considers as one of the lightest weighing 13lbs and rich convenience stroller in the market. The stroller has a compact that is used to fold the stroller in just 3 simple steps, it also has an auto-lock and carries straps that are ideal to carry around anywhere you go. This product also provides comfort and safety for your kids with the easy to recline the seat and 5 point harness. The open design and easy to recline seat is ideal helping your kids have a comfortable position while napping or even changing diapers. The 5 point safety harness can easily adjust to 3 height position. The stroller also provides enough storage basket for all the stuff of your baby and other things. And lastly, it has an adjustable canopy which helps to block harmful rays from your baby’s sensitive skin.


  • Compact fold
  • Padded harness
  • Stylish frame
  • Portable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Deep Recline


  • Doesn’t works great on uneven terrain
  • Not comfortable for tall children
  1. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

This Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller has an ultra-lightweight design that is perfect for traveling and any day-tripping with an easy ultra-compact fold. They make the stroller more comfortable by the multi-position reclining seat. They also include an all-terrain wheel and front suspension gives a smooth and comfortable ride for your kids. It has a strong safety harness to keep your kids secure and safe all day. This Cloud Plus stroller has a simple one-hand fold and can stand easily after folding. They improve the design by installing a three-tier extended canopy that offers maximum coverage to protect your kids to the sun. It also gives convenience to parents by providing two drink holder and an extra tray storage area for keys and phone. It has also a large storage basket that gives enough storage for all the thing and belongings for your baby and you.    


  • Easy to use
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • All-terrain wheel
  • Big storage basket
  • Safe and strong harness


  • It is more difficult to maneuver
  1. Chicco Mini Bravo Plus Lightweight Stroller

The design of the Chicco Mini Bravo PlusLightweight Stroller makes every travel simpler withthe click-in attachment car seat, user-friendly touchpoints, and precise maneuverability. This stroller has folding features that can easily activate and fold using only one hand. It is convenient and quick compact folding designand a self-standing capability. The Chicco Mini BravoStroller is also fit on car seat with it click in attachment features for all KeyFit and Fit2 infant car seats. It has also a parent compartment with an easy-grip handle, 2 cup holders and a zippered storage tray. Lastly, it has an extended canopy with a zip-open mesh window to gives a way of airflow.      


  • Precise maneuverability
  • User-friendly touchpoints
  • Padded harness
  • Smoothly roles overs slightly rough and flat surfaces
  • Extended canopy
  • Durable


  • The handlebar that can’t be adjusted is less comfortable, especially for shorter parents.
  • Not suitable for uneven terrain
  1. Infans Lightweight Baby Umbrella Stroller

The Infans Lightweight Baby Umbrella Stroller is designed as an essential companion for your baby. This kind of infant stroller is suitable from 6 months to 36 months baby. It has a 5-point safety belt with a double-lock construction to give more insurance for your baby’s security. The stroller was designed and made with aluminum alloy materials that only occurs 12.5lbs weight. This stroller allows all mom to carry and fold it in a short period of time. The manufacturer also allotted a mesh basket under the baby seat to provide convenient storage for baby stuff. The umbrella stroller has an improved reclining seat feature in 4 different positions according to its need. It also equipped with an adjustable canopy to keeping out the baby direct to the sunlight. You can stay the cleanliness of the stroller because the cover and even the canopy can easily remove, clean and maintain.


  • Adjustable and removable canopy
  • Easy to open and fold
  • Five-point belt safety
  • Made from aluminum alloy materials
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Not suitable for kids over four years
  1. Besrey Airplane Stroller

Besrey Airplane Stroller is designed with lightweight unique materials which help to fold up within a second using only one hand. This stroller is designed for traveling, shopping, and other outdoor activities. This lightweight stroller is tested and made it easy to fold that can be folded as a backpack. Not just that, this stroller has other features that may help you to choose this as your baby’s traveling partner. The Airplane Stroller has an adjustable canopy with high-quality catatonic fabric materials, removable handlebars that are designed to easily put in and out. Easy to collapse stroller in one hand by the one-hand folding button at the handles, a 5 point safety harness to keep your baby’s safety. It also has a shopping bassinet, 360 swivel lockable wheels, double brake and a convenient footrest for your baby. The best feature of this Airplane Stroller is when you folded it as a backpack you can also use it as a chair. All of these features are very convenient not just for your baby but also you.


  • Great for outdoor activities
  • Adjustable canopy made with high-quality catatonic fabric materials
  • Five-point safety harness
  • Easy to collapse
  • It can be used as a chair when folded


  • The seat can’t be reclined
  1. Summer 3DLite+ Convenience Stroller 

This new Summer 3DLite+ Convenience Stroller is designed as a premium everyday lightweight stroller. Which gives convenience to the parent and child comfort with high-level features that children’s may enjoy. It has a durable and lightweight features using all-aluminum frame only weighing 14 pounds. Plus they added a carrying strap and a compact fold that can be used in traveling purposes. It includes an oversized canopy with a flip-out sun visor with gives added extra protection and allows you to easily view your little once. You can easily recline the seat into multi-position with using only one hand recline with a 5 point safety harness features that can adjust to fit on your baby as possible. It has also other features such as extra-large storage basket, parent cup holder, child sippy cup holder, parent cellphone holder and zip-close storage pocket. The 3Dlite+ uses premium fabric to give a 100% comfortable for your baby. 


