Best Nursing Robes
(Last Updated On: October 15, 2019)

When shopping for nursing or maternity wear, a nursing robe should be one of the essentials. There is nothing like a warm, soft nursing robe to take the chill out of cold mornings or evenings. They are made for your comfort and wellbeing. Some mothers even prefer nursing robes to nursing pajamas, while some evenly combine the two.

Mothers who are breastfeeding babies are tasked with doing so every day, there is a need to make their move in performing these activities, hence the need for nursing robes.

As crucial as nursing robes are, most of them can be bought at a very cheap rate. Read below to discover the best nursing robes that you can buy.

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Top 10 Best Maternity Robes Reviewed



1. EKOUAER WOMENS MATERNITY PREGNANCY ROBEThe Ekouaer brand is well known in the line of producing quality maternity and nursing products. Available in different colors and sizes, this women’s rope is perfect to use during pregnancy, labor, and post-pregnancy. It has all the necessary features to make your maternity and nursing period more comfortable.

The fabric is soft and stretchy, it is also very durable.  The design is stylish looking and very attractive. You can wear it whether night or day, it is perfect all the time. This is certainly one of the best robes you can buy as maternity of nursing mother.

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2. BABY BE MINE MATERNITY ROBEHere you have one of the best feminine maternity/nursing robes. It is readily available in 2 sizes, S/M and L/XL You will feel very comfortable moving around in this robe as the soft fabric soothes your skin. The material is super soft and lightweight and not see-through.

You can adjust it to fit your size perfectly with the adjustable belt. The designs on the robe are colorful and attractive, delightful in the eyes. It is a product worthy of purchase as mothers who have used this robe have fewer complaints and more praises for the quality it possesses.

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3. HAPPY MAMA WOMENS MATERNITY NURSING NIGHTDRESS ROBE SET STRIPES PATTERNHappy Mama nursing robe gives nothing short of happiness. What is really loved about this robe is its length, tall ladies, you have an advantage here. It is lightweight but capable of protecting you against your cold and related weather.

The set contains a nightdress and robe, both combined gives you a high-quality product. The robe is soft and very comfortable when worn. It is made of durable fabric which can withstand wear and tear. This product is of great value for its price, it is a bit expensive but still worth the money. Wonderful product from Happy Mama.

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4. DANCE FAIRY MOLLIYA MATERNITY PREGNANCY ROBEPerfect sleeves, perfect length, excellent shape, this robe is just perfect. This product is Cheap and very affordable, if you are on a low budget, you really need to get this one. It serves you well as a pregnant or breastfeeding mom.

This loosed designed robe gives you enough space for your comfort. It is stretchy, made of high-quality cotton and polyester material. Perfect for any body size and shape, with a waist belt, you can make sure it fits you just fine. With a simple and unique design, this nursing robe will is one of the best you can find.

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5. BEACH COCO MATERNITY WOMEN'S ROBE DELIVERY/NURSING, MADE IN USAThis nursing robe is made of really soft and stretchy material. It is the kind of robe you may never want to take off. It makes you feel warm and comfortable all day long. You can use it at home or in the hospital as you await delivery.

As a new mom, you can put this robe on as you entertain family, friends, and well-wishers. The Beach Coco Maternity Women’s robe is one of the nursing robes that you can buy to use, and it will work perfectly.

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6. BLUETIME WOMEN ROBEMade of very quality cotton material, this nursing robe is lightweight and presents a soft and comfortable feel on your skin. It can be worn for both morning and night. It features an interior tie that allows you to adjust it to your own comfort.

You should purchase this product directly from the manufactures (Bluetime) to be assured of original quality. This nursing robe is easy to maintain, it does not wear off easily. Apart from hand washing, it is also Machine washable. The price is affordable, and you get nothing else than the perceived value you need.

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7. BSOFT WOMENS SLEEPWEAR LIGHT WEIGHT BAMBOO JERSEY SHORT WRAP ROBEDescribed as soft, lightweight, and moisture-wicking, this Bsoft women’s wrap robe is nothing short of that. With a material made from bamboo, rayon, and elastane, it is the ideal robe for any nursing function. The fabric is absorbent yet breathable.

It is a quality robe and very durable, you will treasure it each time you put it on. You will sleep comfortably in it as it is lightweight and doesn’t cause you to sweat. You won’t find it hard to maintain as it is machine washable. It holds up very well after washing and drying, and it does not shrink.

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8. SIORO WOMENS COTTON ROBEThis robe assures you of comfortable sleeping time at night. It is oblique V-neck designed and looks classical. It is made of cotton material; it is breathable, lightweight, and soft. It is not see-through. The robes are durable as they hardly lose quality. The robes can fit any body size as it is available in different sizes.

The inner tie, along with the removable waist belt, makes it easy for you to adjust to match your size. The length is moderate enough to cover you properly. It can be hand washed or machine washed, it equally dries easily. I would highly recommend this robe.

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9. AVIDLOVE WOMENS ROBEBe a stylish nursing mother with this stylish nursing robe. You can use it while pregnant, in labor or after delivery. This robe is designed to be elegant. It is V-neck shaped and long enough to cover past your ankles and a little above your knees.

The inner tie helps for easy adjustment to fit your size. Made of cotton and polyester, the material is very soft and comfy, giving you total relaxation as you sleep at night or carry out your nursing activities. It is also lightweight and can be hand washed or dry cleaned.   You can put it on even when you have company.

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10. HOTOUCH WOMEN SOFT COTTON BATHROBELooking elegant and admirable, that’s what you will be with this robe on. The design is fantastic, and it brings out your sexiness as a mother. This robe keeps you warm and comfy as you relax and enjoy your day. It comes with a loose belt directly sewn along the waist side.

You can tie it to fit your size. It has a moderate length, covering well above your ankle and stops a little above your knees. It is available in different colors, pick up any one of your favorites. It is durable and does not easily wear off over time.

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Q: Are these Nursing robes see-through?

A: No, they are not.

Q: Are these nursing robes 100% cotton?

A: No, they are not. The major components of some of them are cotton, but other fibers are also included.

Q: Are these nursing robes soft?

A: Of course they are, if they were not, they wouldn’t have been listed.

Q: Do these nursing robes have pockets?

A: Some do while some do not. If you need a nursing robe with pockets, you will find one on the list.

Q: What do you wear under these nursing robes?

A: You can wear your pajamas or nightgown. You can equally wear your hospital gown beneath if you are still in the hospital.


Just like you read, most of the above-listed nursing robes can be used for both nursing and maternity women. Being a mother is a beautiful thing, motherhood is one thing every woman out there lookout for.

What better way to take care of yourself as a mother than making sure you are comfortable at all times with these quality nursing robes. Even if you reading this is not a mom, you can buy them and give it as a gift to any expectant or nursing mom, you know, I am very sure they will appreciate it.


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