If you’re a woman with a bulky set of breasts, then you probably know the struggle of finding the right bra. Bras are crucial for support, particularly if you are busty.

Now, add a humongous growth during pregnancy and you might have a panic attack as finding the right one means double the trouble.

Your body goes through a lot of changes throughout your pregnancy, and the most significant changes you will see is your boobs increasing in size by a cup or two.  And this change can definitely take a toll on your body.

So, finding the best nursing bra for large breasts is essential to becoming more comfortable in your everyday life as a mom!

Bra Sizing: A Quick Review

First things first, let us have a quick review.

A bra size is a combination of 2 measurements— the band size and the cup size.

In order to find your band size, you need to measure around your back, above your breast, and under your armpits. This numerical size is then combined with your cup size. For instance, you can wear a 38D size bra.

Although your band size may stay fairly close to the same size, your cup size will definitely change during and after your pregnancy.

15 Best Nursing Bra For Large Breasts 2019

  1. Bravado! Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

First on our list is an Amazon’s Choice. The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is made up of luxuriously soft and seamless fabric which mold to your body’s changing shape while providing superior support. It features a full drop away bra cup that is designed for maximum skin-to-skin contact with your little one.

Its luxurious softness without the wire added comfort as well as superior support. It has removable foam inserts for discretion and adding shape to your boobs. You have a variety of fun colors including pink ice, ivory, sea glass, black, and more and size ranges from small to 2X large.   

  1. Kindred Bravely Marvella Nursing Bra

A Crisbie Award Academy Star Winner, this maternity and nursing bra from Kindred Bravely is a favorite among moms. It is available in sizes from 32B – 40D and classic colors including black, ivory, pink and navy blue. You get to choose between two styles— the Marvella Classic and the Marvella Luxe.

The Marvella Classic offers a silky smooth racerback style. It has a wireless, molded-cup and extra wide chest band which offers just the right amount of support and form. In addition, the drop-down cups offer an instant skin-to-skin contact with your little one. The Marvella Luxe, on the other hand, has the same wire-free design as the Classic but with an adjustable back of standard eye-hook clasp for more versatility. 

  1. Anita Microfiber Nursing Bra

This nursing bra from Anita offers high-quality microfiber which delivers a snug and slip-free support all day, even when feeding your little one. Its microfiber fabric is a blend of polyamide or polyester fibers offering the superior softness. In addition, it has molded cups in nude or black and features an easy, one-handed clasps for nursing convenience.

The Anita Microfiber Nursing Bra also shines in terms of size ranges with the band size reaching 44 and cup can go up to I. Compared to other nursing bras, this one offers more option for women with really large busts to worry about. Smoothing leotard back does not slip and its tailored underwire offers supreme support that will definitely not disappoint. 

  1. Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Bra

A Mom’s Choice Award Winner, this nursing bra is made from ultra-soft French Terry (8 percent Spandex and 92 percent Rayon of Bamboo) without any underwire that makes it great all day and night long. It has a simple crossover front design and stretchy fabric with easy pull-aside, one-handed breastfeeding access.

In addition, this nursing bra has no hooks or clasps to mess with. It is available in sizes XS to XXL, busty and regular, with busty sizing include an elastic chest band for extra light support. You also get to choose from a variety of colors including floral, lilac, ivory, espresso, beige and more!

  1. HOFISH Full Bust Nursing Maternity Bras

A bestseller and Amazon’s Choice the HOFISH Full Bust Nursing Maternity Bras was designed to provide comfortable and convenient feeding for women. Although having a bralette-like appearance, this one offers the many versatile capabilities of standard bras with the added comfort you get from bralettes.

Sizes range from S – XXL, which can accommodate women who have D cups and bigger. It is made of spandex and nylon for support and comfort. The bra also comes with accessories such as j-hooks and extenders that particularly cater to women with large breasts and its easy drop cups offers convenience for breastfeeding.

  1. Panache Sophie Nursing Bra

The Panache Sophie Nursing Bra uses a unique combination of materials and is made from 6 percent elastane, 10 percent viscose, 16 percent cotton, 30 percent polyamide, and 3 percent polyester. Not only does it provide superior functionality and fit, but it also gives a fashionable look. IT even boasts a 2 color satin bow placed at the center front for a cute finishing touch.

Featuring a lace cup with a lined bottom cup, it offers superior support and an uplifted fit. The feed clasps make breastfeeding super easy and convenient with its one-handed removal. In addition, it features 6 fastening positions on the eye or hooks for greater adjustability during pregnancy. This nursing bra can accommodate even the bustiest women with size ranging from 28D – 40 J and offers three pretty colors, ivory/pink, black/nude and linen.

  1. Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Nursing Bra

If you are looking for a perfect, wear anywhere and go to nursing bra, then the Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Nursing Bra is your best bet. With a wireless, seamless construction, this nursing bra offers comfortable support that nursing and pregnant women can depend on. It is available in different colors and size ranging from S – XL with Busty and Regular options. 