  • Easy to maneuver
  • A perfect travel companion
  • Easy to fold
  • Comfortable
  • Oversized canopy
  • Five-point safety harness


  • The storage of the canopy may get in your way
  • It will tip backward easily when you put heavy things on the handle
  1. Amzdeal Airplane Lightweight Stroller

Lightweight strollers are used you give convenience and allowing family that has a baby to carry strollers for travel wherever they wantedto go. One this stroller to try on is this Amzdeal Airplane Lightweight Stroller which I made as a travel-friendly stroller in a whole new level. This stroller designed to fit in an overhead compartment of an airplane with an automatic lock, pull handle and a handy carry strap which helps you to carry anywhere you go. Amzdeal Stroller is made up of Aluminum durable materials that weight in only 14.7 pounds. It has a removable bumper bar, adjustable seat, and enough storage. This stroller has a maximum load capacity of up to 20 kilograms or 44Lbs. 


  • Convenient to use
  • Travel-friendly
  • Auto-lock
  • Heavy-duty
  • Removable bumper bar
  • Adjustable seat


  • It is quite expensive
  1. Baby Joy Lightweight Stroller

Baby joy lightweight stroller is created as a helping partner for parents to give comfort and ease to them. Here is its feature that surely you’d love. The stroller has an adjustable canopy design to give lovely cover for your kid to avoid direct light from the sun and cover from raindrops. This umbrella stroller is the best stroller you could have to protect and prevent your baby from sunburn. Because of the lightweight materials and collapsibility, the mother can carry this stroller in her arms anywhere they want to go. It has also large mesh basket, bottle holder, 5-point safety harness and flexible wheels that will add safety, easy to maneuver and flexibility. It can also serve as your baby dining chair so that baby can enjoy eating with your all family.


  • Comes with a cup holder
  • Big storage area
  • The handles were designed ergonomically
  • 5-point safety harness
  • UV-proof canopy


  • The seat isn’t deep
  • Doesn’t come with a snack tray
  1. Baby Joy Compact Stroller

Compact Stroller is also one of the proud product by Baby Joy Company. This stroller is an upgraded version of the stroller that has an amazing feature to enjoy. It has a one-step brake design that locks two 360 swivel wheels that gives good security and suspension it can rotate in 360 degrees for easy maneuverability on unwanted surfaces. It also includes a large basket under the sear that provides enough space to store all the baby stuff and a bottle holder at the side. Ensuring the safety of your baby with its 5-point safety harness to protect your kids not to fall down. Besides of the harness, the stroller also has a detachable armrest as additional support and safety guard for your baby. An adjustable canopy to prevent direct strong sunlight and wheels that reduces vibration for good and stable ride. It has an additional feature such as foot covers that keep your baby foot warm and keeping out from wind when outside in cold weather.


  • One-step brake design
  • Large basket
  • Detachable armrest
  • Offers a stable ride
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Comes with foot covers
  • Easy to maneuver


  • When it is fully reclining, it tips over the back
  1. Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem Stroller

The Caboose Too Ultralight Graphite is a new lighter upgraded feature. This stroller is good for twins or mother having two kids. It has a compact frame that easy to navigate and allows strolling you kids in different ages. The unique design of this stroller makes it more stable and have a safer ride for your kids as possible. The stand-on stand gives older children to choose either to sit or to stand when getting tired. The Caboose Rear Seat accessory has a full-size reclining seat for a compact double stroller. The Joovy create a lightweight travel system with an included universal car seat adapter. The organizer has an extended canopy that is made of Neoprene that gives bigger coverage and has an additional cup holder. The stroller is perfect for children younger than 2 ½ years old. The Stand-On Tandem Stroller can be used in 3 different ways for single or double toddler seat or for an infant car seat. 


  • Compact
  • Great for twins
  • Easy to navigate
  • Full-size reclining seat
  • Universal car seat adapter
  • Extended canopy 


  • The storage area is difficult to reach
  1. Gb Pockit Air All Terrain

This pocket Air All-Terrain totally a travel essential and an ideal travel partner for every parent that provides convenience with comfort and style. It has a perfect tune provides every parent need. The double wheels were clearly designed to give a confidently maneuver and ease on different surfaces thought out the ride. It has a breathable mesh fabric and a super-lightweight design to carry weighing only 4.6 kg. and fold all around. With the unique compact folding mechanism, this reduces the size of the stroller to easily store in a compartment of a car or even in airplanes hand luggage. This is the best-recommended stroller that gives hassle-free travel. 


