Kids don’t permanently stay under blankets during the winter and it’s so alarming. Perhaps you’re here to look for the best nursery heater in the market.

It’s so nice to sleep in a cold room with a comfy blanket and many fluffy pillows. Well, in the case of toddlers, to sleep in a lower temperature room might be challenging and results in sleepless nights. The traditional remedy to fight the chilling environment is to put on extra layers of clothing on the little one. But, one cause of Sudden Infant Death or SIDS is suffocation and so, ends the said solution.

Is there any remedy to keep the room warm even during the winter?

Here enters the use of nursery heaters to control the room temperature. It produces appropriate warmth to render comfort to the little ones. We have reviewed some of the best nursery heaters below for you to find out a good buy.

Nursery Heaters: A Quick Buying Guide 2019

There are lots of concerns about nursery heaters as it touches the welfare of a fragile individual. Throughout this section, we’ll help you catch on the most suitable nursery heater for your child’s room. Let’s get it started!

  • Safety features

The curiosity level of a child is very high wherein all matters to them. It is therefore vital for parents to secure safety on every stuff place in a nursery room. The following are the safety features a nursery heater must have:

  • Cool Touch Surface

It doesn’t mean it releases warm air that it needs to get hot too. Protect the kiddo from getting burnt by ensuring the heater has a cool touch surface.

  • Automatic Overheat Protection

Sometimes parents neglect to switch-off the heater and if not check, it may cause an overheating or worst fire. Whenever the heater hits an unsafe temperature level, it shuts down automatically.

  • Tip-Over Protection Switch

A heater might be knocked down when someone bumps into it or when a baby throws something on it. With the tip-over protection feature, the heater will automatically turn off when knocked down.

  • Grille slats design

There’s a possibility of kiddos inserting fingers on the fan. So, narrow grille slats are better. Another remedy is to mount the heater on the wall to keep it away from children.

  • Standards-certified

A nursery heater must meet all necessary safety standards the market requires. It includes UL, ETL, or CSA to completely guarantee protection. This safety feature assures every buyer that a certain product is safe for use and is legal.

  • Portability Features

The heater will certainly not stay in one room as it can be moved to other areas inside the house. The unit is relocated either by wheels or grip handle because of its compact and lightweight structure. Most heaters are designed portable and so less worry about transport.

  • Connectivity features

Do not use an extension cord for it may not provide the power requirement of the heater. Heater usually comes with a 6-feet cord or longer cord, if possible. Make sure to plug in the unit on an appropriate power outlet that has the capacity to provide the needed voltage.

  • Heat control features

It’s not easy to end up with the right nursery room temperature and so, consider these heat controls:

  • Thermostats

Thermostats are either programmable or manual as the prior is obviously more preferred. When the room temperature changes the programmable one habitually adjusts the heat level. Manual thermostat demands periodical monitoring of room temperature and requires human intervention to adjust the heat level.

  • Timers

Once the timer is scheduled, all is set. You can set times on when the switching on/off of the heater will happen. It saves power for it only turns on the heater when needed.

  • Convenience features

Carbon monoxide is very dangerous to anyone’s health, so as for babies. Check if the heater emits this gas and hence do not buy it. Having a smoke alarm at home is an advantage because it alarms whenever there’s a presence of strong unnecessary gases inside the nursery.

  • Energy-saving features

Power consumption is affected by the temperature level set on the heater so better look for a heater with multiple heat settings. This allows you to adjust the warmth as according to the room’s size. Or, desire for a heater with energy-efficient operating modes to save more energy. As energy consumption is lessened, you can have your savings too.

  • Other features
    • A noisy nursery heater is so irrelevant for sleeping babies and so it should be silent. To check this up, the decibel rating must be lower to ensure its silence of operation.
    • Since nursery heaters are only useful during winters, look out for an AC and fan-only mode heater to be used the entire year.
    • To easily monitor the temperature status of a heater, digital thermometer readings help.
    • For more convenience in controlling the heater, look for a heater model that’s controllable via remote control.
    • Choose the one with a longer warranty period.


