Are you planning a complete redo of your child’s closet? Taking care of your baby’s belongings, especially clothing requires the use of the best baby velvet hangers. Come and check it out!

Hangers are often overlooked on the list of requirements to complete a baby’s room. In fact, they are one of the necessities to keep the cabinet more organize and neat-looking. As you can observe, it’s easier to find a baby’s outfit if they’re all hung up.

What is Velvet Hangers?

Velvet hangers are types of hangers with swiveling hook to keep clothes from slipping. These are usually designed thin to exhaust the possibilities of to hang clothes inside closets. The only shortcoming of velvet hangers is it may transfer color on wet clothes so better air-dry the clothes before hanging.

Let’s now proceed to the list of hangers suitable for babies’ fashion!

The Top 8Baby Velvet Hangers

1. Zober Baby Velvet Hangers

These 30-pieces of ivory, neutral-colored velvet hangers are crafted ultra-thin yet strong enough to carry up to a 5-poundsweight of baby clothes. Therefore, it can get into a crowded closet and makes 50% more space to closets. It has 360-degree twirling stainless steel hook which prevents tripping off.

Clothes will not have hanger marks or any damages due to its contoured shoulder line design. The original shape of clothes is preserved too. The hanger’s usefulness could last up to 4-years of your baby’s age. Zober offers up to 100-packs of velvet hanger in one purchase.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable and well-designed
  • Space-saving hangers


  • Not suitable for weighty clothes

2. Utopia Home Kids Velvet Hangers 

The effectiveness of these hangers is extended up to teenage years for it can hold up to 10-pounds of weight. One pack of purchase contains 25-pieces of hangers which come in three color options that suit either a young boy or girl. Additionally, the hung garments will not slip off and will be crease-free.

Your cabinet will have extra rooms for several attires, including even the eldest child’s clothing, because of its thinness in nature. Despite being slim, it is made out of heavy-duty recycled ABS materials. Its color will not lean-to the clothes unless the clothing is wet.


  • Long-lasting usefulness
  • For baby and adult hangers


  • Flimsy construction

3. Finnhomy Velvet Clothes Hanger

There are baby clothes which aren’t suitable for hanging but only for clipping. This model includes 30-pieces of hangers and 10-pieces of finger clips to hold smaller garments. Its chrome hook swivels 360-degrees to keep in place each cloth. Non-slip and contoured shoulder design well-hold outfits without affecting its natural shape.

Wardrobe space is maximized by having these velvet hangers due to its ultra-thin yet sturdy feature. If there are some missing pieces when delivered, contact the manufacturer to send you enough. You can buy it at a very affordable price and works its purpose very well.


  • No sagging effect
  • Additional finger clips


  • Too small clips

4. AmazonBasics Kids Velvet Clothes Hangers

Amazon produces its very own baby velvet hanger at the most inexpensive price that anyone could afford. Its sturdy construction can carry up to 10-pounds of weight without slipping off. Contoured shoulders and notches hold the cloth in shape and stable when put inside the cabinet. The closet will be roomier and can contain extra outfits for all ages.

These 30-pieces of velvet hangers are only appropriate for baby clothes and not for older children’s attire. Different closet-complementing colors are available for you to pick on. The product is delivered in certified frustration-free packaging.


  • Very affordable with many hanger pieces
  • Frustration-free packaging
  • Color and design options


  • Limited use for babies only

5. Mighty Hanger Clothes Hanger

Up to 70% of your closet will be freed up with this Mighty Hanger’s Velvet Hanger. It consists of 50-pieces of s-shaped hangers with free downloadable clothing care tips e-book. Other essential features such as twisting hook, non-slip, and slim design are counted in. Adult’s clothes can be hung onto this hanger with the help of its s-shaped top. This prevents wrinkles and marks on dresses.

The hangers are built with lightweight yet durable ABS materials and so able to carry heavier weights. You can choose to order from the variety of colors available to suit both boy and girl. Moreover, it doesn’t attract lint, unlike other hanger types.


