Many parents are still in doubt whether yogurts are good for babies. Let the best organic baby yogurts below clear that up!

Babies demand a high-fat diet for them to develop faster than ever. Apart from milk, yogurts are a great source of fat and it comes in different ways. That includes Greek or Regular, Plain or Flavored, Homemade, and Organic or Conventional. We’ll be focusing on the organic type of baby yogurts which are known to be more expensive yet better for babies.


Choosing the right food for babies can be crucial knowing they cannot say anything on the food they consumed. Before we get into finding the best yogurts for babies, consider these key factors when choosing a baby yogurt:

Baby’s age

Food consumable by babies chiefly depends upon their stage of development up to the fourth stage. Be certain the baby eats food appropriate to its age.

Organic-made yogurts

Artificial additives on food are dangerous to the baby’s health and so choosing organic options is desirable by most parents.


Babies are more caught up by flavored yogurts which greatly satisfy their taste buds. Please avoid yogurts with artificial flavors for good reasons.


Baby yogurts usually come in a pouch for traveling purposes and can last even when left unrefrigerated. However, it’s yummier when cooled.

Multi-pack options

It is more efficient to purchase one pack with multiple individual yogurts to save more money and time.

Top 10 Organic Baby Yogurts

1. Earth’s Best Organic Fruit Yogurt Smoothie

These 12 BPA-free, resealable pouches of fruity-flavor yogurts are suitable for toddler consumption. It offers classic flavors including a strawberry banana that is GMO-free and hence the best-selling flavor of Earth’s Best. It is fully organic with no artificial flavors added and rich of calcium and vitamins C and D.

You can expect tasty and real yogurt ingredient perfect for baby’s snack. The packaging is very child-friendly with its fun character decorations. The yogurt smoothie need not be refrigerated for a long time and best to bring during travels.


  • USDA-certified
  • Travel-friendly resealable pouches
  • Great fruity flavors


  • Some babies dislike its taste

2. Plum Organics Mighty 4

This organic yogurt is formulated with the help of a pediatric advisor and is certified organic without GMO ingredients. Each pack contains 4-ounce of four food groups such as dairy, fruits, vegetables, and whole grain. All nutrition a baby needs is therefore within one pouch of organic yogurt with added vitamin A, C, and E.

Moreover, it contains tweak amount of protein, fiber, and omega 3 ALA from chia which is helpful for babies too. Plum Organics really turn the raw nutritious foods for babies in a form of more interesting BPA-free packed tasty yogurts.


  • Good for toddlers
  • Nutritious organic yogurt


  • Issues on its new formula

3. Peter Rabbit Organics Baby Food

Peter Rabbit offers ten varieties of flavored organic yogurts packed in ten BPA-free pouches. Flavors are easily notableas the packaging color reflects its said flavor. There are no added preservatives as well as sugar content. The existing flavors are combinations of fruit and veggies with toasted oats that add more delicious taste on the yogurt.

This baby food is best recommended for older babies because of some solid particles it contains such as oats. The package’s labeling is clear to understand for it shows ingredient combinations. For example area veggie and fruity blend, fruity blend, and veggie blend.


  • Several flavor options
  • Well-packed healthy snacks


  • Spoilage issues

4. Happy Baby Organic Stage 2 Baby Food 

Happy Baby’s Organic Baby Food is one of the top-picks yogurts for growing babies under stage 2. It is packed in 16-pieces of a clearly crafted pouch that lets you see what’s inside the package. Along the way of exploring baby’s taste buds, this baby food is a perfect companion with balance organic blends and flavors a baby would like.

The company offers more unique tastes coming from fruit, whole grain, and vegetable extracts. Organic recipes are known nutritional as well as delicious which matches the child’s age. The most wanted flavor of kids is the Apple, Kale, and Avocado Blend Organic Yogurt which is rich in Vitamin A.


  • Well-packed
  • USDA-certified
  • Farm-grown ingredients


  • Unfriendly taste

5. Happy Tot Organic Stage 4 Super Morning Baby Yogurt

This one is suitable for stage 4 eaters and serves as a healthy breakfast with its unique fruits, whole grain oats, and chia seed ingredients. Additionally, it contains fiber for good digestive system and Vitamins A and C for eye health and immunity system. These 8 BPA-free packs of organic yogurts are kosher-free, gluten-free, and great for the budget.

Your tot can actively start a day with these tasty breakfast blends. It has a very welcoming taste for picky eaters. Only two organic fruity flavors are available.


  • Rich in vitamins
  • Toddlers love the taste


  • More oats content than yogurt

6. Stonyfield Organic Yokids Yogurt

Stonyfield guarantees freshness and quality of products, and Yokids Yogurt is no exemption. It isn’t packed in a pouch but in a cup and requires to be refrigerated therefore, a perfect snack for toddlers. You can get 6 evenly packs of two-flavored yogurt, including strawberry and strawberry banana blend, which are both kid-friendly tastes.

It has25% less sugar content than the other kid’s yogurt and rich in calcium, protein, vitamin D, and has 1% milk fat. It is certified USDA organic and gluten-free for a healthier lifestyle. This yogurt is appropriate for individuals who are lactose intolerant without any side effects.


