It’s hard to feed a baby who’s not in place, messiness is guaranteed. Try out these best high chairs to easily do other chores as your baby is independently feeding itself.

Babies grow really fast. Holding them in your arms in times of nursing might be difficult. Adding a high chair on your baby’s growing kit is recommended. This chair will hold the little one meal after meal or when the parent is busy doing chores. It benefits both parties in many ways.

Whereas, finding the right high chair that’ll suit your need is crucial. With that in mind, we compile a list of 15 Best High Chairs in the market to aid you in looking the right product. Hoping that with the details discussed below, you can easily choose a specific high chair for feeding time.

High Chairs: A Quick Buying Guide 

Before anything else, some important factors are to be exposed. These are details on how to select an appropriate high chair in the market wherein the cost given up will never be compromised. So, pay attention!


When it comes to the wellness of your child, you need to be pickier! Here are a few things to consider before deciding which to buy: 

1. Sturdiness

Baby’s safety must be your top priority. A high chair is a very useful equipment for almost every day that it needs to be capable of bearing heavy performance. The cost will not matter anymore for the sake of having a good purchase that could last for years.

2. Comfort

Padded seat and footrest are two parts of high chair that render comfort.

3. Safety harness

A detachable tray will never be enough to keep the baby in place. Normally, a 5-point harness is pulled together.

4. Versatility

Look for a convertible unit to make it available for extra years. Children grow fast as far as you can imagine.

5. Ease of cleaning

Choose a high chair with separable parts for easy cleaning. Examples are removable trays, inserts, and seat cushion and pad.

6. Adjustment features

Consider its height, recline, and footrest alterations. It is better with higher possibilities.

7. Portability

Since a high chair is mostly used during mealtimes, considering its portability is important. Space will always be an issue in buying a product.

8. Reasonable price

Always check the price in every purchase you’re planning to make. There are high chairs priced at a lower cost but gives high-performance. It doesn’t require breaking a bank just to acquire the best product in the market. Apply the rule of practicality.

Let’s proceed on different high chairs listed!

The Top 15 High Chairs for Babies

1. Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair

First on the list is a transformable high chair from infant to youth chair. Therefore, Graco Blossom Convertible High Chair is recommended for parents who are having more than one child. Its most recent convertible feature provides a seat for two in three combinations. The other seat is tied to a kitchen chair and is suitable for a growing kid with a maximum weight of 60-pounds.

For infant’s use, an infant body support keeps the baby secured and comfortable through the 3 and 5-point harness. There are front-locking wheels to keep the chair at place with great portability. The seat insert can be removed when needed to accompany your growing child. It can be replaced with toddler booster or youth chair.

Finding the right fit for your child is done by adjusting its height position with six options and reclining the seat in three levels.


  • Dishwasher-safe removable tray
  • Versatility
  • A longer period of usefulness


  • Requires wider space

2. Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair

A high chair, a booster seat, and a toddler seat are all found in one high chair – Ingenuity Trio Ridgedale High Chair. This has built to grow with your kid wherein looking for another high chair at its toddler years is not a problem anymore. It renovates from a standard high chair to a toddler chair for up to 5-years old. This chair also offers seats for two kids at once by using a booster seat together with the toddler chair.

Baby’s comfort is sustained through its three reclining positions without affecting the tray’s position. The seat pad is machine-washable as the detachable tray is cleansed by using a dishwasher.  Moreover, wipe cleaning is another way of cleaning the parts of the high chair. It is available in a variety of modern color designs that’ll surely complement every part of your home.

It can hold toddlers with a weight of up to 50-pounds. The child is kept safe and secure with its 3-point and 5-point harness.


  • Ease of cleaning all parts
  • Convertible up to three chair options


  • Some components are flimsy
  • Issues of maggots inside the chair

3. Evenflo Convertible High Chair

This is a recommended high chair for parents having twins for a sole product only cost at a lower price. They can, therefore, buy two high chairs in one purchase. It is a three-leveled high chair that is proper for 6-months old baby up to toddler stages. From a standard high chair, it can transform into a floor-level chair and into a set of chair and table. Its weight capacity is different when stacked together and when a set of two is used. The prior only carries up to 40-pounds as the latter is 50-pounds.

The chair is easy to assemble within five minutes without the help of the instructions guide. You can set the perfect height for interactive feeding. It also renders better comfort for the baby. A baby is allowed to play with feet on the ground with its Mytime chair feature of course with enough supervision.

Two color designs are offered for parents to choose. You can remove the seat cover for washing purposes. Further, wiping the seat pad with warm cloth and soap is one convenient way to clean the high seat.


