Let’s get started finding out the best wood baby crib for the little one to feel safe and well-rested.

Babies crawl a lot. They go into corners, get whatever things they see, and sadly, they got hurt at times. Bringing them into a closed room is not the best remedy, but putting them on a crib might be helpful. Crib’s space is enough for the baby to move freely, wherein placing some toys in it is also appropriate. This could be a child’s lifetime shelter, and therefore thinking about the given cost is only a small scenario.

Below are 10 different brands of a wooden crib mentioning the features and the benefits a baby could experience while on the crib.

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10 Best Wood Baby Cribs

10. Babyletto Origami Mini Crib

Babyletto Origami Mini CribLet us start with an easy to store wood baby crib. No one would want to take much time in disassembling a crib right after use. We all desire instant storing as babies’ need for immediate attention is expected.

Babyletto Origami Mini Crib is modernly designed and structured with New Zealand pine wood with 4 nontoxic finish options, including grey, lagoon, white, and black. It has solid, adjustable mattress support on the base, and a 1″ thick mattress is included. A bit of assembly is required upon delivery. The material is collapsible for easy storing and comfortable transport.

It has 4 locking casters for easy movement at any part of the house. The weight of the crib is 44lbs. And through the casters, there is no more lifting to move it from place to place.

What we love

  1. Compact and lightweight designed
  2. Easy to store
  3. 1″ thick mattress is included

What we hate

  1. Needs purchase of an additional mattress

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9. South Shore Angel Crib with Toddler Rail

2. South Shore Angel Crib with Toddler RailSometimes we neglect to check whether the crib meets safety standards or not. Or, sometimes we lack knowledge about those vital standards, and so we ignore it. That’s enough for now as South Shore Angel Crib has conformed on all current safety standards, and thus baby’s safety is assured.

South Shore Furniture Collections claimed that they have met all safety standards when it comes to their products. The crib is made of solid wood finished with brown, grey, or white and can be converted into a toddler bed when the baby grows up. A toddler side panel is included whenever it needs to be converted into a toddler bed.

The mattress height can be adjusted to easily reach the baby. Assembly instruction is included, and it is clear to understand. Its vintage look is a perfect blend to any room décor, especially for other same brand products.

What we love

  1. Meets safety standards
  2. A convertible type of baby crib
  3. Many by-products included

What we hate

  1. Pricier than many other brands

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8. Little Seeds Maple Lane Dove White Crib

Little Seeds Maple Lane Dove White CribIf you want a simpler yet classically designed wood crib for your baby, it might be Maple Lane Dove White Crib missing in your nursery room. We know how hard it is to achieve a nursery room ambiance, but one white-colored crib would do.

Little Seeds Maple Lane Baby crib is composed of solid wood finished with nontoxic white paint, grey metal, and plywood slats, then end up a combination of shadowy and snowy look, a simple yet refined wooden baby crib indeed. It is rectangular in shape and a standard type of crib. Assembly is required right after delivery. The mattress (sold separately) has 3 adjustable mattress heights as the baby grows.

Maple Lane has an inspired look out of Scandinavian design with a combination of European-style baby crib. Little Seeds products support an environmental ingenuity in every purchase of their merchandise.

What we love

  1. Classically designed
  2. Environmental-friendly product
  3. Adjustable mattress height level

What we hate

  1. Very simple looking

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7. Bristol Professional Series Compact Child Care Crib

Bristol Professional Series Compact Child Care CribEasy access on the baby is somewhat neglected on some baby cribs as they become so low and cannot be adjusted. Well, this item doesn’t only have adjusted mattress support but also included a 3″ thick mattress. What more, it is sold within your means.

The crib is made mini and compactly constructed with solid wood coated naturally. Therefore, it is easy to store and to move to any place at home. To become sturdier, they have added fasteners, mortise, and tenon joinery to uphold the baby safer without any uncertainty. It is fit to standard doorways for easy getting in and out of the house. It can be easily assembled upon delivery.

There’ll be easy access to the baby as it includes 3″ thick mattress with 2 mattress height settings. It is a good purchase for cost-conscious parents. There are also caster wheels for easy and quiet mobility even though the baby is inside the crib, it won’t get disturbed.

What we love

  1. Easy to assemble
  2. Added 3″ thick mattress
  3. Very affordable

What we hate

  1. Lacks finished color options

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6. Oeuf Sparrow Baby Crib

Oeuf Sparrow Baby CribSimpler room for babies is more appropriate, for they know how to appreciate simple pieces of stuff. Oeuf Sparrow Crib is chosen by many interior designers, for it greatly complements any nursery room décor. It actually enhances the room’s look even though it’s only a plain rectangular white baby crib as compared to other cribs.

The crib is made from solid birch wood combine with Baltic birch plywood, which is known to be a sturdy and hardwood. These materials ensure the baby’s safety as the rails aren’t brittle but durable enough. Besides, the crib is manufactured by the certification of forestry stewardship council (FSC) in Europe. For that reason, being a well-built baby crib has been achieved.

