Babies are a product of love and god’s gift. Being a first-time mother or a mother for a newborn baby is the greatest fulfillment of every woman’s life. You could feel a different range of emotions. This is a part of a woman’s life that will change everything for your life perfective, priorities and responsibilities. As a mother, there are many things you most need to know. You need to study their changing of emotion and feelings, needs or baby stuff and most important is the security and safety measures you need. Having a baby is challenging but worth it. Babies are a bundle of joy in a family and a beautiful piece of life that God gave. That is the reason why we need to provide the best comfort and care for them.

Here are some things you should know and prepared on having a baby:

  1. Sleep

Basically many people may say that babies can sleep 12-16 hours a day but the truth is not all babies has this kind of condition. Majority of the babies sleep long only 8-10 hours a day and wake up between 2-4 hours rather eat or to stretch. Monthly babies sleep time changes. Some may awake at day and sleep at night or vice versa. This is because babies are adjusting to the climate and to the environment. In this case, sleep is also one of the problems of motherhood. Having a baby means having less sleep for all mothers. The best advice is to sleep when your baby is sleep. Take this an opportunity to take a rest and sleep so that your body will recharge and regain strength. Having a baby will make you realize that it is hard to rest, sleep, eat and even take a bath. So you must prepare yourself.   

  1. Food

Babies need breastfeeding which is the most important meal for them but it is not easy to do. One thing you can do is to talk to your closest friends who successfully tried breastfeeding ask them what are their preparations for this. You can also ask you pediatrician to all the food you need to eat while having breastfeeding. There is also some information on some websites that you can find additional support or other information. Growing up, at the age of 1-year-old babies need to try some solid food to eat. As a parent, prepare food that is delicious and nutritious, this is a big help for their growth, energy and healthy body.

  1. Baby

The first 3 months of your baby is the hardest month. Newborn at this moment is gradually adjusting outside your womb. It may also affect you through hormonal and physical changes after giving birth. Because newborn babies don’t speak you need to observe their emotions and guess what they want or need. You need to have empathized with your child to provide what they need. Don’t get mad if your baby cries too much, rather know to have to handle them with gentle and care. Children have a stage were their need and wants change. As they have grown up they need more attention, love, and safety. While providing this needs of your kids you need also to protect yourselves, it is still important to have a good rest, nutritious meals and drink well. Never forget to take care of yourself.

  1. Fashion

Not because they are just baby means they can’t have their own fashion style. As a mother, you are the one in charge of buying and choosing the best outfit for your kids. Many mothers will agree that it is exciting to dress up your kids either a boy or a girl. It emphasized the creativity as a mother. But by choosing, you need to consider a few things like the mantel that is used, the texture of the clothes, does it give rash or itchiness to your kids and even the style. You need to consider the comfort of your baby in choosing their clothes to wear. Fashion never ended in just the clothes they wear, it also includes accessories, shoes or sandals and even purses. A girl kid loves to imitate their mother when it comes to fashion, they want to have the thing that their mothers have. This is the time kids develop their sense of style and taste. Sometimes they insist to choose on their own what style, clothes, shoes, and purse to wear.

Purses are mini handbags that give space for you to store small thing. This is a trend for kids ages 5-10 years old to use because it’s small, easy to bring and have enough space for their materials. Here are some best purses that you can buy in Amazon that has style:

6 Best Baby Purses in Amazon

  1. Hippie Little Girl Purses

This cute little purse is a crossbody bag with an adjustable strap and detachable. It is made of PU leather that is durable and easy to scrub. It has good materials, it is wear-resistant and stain-resistant.   This if a bag is flexible that can be beams, shoulder bag, handbag or crossbody bag. Easy to use, open and shut with its magnetic lock. It is a perfect gift for you little cute girls that will add to their style. With the sweet bowknot and two attached dangling beads will surely adore by your little princess. This bag is also available with different color like Pink, Blue, a combination of purple white and pink white. 

  1. Melissa and Doug Pretty Purse

This pretty purse is a great and translucent handbag for your kids. It has a high-quality machine washable fabric and phthalate-free plastic. It is durable and because of the translucent materials, you can easily see what’s inside. Little ones love to packed and unpacked things using a purse with their jingling, and other accessories they have. This pretty little purse includes mini soft coin storage, mobile phones, a mirror, and a toy keychain. This toys will help your kids to organize their things inside the purse.

  1. Dress Up America Little Girls My First Purse

Little girls love pink that is why this cute little handbag is cute for them. It comes with a new pink color modern design bag designed with a girl, flower and a beautiful butterfly painted on it. This bag called my first purse that helps to keep your kids look pretty while playing and even outdoors. The handbag comes complete with accessories like car keys, pink lipstick, fake credit cards, and a flip cell phone. This bag is made off adorable mock leather with cute blue handles. This cute my first purse will surely your kids will love. 

  1. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn My Smart Purse

This my smart purse is not just a purse but also a learning material to help your kids to learn about numbers, colors, greeting, and even Spanish words in more than 50 songs, sound, and phrases. The learning content changes according to your baby’s age and stage. This is a perfect playtime accessory for your babies. It a great interactive purse with colorful colors to handle inside and out of your home. Package includes rattle phones, mirror, fake credit cards, Clacker keys, and a bead bracelet.

  1. Play Circle Princess Purse Set by Battat

This princess purse is complete with a set is design with a perfect purse colorful circle with a play makeup, fake credit cards, keys, sunglasses, cell phone, and a coin purse. This is a perfect gift to your little cute kid to be stylish and girly. The purse can be used every day with its new look and easy to clean bag texture that will give no messy look for your kids. It has an easy to wipe fabric and a strong Velcro tab closure that will sure become your princess treasure.

  1. Click N Play 8 Piece Girl Pretend Play Purse

Like every little girl wanted things that are the same as their sisters or mother. This little cute purse is made to be their best friend in style and everyday accessories. This pretends playset is for pre-schoolers and toddlers to use. With its cute pink color that will surely kids love this set includes other cool stuff to play with like smartphone, fake credit cards, car keys, hairbrush, lipstick, and a blush. This has two carrying handles with a zipper use to open and close the bag. All items are safe for your kids and will help to develop their child’s imaginary cognitive skills.   


All of these items are available in Amazon which offers at a cheaper cost yet a high-quality product. As a mother, the safety of your kids is on your hand. Let’s not just provide them healthy food, good environment, safety household but also a creative and active lifestyle. Choose stuff and toys that will make your kids enjoy and as well as safe for their health. Mothers only goal is to love and care unconditionally their children in every aspect of their life.



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