  • Convertible yet super affordable
  • Included safety belt


  • Issues on its tray design

4. OXO Tot Seedling High Chair

The major concern on high chairs is the platter. Most high chairs have a tray that needs to be tilted for cleaning. In some cases, it leads to extra messes all throughout the high seat. OXO Tot Seedling High Chair has included a flat tray and so no more tilting just to clean it. The chair can be adjusted without using any tool but only an easy-to-access button. It is applicable for an infant up to toddler stage due to its 5 levels of seat height adjustment. Maximum weight of 45-pounds is easily accommodated.

The high chair also enhances the comfort it gives to the baby with the 3-levels reclining positions. Child’s safety is ensured by its adjustable 5-point harness. Placing it indoors will not surely leave marks as its wheels are scratch-resistant. This is a unique feature a high chair performs. Storing the chair requires disassembly into two parts.

You can easily clean the seat pad through wiping it or through a machine wash, if necessary. The tray has a removable top cover and it is dishwasher-safe too.


  • Well-design food tray
  • Travel-friendly
  • Tool-free assembly and disassembly


  • Wheels are hard to maneuver

5. JOOVY Foodoo High Chair

This high chair is more preferred for toddlers in all sizes. There’s a footrest added which is essential for growing kids to feel relax at all times. In addition, adjustment features are superb in terms of height positions, reclining positions, and footrest positions. That is 5, 8, and 2, respectively. The chair can accommodate a child with a maximum weight of 50-pounds.

The wheels are designed with rubber stoppers and scratch-free feature to make it more stable and to protect your floors from scratches and other mess, correspondingly. Its tray can also be adjusted in two positions. The insert on the tray is dishwasher-safe. Its leatherette seat pad is to be washed or wiped for easy cleaning.

The Foodoo is stored in a standing fold figure as it can stand on its own without wedging it into a closet. This makes it easier to use again the next day. Moreover, safety is considered through its adjustable 5-point harness.


  • Storage compartment at the back
  • Upgraded locking tabs for security
  • Adjustment features


  • Food enters the seat stitching

6. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

If you’re thinking about space, Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair is a fine choice. It is not as high as a normal high chair but considered as one. Converting it from a space-saving high chair into a booster seat is one of its special qualities. Remove the seat back and tray to convert it into a booster seat. It has two height adjustments and three reclining positions to give the desired comfort for the baby. This high chair can be brought anywhere due to its smallness.

The dishwashing-safe tray has included a built-in cup holder and FastFinder Link. Hanging baby’s bibs, toys, and towel, therefore, possible for an easy reach at times of feeding and cleanup. Replacement fashionable seat pads that complement every room décor are sold separately. The nano-tex fabric seat pad is machine washable.

You can place this high chair on top of a wooden chair to let the baby reach the kitchen table. This allows the baby to have an interaction with other family members during a gathering. Don’t worry for the chair is only made of lightweight materials yet durable enough to carry a maximum weight of 50-pounds.


  • Very portable
  • Machine-washable pieces


  • Limited seating area for small babies
  • All-plastic unit

7. Graco Table Fit Finley High Chair

Graco Table Fit Finley High Chair might not be your first choice but sets a good performance in the market. Positioning it right to the table is possible as it is designed to fit on any types of tables. The table’s edge will serve as your child’s tray by removing its original tray. Its one-hand harness is easily adjusted to fit and to secure the baby up to its toddler years. It can hold up to 40-pounds of weight or a 3-year old kid.

It has eight height adjustments to fit on a coffee table up to a dining table. Bottle feedings are executed by tilting back the seat in three positions. The infant body support keeps the baby comfortable at an early age. It can be removed to lend more room for the kiddo. Adjusting the footrest adds more relief to the baby.

Snack time is made convenient by this chair with its snack tray. You can remove it anytime for cleaning and it is dishwasher-safe. It can be stored by compactly folding the unit.


  • Multiple height adjustments
  • One-hand removable tray


  • Unlockable wheels
  • Flimsy plastic construction

8. Peg Perego Siesta High Chair

To nurture a child demands overspending. Peg Perego Siesta is a luxurious high chair and it’s a great investment. Its frame is made out of iron materials which make its base so sturdy unlike those made of plastic. The caster wheels have a braking system for easy maneuvering of the high chair. It is floor-friendly too. Prima Classe Fabric is a buttery-soft and well-padded seat design. It comes with upholstery that can be cleansed through wiping with a damp cloth or machine wash.

It offers nine height adjustments and five reclining positions to make it work up beyond infancy. You can also adjust the footrest in three positions to complete the given comfort for the baby. The seat can be fully reclined with the help of its improved Tilt-N-Space feature. It, therefore, provides maximum comfort for the baby who’s into bottle feeding.