  • Super compact
  • Super lightweight design
  • Easy to store
  • Offers a hassle-free travel
  • Easy to maneuver on hard surfaces


  • Not suitable for babies six months and below
  1. Gb Pockit Plus Lightweight Stroller

Another product by GB is the Pockit Plus Lightweight Stroller we made with an exceptional design innovation that can be folded in the smallest strollers and ideal for traveling. In just a simple two way steps the stroller turns into a small package enough to store in an overhead luggage compartment on cars, pains, and trains. With a comfortable reclining seat, 2-in-1 travel system and a self-standing fold, the Pockit Plus is a new urban ideal travel genius. It has adapted that suits for an infant car seat and adjustable seat-back that gives comfortable that meets the need of your child. It also has an adjustable back-rest that can recline with a recline strap that allows to customized adjustment of the seat angle. Front swivel wheels make the stroller more navigating and maneuverability. Additional to the features of this stroller is the lock fold, on-hand push, self-stand, and a space saver capacity.


  • Big canopy
  • Comfortable reclining seat
  • Portable
  • Spacious seat
  • It can be utilized from birth
  • Fits in the compartment


  • The handles can’t be adjusted
  • The basket under is quite small
  • Small wheels
  1. ZOE XLC Best Lightweight Travel and Everyday Umbrella Stroller System

This Best Compact Stroller is made of ultimate lightweight, compact, rich travel stroller features suits for every to go travels. It is made of durable high-quality aluminum materials weighing only 11 pounds and has a well build stroller structure compact fold. It can be fit in a backpack and can be stored in an overhead bin of airplanes or in a car compartment. Your kids will surely love this stroller because of the comfortable and fabric seat cover and fit for your children. This stroller has an elastic storage basket convenient to hold snacks, toys, bottle and many more. It has also a magnetic peekaboo window to let you check your baby and a rear pocket that can store phone, keys wallet and more. You can assure high-quality stroller because the ZOE XLC Stroller is JPMA certified and ASTM standard. All of this guarantee a good and trusted product for your baby.


  • Five-point safety harness
  • Big and extendable canopy
  • 165-degree reclining seat
  • JPMA certified
  • High-quality
  • Can be stored in a car compartment and airplanes’ overhead bin
  • Compact


  • No leg rest
  • No adjustable calf
  1. Portable Folding Lightweight Baby Stroller

This Portable Stroller is a product of Jovial to let you do your adventure with your little one. The stroller is designed that will ease you to go out and has a compact enough to carry anywhere you go. It includes a travel bag, easy-open mechanism, and one hand steering that will make you maneuver easily. The stroller has amazing features such as spacious and comfortable seat, accessible bottom storage tray basket and a canopy sun visor. The Portable Folding Lightweight Baby Stroller is made of innovative air-light aluminum frame lightweight with high tech materials to carry and give the best comfort for your kids. It is designed to fit in small spaces from your car through planes compartment.   


  • Compact
  • Comfortable and spacious seat
  • Easy to access bottom storage
  • Canopy sun visor
  • Durable


  • Pretty expensive
  1. Graco Verb Travel System Stroller

For over 60 years the Graco brand still provides a parenting solution for all families. They upgraded their design in a safety, durable and affordable. The Graco Verb Travel System Stroller is one of the most recommended strollers on Amazon. This stroller gives a stylish and smooth ride for your kids. It includes SnugRide 30 Infant Car Seat for babies 4 to 30 lbs. that can be connected and attach to the stroller for safety. The stroller has lock-in front swivel wheel suspension and a multi-position reclining seat. Additional features of the stroller are the cup holder, tray and a large basket. Try this stroller that offers 2 nice cute color variation and amazing prints.


  • Stylish
  • Offers a smooth ride
  • Lock-in front swivel wheel suspension
  • Multi-position reclining seat
  • Large basket


  • It is not as heavy-duty as more expensive products
  1. Tiny Wonders Single Baby Stroller

The Tiny Wonders offer this cute little Single Baby Stroller with a lightweight, versatile, affordable and a portable design that is perfect for families on the go. Tiny Wonders is one of the trusted brands that is known to provide a high-quality product to the market. Tiny Wonders is also known as a highly-regarded international company. One of their product that is available in the online market such as Amazon is the Single Baby Stroller. It designed with a dual brake control to give more security and safer parking. It also has enough larger storage basket room for your baby stuff. Give easier travel because it fits in any type of compartment. Give more comfort for your baby because of the two different angle position. The canopy has a top mesh window that allowing the airflow in and out of the stroller giving your baby a breath fresh. Tiny Wonders also ensure the cleanliness of the stroller by using a washable fabric material that either to wash it or even clean using a wet towel. Most mothers recommend this kind of stroller for you to try on.