Do’s and don’ts are very important factors to notice when it comes to electric-running devices. It avoids greater chaos an appliance may cause, if not used appropriately. The following details will help you use the nursery heater better and safer:


  • Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter also known as GFCI
  • Keep away the heater to clutters
  • Unplug the heater when not in use
  • Have a specific outlet only for the heater


  • Do not depend on an extension cord
  • Do not place the heater on tables or any elevated surfaces

Now, let’s proceed to the main topic of this post which is the nursery heaters for babies available in the market. Without further ado, let’s get it started!

The 12 Top Recommended Heaters Safe for Babies

1. Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

This won’t be an Amazon’s choice without good reasons. The portability of Dr. Infrared Heater is superb with the four caster wheels. You can place it at any spot of up to 1,000 square feet room. You heard it right! This high-powered heater consumes 1,500watt of electricity and so without any doubt, it can heat a huge room space. Tip-over and overheat protection keeps the heater safe for baby’s room use.

It lessens the use of energy while generating a higher temperature through the infrared quartz tube within the heater. The system automatically shuts down after 12-hours of use to avoid overheating. The warmth is controlled via electronic thermostat from 50 to 86 degrees of heat through an IR remote control.

Moreover, the quietness of operation is achieved with its 39-decibel noise level. Its silence never compromises its power to deliver the desired warmth and comfort for sleepy heads. For the unit’s maintenance, the filters are detachable to make every cleaning easier and faster.


  • With added humidifier
  • UL certified
  • 3-years USA warranty
  • Superb safety features
  • Very affordable considering its best qualities


  • The humidifier doesn’t last long
  • So visible controls for babies

2. Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater

You would be surprised upon the safety features Vornadobaby Tempa have. Beforehand, it is designed a vortex heat circulation wherein the heat gently scatter anywhere inside the room in a circular motion. It nearly looks like a regular fan which only produces warmer air. The heater requires a 900watt and 120volt outlet to start functioning which offers two heat and fan adjustment settings. Its cord is stored in a covered area for added safety for children not to play.

The design is finger-friendly with no sharp edges. In addition, a cool-touch case is built and it automatically turns down when accidentally or intentionally hit by something. A unique safety feature includes child lock switch which does not allow little ones to manipulate the controls or adjustments of the heater.

This heater works better in small rooms because of its compact feature without producing loud sounds to disturb the sleeping baby. You can modify the fan mode setting in either automatic or continuous mode until the desired heat is fulfilled. It is mechanically adjusted through the thermostat and so freedom monitoring is applied.


  • Perfect for small rooms
  • Highly built with safety features
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Very portable


  • Audible switch-on click
  • No temperature guide provided

3. KEYNICE Electric Space Heater 

It warms up the room without even a minute of warming up through the help of its PTC heating feature without radiation. Thus, saves extra energy as the manufacturer claims that the heater only takes three seconds to warm a nursery room. It uses up 950watts down to 550watts setting depending on the room temperature. 110volts of the power outlet is able to power up the heater. When the heater reaches beyond limit’s heat level, it robotically disconnects to the power supply to avoid overheating.

Move the heater to other places by means of the carrying handle and enjoy its 90-degree air rotation. Press the button for “rotation” to share warm air to many people inside a room. The heater operates with low noise about 30 decibels that greatly benefits sleepers especially the babies.

It can be mounted to the wall for better protection upon the curiosity of little ones. Other safety features include overheating protection, tip-over protection, dumping-over automatic shutoff, and heat adjustment settings. The piece of equipment is ETL-approved.


  • No radiation is released
  • Quieter nursery room
  • Quick to warm a room


  • Limited temperature adjustment 
  • Only for small rooms
  • Not a cool-touch surface
  • No timer

4. Lasko Ceramic Space Heater

This space heater only demands minimal space to be displayed because of its elongated structure. Regardless of its feature, it releases the desired heat through the ceramic heating element of up to 1,500watts of heating power. The control panel is placed on top of the heater including the built-in timer, adjustment controls, and digital display. The heat setting, temperature level, timer, and power button can be controlled by using the included wireless remote control.

