Most women would surely agree that the best bra is by not wearing a bra, but still, there are some women who believe that wearing a bra while sleeping can help prevent your breasts from sagging as you grow older. Although there’s no record to prove if wearing a bra or not is good when sleeping, there would still be times where you need or want to wear one.

Of course, if you ever wear a bra while sleeping, you’ll need the best sleep bra that is comfortable as possible. The bra should have no pads, clasps, wires, and has a loose fit while still providing the coverage and shape you needed. And because of this, sleep bra looks quite similar to maternity bra or sport but without the compression.

  1. Hanes Seamless Wire-Free Bra

If you are looking for pullover and comfortable sleep bra, the seamless bra from Hanes might just work for you. Having the best comfort in mind, Hanes has designed a cozy bra which you can use every day, even during bedtime. In addition to its design, this seamless bra is also wire-free, therefore would be no annoying, pinching feeling.

With the sleep bra, you’ll be able to sleep in any position you want without worrying about the bra’s wire digging into your skin. The bra also has a flexible fit to ensure it can hold its shape, which could help enhance your chest’s figure. But the most important part of it is that it can stay where it should be. Also, since the cups of this bra are unlined, your nipples might show through it, so it would be better if it’s used during bedtime.

  1. Fruit of the Loom Cotton Sports Bra

Are you a bit obsessed about using a sleep bra with spaghetti straps? If your answer is yes, then you might want to get your hands to one of the sleep bras from Fruit of the Loom. Not only because you can already get three sleep bras in one purchase, but you can also get a bra that is very flexible. This way, you can save a lot of money and time in looking for a comfortable sleep bra, and what you can actually wear during occasions.

In addition, this comfortable cotton bra can also prevent you from having a uniboob look, thanks to the bras sewn front. But most importantly, its effortless lines that are visible to its cotton fabric has made the sleeping bra more versatile, which means, you can use it more than just a bra for bedtime. The only downside of this bra is that they aren’t adjustable, and it wouldn’t provide you with enough support in certain activities such as a workout.

  1. Carole Martin Wireless Sleep Bra

Are you tired of reaching behind your back every time you wear and remove your bra? Or do you struggle with the usual hook closure at the back side of your bra? Then you would surely love this wireless sleep bra from Carole Martin, as you can consider all your bra lock problems to be solved. This comfortable sleep bra comes with a front closure, meaning it can get you out of your misery when struggling with a back closure.

With this bra, you’ll no longer struggle in reaching behind just to unclasp or hook your bra. You can keep everything easy and simple by wearing this full freedom bra that is also wire-free. but most importantly, it does a great job of outlining your chest area while providing you with enough support for your daily activities. This also means that the bra is very versatile as you can also use it when going to work, school, and even on other occasions.

  1. Hanes Evolution Sleep Bra

Choosing the best bra that you could use to support your breast while sleeping can be quite a challenge, but it would definitely worth it, especially if you badly need one. Since these kinds of bras are specially designed to be comfortable, Hanes’ Evolution bra is no exception when it comes to providing you with a very comfortable fit. Aside from the Seamless Wire-free bra of Hanes, the Evolution bra is also no doubt one of Hanes’ best creations.

Also, since this model doesn’t come with any annoying seams and ridges, you won’t have to worry about getting annoying marks on your body, as well as feeling the bra’s seams digging into your skin. This is quite true if your bra is underwired, and this is the reason why sleep bras are designed to not have any form of wire in it. Another worth mentioning about this clothing is that it is itch-free and lightweight, which is perfect for those who have sensitive skin.

  1. Kindred Bravely Racerback Maternity Sleep Bra

If your old bras are preventing you from having a good night sleep, you should start considering looking for another bra like sleep bras. There’s no reason for you to torture yourself with those bras when you can just get something comfy and practical. This sleep bra was originally designed to be used for maternity or nursing, but since it’s very versatile this is certainly a must-have bra that you could use daily.

Even if you are not nursing any child, you can take advantage of this bra’s ultra-soft cups and fabric when sleeping. There’s no need for you to worry about painful hook closures and wires digging into your skin while sleeping. To wear this bra, all you have to do is to pull this over your head and experience how smooth it glides over your skin. This sleeping bra is great if you are just using it around the house, or when it’s time for you to sleep.

  1. Hanes Comfort-Blend Pullover Bra

If you are looking for a dual solution for your sleepless nights due to not having enough breast support, then this comforting blend from Hanes just might be the right product for you. If you haven’t found the right sleep bra for yourself, then we highly suggest this piece of clothing from Hanes. Aside from having a simple design, this model is currently one of the best-sellers due to its versatility.

