Your child won’t be using diapers forever because there comes a time when you need to teach them how to use the toilet. For this reason, you have to set up a plan and buy a training potty that suits your child. If you are clear with the training plan, but you are still unsure if what training potty is the best for your child, here’s my list of the best training potties today. It might give you new insights that lead you buying the right one.

Should I buy a Training Potty Seat or Potty Chair?

Before buying a training potty, you need to ask yourself this question first. Should you buy a training potty seat or a potty chair?

Basically, if your child is below the age of 3, the ideal item you must choose is a potty chair. Since this infant-sized toilet sits on the floor, it makes it easier and safer for your child to independently access it. Some of the most common features of a potty chair include a removable inner basin that comes along with a splash guard. This makes it incredibly neat and clean and easy to maintain.

However, you might find it a hassle to clean the particular basin after every use. This is why other parents prefer training potty seats than potty chairs. Training potty seats allows you to skip the cleaning step completely. This is because it sits on top of real toilets so you only need to flush your child’s mess.

On the other hand, your child would require a step stool in order to get on the potty. This is the reason why some parents buy a combination of the potty chair and potty seat together or separately.

Additionally, using either of the two will still require the guidance of parents. Training potties are meant to teach your child proper toilets habits so make sure that the training is worthwhile. The early stages of every child are important so make sure to give them your full support while training.

Joovy Loo Potty Chair

Comfort is the most important factor to consider when choosing the best training potties for your child. Joovy Loo Potty Chair features a contemporary style with its functional design so your little one feels comfortable while training. It also has sealed inner bowl which is useful especially to prevent spillovers. Personally, I believe parents would love this part given that kids tend to be careless most of the time.

It is also worth noting that Joovy Loo is BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free. This means your child is safe from harmful materials. When buying a potty, most parents consider the size and weight capacity of the product. More so, I believe it’s a great advantage that this training potty has durable and solid construction. It can accommodate kids more than 60 lbs and any size.

The height of this potty is just enough to position your kids to a comfortable squat. It is incredibly easy to clean as well so parents wouldn’t have a hard time.

HEETA Potty Chair

If you worry too much about your child’s safety, HEETA Potty Chair might be your best partner. It has non slip pads that secures your child while using it plus a comfortable seat back for better support. Every child just like everyone else would love to relax while doing their thing on a toilet bowl. More so, the solid and reliable support of its seat back is vital.

Another reason to love it is that has easy to maintain toilet. In fact, it comprises a removable container inside that is suitable for most sinks. It also has a lid that makes your bathroom looks neat and clean.

To avoid mess, HEETA Potty Chair integrates a high pee shield to prevent your child’s piss from spilling out. And don’t forget its aesthetics. This little training potty boasts an ergonomic design and cute style available in three different colors. Let your child have fun while training with this whale cutie potty.

Be Mindful “Moby” Baby Potty

Be Mindful “Moby” Baby Potty teaches kids independence and self-resilience. It is an innovative product that has fun and adorable whale design that your child would love. When I was a kid, I remember having a swan-like potty. It helped me to understand why it is important to poo and pee in the right place in a very fun way.

To improve your child’s first potty training experience, Moby has a quick dry bowl. In fact, it features a high gloss bowl to repel solids and liquids which makes it easy to clean too. It also has an ergonomic design and a unique shape that prevents contents from coming out. This also allows easy cleaning with just a bit of swirl and swish.

Moby is available in three cute colors that are soft, enriching, and looks good on your bathroom. Placing one of this best training potties will definitely brighten up the mood.

SKYROKU Potty Training Seat

SKYROKU Potty Training Seat is a ladder type potty that allows kids to use the actual toilet in your bathroom. One step ladder allows your child to position on the toilet with an intended seat and back support. When using this training potty, parents must completely supervise their child. For better comfort and security, SKYROKU features non-slip design on its floor pads.

In line with this, it has 2cm thick removable soft cushions. This helps especially to keep your baby warm when sitting on the potty. It is easy to assemble too with its straight forward setup. You don’t need to use tools to tighten its screws because a key will do.

If you doubt the durability of this product, we did a test to make sure your child is safe. We found out that its latter can hold up to 75kg which is far greater than the capacity of any baby.

Summer Infant My Size Potty

To make your child feel real independence and training, this infant size toilet might help you out. Summer Infant My Size Potty is the best in the market that allows easier transition from training to real. Moreover, it has built-in wipes compartment on its tank. I believe it’s the most genius feature of this mini version toilet.