Folding the high chair flat is the best way to store it with ease. It fits in small spaces. It can be positioned whether low or high with its intuitive design that is perfect for an afternoon nap and eating time.


  • High-quality built
  • Versatile
  • Combination of a modern and classic look


  • Highly cost
  • Limited weight capacity

9. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 High Chair

Toys are also part of every child’s life. Making your baby stay on a high chair doesn’t compromise the presence of its toys. It comes with a detachable toy which entertains the infant during meal time. You can therefore continuously interact with the kid in which it enhances its interpersonal skill. It is convertible and useful up to 4 stages of baby’s growth, from infancy to early youth.

You can find the right fit through its six height adjustments and three reclining positions. There’s a tray to be removed during toddler years to give more space for the kiddo. Still, a durable EZ Clean Strap supports the child along the way. The tray is dishwasher-safe for thorough cleaning. Its seat pad is cleansed through machine-wash.

The youth chair includes another booster seat without adding any charge. This high chair grows with your child at its most affordable price.


  • Convertible


  • Has gained many consumer complaints

10. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair 

Do you want a lifetime high chair? Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair really goes beyond limits in regards to its versatility. It is a USA-made out of durable beech wood materials high chair that blend with your furniture. Its sturdiness is tested and endorsed by the experts regardless of the activeness of a child. There’s a footplate that won’t allow footprints, unlike those old-fashioned high chairs.

It applies an EZ Seat System for seat adjustments without the help of any tools. Any height positions are being experienced with this high chair and so suitable for young adults. For babies use, an adjustable 3 or 5-point harness secure the child even without the food tray. You can finally detach the tray as the child grows bigger. It is built with a waterproof cushion and hence unexpected spills aren’t absorbed.

Consumers adore this high chair because the manufacturer considers nature during production. In every cut beech tree, they plant several trees to sustain the natural life cycle of those trees. The wood is hygienic due to heat sterilization process it goes through. It complies with ASTM standards for safety.


  • Award-winning high chair
  • Scratch-free wood material
  • Superb versatility


  • None

11. Cosco Simple Fold High Chair 

If you’re a type of parent that frequently depends on a high chair in caring for a child, Cosco Simple Fold High Chair is best recommended for you. It is a travel-friendly high seat as it weighs only 13-pounds and easily folded flat for storage. This chair can accommodate and secure a kid with up to 50-pounds of weight despite its weightlessness. It is made with built-in and durable leg res.

The tray with built-in cup holder can be positioned in three ways for your growing child. Another source of comfort is the soft and durable fabric cushion with a 3-point harness for better security. It is simple to clean by only wiping the fabric with a wet cloth.

The unit is easy to set up due to its no-nonsense design. The downfall of this product is its seat feature of not being washable.


  • Easy to go with
  • Very affordable


  • No available adjustments
  • Irremovable seat pad

12. Graco Contempo Slim Folding Highchair

Graco is greatly known by most parents through its quality products. It is delivered pre-assembled and ready to use at any time. This is perfect for individuals who have no time assembling stuff. It is designed with high portability as it can be folded with a 7.5″ width size. Slim folding is what makes this high chair surpass the other chairs. It is recommended for children of up to 3-years old with a weight range of not exceeding 40-pounds.

You can lock its four wheels to keep the chair at a place as the 3 or 5-point harness secures the baby. To make it appropriate for a growing child, the height can be adjusted in six positions and can be reclined in three positions. Cleaning the high chair demands the removable of the tray and pulling out of the insert. It is dishwashing-safe and hence hassle-free to clean.

Baby’s high chair stability is sustained throughout the feeding. The leg support is built for added comfort and security upon the child.


  • Slim folding feature
  • No assembly required
  • Inexpensive


  • Very narrow footrest
  • Limited reclining position

13. Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 Convertible High Chair

There are some difficult cases of child’s growth. A kid with Down Syndrome is not the same to normal kids when it comes to its muscle tone. And so, selecting a high chair with a better supporting system to hold the baby is necessary. It is built with a combination of metal and plastic with head and body support. It can be transformed into a booster seat if a high chair will not work at all.

The seat can be adjusted using one-hand. It has 5 height adjustments and 3 reclining positions for better comfort. An adjustable footrest is added to easily position the kid during every meal. The baby is kept secured by its 3 and 5-point harness that’s made durable for fitting. Parts are washable specifically the seat pad and the removable tray. Cleaning can be done through machine-wash and dishwashing, respectively.

It is counted as a heavy-duty high chair that can be folded during storage. You can treat it as a permanent fixture at home.