  • Dual brake control
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers a hassle-free travel
  • Large storage basket
  • Two angle position


  • The cup holder is too narrow
  1. 2019 Baby Stroller

2019 Baby Stroller is the latest stroller release by Lanhai and now available in the online market. This stroller is intended only for 0-3 Age baby. Taking your baby out for a walk is not a problem anymore with this baby stroller. It only weighs 5.9 kilograms which are lighter and more convenient than others. In just one push and press, the stroller can be folded quickly in just on hand that is why it is so convenient even you holding your baby you can fold it. The stroller has a handle where you can pull wherever you go and it is fit for all compartment because of its spacious size. The made the stroller more comfortable for your baby by putting a hard plate in the seat to support preventing from sinking, they use a fabric made of linen which is skin-friendly and you can also recline the seat. It has a long adjustable canopy to give protection to your baby from sun rays. Addition to the feature of this stroller is the visible light which helps to monitor the movement of your baby, PU materials, five-point seat belt and additional carrying basket for other stuff.


  • Good quality
  • Convenient
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to fold
  • An adjustable and long canopy
  • Skin-friendly fabric


  • Expensive
  1. Dream On Me Universal Coast Rider and Stroller

This Universal Coast Stroller is a good partner having a traditional modern stroller on the go. If you’re looking for a perfect stroller you can try this. The Dream on me is a good stroller partner for you to take your baby anywhere you go. It’s a wonderful addition to take care of your kids with amazing features including removable seat back, safety harness, adjustable handle, and push bars. The Coast stroller can be a plugin with any stroller to make it a perfect dual ride. Parents will guarantee an outstanding stroller because Coast meets and exceed all ASTM and CPSC standards.


  • Safety harness
  • Adjustable handle
  • Meets the ASTM and CPSC standards
  • Soft ride wheels
  • Easy to assemble 


  • The handlebar is quite shaky and loose
  1. Wonder Buggy Lightweight Baby Stroller

Not like other strollers, the Wonder Buggy Lightweight Baby Stroller is now improved by its Skylar jumbo umbrellas that are perfect for the family on the go. It is the most versatile stroller with a 360 swiveling front wheels a suspension system providing an outstanding control system and maneuverability in the unexpected surface. The stroller’s padded seat is rolled up with comfy headrest and mesh back that allows a fresh airflow. It’s a great partner for adventure because of the handy storage basket that can store enough thing for your baby. It has a canopy with a parent window that helps you to monitor your baby anytime and prevent sunburn. Try this for a perfect, amazing and safer travel with your baby.


  • 360-degree swiveling front wheels
  • Handy storage basket
  • A canopy that has a parent window
  • Versatile
  • Easy to maneuver


  • It doesn’t support a kid’s back well
  1. Baby Joy Double Lightweight Stroller

Baby Joy expanded their goal to create a high-quality stroller by making a double stroller for twins. The stroller was designed with the scientific and reasonable process as a lightweight stroller choice for everyone. It has a high-view baby carriage and a travel-friendly because of it easy to take. Because this stroller is for twins or two babies, the make sure to add multiple storage bags enough storage space for the stuff of two kids like diapers, bottles, toys, and other on-the-go baby essentials. Same with other Baby Joy lightweight stroller, it has a peek-a-boo window that allows better airflow, side bottle holders, safety harness and a rear brake system that gives flexibility and safety. The stroller is the perfect equipment for a parent helping them with the functionality of quick and easy umbrella fold anywhere they want to go. This double stroller is ideal for travels, shopping and another day to day-tripping that only weighing up to 35 pounds. If you have two baby or twins we recommend you to try this.


  • Safe and flexible
  • Great for twins or two babies
  • Travel-friendly
  • Peek-a-boo window
  • Multiple storage bags


  • The folding mechanism is quite awkward.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What are the important things be taken into consideration when looking for a lightweight stroller?

When looking for a lightweight stroller, the product that you are considering should be JPMA certified. Nevertheless, the following are the other factors that you need to consider:

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Safety
  • Canopy
  • Storage basket
  • Weight
  • Portability
  1. What are the benefits of using a lightweight stroller?

A lightweight stroller is highly suitable for traveling. What’s more, you will be able to carry around your newborn baby hassle-free. Last but not least, your child will explore the world and obtain natural air.

  1. Where can I buy the best lightweight strollers mentioned above?

All the lightweight strollers mentioned above are available on Amazon.

Having a baby is costly but priceless, providing the needs of your kids and seeing them enjoying it is worth it. As a parent, it is your obligation to provide all the needs of your baby like clothes, medicines, milk, diapers and other baby gear. So before going on a trip list down all the things you needed before packing your bags. Have some emergency kits for emergency use. As a parent, you must be attentive in all time and it’s your obligation to choose the best for your kids, so choose properly. All of this stroller whatever you choose is surely give the needs of your kids and comfort.