Further, it can be converted into a toddler bed through a conversion kit, and therefore its usefulness lengthens as the baby matures. The mattress height can also be adjusted 3 times for easy access to the baby, depending on its growth.

What we love

  1. Easy to assemble
  2. FSC certified
  3. Simply designed yet versatile

What we hate

  1. Heavier than other brands

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5. Newport Cottages Devon Crib

Newport Cottages Devon CribNewport Cottages owners were also a parent when they started to create baby cribs. They already know what would be the best crib for babies as time goes by. Therefore, parent these days keep on putting their trust in Newport Cottages.

Devon Crib is made from Southern California, applying traditional woodworking techniques by using solid hardwoods. Also, all of the resources used during production are California Air Resource Board (CARB) certified, thus results in a simple yet long-lasting wood baby crib. It is offered in different colorful finishes to complement any nursery room. Its stylish design is inspired by Shaker-style furniture, which is suitable for both modern and traditional room décor.

Further, when the child reaches toddler years, the crib is converted into a toddler bed through a conversion kit, specifically a toddler guard rail (sold separately). The toddler guardrail is available in colors that match your crib coat.

What we love

  1. A convertible type of baby crib
  2. Stylish designed
  3. CARB certified

What we hate

  1. Pricier than many other brands

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4. Orbelle Tina Three Level Mini Portable Crib

Orbelle Tina Three Level Mini Portable CribA folding wood baby crib is so beneficial, especially for a parent who doesn’t always place the baby on a crib. In this way, cleaning a crib is not done frequently, therefore, having more time for the baby is accomplished.

The crib has a locking lever to keep the baby safe, especially during playtime. It will be unlocked then flattened whenever the crib is to be stored to occupy lesser space. The pinewood baby crib included two fixed sides for added protection. It comes with a mattress to complete the package, and the mattress support has 3 height levels. In assembling the crib, the added tools are helpful to easily build the crib unto its desired look.

Moreover, the crib has caster wheels still for easy storage, even without folding. You can move it from one place to another without taking out the baby from the crib. Also, it is made for longer use as the child grows up, the crib can be converted into a toddler bed.

What we love

  1. Meets safety standards
  2. Collapsible and easy to store
  3. Very affordable

What we hate

  1. Very simple looking

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3. Graco Harbor Lights 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Graco Harbor Lights 4-in-1 Convertible CribA more stylish wooden baby crib makes a nursery room looks more elegant and child-friendly. The cozier environment would help the baby get enough sleep, and even the parents are benefited. Other than that, over the childhood years, the baby crib will be useful as a result, there’ll be no additional purchase of other bed.

It is a 4-in-1 baby crib that can be converted from a normal crib into a toddler bed, daybed, and full-sized bed. This is a cost-effective purchase, for it can be used for a long time. In terms of its appearance, it is designed with a touch of nautical flair. This complements and beautifies all kinds of room décor, which is desirable by stylish parents out there. Since the crib is designed for a growing kid, the mattress base support can be adjusted up to 3 height positions. Therefore, having easy access to the baby is achieved.

What we love

  1. A convertible type of baby crib
  2. Elegant design
  3. Less costly than any other brand

What we hate

  1. Heavyweight

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2. Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby Crib – Best Brown Baby Crib

Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Baby CribDo you want to save up space in your nursery room? Instead of having a bulky, heavyweight, and expensive baby crib, why not have a crib suitable for small spaces? By this tactic, there’ll be enough space for other stuff at home.

Delta Children Mini Crib is designed lightweight and foldable, which can be brought inside and even outside the house with no difficulty. It is also a space-friendly crib which is good for small home space. There are caster wheels for easy mobility and also for easy storing. It is built with solid wood finished with a neutral color to add more appeal to the nursery room. A mattress of about 1″ thick is included and can be adjusted in two height level positions.

The crib is JPMA certified and meets ASTM and CPSC standards, which assure the safety of the baby. It is available in many different brilliant colors that are fit for any room décor.

What we love

  1. Space-saver crib
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Meets safety standards

What we hate

  1. Gives off a chemical smell

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1. DaVinci Jenny Lind Stationary Crib – Best White Wooden Baby Crib

DaVinci Jenny Lind Stationary CribDaVinci crib products are all tested for safety that they’ve even earned to be a top-rated and award-winning manufacturer of nursery products. For this reason, providing the best and quality-driven wooden crib for the baby throughout the childhood years is achieved.

It is another convertible type of crib made from New Zealand pine wood that is easy to assemble. The normal crib turns into a toddler bed and daybed when the child grows up. Transformation is done through a conversion kit that is sold separately. The existence of detachable caster wheels helps for easy means of transport, which makes the crib more portable. For easy access to the baby, the mattress height can be adjusted up to four times according to the child’s growth.