More than being used as a sleeping bra, you can also use it for sports as it can provide you with enough breast support and other daily activities. This bra doesn’t come with any hook, front and back closures as you’ll only have to pull this over your head. Therefore, you can relax and stop worrying about clasping and unclasping your bra every time you use for bedtime or daily activities.

  1. Glamorise Plus-Size Sleeping Bra

By having soft cups, wide straps, and a couple of adjustable clasps, this sleeping bra from Glamorise is among the products that have some of the highest reviews in the market. While using this product, the bra’s fabric doesn’t feel itchy or scratchy like some of the other supportive materials. But it would still provide you a natural minimized shape without having to deal with the underwire pain.

However, if you prefer using bra’s that has at least a bit of cotton fabric in it, then this product might not be the one for you as this is made with 75% of Polyamide and about 25% of Elastane. But if you don’t mind using these kinds of fabrics, then you can instantly buy one in the online market. Also, its pretty lace trim is soft and the cup can stretch to up to your cup size, which is pretty amazing to provide the much-needed comfort.

  1. Vanity Fair Beauty Figure Non-Wired Bra

Like all of the sleep bras here on this list, sleeping bra from Vanity Fair is also non-wired and free of any banded frame. It can offer you with the utmost support, even for those who have a bigger bust without feeling any pinches. The bra’s center lace will keep your breasts centered, even if you tend to sleep sideways. Therefore, this is one of the best sleep bras that you can get in the market that can provide you the best support.

So, why should you purchase the Vanity Fair sleeping bra? Since this bra comes with a full cup to provide a proper fit and containment, sides and center-front are narrower to provide enough support, both straps provide the right support yet narrow enough than a full-figure strap, and could come with about 2 to 4 hooks, depending on the size, and some eye closure. So, why would you not buy this product?

  1. AM Clothes Plus Size Seamless and Wireless Sports Bra

For only under $20, you can already get a highly reliable, yet comfortable bra for three at a great price. This is perfect for those who want to order their products in one go, as well as for those who want to save some money. Most of AM Clothes sleep bras are made with a comfy and stretchy fabric without any wirings.

Rather than using wires, they use removable padding instead, along with thick straps, double-knit material, and some elastic center busts to provide some lift and support over your breasts. The great thing about this product is that you have ten color options to choose from, including bras in all black or bright shades. So, whether you are looking for something bright or light-colored sleeping bras, you can find them all at AM Clothes.

  1. Amoena Frances Front-Closure Bra

Now here’s a bra for those who want to use something made with soft cotton, or at least partially made with cotton as this bra contains a bit of spandex in it to stretch. This bra from Amoena is a great combination of comfort and convenience, which makes it perfect for those who want to use a versatile sleeping bra.

With the bra’s wide straps along with its racerback design, it can help stop all your skin’s cutting, pain, and chaffing while its front-close feature is a great option for back sleepers and for those who can’t reach behind their backs. And if you have just had surgery, you can safely and instantly use this product.

  1. Leading Lady Zig-Zag Weave Sleep Bra

The most unique part of this sleeping bra from Leading Lady is its creative gravity-defying materials. This bra is made with a zigzag weave so that it could keep your breasts feeling comfortable, but are still receiving enough support. The great thing about this bra is that it comes with front-close clasps, therefore you no longer have to turn your back around if you are a back sleeper.

Also, this specific brand comes with various colors and designs, which is great for those who are wanting to use a stylish sleep bra. As for its straps, they are lightly reinforced to help reduce stretch and maintains the longevity and integrity of the sleeping bra. Since it comes with an expanded size, it would make it easier for you to find the size that has an ideal fit.

  1. Boody Body EcoWear Padded Shaper Bra

If you are the kind of person who values the ecosystem, then you would surely love this sleeping bra from Boddy Body as it is 80% made of bamboo rayon, which is grown without the use of pesticides. Therefore, not only is it an eco-friendly product, but it is also very soft and breathable to the skin. So, this is a great option for those who want a good night sleep.

Since it has a very soft fabric, you can sleep in any position you want as you won’t experience any digging feeling, wires, or uncomfortable fasteners. However, it does come with removable padding, so that you can customize the bra’s level of support and shaping. In addition, it also has a thermo-regulating feature that could help you stay warm in the winter and cool during the summer.