12 Best Heaters for your Baby’s Nursery


Kids don’t permanently stay under blankets during the winter and it’s so alarming. Perhaps you’re here to look for the best nursery heater in the market.

It’s so nice to sleep in a cold room with a comfy blanket and many fluffy pillows. Well, in the case of toddlers, to sleep in a lower temperature room might be challenging and results in sleepless nights. The traditional remedy to fight the chilling environment is to put on extra layers of clothing on the little one. But, one cause of Sudden Infant Death or SIDS is suffocation and so, ends the said solution.

Is there any remedy to keep the room warm even during the winter?

Here enters the use of nursery heaters to control the room temperature. It produces appropriate warmth to render comfort to the little ones. We have reviewed some of the best nursery heaters below for you to find out a good buy.

Nursery Heaters: A Quick Buying Guide 2019

There are lots of concerns about nursery heaters as it touches the welfare of a fragile individual. Throughout this section, we’ll help you catch on the most suitable nursery heater for your child’s room. Let’s get it started!

  • Safety features

The curiosity level of a child is very high wherein all matters to them. It is therefore vital for parents to secure safety on every stuff place in a nursery room. The following are the safety features a nursery heater must have:

  • Cool Touch Surface

It doesn’t mean it releases warm air that it needs to get hot too. Protect the kiddo from getting burnt by ensuring the heater has a cool touch surface.

  • Automatic Overheat Protection

Sometimes parents neglect to switch-off the heater and if not check, it may cause an overheating or worst fire. Whenever the heater hits an unsafe temperature level, it shuts down automatically.

  • Tip-Over Protection Switch

A heater might be knocked down when someone bumps into it or when a baby throws something on it. With the tip-over protection feature, the heater will automatically turn off when knocked down.

  • Grille slats design

There’s a possibility of kiddos inserting fingers on the fan. So, narrow grille slats are better. Another remedy is to mount the heater on the wall to keep it away from children.

  • Standards-certified

A nursery heater must meet all necessary safety standards the market requires. It includes UL, ETL, or CSA to completely guarantee protection. This safety feature assures every buyer that a certain product is safe for use and is legal.

  • Portability Features

The heater will certainly not stay in one room as it can be moved to other areas inside the house. The unit is relocated either by wheels or grip handle because of its compact and lightweight structure. Most heaters are designed portable and so less worry about transport.

  • Connectivity features

Do not use an extension cord for it may not provide the power requirement of the heater. Heater usually comes with a 6-feet cord or longer cord, if possible. Make sure to plug in the unit on an appropriate power outlet that has the capacity to provide the needed voltage.

  • Heat control features

It’s not easy to end up with the right nursery room temperature and so, consider these heat controls:

  • Thermostats

Thermostats are either programmable or manual as the prior is obviously more preferred. When the room temperature changes the programmable one habitually adjusts the heat level. Manual thermostat demands periodical monitoring of room temperature and requires human intervention to adjust the heat level.

  • Timers

Once the timer is scheduled, all is set. You can set times on when the switching on/off of the heater will happen. It saves power for it only turns on the heater when needed.

  • Convenience features

Carbon monoxide is very dangerous to anyone’s health, so as for babies. Check if the heater emits this gas and hence do not buy it. Having a smoke alarm at home is an advantage because it alarms whenever there’s a presence of strong unnecessary gases inside the nursery.

  • Energy-saving features

Power consumption is affected by the temperature level set on the heater so better look for a heater with multiple heat settings. This allows you to adjust the warmth as according to the room’s size. Or, desire for a heater with energy-efficient operating modes to save more energy. As energy consumption is lessened, you can have your savings too.

  • Other features
    • A noisy nursery heater is so irrelevant for sleeping babies and so it should be silent. To check this up, the decibel rating must be lower to ensure its silence of operation.
    • Since nursery heaters are only useful during winters, look out for an AC and fan-only mode heater to be used the entire year.
    • To easily monitor the temperature status of a heater, digital thermometer readings help.
    • For more convenience in controlling the heater, look for a heater model that’s controllable via remote control.
    • Choose the one with a longer warranty period.


Do’s and don’ts are very important factors to notice when it comes to electric-running devices. It avoids greater chaos an appliance may cause, if not used appropriately. The following details will help you use the nursery heater better and safer:


  • Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter also known as GFCI
  • Keep away the heater to clutters
  • Unplug the heater when not in use
  • Have a specific outlet only for the heater


  • Do not depend on an extension cord
  • Do not place the heater on tables or any elevated surfaces

Now, let’s proceed to the main topic of this post which is the nursery heaters for babies available in the market. Without further ado, let’s get it started!

The 12 Top Recommended Heaters Safe for Babies

1. Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

This won’t be an Amazon’s choice without good reasons. The portability of Dr. Infrared Heater is superb with the four caster wheels. You can place it at any spot of up to 1,000 square feet room. You heard it right! This high-powered heater consumes 1,500watt of electricity and so without any doubt, it can heat a huge room space. Tip-over and overheat protection keeps the heater safe for baby’s room use.