Further, the crib is GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means thoroughly tested and has less chemical emission. Overall, it is not only safe for babies but also a room-enhancer with its vintage-inspired look. Many other same brand furniture can be added to the nursery room to complete the setup.

What we love

  1. A convertible type of baby crib
  2. GREENGUARD Gold certified
  3. Vintage designed

What we hate

  1. Wood got broke after 2 years

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Wood Baby Crib Reviews: More Aspects You Need to Know

Wood baby cribs are usually Asian-made baby products. Therefore, the assurance of sturdiness is maintained. Parents, until now, prefer a wooden type of crib, for it renders nontoxic protection for the babies. This is normally considered as an enclosed bed for little ones that are a big tool to lessen the tiredness of every parent in nurturing a child. At some point, this kind of baby product is costly than other parents couldn’t afford.

Besides, there are factors to explain more about this baby’s little bed before it would be called the best wooden baby crib:

Types of wood baby crib

The following are all the same in terms of materials used during production. They only differ in different specs, in appearance, and in pricing. Here are 3 types of a wood baby crib that you can choose for:

Normal baby crib: This type is the cheapest among other types of wood baby crib. It has 4 corner fixed enclosures made of sturdy wood and usually lasts long. Simply designed and lacks special features.baby crib

Convertible baby crib:  A lifetime baby crib that is useful throughout the years until the baby grows. The conversion depends on how the crib is structured. Perhaps, the more expensive it is, the more it can be converted.Convertible baby crib

Portable baby crib: It usually has carter wheels for easy mobility, and it is collapsible. It is known to be the best space-saver baby crib.portable baby crib

Either of the types above of a baby crib is beneficial for both parent and the baby, for they render the same purpose: to keep a baby safe and sound.

Best Features of a wooden baby crib

To obtain the best wood baby crib for the baby, checking on the needed features upon the product is necessary. It is the right of every buyer to investigate the product they’ll be going to buy so that there’ll be no regrets in the end. Here are the best features a wood baby crib must have to render your desired safety on the baby:

Solid hardwood: Of course, the safety begins on the materials being used in making a crib. The woods that are usually consumed are pine wood, birch wood, hardwood, and other sturdy woods that meet safety standards.

Schemes: Wood baby crib usually looks modern and elegant.

Adjustable mattress support: To avoid the baby from falling off the crib, the mattress support must be lowered. For easy access to the baby, the support must be lifted high.Adjustable mattress support

Rails: There are two types of rails, the drop-side, and the stationary side. For younger babies, it is safer to have the stationary side for added safety; however, it cannot be folded unless having drop-side rails.

Caster wheels: It is for easy transporting inside the house. Even though the crib is heavy in having caster wheels, it would be lighter to move.Caster wheels

Convertible: As the baby grows fast, it is more practical to buy a convertible crib, which can turn into a toddler bed up to a full-sized bed. This could be the best feature a wood baby crib can have; however, it takes a lot of costs.

Wooden Baby Crib versus Metallic Baby Crib

Even though they render the same purpose, there is still a huge difference between the two. Some say a wooden baby crib is much safer than a metallic baby crib in many reasons:

First, a wooden crib is nontoxic and safe for teething, while a metallic crib tends to chip on its top bar, which is dangerous for babies.

Second, a wooden crib is lighter than the metallic one. It is easier to move from one spot to another. Thus, it is more travel-friendly.

Third, a wooden baby crib is easier to complement room décors, especially for those parents who love the more classic look, and it is more customizable. However, a metallic crib has elegant looks too.

However, a metallic baby crib lasts longer than a wooden crib as wood absorbs moisture and breaks after long years of use.


What is the right wood a wooden baby crib must be made of?

The answer depends on how much you want to spend and how you want a crib must appear. There are two kinds of wood used in making a wooden baby crib:

Hardwood resources

This type of wood has 7 tree sources, including Ash, Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, and Poplar. They all differ on the level of hardness, and the Maple Tree is the hardest among them. Birchwood is widely used in producing a baby crib, while Mahogany is the great wood for cribs; however, it is costly.

Softwood resources

This one only has 3 tree sources, including Cedar, Fir, and Pine. The commonly used softwood in making a baby crib is the pinewood because of its lower price and its availability.

According to woodworking institutes, it is better to use softwood rather than hardwood because of the great impact a hardwood could take effect on the environment. Softwoods are also inexpensive and easy to find.



Your baby might not say it, but a wooden crib is what he/she wanted. A baby should have its own bed and, in this way, a safer bed. Wooden baby crib is specifically designed for a nursery room that needs a modern match design of a crib. In terms of cost, as compared to other types of cribs, this one bears a lower cost with an added environmental-friendly spec.

According to the above reviews, we pick Little Seeds Maple Lane Dove White Crib as the best wood baby crib because of its simplicity, yet it really complements whatever room design is. The other products listed are also highly recommended. However, there are still other available wooden cribs that you could look for in different selling platforms.

If you have any questions or recommendations, feel free to comment on the queries section, and wait for the response.


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