There are few things more satisfying than wrapping your baby up in a perfect swaddle blanket burrito. The thing is, swaddling a baby isn’t just for the aesthetic, it’s to help bring comfort to your baby while they’re adjusting to the world around them. Before a baby is born, they are snuggled up in the womb, surrounded by the amniotic sac. Swaddling is meant to help simulate the feeling of being in the womb, in turn making it easier for a baby to settle down and sleep.

Most swaddling is one during the first 3 to 4 months after your baby is born. Some may refer to this time period as the “fourth trimester”. Parents find that swaddling their baby helps out a lot when it’s time time for bed, allowing them to sleep comfortably for longer periods of time. Not only does this help a baby get the rest they need, but the entire family can also get their sleep in as well.

Different Types of Swaddle Blankets

Swaddling has been done for hundreds of years. Recently, new types of swaddle blankets have been created to help make swaddling easier, more effective, and cuter thanks to the plethora of designs you can find in the market today. Swaddle blankets are made in many different styles, fabrics, and colors to suit your personal preferences and what you feel is best for your baby. The following is a list of the different types of swaddle blankets you can pick:

Old Fashioned Baby Swaddle Wraps

These swaddle blankets are the traditional way to swaddle a baby. They are either square or rectangular shaped pieces of fabric that require you to wrap your baby up yourself, which can be done in a few different ways. To help you out, we’ll explain the process step-by-step.

How to Swaddle Your Baby

  1. First, you need to lay the swaddle blanket down on a safe, flat surface in a diamond position. The top corner should be folded over 4 to 6 inches to allow your baby’s head freedom from the rest of the blanket.
  2. Next, you should lay your baby down on the center, placing their neck over the fold you just created.
  3. Pull the left side of the blanket over and tuck it underneath your baby. Make sure your baby’s hips are loose as you do this. You should never force your baby’s legs straight as you do this to prevent hip dysplasia.
  4. The next step is to pull the bottom corner upwards and place it over their left shoulder. Tuck this corner into the fold you created on the top of the blanket to keep it securely in place.
  5. The final step is to bring over the right corner and tuck it underneath your baby on the other side.

As you swaddle your baby, you’ll want to make sure their arms are staying either 1: on their sides or 2: in front of them together. Some babies are soothed from their hands being up front and together.

Swaddle Suits

Swaddle suits are a cheat for those who would prefer to make things a little bit easier. These swaddling suits use zippers, velcros, or hook & loops to help wrap the fabric around your baby and bundle them up. This is very useful for saving time, reducing stress, and making those night time wakings a little bit easier to deal with.

Some Tips to Help You Out

Even though swaddling your baby is something that comforts them, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in terms of safety and your sanity. Here are some swaddling tips:

  • For the most part, pretty much every baby likes to be swaddled. Don’t be discouraged if your baby seems to object at first. Try out different swaddling blankets and techniques and you’ll most likely figure out what works best for both your baby and you.
  • At around 2 months of age, your baby will most likely want their arms to be free. At this point, you can start to swaddle them less and look into a wearable blanket to help keep them warm.
  • Aside from a swaddle blanket or a wearable blanket, there should be nothing else in your baby’s crib. Bumpers, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and more are not safe to keep in the crib with your baby.
  • Start off with at least 2 or 3 swaddle blankets to ensure you always have one on hand. Since your baby will only need to be swaddled for the first few months of their life, you don’t need to go overboard with the swaddle blankets either (though many moms like to find secondary uses for these blankets later on!).

Best Swaddle Blankets Reviews

So now you’re a swaddling expert and need some swaddles for your baby. To help you out, we picked out the best swaddle blankets that you should definitely consider.

Miracle Blanket Swaddle

The Miracle Blanket Swaddle helps to make swaddling easy. A hidden pouch provides coverage for your baby’s legs that never gets kicked off. Wide flaps help keep your baby’s arms in place. Once your baby is all wrapped up in this swaddle, it will be a miracle! The only hard thing here is choosing which of the 7 patterns you should choose from.

