And it is the season when people will start to find ways to stay cool why enjoying a little bit of tan. This only means vacations, trips, and outings— typically having fun on cool swimming pools and crystal clear beaches!

But, if you got a baby, then the water fun is a bit different. Don’t get me wrong though, babies love the water. However, you will need to make sure that your little one can safely enjoy the splashes of water this summer.

For that, you will need the best baby floats that the market can offer. Here is our top list of the best baby floats you should buy!

Top 10 Best Baby Floats Reviewed

1. SwimWays Infant Spring Float

1. SwimWays Infant Spring FloatThis Spring Float from SwimWays is specifically created for babies ages 3 – 9 months old. Unlike your typical baby float that comes with 2 holes for your little one’s legs to go through, this baby float offers a soft seat which cradles your kiddo on top of the float and is fully equipped with a 3-point harness for safety.

Your baby will get wet in this floating device. However, he is not actually in the water, making it great for infants who can’t really sit up yet. This is much better than having to hold your little one the entire time that you are in the water. Featuring a removable canopy with SPF 50 protection, it should keep your baby safe from the harmful UV rays.

Furthermore, the float comes with a wide base as well as a patented inner spring for added stability, making it less likely to topple even with such an active infant. Additional safety features include child safety valves and dual inflation chambers, as well as a sturdy fabric cover that is soft on the skin. Other than that, it also has built-in handles for parents to hold onto.

The float folds flat for easy storage and includes a carrying case for portability. SwimWays also offers a variety of color to choose from— pink, green and blue.

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2. Intex My Baby Float

2. Intex My Baby FloatFor many years now, Intex has impressed a lot of parents with fun, reliable, and safe baby floats in its arsenal. This particular baby float, the My Baby Float, offers excellent safety with its double ring design. This means that when one ring pops out for any reason, the other one will continue to support your little one.

Made of durable 10-gauge vinyl fabric, it is ideal to use on both rough and calm glasses of water. And the risk of it ripping under pressure is pretty slim. Featuring a highly smooth and comfortable surface, your kiddo will not be irritated and will have some fun. In terms of support, this float offers a deep saddle-style seat equipped with leg holes to secure your little one.

With this baby float, inflating and deflating is super easy. Recommended for babies 1 to 2 years old, its vibrant color design will surely attract your little one.

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3. SwimWays Baby Spring Baby Float Activity Center

3. SwimWays Baby Spring Baby Float Activity CenterRecommended for babies aged 9 – 24 months old, the SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center is the perfect way to introduce your little one to the pool. Featuring an adorable built-in play station, your baby should stay busy playing with the included toys while kicking and splashing in the water.

You can choose from two style– Octopus or Lobster float. Both methods offer the animal head and turn 360 degrees to face your kid. Toys include soft-touch star, fish teether, stacking rings, and squeaker fish that should keep your baby entertain.

When the sun is too hot, you will appreciate its sizeable detachable canopy to protect your little one. For easy storage, this baby float folds quickly and easily and comes with its own carrying case. The float also includes child safety valves, innerspring, and dual air chambers for safety and stability in the water. It has a soft mesh seat that is super comfortable with fabric-covered rings that makes it extra sturdy and prevent the float from getting hot in the sun.

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4. SwimSchool Bouncing Butterfly Baby Boat

4. SwimSchool Bouncing Butterfly Baby BoatFeaturing an elegant butterfly design, this baby boat from SwimSchool is one of the most stylish babies floats out there! Recommended for babies aged 6 – 18 months, this baby float has a 3-ply seat that offers comfort and safety while your little one enjoys the cool water.

It also offers an extra-wide base for extra stability in the water and comes with a detachable canopy that you can use when the sun is too high. Easy to deflate and inflate, this baby float folds easily for storage and portability.

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5. Intex Froggy Friend Baby Float

5. Intex Froggy Friend Baby FloatReliable and strong, you can use this baby float daily and should endure abuse. Measuring 47 x 31”, it is large enough for babies aged 1 – 2 years old. This inflatable float features smooth leg holes that allow your kid to splash and kick in the water.

With a cute leafy shade, you can protect your little one from the harmful rays of the sun. It can easily inflate and deflate. Storing and taking on the go is also not a problem. The float is constructed from a durable vinyl fabric that is safe for your baby’s skin and can support a maximum weight of 25 pounds.

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6. SwimWays Mommy and Me Spring Float

6. SwimWays Mommy and Me Spring FloatThis baby float is very much different than the rest of the items listed here. It is meant to be used by both mom and baby for supervised swimming fun. It is a durable and sturdy fabric-covered float that comes fully equipped with a detachable float ring for parents.

Recommended for babies aged 9 – 24 months old, it comes with a lower center of gravity design, dual air chambers, and safety valves to enhance safety and stability in the water. It’s patented sewn-in innerspring offers greater comfort for your little one and adds stability in the water. This also helps for easy folding of the float, compact storage, and portability.

The baby float also features soft mesh seat for ultimate comfort and comes with a play space for splashing and playing with toys. It also includes a removable sun canopy which provides protection from the harmful UV rays.