It lessens the use of energy while generating a higher temperature through the infrared quartz tube within the heater. The system automatically shuts down after 12-hours of use to avoid overheating. The warmth is controlled via electronic thermostat from 50 to 86 degrees of heat through an IR remote control.

Moreover, the quietness of operation is achieved with its 39-decibel noise level. Its silence never compromises its power to deliver the desired warmth and comfort for sleepy heads. For the unit’s maintenance, the filters are detachable to make every cleaning easier and faster.


  • With added humidifier
  • UL certified
  • 3-years USA warranty
  • Superb safety features
  • Very affordable considering its best qualities


  • The humidifier doesn’t last long
  • So visible controls for babies

2. Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater

You would be surprised upon the safety features Vornadobaby Tempa have. Beforehand, it is designed a vortex heat circulation wherein the heat gently scatter anywhere inside the room in a circular motion. It nearly looks like a regular fan which only produces warmer air. The heater requires a 900watt and 120volt outlet to start functioning which offers two heat and fan adjustment settings. Its cord is stored in a covered area for added safety for children not to play.

The design is finger-friendly with no sharp edges. In addition, a cool-touch case is built and it automatically turns down when accidentally or intentionally hit by something. A unique safety feature includes child lock switch which does not allow little ones to manipulate the controls or adjustments of the heater.

This heater works better in small rooms because of its compact feature without producing loud sounds to disturb the sleeping baby. You can modify the fan mode setting in either automatic or continuous mode until the desired heat is fulfilled. It is mechanically adjusted through the thermostat and so freedom monitoring is applied.


  • Perfect for small rooms
  • Highly built with safety features
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Very portable


  • Audible switch-on click
  • No temperature guide provided

3. KEYNICE Electric Space Heater 

It warms up the room without even a minute of warming up through the help of its PTC heating feature without radiation. Thus, saves extra energy as the manufacturer claims that the heater only takes three seconds to warm a nursery room. It uses up 950watts down to 550watts setting depending on the room temperature. 110volts of the power outlet is able to power up the heater. When the heater reaches beyond limit’s heat level, it robotically disconnects to the power supply to avoid overheating.

Move the heater to other places by means of the carrying handle and enjoy its 90-degree air rotation. Press the button for “rotation” to share warm air to many people inside a room. The heater operates with low noise about 30 decibels that greatly benefits sleepers especially the babies.

It can be mounted to the wall for better protection upon the curiosity of little ones. Other safety features include overheating protection, tip-over protection, dumping-over automatic shutoff, and heat adjustment settings. The piece of equipment is ETL-approved.


  • No radiation is released
  • Quieter nursery room
  • Quick to warm a room


  • Limited temperature adjustment 
  • Only for small rooms
  • Not a cool-touch surface
  • No timer

4. Lasko Ceramic Space Heater

This space heater only demands minimal space to be displayed because of its elongated structure. Regardless of its feature, it releases the desired heat through the ceramic heating element of up to 1,500watts of heating power. The control panel is placed on top of the heater including the built-in timer, adjustment controls, and digital display. The heat setting, temperature level, timer, and power button can be controlled by using the included wireless remote control.

The ceramic space heater shuts down after 8-hours of use through the help of the timer. The unit will continually yield heat without setting the timer. The heat level is programmable into high, low, and auto mode via a thermostat. Overheating protection and cool-touch feature helps to sustain the safety of the unit and the whole household. However, no auto-off feature and tip-over protection found on this unit.

It arrives fully assembled and ready to use by only plugging it into an appropriate outlet and adjusting the thermostat. It has an integrated handle for easy transporting at any corner of the room.


  • High heating power
  • Evenly distributes heat
  • Space-saving nursery heater
  • Operates quietly
  • Includes remote control and timer


  • Prone to tipping and has no tip-over protection

5. De’Longhi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

De’Longhi Mica Panel Heater is a great combination of style and high-performance with its slim feature and wall mountable option. Space needed is only marginal. This lightweight and portable heater with caster wheels and the carrying handle is able to heat up a 300 square meter room. Heating power of 1,500watts or beyond 5,000 BTUs is release for room comfort. It can be lowered to 750watts through the adjustable thermostat.

Safety is rest assured with its thermal cut-off which prevents overheating and tip-over switch to make it more stable. The unit is manually adjusted through its control panels with multiple heat settings located on its side. You can expect a silent operation at all times.

The feet are removable when the unit is wall mounted. It is greatly recommended to mount the heater onto a wall to keep it away from children reach.


  • Wall mounted feature
  • Has an anti-freeze setting
  • Very portable heater
  • Stylish designed


  • No fan mode
  • Limited heat settings

6. DeLonghi EW7707CM ComforTemp Portable Oil-Filled Radiator

It’s the first nursery heater that ultimately saves power while maintaining an optimal room temperature about 68 and 70 degrees F through the use of pure diathermic oil. Once the oil heats up, heat is enjoyed even after the heat setting is minimized and even after shutting down the unit. There’s no need to refill the oil system as it is permanently sealed. 27% of the electric bill is being saved for other appliances.