The Ollie Swaddle

The Ollie Swaddle leaves a lot of room for swaddling your baby the way they want to be swaddled. Choose to wrap arms in or leave them out. The bottom part is adjustable and can open for easy access to diaper changes, or simply to let out longer legs. Secure your swaddle wrap with velcro so you don’t have to worry about your perfect wrap coming loose.

Kepi Support Swaddle

If you don’t mind splurging, the Kepi Support Swaddle is a great choice. It offers amazing support for your newborn’s head, neck, and back. Your baby’s arms will be swaddled in place thanks to velcro secures. The leg area is made to allow their legs to kick freely. The Kepi Support Swaddle can be used for babies up to 15 pounds.

Woombi Original Swaddle

The Woombi Original Swaddle makes swaddling easy in a different, unique way. In fact, you may find it has somewhat of a cult-like following (for a good reason). All you need to do is zip your baby up in this swaddle and their arms will be snug and comfortable. The fabric is stretchy to ensure the fit is not too tight. Double zippers allow you to zip both from the top and bottom so you can change diapers with minimal disturbance.

Baby Swaddle Wrap Sack by Bublo

You get 3 swaddle wraps in this pack of Baby Swaddles by Bublo. Secure your swaddle wrap with fastening straps that are also noise free. This wrap is essentially a breathable cotton sack that your baby will feel at home in. There are colors and patterns available suitable for both girls and boys.

Aden + Anais Classic Swaddle Baby Blanket, 4 Pack

Our first traditional swaddle blankets on our list are the Aden + Anais Classic Swaddle Baby Blankets. They are made of 100% cotton muslin to ensure comfort and breathability. You can choose from 20 different pattern packs, all of which are super adorable (which can make it hard to choose). What’s great is these blankets can serve other purposes such as a travel changing mat, a nursing cover, tummy time, and more! One pack of these gets you 4 swaddle blankets, which is enough to get your started.

Little Unicorn Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle, 2 Pack

Some more swaddle blankets on our list are the Little Unicorn Organic Cotton Muslin Swaddle blankets. Little Unicorn makes swaddle blankets with some of the most darling patterns that you will definitely fall in love with. On top of that, these blankets are made of organic cotton! What better fabric to wrap around your precious, organic baby? Even though you need to work on your baby burrito wrapping skills, the end result will be heart melting.

Hudson Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Another set of swaddle blankets to consider are the Hudson Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets. They come in a pack of three so you can have one for swaddling, one for a stroller blanket, and another for those spit up emergencies. Choose from over 20 different colors and patterns to suit your baby girl or boy.

CuddleBug Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets

The CuddleBug Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets are made from 100% muslin cotton fabric that is soft to the touch. It’s perfect to use for your baby’s delicate skin and it’s breathable to ensure they don’t overheat while they sleep. These wraps come in packs of 4 and are offered in 5 different pattern packs, each of which are super adorable.

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle, 3 Pack

The SwaddleMe Original Swaddle blankets come in a pack of three. They offer you simplicity with hook and loop closures so you don’t have to stress out about making the perfect wrap in the middle of the night. It also means you can make your swaddle a little more snug or loose depending on your baby’s preference. If you would like, you can also look into the SwaddleMe wraps for preemies (for up to 7 pounds).

Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original

The Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original offers your baby the option to sleep with their arms up, a common sleep position we find our babies in. This wrap offers enough flexibility and freedom for your baby to move their arms and hands to their mouth if they desire. If you notice your baby doesn’t like super snug swaddles, then the Love to Dream Swaddle UP Original might just offer the freedom they desire while still providing a somewhat snug environment.

HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle

Don’t worry about performing origami just to get your baby soothed and back to bed when you have the HALO SleepSack Micro-Fleece Swaddle. This swaddle blanket is essentially a sleep sack. What makes it different is that it has “wings” that fold over and secure with velcro to help keep your baby snug while they sleep. You can also adjust the wrap to allow your baby’s arms to be free.


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