The ceramic space heater shuts down after 8-hours of use through the help of the timer. The unit will continually yield heat without setting the timer. The heat level is programmable into high, low, and auto mode via a thermostat. Overheating protection and cool-touch feature helps to sustain the safety of the unit and the whole household. However, no auto-off feature and tip-over protection found on this unit.

It arrives fully assembled and ready to use by only plugging it into an appropriate outlet and adjusting the thermostat. It has an integrated handle for easy transporting at any corner of the room.


  • High heating power
  • Evenly distributes heat
  • Space-saving nursery heater
  • Operates quietly
  • Includes remote control and timer


  • Prone to tipping and has no tip-over protection

5. De’Longhi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

De’Longhi Mica Panel Heater is a great combination of style and high-performance with its slim feature and wall mountable option. Space needed is only marginal. This lightweight and portable heater with caster wheels and the carrying handle is able to heat up a 300 square meter room. Heating power of 1,500watts or beyond 5,000 BTUs is release for room comfort. It can be lowered to 750watts through the adjustable thermostat.

Safety is rest assured with its thermal cut-off which prevents overheating and tip-over switch to make it more stable. The unit is manually adjusted through its control panels with multiple heat settings located on its side. You can expect a silent operation at all times.

The feet are removable when the unit is wall mounted. It is greatly recommended to mount the heater onto a wall to keep it away from children reach.


  • Wall mounted feature
  • Has an anti-freeze setting
  • Very portable heater
  • Stylish designed


  • No fan mode
  • Limited heat settings

6. DeLonghi EW7707CM ComforTemp Portable Oil-Filled Radiator

It’s the first nursery heater that ultimately saves power while maintaining an optimal room temperature about 68 and 70 degrees F through the use of pure diathermic oil. Once the oil heats up, heat is enjoyed even after the heat setting is minimized and even after shutting down the unit. There’s no need to refill the oil system as it is permanently sealed. 27% of the electric bill is being saved for other appliances.

The control panel holds an adjustable thermostat and multiple heat settings in three levels: high, low, and auto. This oil-filled radiator is suitable for a room measuring 150 square feet as the warmth is uniformly distributed. When the heater feels low temperature, it immediately switches on to prevent freezing.

It is built with wide, tip-over wheels to easily move the heater along without rolling over. The portable and silent heater is built with rust-resistant metal and wraparound cord for long-lasting usefulness. Its round edges render extra safety feature.


  • Has tip-over protection
  • Cool-touch surface
  • Saves up power consumption
  • Very affordable
  • Anti-freeze setting
  • No assembly required


  • No remote control
  • Have need of warming up

7. Lasko 6405 Designer Oscillating Heater

An oscillating heater is necessary for nurseries as it doesn’t directly blow heat to the baby. The heater rotates to equally heat the entire room with a particular temperature level. To focus the heater on a particular area, turn off the oscillation function. It provides 1,500watts of warmth and can be adjusted with two heat settings. Additionally, you can depend on its electronic thermostat to adjust your desired temperature. An auto-off timer sets 7-hours of usage before an automatic shutdown and hence prevents overheating.

In terms of its design, the heater looks different than the prior heaters. It has a scrollwork base that is able to stand on the floor or on a tabletop. On top is a control panel thus more accessible to make an alteration. With this feature, crazy good reviews are flooding. This unit is therefore good-looking and high-performing product.

An added remote control enhances temperature adjustments with quietness and convenience. The heater is ETL-certified and meets NRTL standards because of the safety features it bears such as overheating protection and tip-over protection. No cool-touch surface is the only downside of it. However, being ceramically-made means its surface won’t get too hot.


