Let’s start to look for the best small baby crib that is appropriate for small rooms.

As a nursery room is built to fit everything of the baby’s needs, sometimes designating a space for a crib would be difficult. The good thing is the remedy has been developed by the manufacturers of a baby crib – a mini version of standard cribs.

A mini crib is primarily intended for newborns and for baby ages not more than 2 years old. Therefore, it is perfect for babies who share a room with other siblings to keep the baby safe and protected.

As an overview, a small crib must be approximately within 40” long and 25” broad to distinguish it from standard types.

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18 Best Small Baby Cribs Reviewed


Babyletto Origami Mini Crib

Babyletto Origami Mini CribBabyletto Origami Mini Crib is the top listed small baby crib not only is the crib is little in size but also of its lockable wheels for easy transfer. The parent will be at ease in moving it from room to room, and even collapsing the crib is possible for easy storing.

The crib is a standard crib made from New Zealand pine wood, which is compactly designed and finished with a natural coat or in pastel colors. It doesn’t just make a room more spacious but also makes it more beautiful.

As compared to other products listed, there’s an additional 1” thick cushion, which makes the product more cost-effective. Besides, having an extra mattress would give more coziness for the baby as the crib can accommodate up to 5” thick mattress. This can be removed whenever the crib is to be folded.


  1. Smaller and lighter than any standard cribs
  2. Simply designed


  1. Expensive

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Child Craft Stanford Portable Mini Crib

Child Craft Stanford Portable Mini CribEasy disassembling of a crib is a plus for easy storage. This item can be easily stored after playtime with kiddo through its foldable sides. Also, there are caster wheels to quickly move the crib when there’s no time to fold it flat. The wheels crept that it won’t disturb the baby sleeping on the crib. 

A built-in headboard is found on this crib when, in fact, it wasn’t a convertible crib, and yet it has one. This makes a pine-structured crib finished with a matte white look more elegant and room-friendly. Further, a 3” thick mattress is included, which is more abundant than any other brands that include mattress foam on their crib.

The mattress is adjusted in 2 level positions as the child grows taller. Assembly is needed, and all the tools required are included. The crib is suitable for any baby gender.


  1. Thicker mattress included
  2. Quiet caster wheels


  1. Expensive

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Davinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib

Davinci Alpha Mini Rocking CribThe mini rocking crib has locking caster wheels that can be removed so that the crib can turn into a rocking crib. There’s no need to purchase for a rocking cradle and therefore makes a nursery room more capacious.

Hence, the crib is fit as an alternative bassinet for newborn babies. The crib is lighter than 25lbs. Thus moving it from place to place is more comfortable with the extra support of caster wheels.

Davinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib is GREENGUARD Gold certified, which tells that the manufacturer didn’t use any chemicals in producing it. Therefore it is safe for teething as babies love doing so. To be more cost-effective, a 1” waterproof cushion is included. However, obtaining another mattress is recommended for extra comfort on the baby.


  1. Suitable for newborns
  2. Lightweight and versatile crib
  3. Space-saver


  1. Cannot be folded

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Graco Solano 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Drawer

Graco Solano 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with DrawerBabies do have so much stuff that a little cabinet won’t hold. With Graco Solano’s convertible crib, a hidden place for the baby’s clothing and other essentials is added beneath the crib.

The crib can be transformed into a toddler bed, daybed, and a full-sized bed according to the growth stage of the baby. It saves more space in every nursery area as well as the cost of the purchase in the long run.

A drawer underneath the crib is designed wide, thus enlarges a room for no need to buy some furniture stuff to place the baby’s belongings. However, the crib is heavier than the other mini cribs listed in, and yet it occupies a small area at home.

The mattress base is adjustable in 3 height levels for easy access and to keep the grown-up baby more secure as enclosed by rails. In transforming the crib into another form, conversion kits such as guard rails and bed rails are sold separately.