  • Three color options
  • Detachable infant support
  • Roomier snack tray


  • Issues on the seat design

14. Stokke 2019 Tripp Trapp High Chair

Stokke 2019 Tripp Trapp is a high chair that’s built to lasts for years. The company uses beech wood to finish the seat. This result in a home décor friendly high chair as the other beech wood made listed previously. It can be converted from a baby seat into a toddler seat to make it usable for years. You can pull it right up to the table to include the baby during mealtime.

The high chair is built sturdy with a maximum weight capacity of 300-pounds. The main beechwood material helps to achieve its superiority. It ensures both back and feet comfort for any age. It is constructed with a Scandinavian classic style to avoid being an eyesore to the users. Other accessories are available in lieu of separate charge. These include tray attachment, infant seat, and cushioning accessories.

There are no harmful substances added such as phthalates and bisphenol. To render extra safety for the baby, a 5-point harness is assembled. A damp cloth is effective to use in cleaning the high chair.


  • Well-built wooden high chair
  • Adaptable


  • Additional costs for other essential accessories

15. Boon Flair High Chair

Last but probably not least is the Boon Flair High Chair. This one-piece high chair has a modern look yet makes every cleanup unbelievably at ease. You can effortlessly adjust its height with its pneumatic lift feature located on the base. There’s a foot pedal for braking purposes. The bad side of this high chair is it cannot be tilted back and so not appropriate for babies younger than 5-months.

The base glides smoothly on floors with the help of six urethane casters. It properly fits under most tables. The seat has removable seat pad with a 5-point harness for safety. It also has a detachable tray liner to be washed with a dishwasher. Its appearance is comparable to what is usually seen on fast food chains.

Its maximum weight capacity is 50-pounds which is normally expected for a 4-year old kid. All in all, this chair is new in the eye and has more advanced features.


  • Stylish and sturdy structure
  • Perfect to use for mealtime


  • Highly expensive


In this section, we’ve collected some frequently asked questions that would definitely help every consumer to choose the best high chair. Here are:

  • What are the types of a high chair to look out?

Knowing the different types of high chair will give you wisdom on which one will suit your need. The following high chair categories are all available in the market. It includes:

Traditional high chairs

This is the most affordable type of high chair with a simple design. It doesn’t collapse nor folded for storage.

Modern High Chair

It provides more adjustable features such as height, seat recline, tray position, and footrest. It can be folded for storage. This is priced higher than the prior.


It can be placed on top of a regular chair to boost its height. Be careful in setting up this kind of high chair.


A child won’t outgrow this high chair as it adapts upon the child’s growth. It works not only as a high chair but also a booster seat, toddler chair, and a seat for two.

  • How high chairs do well for babies?

The primary benefit of having a chair is the relief it renders during mealtimes. More than that, there’s more!

At an early stage, the baby will practice a proper posture while sitting in a high chair and then improves its digestion system. You can do other chores as the baby is fully secured by the seat. The baby will be nurtured still with the hands-free operation thereof. High chair lets every child learn independently with proper supervision. Add some toys for entertaining purposes.

Therefore, it isn’t only good for babies but more for the parents. Indeed a good buy.

  • Can I attach a high chair to the table?

The answer depends on the high chair model. Check the product before jumping into a conclusion whether it fits on a countertop or any table edges. This feature conserves space in your dining area.

  • What is the difference between a 3-point harness to a 5-point harness?

Of course, the 5-point harness provides extra support for the baby. However, the 3-point harness is within the safety standards concerning an efficient high chair.

Climbing is a sport for babies. They love climbing on high surfaces as well as on a high chair. For that chaos, a 5-point harness system is much recommended. The only difference thereof is the ability to secure the baby.

  • When do you need to buy a high chair?

A high chair is highly recommended for parents who are having no one to help them raise a child. As long as the child around six months can sit alone, a high chair is the best remedy to grow a child. During the stage of bottle feeding, without the use of the high chair is alright. When the child starts eating solid food, a high chair is thereafter suggested.


Keeping your child safe along the process of nurturing is supported by a high chair. A kid will not be forever dwelling on its parent’s lap. They need to grow liberated sometimes with proper monitoring. A high chair will take place to abide a child with great security and comfort. We have discussed 15 products above and hoping you’ve selected your bet. If not, you can search for more high chairs on the internet.

We choose Boon Flair High Chair as our personal favorite high chair being reviewed. Its automatic adjustments have caught our attention and so we confirm it as a good buy. The design is modernized that fits any home décor. It is stylish too. The demise of this high chair is it has no reclining position which is one of the most important features a high chair must have. Yet, it is offered at its very reasonable price.

Which high chair model do you think worth buying for?

Let the other parents out there hear your say by commenting on the box below. We’re here to assist you in letting go of important details. Thank you for reading!


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