  • Stylish designed
  • Enhanced safety features
  • More positive reviews from the consumers


  • Gets easily damage according to some users
  • Slightly expensive

8. Honeywell HCE200W UberHeat Ceramic Heater 

Do not ever underestimate what a Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater can do regardless of its littleness. This ceramic heater is modernly designed in a circular form and is ideal to place in rooms, tabletop, and even on desktop. It can heat up the room with up to 1,500watts heat output and has two heat settings, including high and low warmth level. You can choose your desired level of heat via the thermostat dial with an auto-shutdown feature when the right temperature is reached.

It is only ideal for small rooms yet has already proven its effectiveness as mentioned above. A red power indicator is only present to keep the unit visible at night without being distractive to the sleeping tot. Safety measurements are with this heater such as cool-touch housing, automatic tip-over shutdown, and overheat protection.

Almost all heating needs exist on this heater, including ceramic, fan-mode, infrared, and radiant. It, therefore, increases comfort as well as savings due to the efficiency of the heater to provide warmth inside a room.


  • Highly effective in spite of the portable structure
  • Quickly warms a room
  • The presence of safety features


  • Has only two heat settings

9. Sunbeam Dual Comfort Heater and Fan 

To get a heater and fan in one product, look no other than Sunbeam’s Dual Comfort Heater and Fan that is sold at a very reasonable cost. Use the heater mode to keep the room cozy and warm and for more circulated air, use the fan-mode. In each mode, two adjustments are to be experienced. Under the fan mode, there’ll be soft and hard blow setting and for heater mode, low and high heat settings are available. It is indeed for all year appliance.

The unit can be tilted and adjusted to focus on the desired direction. It can be positioned on the floor surface or on elevated surfaces whichever is more appropriate. It can withstand shaking with the assembled sturdy base in which wherever it is placed, it’ll remain firm. A carrying handle is added for easy transferring of the unit.

It is ETL-certified and other safety features such as auto-off function, overheating protection, and cool-touch housing are all experienced with this heater and fan. With this product, it cuts your cost in buying two appliances as the unit comprises all your needs. 


  • 2-in-1 purchase
  • Perfect for personal use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Stable base design


  • Complaints about its performance
  • No warranty offered

10. Dyson Pedestal Fan and Heater Combo

The season isn’t always cold and therefore a heater and fan combo is a good buy. Dyson Pedestal Fan and Heater Combo is the second multi-functioning appliance on the list. But, we’ll focus on its heater identity. Further, it is controlled only through a remote and so do not misplace it.

The unit is pulled together with Air Multiplier Technology which evenly spreads out the warmth in a room. It can be tilted and oscillated to effectively distribute the needed heat or coolness. Room temperature is constantly monitored by the thermostat to maintain the right temperature for the wellness of your baby. This results in lower energy usage and hence saves money.

Little fingers are safe as there’s no use of blades which is very child-friendly and so lessens the worry of most parents. Heating elements aren’t exposed to promote better care for little ones. Moreover, auto-off tip feature prevents further damages on the heater when knocked down as it shuts down automatically.


  • Space-saving, stylish, and child-friendly design
  • Multi-purpose appliance
  • Included remote control
  • Evenly spread out the heat
  • Can be tilted and oscillated


  • No buttons on the unit
  • Produces unnecessary noise

11. Lasko MyHeat Personal Space Heater

If you’re looking for a just-enough warmth, Lasko MyHeat Personal Space Heater is a perfect recommendation. It only gives off 200watts of heat which is obviously adequate for personal use. Therefore, much energy is to be saved. This portable space heater is perfect for a small nursery room because of its compact design.

Despite the just-enough functioning, safety features are still enjoyed such as overheat protection and cool-touch exterior. It automatically shuts down when using beyond the limit to prevent overheating that causes a fire.

It comes out of the box fully assembled and takes few minutes to reach the desired warmth. Built-In switch control is the only button on the heater and hence the heat level cannot be adjusted.