  1. Under-crib drawer
  2. Convertible mini crib


  1. Hard to assemble

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Graco Packn Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer Bassinet

Graco Packn Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer BassinetIt is not only a small crib but also a multipurpose one. The crib works well as a night bed, playpen, and has an additional diaper-changing station. Throughout the toddler years, its usefulness is jam-packed.

Its appearance is different from other cribs on the list as it is made of plastics, metal, and fabric. Further, a cozy feeling is met without occupying so much space at a nursery room.

The crib’s mesh sides made a cooler enclosure for the baby and hence, a great place to get a nap. It is primarily created for newborns as the crib is designed softer and comfier, unlike other wooden cribs. The fabric used is only a wipe-to-clean material as whenever the baby spill off milk, cleaning the bedding would be easy.


  1. Reasonably priced
  2. Has a diaper-changing station
  3. Travel-friendly


  1. Shorter life as compared to wooden cribs

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DaVinci Annabelle 2-in-1 Mini Crib

DaVinci Annabelle 2-in-1 Mini CribHaving twins usually demand two cribs in some way, one crib is enough to hold two little ones. It doesn’t only lessen the cost but mostly reduces the space being occupied. The crib can also be converted into a full-sized bed through a conversion kit (sold separately) and therefore lessens the cost in the long run.

It can be easily converted by only removing the side rails and adding some comfortable bedding for the baby. It has stillness on being a space-saver crib even though it is converted.

It is another GREENGUARD Gold certified on the list, which means a nontoxic or nonchemical baby crib and, therefore,, safe for babies. A wooden baby crib that is perfectly designed for smaller rooms, and it weighs only about 37lbs.

Thus the crib is easy to move from one point to another point at every baby’s room. For easy access on the baby, 2 adjustable mattress height levels are applied in a 1” thick waterproof pad.


  1. Stylish espresso designed
  2. GREENGUARD Gold certification
  3. Convertible small crib


  1. Some say the paint easily chipped

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Marley 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

Best Small Mini Baby CribsA convertible crib is known for its long-lasting use throughout the toddler existences. This type of baby crib is a good purchase when it comes to being a cost-effective parent as it lessens future costs.

The crib can be turned into a toddler bed and a daybed through the toddler kit (sold separately). In additional, Marley Convertible Crib is compactly designed with a modernized touch. Therefore, a more delightful baby room is expected because of how simple the crib is.

The crib has a contemporary look with its playful legs and clean rail lines colored with different stylish coats. It’ll definitely add up beauty to a small nursery room. It is made of a solid pine wood, which makes it sturdy to last long in carrying a maximum weight of 50lbs.

There are no other accessories included upon purchase. However, the mattress support is adjustable up to 4 height levels depending on the baby’s growth.


  1. In a mid-range pricing
  2. Meets all the US safety standards


  1. Not a GREENGUARD Gold certified

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Little Seeds Sierra Ridge Terra Standard Crib

Little Seeds Sierra Ridge Terra Standard CribThe crib is delivered pre-assembled. It can be placed on the corner of a room as it occupies only a little space. The good thing is other nursery products coming from the same manufacturer are available to complete the room stance

It differs from other cribs because only two sides are constructed with rails, and the other two sides are closed. And yet the crib has its own style that can still protect a baby.

It is made from walnut wood, which is solid and sturdy. Little Seeds made sure that no wildlife is harmed during the production as they partner with National Wildlife Federation’s Garden.

They came up with a European style crib that has wide side rails and similar to a standard crib. Placing a mattress pad (not included) on a crib has 3 adjustable mattress height levels for easy access on the baby. 


  1. Less expensive than other products
  2. Environmental-friendly
  3. Many by-products


  1. Lesser weight capacity as compared to any other brands

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L.A. Babys Baby Holiday Portable Crib

L.A. Babys Baby Holiday Portable CribWay to go for another small crib product that is suitable for any small nursery rooms. It can be rolled, folded, and be locked down and a very portable thereof. Taking the crib from one place to another will be more comfortable through the heavy-duty, double-wide caster wheels, and it can be locked down to keep it still in its place.