  • Maximized closet room
  • Has non-slip rubber
  • Durably built


  • None

6. Delta Children Nursery Closet Organizer with Velvet Hangers

Everything you’re looking for to make more organize baby’s closet is here. It involves closet dividers, hanging organizer, medium-sized storage bins, and 15-pieces of velvet hangers. Overall 24-pieces of closet stuff are included. All items are sold within your means and have a very child-friendly appearance.

The hanger is designed too slim and so saves space in the closet. It has notched edges to secure baby’s clothes without slipping off. Don’t worry about space as the add-ons do not affect hanging up of clothes.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Brings a complete package


  • A limited number of hanger

7.Closet Complete Baby Velvet Hangers

25 to 50 pieces of hangers come in a box!

Closet Complete’s hangers are unbreakable until 10-pounds of maximum weight due to its upgraded and guaranteed strength. It is available in three stunning colors with different colored spinning hooks too resulting in fashionable combinations.

This velvet hanger is ultra-thin and ultra-soft to benefit all types of clothes from wrinkles. There are no cases of slipping off hung clothes with its notched shoulders. Overall, this item got the most positive feedback from the consumers.


  • Properly packed
  • A good combination of colors
  • Sturdy construction


  • Issues on delivered damage products

8. Juvale Black Velvet Hangers 

There’s nothing classier than the color black. It can match all closet designs with so much beauty added. With only a few costs, you can get 50-packs of velvet hangers for your baby’s garments. It has velvety finish resulting in slip-free hangers more cloth-friendly. It maximizes the space inside closets providing extra rooms for other attires.

Attached two metal clips are on each hanger and it cannot be detached. These help to hang up heavier attires. In addition, the hangers itself are extra durable regardless of its thin feature. The shoulder notch stops the hung clothes from falling on the ground.


  • Well-built
  • Soft touch hangers


  • Permanent metal clips
  • Damage delivery issues


To make things clear, we’ve collected five (5) frequently asked questions from the consumer’s views and opinions about baby velvet hangers, such as:

  • Why you need velvet hangers?

Velvet hangers are great tools to maintain the neatness of your closet in a more organized way. This benefits parents to find the desired baby’s outfit during rush hours. It also maximizes the space within your closet as a result of its unique features. Further, it avoids the baby’s clothes to be stretched out.

  • How to find the best baby velvet hanger?

Do research on your prospect product to purchase via the internet. This is to know the materials used during production, the brand’s reputation, and the features a velvet hanger must have, such as:

Swiveling hook

This gives ease in hanging clothes even when the other hand is holding other stuff. It normally rotates in a 360-degree motion.


It is to avoid stretching small clothes and to provide extra room on closets.


The notches help to prevent clothes from slipping.

Contoured shoulder line

This ensures wrinkle-free garments.

Additional accessories

Some company includes metal clips that are useful to hold bigger clothing in place.

  • Where to buy a baby velvet hanger?

Velvet hangers are present on department stores or other baby’s section supermarkets. We suggest an online shopping site like Amazon for more options.

  • How durable are velvet hangers?

Velvet hangers are the newest and strongest form of hangers as compared to wired, wooden, and plastic hangers. It can actually hold up to 20-pounds of clothes without breaking and hence not only suitable for kid’s outfit but also for adults.

  • When to use a baby velvet hanger?

Hanging wet clothes on velvet hanger isn’t advisable. It might bleed on colors on clothes especially those colored with black or dark-colored hangers. Better use velvet hangers to hang dry garments.


Baby’s clothes are designed small and fragile. So, appropriate hangers are necessary to do not stretch out nor destroy your baby’s outfit. They are called velvet hangers specially made for infants and toddlers.

Now that you’ve read all the reviews on some of the best velvet hangers in the market, picking the right product must still be crucial. It is important for every consumer to search for the product’s specialties on their own to end up with a suitable product. Other best-selling velvet hangers for babies are offered in the market at a very reasonable cost. Try to find out!

Do we miss something for your baby’s closet redo?

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