  • Saves up more energy
  • Very portable
  • Recommended for small rooms


  • Very low wattage

12. Honeywell HCE840B Heat Genius Ceramic Heater

It could be the last heater listed but surely not the least. It offers six heat settings that are appropriate for a small room up to the entire area yet energy-efficient. It produces 1,500 watts of heat to warm larger areas. It has an amazing auto-off feature with a timer while stepping down in 4 heat levels until shutdown. The timer can be set from 30-minutes to 2-hours of complete shutdown.

It works with the touch of a button on the unit. The programmable thermostat keeps every parent aware on the heat level it produces. You can set the heater into a quiet mode by only pressing a button provided.

The ceramic heater has 360-degree tip-over protection and three times overheat protection. In addition, accidentally touching its exterior will not cause burnt for it has cool-touch housing. The overall unit is portable and cost-friendly without neglecting a high-quality performance.


  • Multiple heat settings
  • One-touch button feature
  • Saves energy consumption
  • Programmable heater


  • No locking control feature
  • Do not oscillate


After knowing the offered nursery heaters, choosing the right one is still difficult for most parents. We understand the struggle especially the life of an innocent child is involved. And, we wanted to clear the worries up. Here are five selected frequently asked questions by the consumers:

  • How to select the best nursery heater in the market?

Things needed to consider in buying a nursery heater is summarized into three points, such as:

  • Safety

Make sure almost all the safety features a heater must have is present to avoid severe damage. See the labels too if the product is legally tested by the safety standards personnel.

  • Wattage power

Choose a heater with higher wattage for it is more effective in warming up large rooms. Don’t worry about the price because heaters have comparable costs.

  • Types of heater

These include ceramic heaters, infrared heaters, and radiant heaters. Ceramic heaters use conventional technology and become the most popular heaters these days.  Infrared heaters quickly warm up a room. Lastly, radiant heaters are good for spot heating. They’re all safe to use but only differs on how effective they warm up a room.

  • Will nursery heaters dry baby’s skin?

Skin dryness upon the baby is prevented by applying natural oils and creams that are recommended by the pediatrician. Babies are more prone to dry skin when exposed to a cold environment.

  • How useful are nursery heaters?

Nursery heaters are an appliance that controls room temperature, especially during the winter. By not opening the window without a heater is so dangerous. It can cause suffocation especially on babies which has a high possibility resulting in death. Having a nursery heater inside a nursery room will ensure air circulation.

If you’re concern enough for the baby’s welfare, don’t hesitate to spend a cost in buying a nursery heater.

  • How costly nursery heaters are?

Honestly, heaters are not that expensive as you expect. The products above only cost less than a hundred dollar and we think that’s affordable for most parents. If you worry about the expense, worry more for the health of your baby. Proper room temperature is a special kind of necessity a baby desires. And, nursery heaters are the only remedy for this need.

Purchase a nursery heater that is within your prepared budget. There are tons of nursery heaters offered at a lower cost but performs well and comparable to expensive ones.

  • Which nursery heater should I purchase?

From the above list, we highly recommend Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater. The design is so perfect for the baby’s room and all the essential features are found in this product. It is not far from the traditional fan we’re using and so easier to familiarize. It has complete safety features which are good for its purpose.

However, the other heaters are a good buy too. Choosing which product to purchase really depends upon the room’s size and upon the need.


There’s indeed a way to warm up a child instead of covering the baby with so much clothing – a nursery heater!

Babies have the hobby of sleeping inside a room especially during the cold season. Thanks to nursery heaters which enhances a warm room temperature. Just plug in the heater, adjust the heat level, then, all things are set. However, this still requires proper parenting by always monitoring the baby as well as the device. 

Better read again the Quick Buying Guide section to be more certain that the heater running on your mind is a good buy. Those details will save you from danger.

That’s it!

Do we miss a point?

Everyone is welcome to comment on the box below. You can leave recommendations too for the sake of the other parents out there. Thank you for reading!


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