Baby Holiday Portable Crib is made out of scratch-resistant metal coated with nontoxic white and, therefore, easy to clean. It seems simple yet elegant and appropriate for a small room. For added robustness, it is structured with braced legs to support the whole crib safely and surely.

A mattress filled with foam and vinyl material is included, which follows California flammability requirements. Last but not least, the crib is easy to store in a bag included as it can be folded right after use, thus lessens the space being occupied.


  1. Scratch-resistant coat
  2. The most portable crib listed
  3. Robustness with low pricing is assured


  1. The tendency for the coat to be chipped

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Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib

Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby CribTraveling with a baby demands so much stuff to bring, including a baby crib. Delta Children Mini Crib can flatten up to 6” thick, which can fit on a truck or a car. The easiness in disassembling the crib is the same as re-assembling it on the location, and it only occupies a small room.

Also, the item weighs 34lbs. Which is in average weight among every small crib. It is, therefore, a travel companion, whereas the baby and the parent can both enjoy leisure moments.

Further, the crib can be easily taken from one place to another because of its caster wheels. This action wouldn’t disturb a baby in a deep sleep. It is made of sturdy wood finished with a neutral-colored palette, which makes a room chicer and warm looking.

In fact, there are more than five different finishes as an option. Thus, more options to choose what will complement a room’s ambiance. It comes with a mattress and, therefore, a better purchase than the products that don’t have one.


  1. JPMA certified
  2. Within the means
  3. Travel-friendly


  1. Heavier than other small crib products

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Whitney Brothers I See Me Infant Portable Crib

Whitney Brothers I See Me Infant Portable CribAt first sight, the crib looks simple, but after a while, you’ll realize something new on how it is structured. Beforehand, the crib has locking caster wheels for easy mobility. And the crib occupies a very narrow space at home, thus gives apportioned space to other home furniture.

It is made of solid wood, specifically a maple wood, which assures steadiness and robustness to convey a baby. It is available in a natural finished or unfinished look, depending on what is appropriate onto a nursery room.

What more, not all sides are composed of rails as one side is made of an acrylic mirror for easy monitoring on the child. The mirror is safe and permanent on its position at the head end of the crib. Upon purchase, a 3” thick mattress pad with a combination of foam and cotton is added for better comfort for the baby.

The mattress support is adjustable up to 3 height levels according to the child’s growth for easy access. It could carry a maximum weight of 40lbs. Which is suitable for use until toddler years.


  1. Simply designed
  2. The acrylic mirror gives way for easier monitoring
  3. A thicker mattress pad is included


  1. Pricier than any other brands

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Baby Time International, Inc. Big Oshi Angela Portable Crib

Baby Time International, Inc. Big Oshi Angela Portable CribHaving a small light, weight crib is a plus, as storing it wouldn’t be hard. It can also be placed anywhere at home without occupying a lot of space. Through its safety, casters, moving the crib from place to place is much easier, convenient, and faster.

Another is the crib can be folded in times of storage that only needs a small storing space.  However, assembling it again is also stress-free, so disassembling it frequently won’t cause a timely re-assembling process.

The portable crib is made from New Zealand pine wood finished with non-toxic materials and hence safe for babies. Moreover, it is composed of non-drop sides for added protection upon the baby.

A 100% vinyl-made mattress pad is included to keep the baby comfortable during rest hours. The crib is suitable for a child whose height is not more than 35”. Assembly is required; however, all the tools needed for assembly are provided.


  1. Compact and lightweight
  2. Easy to assemble and disassemble
  3. Mid-range pricing


  1. Shorter year of usefulness

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Graco Packn Play Travel Lite Crib Playard

Graco Packn Play Travel Lite Crib PlayardIt is another Graco crib product on the list. Then again, not a usual wooden baby’s crib but a more advanced looking baby crib. It is 20% smaller than any mini cribs counted in and so the most space-saving small baby crib. Also, it only weighs 20lbs.