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7. Intex My Baby Kiddie Float Tube Raft

7. Intex My Baby Kiddie Float Tube RaftThe Intex Kiddie is meant to hold kiddos of up to 33 pounds. This float offers a burst of sunshine yellow with smooth leg holes that allows your little one to kick and splash in the water. Featuring a handlebar on the front with 3 play balls, your baby will surely have fun and stay entertained for hours.

Crafted from 10-gauge vinyl, it is a super durable float that should not burst or deflate easily and can withstand a lot of abuse. Featuring a sunshade, it protects your little one from the sun’s harmful rays. IF needed, the sunshade can also be detached easily.

This baby float offers a dual chamber design, meaning that if one chamber should get punctures, the other one should keep your little one afloat. Its steady design also ensures that it does not topple under stress, making it suitable for active babies.

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8. SwimSchool Fun Fish Baby Float

8. SwimSchool Fun Fish Baby FloatAnother great baby floating device from SwimSchool, this one comes in different fun fish colors and designs you can choose, including Blue Fish, Angel the Fish, Pink Fish, Sparky the Shark, and Gold Fish.

Recommended for babies between 6 and 2 months old, it extremely durable and can withstand daily abuse. It has an extra-wide design complete with dual air chambers for added security and safety. Featuring adjustable seats, this baby floats lifts and secures your little one for the best-seated position in the water.

This stylish float also includes a sunshade with UPF 50 protection to keep your baby’s skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It has an open-mesh play area so your little one can play with his toys and stay entertained for hours.

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9. Swimline Watermelon Baby Float

9. Swimline Watermelon Baby FloatWatermelon… at the pool? Oh, yes, please! Your baby will look irresistible and hard to miss in this poppy and bright baby float in the middle of the pool. Measuring 28 inches, this sweet and seedy baby float will make sure that your little one stays afloat while enjoying the cool water!

Featuring a melon toy bar, your little one can play with her toys and have an even more suitable time in the pool. Boasting a comfy headrest and leg supports, your baby will surely feel comfortable lounging and kicking in the water.

Constructed from heavy-duty vinyl, the sweet baby float should endure even the most active kiddo and comes with a dual chamber design for added security.

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10. SwimWays Baby Spring Float + Canopy

10. SwimWays Baby Spring Float + CanopyLast but not least is yet another SwimWays model! The Baby Spring Float is made explicitly for kiddos age 9 – 24 months. It has a soft mesh seat that allows your baby to kick and splash his feet in the water.

The float comes with child safety valves as well as dual air chambers for added safety. For stability, the float comes with an innerspring and low center of gravity design. Its detachable canopy with SPF 50 protection helps keep your little one from the harmful UV rays.

Featuring a mesh play space, this baby float can hold your baby’s toys to keep him entertained while in the water. The float also comes with its own mesh storage bag for quick storage and traveling.

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Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Baby Float

Floatation devices for babies come in various designs and shapes. Some of them are more purposeful and more playful. However, what it looks like is not the most crucial consideration.

Here are the top 3 crucial considerations you need to look for the best baby floats.


The very first thing you will need to look at is safety. You will want to get afloat for your little one that has several particular built-in safety features. Some of these features include dual inflation chambers and safety valves, which help safeguard against leakage of air and sudden deflation and bursting of the device.

Also, you should look for inner springs as well as the low center of gravity design that make a floatation device less likely to flip over, offering stability in the water. Regardless of the safety feature that the best baby float offers, nothing ensures safety than strict supervision. Make sure that you never leave your little one unattended in the water.


Another crucial aspect that you need to consider, choosing a baby float that is made for your little one’s age group, will ensure that the float is not only comfy for your kiddo to use but is also safer.

Do not try putting your kid on a float that is made for an older or younger age group. Some floating devices are made to be used by a good range of age groups. However, these floats typically lack the safety features of the age-specific models offer.

Sun Protection

We know that you want to put your little one in a pool to cool them down. However, maybe you forget that the sun is still out there unless you are in an indoor pool.

Although most pediatricians suggest that babies under the age of 6 months should be kept out of the sun, it is also advisable to keep older kiddos out of direct sunlight as well. A baby’s skin, after all, is super delicate. Research has revealed that early childhood sunburns can increase the risks of skin cancer later in life.

Therefore, you will want to make sure that the float you get offers some kind of shade. Preferably, you should get a float that provides UPF 50+ protection or higher. Also, you might want to keep this in mind: just because a baby float has shade does not necessarily mean that the shade offers UPF protection. Therefore, unless it says specifically that t offers such protection, then it is safe to assume that it doesn’t.

Most Common FAQs Answered

Q: Are there any other types of baby float?

A: Yes, there is. Baby float suits are intended to teach your kid how to swim. They offer extra buoyancy while your little one is paddling. However, close supervision is needed since a non-moving baby will top whichever she leans. Baby float suits will not keep your little one’s face out of the water like float does.

Q: Are baby neck floats safely?

A: The market also offers another type of float— the baby neck floats. However, they are not recommended when introducing your little one to the water. This is because of the single seam, that when it fails, your little one can quickly go underwater.


With the hot summer weather fast approaching, everyone is going to wish to be cooling down in the water. And, if your little one is ready for some fun in the water and under the sun, then the best baby float will ensure a safe and fun bonding with the whole family!


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