With no underwire or annoying tags, this bra hugs your shape and definitely changes with you throughout pregnancy and nursing. Its spandex-blend fabric can accommodate your changing breast sizes, while the hook-back closure and adjustable straps offer a perfect fit every time. It also features clip-down cups that provide one-handed breastfeeding access and the removable pads provide extra shape and a smooth look under clothing.

  1. Elomi Underwire Molded Nursing Bra

The Elomi Nursing Bra is made of 3 percent elastane, 6 percent polyamide, and 91 percent polyester and is one of the most elegant options for daytime use. It has a seam-free cups design for a smooth appearance and to prevent rubbing with your already sensitive nipples. It also features a drop cup full-circle design for all your nursing needs.

Available in a variety of sizes from 34E – 48E in UK sizes. It has a flexible wire for added support and comfort without compromising shape. It is made of harder mold for support but with comfortable fabrics and has a powernet back for a sleek appearance.

  1. Le Mystere Sexy Mama Lace Nursing Bra

It might seem difficult to feel like your old self again with you changing weight and breast size. Imitating the look of regular push up bras, the Le Mystere Sexy Mama Nursing Bra allows you to forget about your body changes, targets your insecurities and make you feel sexy again. The bra features intricate lace patterns and miniature perforations that make it look so sexy and enhances your breast appearance.

Made with spandex and nylon, it offers great flexibility which gives way to your enlarging breasts. And even if you are already busty before pregnancy, you don’t have to worry since its largest cup size come in G, enough to last you through breastfeeding phase.

This sexy nursing bra is also adjustable and convenient like any other nursing bras. It has the same easy, one-handed drop down cups for breastfeeding. In addition, it has 5 rows of hook/eye clasps to help accommodate your changing body. Also, it has a 3-clasp fastening system that secures the bra in place even if you have a fussy baby while feeding.

  1. Anita Underwire Nursing Bra

Another great nursing bra from Anita, this one offers molded, seamless cups for women with extra-sensitive breasts. It has all-around breast support and naturally shaping your boobs, while the soft underwiring offers perfect support and fit. Sizes go from 32C – 44C and is available in 4 colors— nude, white, skin tone, and black.

Like any other nursing bras, this one has the Kwik Klip which allows the cup to be open and closed with one hand for breastfeeding. It is made with 3-positioner back fastener so you can find the perfect fit. Featuring cotton fabric, this nursing bra offers superior comfort and features a classic design that most women love.

  1. Branii Full Support Cotton Nursing Bra

This nursing bra from Branii combines the breathability of a sports bra with the look and classic design of normal bras. Using spandex and cotton material, this bra offers comfort for all-day wear and breastfeeding.

It has adjustable shoulder straps so you can adjust it according to your changing breast sizes. The useful clip-up shoulder straps are designed for easy exposure during breastfeeding. The bra is also made without molded cups and underwire, so you can wear it for hours anytime! What’s more, is that you will get a Bra Extender which allows your body to expand for extra comfort and a free strap clip which eliminate the annoying falling bra straps.

  1. Gratlin Padded Underwire Nursing Bra

Made with comfortable and smooth fabric, the Gratlin Padded Underwire Nursing Bra provides an all-around support for every nursing moms. Its strong underwire helps lift and support your breast really well, while the slightly padded cups offer superior comfort. Made of 15 percent spandex and 85 percent polyamide, it stretches and shape your changing body.

It has convenient clip-up shoulder straps that rest above for easy and convenient exposure during breastfeeding. Gratlin offers a variety of classic colors including light pink, black, white and beige and you can choose from 32C – 40DD bra sizes.

  1. Freya Dotty Nursing Bra

Who said moms can’t have polka dots underwear? Perfect for new moms, the Freya Dotty Nursing Bra offers an ultra-girly styling with pretty details. Not only that, it is among the best nursing bra for large boobs and you can find sizes as big as HH. Made of 3 percent nylon, 9 percent spandex, and 88 percent polyester, this nursing bra offers comfort, support, and style.

This nursing bra is also a bit “lavish” and comes with a nice touch of laces and bows, making it feel and look more expensive than it is. This bra comes with 3-section, wireless cups that shape and support your breast and has specially designed clip and 3 hook and eye closures for perfect fit and support.

  1. Bella Materna Nursing Bra

For those women looking a simple and classic look but with a luxurious feel, then the Bella Materna Nursing Bra is what you are looking for, and at a reasonable price. It uses 20 percent Lycra and 80 percent nylon which offers flexibility and comfort as well as wicking capabilities, designed for increased comfort on hot weathers.

Great for women with already large busts it is available in 2 sizes— medium and large. It has 6 stages of hook-eye closure at the back for perfect fit and its wide hem elastic provides comfort and support. In addition, the pad gives coverage and extra lift while the Oeko-Tex fabric is certified toxin free. 