Which is again lighter than other products. Crib Playard is usually brought during travels because of its ready-to-go feature about the removable bassinet. The portable crib is folded during storage.

Moreover, Pack’n Play Travel Lite Crib can be converted into a transportable playard by removing the bassinet, thus bringing a baby anywhere is now made comfortable and convenient. There’s an easy to grip carrying handle, which makes everything easier.

The whole crib is made of soft fabric and is designed to fit for a growing baby. There are also added hanging toys for baby’s entertainment.  It also has a built-in canopy for sun protection whenever the crib is used outside or during a beach vacation.


  1. Lockable casters
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Lightweight and compact


  1. Made of mesh sides

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Orbelle Trading Tian Folding Portable Crib

Orbelle Trading Tian Folding Portable CribTian Crib is a portable crib that can be folded and has caster wheels. Storing it after use is at ease for the crib only weighs 33lbs. Which can be carried by just one person. Conversely, the crib can carry a maximum baby weight of 40lbs

And hence a good investment up to toddler years. The caster wheels are great to help to move the object from place to place even though a baby is on the crib. This is so helpful, especially for parents who do house chores simultaneously.

The crib is made of New Zealand pine wood with multiple finishes available. Its robustness is assured over the years as displayed on the material being used.

There is no chemical being used during production and hence doesn’t cause skin irritations on the baby. Further, there’s no mattress foam included. However, the mattress support can be adjusted in two height levels to accompany a child ranging from 0-3 years-old.


  1. Very portable and space-friendly
  2. Nontoxic materials are used
  3. JPMA certified


  1. Pricier than any other brands

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Dream On Me Addison 4 in 1 Convertible Mini Crib

Dream On Me Addison 4 in 1 Convertible Mini CribWho would’ve thought a 4-in-1 convertible crib can be as small in size as ordinary ones? Dream On Me Addison Mini Crib on its petite size can be transformed into a daybed and twin-sized bed through the use of a conversion kit.

That versatility is much admired by many parents, especially it speaks the price. However, no casters are found, and perhaps the crib is heavy to move from one point to another. And yet the space needed in a small room is still not in large dimensions.

It has a contemporary styling that complements every room’s designs and makes it more beautiful and gives a nice ambiance. To complete the comfort it renders for the baby, a 1” thick mattress pad is included. As the mattress support height level can be adjusted three times to accommodate a baby until toddler years. Assembly is needed when delivered. However, all the tools required are included upon purchase.


  1. A convertible crib type
  2. Simple yet elegant looking
  3. Tools are included


  1. No caster wheels
  2. Not easy to assemble

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Foundation’s Serenity Safereach Compact Portable Crib

Foundation’s Serenity Safereach Compact Portable CribIt is the only crib on the list with a side-drop side style. Apart from being compactly designed, the crib has a side-drop side for faster access upon the baby whenever it is needed.  Also, the mattress support can be adjusted in two height levels and thus add up for easy access to the baby.

The crib is made compact through the use of nontoxic solid hardwood, which ends up into a sturdier baby crib. Therefore, it is fit for small rooms as it is made slimmer than any other brand. To move the crib more conveniently and quietly, the four 2” caster wheels, including two lockable wheels, are attached.

A hypoallergenic 3” thick mattress pad is included, which is made of antimicrobial vinyl. Further, a plastic teething rail is an optional purchase and yet very vital to keep the baby safer whenever it starts teething.


  1. Easy access upon the baby
  2. Durable caster wheels
  3. Nontoxic materials are used


  1. A bit expensive than the other products

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Foundation’s Hideaway Folding Crib

Foundation’s Hideaway Folding CribCribs aren’t suggested to be used frequently as it is also essential to have personal contact on a baby. Thus, placing it in storage is expected to prolong its usefulness up until the toddler years.

Foundation’s Mini Crib is made foldable to quickly hide it and protect it from breakage when not in use. The sides are all fixed, and therefore it is folded flat. For added mobility, built-in 4” caster wheels help you to move the crib quietly from corner to corner.