Aside from that, its toilet handle produces realistic flushing sound. This helps kids to practice right toilet routines. It also has a removable bowl for easy cleaning and a clip-on high pee guard for your little guys. This prevents pee from coming out of the cute potty which most parents avoid.

The flip-up lid also allows your child to learn what to do before sitting and standing up. With the realistic design of Summer Infant My Size Potty, kids could learn easier and faster. It is ideal for 18 months old and up to 50 lbs kids.

VIBOE Potty Training Seat

VIBOE Potty Training Seat is suitable for children ages 1 to 7 years old. Unlike SKYROKU, this training potty doesn’t include a ladder since it is intended for children older. It also has a unisex design so both girls and boys would be happy to use this toilet seat. If you opt for a training potty that can last for years, VIBOE is ideal for you.

While having a stylish design, it also sports easy cleaning feature that most parents are grateful about. The firm seat provides better support so your child won’t fall while using it. Another thing you’ll love about this potty is its very hygienic feel that makes your child comfortable. It also has a urine splash guard that keeps floor clean all the time.

When buying a potty, prioritize your child’s safety. VIBOE is BPA free and made with high-quality materials to protect your baby skin against harmful chemicals.

Child Potty Training Chair by Jool baby Products

This Jool Baby Potty Training Chair has top features that help children build the best toilet practices. One of these features is Jool’s splash guard which is specially designed to prevent urine from coming out of the toilet. If you don’t want to see messes and piss on your bathroom floor, this feature can help you out. It also has secure handles which provide confidence that even bathroom beginners would be comfortable using the product.

The minimalist design of this training potty is also a plus, especially that most of its kind is bulkier. It only comes in one color but both girls and boys can enjoy using it. Simply wipe its surface to clean and it will quickly become smooth and sleek again. You could also slide it out, empty the potty, and then wash it.

This aqua blue trainer potty has a nice height that brings your child to a comfortable sitting position. Its sturdy backrest enhances confidence and security.

Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty

Feed your child’s imagination while training them to poo and pee in the right place with Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty. Just as what its name suggests, it allows your child to learn how to flush after doing their thing on the toilet with its cute little yellow flush handle.

One your child finish using the potty, ask them to press the flush to get rewarding musical ditties, twirling water action, and lights. While entertaining your child, this helps to build a good habit on them in terms of using a toilet. The whole thing looks like a mini-version of a real toilet but it carries a design and feels perfect for children. In fact, the cute potty has a face on its backrest that can visually stimulate your child.

Side handles on its toilet ring allows kids to feel safe while using it. Like most trainer potties, Learn-to-Flush Potty also has pee guard in front to prevent pee coming out of the toilet.

Kolcraft My Mini Potty

In the midst of the best training potties is the clean and fresh looking Kolcrraft My Mini Potty. What makes it unique is its 2-in-1 design which includes a fun-sized fun-sized potty chair and a detachable trainer potty. For those who want to save money, this multifunctional trainer potty might be the best choice you would have. Besides, no one wants to waste money from buying the same thing when they can get both at the same price.

Kolcraft My Mini Potty looks like a real toilet for an infant. It also comes with a flash handle to help kids feel the rewarding feeling of finishing a task. This pretends flush handle can actually produce sound when pressed. Unlike other trainer potties, it has a volume switch that provides an option for low, high, or off.

For extra convenience, this trainer potty is equipped with built-in deflector shield on its waste cup that you can remove easily for cleaning and disposal.

Ikea Lilla Children’s Green Potty

If you prefer the simplest trainer potty among the list, we have here Ikea Lilla Children’s Green Potty. Upon looking at this product, you will definitely agree that it’s the most uncomplicated trainer potty in the market. It is basically composed of only one component so assembly isn’t necessary. It looks like a small monoblock chair that has a hole in the middle where your child does his thing.

While it looks plain, this trainer potty is not an Ikea item for no reason. I personally love how easy it is to empty and clean and use a mild soapy solution to wipe it. It also has anti-slip material underneath so it won’t move unnecessarily especially when your child is doing his business. Since it only has one component, kids won’t be distracted while training.


To sum it up, the best training potties this year features useful functions that allow children to learn proper toilet practices. However, I observed that some are still lacking in terms of targeting other needs of a child. Some potties are entertaining that the real deal is not greatly considered. There are also potties that are simple but comes with a host of excellent functions. I personally love Summer Infant My Size Potty for its shrunken real porcelain toilet look along with its innovative tank wipe compartment and flush handle. On the other hand, I also love the multifunctional trainer Kolcraft My Mini Potty. For wise parents who want to save money, this innovative product might be their number one pick.


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