The control panel holds an adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings in three levels: high, low, and auto. This oil-filled radiator is suitable for a room measuring 150 square feet as the warmth is uniformly distributed. When the heater feels low temperature, it immediately switches on to prevent freezing.

It is built with wide, tip-over wheels to easily move the heater along without rolling over. The portable and silent heater is built with rust-resistant metal and wraparound cord for long-lasting usefulness. Its round edges render extra safety feature.


  • Has tip-over protection
  • Cool-touch surface
  • Saves up power consumption
  • Very affordable
  • Anti-freeze setting
  • No assembly required


  • No remote control
  • Have need of warming up

7. Lasko 6405 Designer Oscillating Heater

An oscillating heater is necessary for nurseries as it doesn’t directly blow heat to the baby. The heater rotates to equally heat the entire room with a particular temperature level. To focus the heater on a particular area, turn off the oscillation function. It provides 1,500watts of warmth and can be adjusted with two heat settings. Additionally, you can depend on its electronic thermostat to adjust your desired temperature. An auto-off timer sets 7-hours of usage before an automatic shutdown and hence prevents overheating.

In terms of its design, the heater looks different than the prior heaters. It has a scrollwork base that is able to stand on the floor or on a tabletop. On top is a control panel thus more accessible to make an alteration. With this feature, crazy good reviews are flooding. This unit is therefore good-looking and high-performing product.

An added remote control enhances temperature adjustments with quietness and convenience. The heater is ETL-certified and meets NRTL standards because of the safety features it bears such as overheating protection and tip-over protection. No cool-touch surface is the only downside of it. However, being ceramically-made means its surface won’t get too hot.


  • Stylish designed
  • Enhanced safety features
  • More positive reviews from the consumers


  • Gets easily damage according to some users
  • Slightly expensive

8. Honeywell HCE200W UberHeat Ceramic Heater 

Do not ever underestimate what a Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater can do regardless of its littleness. This ceramic heater is modernly designed in a circular form and is ideal to place in rooms, tabletop, and even on desktop. It can heat up the room with up to 1,500watts heat output and has two heat settings, including high and low warmth level. You can choose your desired level of heat via the thermostat dial with an auto-shutdown feature when the right temperature is reached.

It is only ideal for small rooms yet has already proven its effectiveness as mentioned above. A red power indicator is only present to keep the unit visible at night without being distractive to the sleeping tot. Safety measurements are with this heater such as cool-touch housing, automatic tip-over shutdown, and overheat protection.

Almost all heating needs exist on this heater, including ceramic, fan-mode, infrared, and radiant. It, therefore, increases comfort as well as savings due to the efficiency of the heater to provide warmth inside a room.


  • Highly effective in spite of the portable structure
  • Quickly warms a room
  • The presence of safety features


  • Has only two heat settings

9. Sunbeam Dual Comfort Heater and Fan 

To get a heater and fan in one product, look no other than Sunbeam’s Dual Comfort Heater and Fan that is sold at a very reasonable cost. Use the heater mode to keep the room cozy and warm and for more circulated air, use the fan-mode. In each mode, two adjustments are to be experienced. Under the fan mode, there’ll be soft and hard blow setting and for heater mode, low and high heat settings are available. It is indeed for all year appliance.

The unit can be tilted and adjusted to focus on the desired direction. It can be positioned on the floor surface or on elevated surfaces whichever is more appropriate. It can withstand shaking with the assembled sturdy base in which wherever it is placed, it’ll remain firm. A carrying handle is added for easy transferring of the unit.

It is ETL-certified and other safety features such as auto-off function, overheating protection, and cool-touch housing are all experienced with this heater and fan. With this product, it cuts your cost in buying two appliances as the unit comprises all your needs. 


  • 2-in-1 purchase
  • Perfect for personal use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Stable base design


  • Complaints about its performance
  • No warranty offered

10. Dyson Pedestal Fan and Heater Combo

The season isn’t always cold and therefore a heater and fan combo is a good buy. Dyson Pedestal Fan and Heater Combo is the second multi-functioning appliance on the list. But, we’ll focus on its heater identity. Further, it is controlled only through a remote and so do not misplace it.

The unit is pulled together with Air Multiplier Technology which evenly spreads out the warmth in a room. It can be tilted and oscillated to effectively distribute the needed heat or coolness. Room temperature is constantly monitored by the thermostat to maintain the right temperature for the wellness of your baby. This results in lower energy usage and hence saves money.

Little fingers are safe as there’s no use of blades which is very child-friendly and so lessens the worry of most parents. Heating elements aren’t exposed to promote better care for little ones. Moreover, auto-off tip feature prevents further damages on the heater when knocked down as it shuts down automatically.