As compared to the preceding Foundation crib product, this one also included 3” thick foam pad to keep the baby at ease while sleeping or playing.

Also, a mattress cover is given to complete hypoallergenic bedding for the baby. But sadly, there’s no adjusting mattress support and, therefore, results in deeper and more difficult access to the baby.


  1. Durable caster wheels
  2. Stationary side rails
  3. Folded flat


  1. Heavier than any other brands
  2. Expensive

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Mack & Milo Sonali Compact Size Slatted Portable Crib

Mack & Milo Sonali Compact Size Slatted Portable CribIt is a simple-looking mini crib, compactly designed, and finished with an all-natural coat. This will match all small room outlooks and will not dwell in a vast space.

The lockable caster wheels made a way to move the crib effortlessly without disturbing the baby on the inside. Also, it has stationery side rails for safer protection and provides easy access to the little cutie. The crib is designed to be a low profile for the benefit of an older parent who’s suffering from back pain.

A mattress with a washable and antimicrobial pad cover is included to complete the comfort a baby needs. The mattress support can be adjusted in two height levels depending on the child’s growth. Moreover, the rail is safe for teething as it has no chemical added. However, a child’s supervision is still needed.


  1. All-natural
  2. Compact and lightweight


  1. Too low mattress board even when attuned

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The following queries may help someone who’s planning to buy a small baby crib for the little one. Perhaps these questions will give some hint whether the prospect mini crib will fit in the category for the best small baby cribs. Here are 5 most frequently asked questions as according to the reviews:

Q: What must be the size of a crib to be called a mini crib?

A: A standard crib measures more than 50” in length and less than 30” in width while a mini crib has a length of not more than 50,” and the width is almost the same as the standard one. The mini crib is made to fit in a small room, that is why it is measured more petite than the standard crib.

Q: Is there an actual size of a mattress for mini cribs?

A: Mostly, a manufacturer of the mini crib will include additional mattress foam upon purchase. If not included, there are available mini mattresses in the market. Because there is a desired thickness of mattress appropriate for mini cribs so that it won’t occupy the whole crib.

Q: Until when a baby must sleep on a mini crib?

A: This depends on the baby’s height and not on its age, but mostly around 2 years old, the baby gets taller that it outgrows the crib. There are convertible types that are appropriate until the toddler years. Hence, if you desire to have a long time mini crib, choose to have a convertible type. However, except for a greater cost to have one.

Q: What are the factors to consider in buying a small baby crib?

A: Foremost, check the price if it’s worthy of purchase as there are convertible ones, which are cost-effective crib because of its longtime usefulness. The rails are either stationary or drop-side. A fixed side is safer, especially for newborns, while a drop-side rail is recommended for babies who know how to play in a crib. Also, see the distance between the rails (must be of proper ventilation to avoid suffocation). Of course, consider it being foldable and has casters for easy storage and to be a travel companion.

Q: Why consider a small baby crib to be purchased?

A: It will benefit the newborns, but sadly a mini crib is easily outgrown by babies. Even in the short run, it still has advantages, including a wider room. Placing it in the corner is adequate. Second, newborns will not be confused as they live in confined spaces, and they are easy to monitor. Lastly, the portability feature is a great plus, especially those who have casters.


Therefore, a small baby crib is a big help to save space at home. It surely protects a baby and a great way for immediate monitoring during a night of good night sleep. We clearly saw that there are so many mini cribs available in the market, and some are reviewed above.

We pick Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib as our favorite small baby crib on the list. This crib is portable as well as storage-friendly, which really suits what we are looking for. It is also worthy of purchase with lesser cost to give. A baby’s room will be enhanced and widen through this Delta Children Mini Baby Crib.

Have you tried using a small baby crib? If yes, please do leave in a comment section about your experience and thoughts on mini cribs. If not yet, I hope this article has helped you to find the best mini crib. However, trying to have one is recommended for the baby’s sake.


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