  • Straw is included
  • Conveniently packed


  • Requires chilling

7. Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food

Are the flavors provided by the previous organic yogurts not enough? Ella’s Kitchen offers beyond expectation number of flavors about 25 options. You read it right!

Exploring new tastes of yogurts is supported by Ella’s Kitchen. Babies age 6-months and up are suitable to consume this food. The food product is GMO-free, USDA-certified, kosher-free, and pack in a BPA-free pouch. There are no thickeners and other additives added.

You can buy 6 or 12-packs that could last up to 24-hours without being refrigerated. It can be served as a snack or a meal for babies.


  • Many flavor options
  • Safe for babies
  • Fruity-veggie blends


  • Other kids hate the taste

8. Once Upon a Farm Organic Baby Food

Creative flavor names make this yogurt unique from the other yogurts which lead parents to be attracted in buying one. The delicious flavors freshly came from the farm with no added preservatives and are certified organic. One box contains 16 pouches of yogurts that are cold-pressed and not heat pasteurized. The pouches are recyclable via TerraCycle.

It is good for three stages of development from babies to toddlers due to its increasing texture. They also offer smoothies and applesauce for kids and for all ages, respectively. The yogurt is a Non-GMO Project and Clean Label Project certified that assures safety for baby consumption.


  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Fun flavor names
  • Certified product


  • None

9. Sprout Organic Baby Food

Protein is very much needed on every baby’s meal because of the good effects it releases. Sprout Organics proudly introduce protein into baby yogurts with these recipes, such as Plant-Powered Protein and Bone Broth Protein. There are other flavors beyond apple and pear which the company develops for 6-months and older babies. No concentrates, preservatives, sugar, and artificial colors added. The main ingredient ever use is vegetables.

Aside from fruity and veggie combinations, the first even bone broth yogurt for babies is made. The producer added 2-grams of broth in each pouch which is a great source of meat protein. This amount is only a few for babies not to majorly taste.


  • Whole food
  • Newly in the market flavor
  • Rich in protein


  • None

10. Gerber Purees Organic Baby Food

If pouches aren’t enough for your growing kid, you can purchase an organic yogurt in a jar. The pouch is designed with Smart Flow spout to avoid pouring out any substance on the floor. Further, Gerber Organics is widely available in any stores selling baby foods and their products are all budget-friendly. The company suggests to start feeding your baby with cereal or oatmeal under the same brand.

18-pouches are in the box with equally distributed flavors. All of the ingredients are the result of the hard work of every farmer in the US. This results in a more natural and organic baby yogurt. Small clap to those ordinary people behind the success of Gerber Organics!


  • Known and reputable brand
  • Well-designed pouch
  • Widely availability


  • Issues on the packaging


Perhaps these questions have been stressing you out the whole time you’re reading the reviews of products earlier. Of course, parents don’t want to put their kids in danger by picking the wrong yogurt in the market. Try asking first these most asked queries:

  • At what age should you let babies consume yogurts?

As long as the baby starts to eat solid food at usually 6-8 months of age and beyond, you can mix a small amount of organic yogurts to the baby’s diet. Make sure the yogurt is appropriate for babies.

  • What are the most essential ingredients of organic baby yogurts?

Babies are delicate when it comes to what they consumed. As a parent, there’ll be no time to check all of the ingredients written on the package. Hence, spotting these two ingredients is enough:

  • Organic whole milk also known as pasteurized whole milk

It must contain more fat in which essential for babies to gain muscles, healthy brain development, and have strong bones. Infants require up to 33-grams of fat per day while growing kids need up to 35-grams. It makes the yogurt tastes better.

  • Live active cultures

List of live active cultures includes L. bulgaricus, acidophilus, rhamnosus, and so on. These elements turn milk into yogurt and provide probiotics.

  • At what time of a day should babies eat organic yogurt?

Since yogurts are full of nutrients such as calcium, vitamins and minerals, and proteins, it can be served as baby’s main meal and snack. One cup a day is enough for babies as it already contains more and more nutrients a baby needs.

  • Are baby organic yogurts safe for a lactose intolerant individual?

Organic yogurts are safe for lactose intolerant individual without any doubt. The way it is made is organic and therefore no harmful ingredients are added. Moreover, the culturing process helps to breakdown lactose.

  • Why do medical communities say no to dairy products, including yogurt, earlier than 1-year-old?

They’re lying!

Dairy products are good for babies above 6-months for it is easy to digest. The only reason why experts don’t allow the yogurt to babies is they fear breastfeeding formula will come to an end. The remedy is to feed the baby with yogurt with moderation without excluding milk. Then again, yogurts are beneficial for babies earlier than 1-year.


There’ll be no substitute to a mother’s milk in nurturing a baby which is a great source of protein. However, adding an organic yogurt to the child’s regimen as early as 6-months is recommended for extra nutrients a baby can absorb. It’s important to know whether a selected yogurt is good for babies or not to prevent further serious damage upon the baby’s health.

Most parents are rooting on the best organic baby yogurt mentioned earlier. Hope you’ll pick one of those too.


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