  • Space-saving, stylish, and child-friendly design
  • Multi-purpose appliance
  • Included remote control
  • Evenly spread out the heat
  • Can be tilted and oscillated


  • No buttons on the unit
  • Produces unnecessary noise

11. Lasko MyHeat Personal Space Heater

If you’re looking for a just-enough warmth, Lasko MyHeat Personal Space Heater is a perfect recommendation. It only gives off 200watts of heat which is obviously adequate for personal use. Therefore, much energy is to be saved. This portable space heater is perfect for a small nursery room because of its compact design.

Despite the just-enough functioning, safety features are still enjoyed such as overheat protection and cool-touch exterior. It automatically shuts down when using beyond the limit to prevent overheating that causes a fire.

It comes out of the box fully assembled and takes few minutes to reach the desired warmth. Built-In switch control is the only button on the heater and hence the heat level cannot be adjusted.


  • Saves up more energy
  • Very portable
  • Recommended for small rooms


  • Very low wattage

12. Honeywell HCE840B Heat Genius Ceramic Heater

It could be the last heater listed but surely not the least. It offers six heat settings that are appropriate for a small room up to the entire area yet energy-efficient. It produces 1,500 watts of heat to warm larger areas. It has an amazing auto-off feature with a timer while stepping down in 4 heat levels until shutdown. The timer can be set from 30-minutes to 2-hours of complete shutdown.

It works with the touch of a button on the unit. The programmable thermostat keeps every parent aware on the heat level it produces. You can set the heater into a quiet mode by only pressing a button provided.

The ceramic heater has 360-degree tip-over protection and three times overheat protection. In addition, accidentally touching its exterior will not cause burnt for it has cool-touch housing. The overall unit is portable and cost-friendly without neglecting a high-quality performance.


  • Multiple heat settings
  • One-touch button feature
  • Saves energy consumption
  • Programmable heater


  • No locking control feature
  • Do not oscillate


After knowing the offered nursery heaters, choosing the right one is still difficult for most parents. We understand the struggle especially the life of an innocent child is involved. And, we wanted to clear the worries up. Here are five selected frequently asked questions by the consumers:

  • How to select the best nursery heater in the market?

Things needed to consider in buying a nursery heater is summarized into three points, such as:

  • Safety

Make sure almost all the safety features a heater must have is present to avoid severe damage. See the labels too if the product is legally tested by the safety standards personnel.

  • Wattage power

Choose a heater with higher wattage for it is more effective in warming up large rooms. Don’t worry about the price because heaters have comparable costs.

  • Types of heater

These include ceramic heaters, infrared heaters, and radiant heaters. Ceramic heaters use conventional technology and become the most popular heaters these days.  Infrared heaters quickly warm up a room. Lastly, radiant heaters are good for spot heating. They’re all safe to use but only differs on how effective they warm up a room.

  • Will nursery heaters dry baby’s skin?

Skin dryness upon the baby is prevented by applying natural oils and creams that are recommended by the pediatrician. Babies are more prone to dry skin when exposed to a cold environment.

  • How useful are nursery heaters?

Nursery heaters are an appliance that controls room temperature, especially during the winter. By not opening the window without a heater is so dangerous. It can cause suffocation especially on babies which has a high possibility resulting in death. Having a nursery heater inside a nursery room will ensure air circulation.

If you’re concern enough for the baby’s welfare, don’t hesitate to spend a cost in buying a nursery heater.

  • How costly nursery heaters are?

Honestly, heaters are not that expensive as you expect. The products above only cost less than a hundred dollar and we think that’s affordable for most parents. If you worry about the expense, worry more for the health of your baby. Proper room temperature is a special kind of necessity a baby desires. And, nursery heaters are the only remedy for this need.

Purchase a nursery heater that is within your prepared budget. There are tons of nursery heaters offered at a lower cost but performs well and comparable to expensive ones.

  • Which nursery heater should I purchase?

From the above list, we highly recommend Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater. The design is so perfect for the baby’s room and all the essential features are found in this product. It is not far from the traditional fan we’re using and so easier to familiarize. It has complete safety features which are good for its purpose.

However, the other heaters are a good buy too. Choosing which product to purchase really depends upon the room’s size and upon the need.


There’s indeed a way to warm up a child instead of covering the baby with so much clothing – a nursery heater!

Babies have the hobby of sleeping inside a room especially during the cold season. Thanks to nursery heaters which enhances a warm room temperature. Just plug in the heater, adjust the heat level, then, all things are set. However, this still requires proper parenting by always monitoring the baby as well as the device. 

Better read again the Quick Buying Guide section to be more certain that the heater running on your mind is a good buy. Those details will save you from danger.

That’s it!

Do we miss a point?

Everyone is welcome to comment on the box below. You can leave recommendations too for the sake of the other parents out there. Thank you for reading!