  1. Curve Muse Plus Size Maternity and Nursing Bra

Curve Muse combines sophistication and comfort with its set nursing bras. Designed with the needs of breastfeeding women, these bras feature form-fitting and super soft cups with a release clasp for easy breastfeeding. Its non-chaffing straps will certainly not dig onto your shoulder while the strong hook eye back closure should help you feel secure.

This nursing bra range in sizes from 34C – 48DD for both plus size and regular sized women. What makes it different from other nursing bra is its beautiful designed with the edge of each full coverage nursing bra boasts stunning lace trim for a girly look.

What is a Nursing Bra?

Nursing bras have been around since the 1950s. It is simply a bra, specifically designed with cups which open. And while these bras offer extra support that your breasts need, in actuality, it is the opening that you need.

The best nursing bra for large breasts has an opening flap on their cups so you can feed your little one while the rest of the bra stays in place.

Consequences of Wearing The Wrong Size Nursing Bra

It’s quite common for moms to buy and wear the wrong nursing bra size, particularly if you got large boobs. Trying to squeeze them into a nursing bra that is too small or not supportive enough may cause all sorts of problems. These include:

  • Difficulty nursing access
  • Swelling of breasts
  • Discomfort
  • Bra straps that dig in
  • Spillage out the top and sides of your nursing bra
  • Under-boob rashes
  • Aggravated nipples
  • Added strain on the back
  • Breast infections (mastitis or plugged ducts)

What Should a Properly Fitting Nursing Bra Feel Like?

  • You should be able to slip two fingers underneath the band without any difficulty.
  • The bra comfortably expands and contract with you through your breaths.
  • The wing support should feel secure but not restricted.
  • Your posture should be upright with shoulders drawn back slightly and not pulled forward.
  • Cups always fit smoothly across your breasts without bulging, spillage or digging into your tissue.
  • There should be no elements of the bra digging to your body, for instance, straps digging into your back or shoulders.

Buying Guide: What To Look For In A Nursing Bra?

For busty women, there are particular things that you need to look for when searching for a perfect nursing bra. Here are some of the qualities you need to look out for:

  1. Wireless Structure

One of the greatest tips for women who have trouble with large breasts is this:

“Stick with wireless.”

And although you might like to have underwire in your regular bra, you are definitely not going to like it when you are pregnant.

Do not be worried that you will not have support with wireless nursing bras, there are great nursing wireless bras out there for larger boobs that still offer ample support.

Look for a bra that has 3 stations in the back and 3 hooks at each station for superior support, even when the flap on the cup is open.

  1. Breathable Fabrics

You need to check and see if the cups on the nursing bra you are trying are made of breathable and quality fabric. Ideally, you should choose a nursing bra that is made of 100 percent cotton. However, there are some new synthetic fabrics, such as microfiber that allows superior breathability.

  1. Easy Breastfeeding Access

While support and comfort are at the top of your priority when looking for the best nursing bra for large breasts, you just can’t forget about the level of ease.

One of the main reasons why you are buying a nursing bra is easy breastfeeding access. Nursing bras allow you to expose your nipple and feed your baby without having to entirely take off your bra.

So, steer clear of nursing bras which are too complicated and do not accurately allow you to feed your little one easily. You need to look for a nursing bra that can be opened and closed with one hand. To do this, you will have to try the fastener first and see if it can be opened and closed easily.

  1. Coverage

When nursing, you might notice that your nipples behave strangely. This is okay since your body is changing.

However, it is crucial to make sure that you have accurate coverage in order to prevent any potentially embarrassing situations in public. Make sure that you find a nursing bra with good coverage, which sometimes means more padding than normal.

It is common knowledge for women with large busts that more padding can mean an uncomfortable and horrible fit. However, there are nursing bras which offer excellent coverage without adding pressure on your chest. So, look out for those kinds.

  1. Soft Cups

Soft cups make everything much more comfortable when nursing.

Your nipples, after pregnancy, are more likely to be very sensitive to everything. Thus investing in a nursing bra with soft cups can make a world’s difference.

Consider finding a nursing bra with cups that don’t rub or irritate your nipples.

What To Avoid When Searching For A Nursing Bra?

There are so-called nursing bras which do not have flaps and these needs to be avoided at all costs. You also need to avoid nursing bras which are completely opened at the front, since this will give you a hard time putting your breasts back in place after you are done with breastfeeding.

As mentioned earlier, you need to stay away from underwire bras since they can obstruct your milk ducts and you will be at risk of getting mastitis or recurrent plugged ducts. This usually occurs since your milk-producing tissue can extend all the way back to your ribs and up your armpits.

However, if you really need to go with underwire for support, then you need to be meticulous with the fitting and get only the nursing bra for large breasts available.


Choosing the best nursing bra for large breasts goes beyond searching through cute patterns and fun colors. Finding one that is supportive, convenient, functional and comfortable, all at the same time is a priority.

And the above-mentioned nursing bras are the perfect choices that fit all the criteria for a stress-free and comfortable nursing!


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