  1. Calvin Klein Wire-Free Contour Bra

For those who are looking for sleep bra from a well-known brand, lucky for you that Calvin Klein also offers a wire-free contour bra which you could even use while sleeping. As what’s mentioned to its name, this bra is an ideal bra for those who want complete coverage, while being provided with support that can hug your body no matter what your position is.

And since it doesn’t have any seams or wires, it wouldn’t dig anywhere on your skin, and it provides you with enough stretch so that you can freely move around. It also has a natural lift and push up to enhance your breasts shape, and even accentuates your cleavage with padding, even though it’s sleeping bra.

  1. 32 Degrees Camisole with Bra

This easy to wear camisole is made from a fabric that has soft and quick-drying material. But its most interesting feature is its built-in bra that connects directly to the straps and garment, which shapes your silhouette and lifts up your bust-line with the help of its molded padding. However, unlike the other products, this only comes with three color options.

For those who are thinking if this product is cotton, unfortunately, no. This camisole is made with 85% of Polyester and about 15% of Spandex. Because of the materials used, when washing sleep shirt, it can dry fast even without being dried under the heat of the sun. the bottom part of the camisole is flowy which makes it ideal for those who want to hide their bellies.

  1. Bali Comfort Revolution Wire-Free Bra

With more than 3,000 reviews, this wire-free bra is definitely one of the best-selling sleep bras in the market. instead of wires and paddings, it uses an incredibly comfortable foam along with elastic bands, which can keep your breasts centered and evenly supported. You can also wear for any activities that you do daily aside from sleeping, such as work, sports, and under kinds of daily errands.

It comes with wide straps and seamless stretch fabric to provide an all-around comfort, which you’ll need when sleeping. It can also fit easily to any users thanks to its smart size shape. And if you’re not satisfied with the quality of this product, you are free to return any unwashed and unworn items along with their tags still intact. Its original packing should also come with it.

What Should You Look for in a Sleep Bra?

Sleep bras are made to support any side of your breasts while still providing the comfort you needed. This means that there are sleep bras in the market that can fit those who have a large breast size. But before you go lingerie shopping, there are some things that you need to consider first before buying a sleep bra.

  • Bra Size

This is the most important part when buying a sleep bra, you’ll have to get the right size of the bra so that you can use it comfortably. Make sure to not use a sleep bra that is too loose or too tight for you to wear. Usually, sleep bras come in XS, S, M, and XL sizes and are based on the cup size. Therefore, if you ever order a sleep bra online, make sure that you know your beast’s size first.

If you don’t know your bust size yet, you can use a tape measure and measure it around your breasts. During measurement, make sure that you’re not pulling on the tape measure too tight or too loose to get the right breast measurement. Use the tape on your ribs, just below your breasts and then around bust size right at the fullest point, which is around your nipples.

The difference between those measurements would be your cup size.

  • Sleep Bra’s Softness

Aside from sizes, you’ll also have to consider the fabric’s softness as well as its foam or padding to see if it can provide the comfort you needed. Remember, sleep bras are made to be extra soft to provide the best comfort while sleeping, as well as the support your breasts need especially when you are laying sideways. And no matter what your position is, your sleep bra shouldn’t allow making you feel uncomfortable.

  • Wire-Free and Lightweight

After surviving another busy day while wearing an underwire bra, freeing your breasts from those kinds of bras is one of the best feelings. But no matter how much you hate wearing bras with underwires, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of using a sleep bra. Your breasts can still get the support it needs throughout the night without feeling any painful digging.

Therefore, it would be best for you to look for the best sleep bra that is wire-free and lightweight. Aside from using it for bedtime, you can also get a bra that you could use for bedtime as well, as well as for your daily activities that can provide the support and comfort you needed. Once you have found the right bra for you, you no longer need to wear wired and push up bras daily, except on special occasions or if needed.

Also, using wired bras during bedtime will only pinch and dig through your skin over time. Therefore, you should look for a sleep bra that is both lightweight and wire-free to ensure you’ll have the best comfort at night. You can also try using bralettes that are usually made from cotton and stretchable, especially if you prefer using cotton based sleep bras.


Sleep bras are specially designed to provide your breasts with support no matter your bust size is. The best sleep bra that you can get should be lightweight rather than making you feel imprisoned at night. Some sleeping bras will even make you feel like you are wearing a camisole or a soft cropped top. But if you are not comfortable with it, you can always use a sleep bra that is joined by eyes and hook.

There are some sleep bras that are made with garters, which could help you lie down on your back without having to deal with pinching locks. Regardless of the sleep bra’s price, you should always put your comfort first before everything.


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