Diaper leakage is so popular during late nights and to keep a baby asleep when got disturbed at the middle of the night is absolutely hard. However, you can stop that adversity by being gentle on your baby’s bottom through the use of the best baby wipes warmer to get rid of cold wipes touching your baby’s skin.

Adults hate the icy feeling a baby wipe could give so as the babies having a good night sleep that suddenly felt cold, it’s disgusting. So we’ve decided to talk over wipes warmer to ease that struggle.

The following wipes warmer is the most reviewed products on Amazon and we’ll be going to sum it up according to its best use.

12 Best Baby Wipes Warmer

  1. Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer 

The visibility of the number of wipes in the container is what mommies loved most on this baby wipe warmer product. The wipe can be easily taken off the box without it getting breakage. When changing your baby’s diaper at night, there will be a night light on the box so that locating where the object is will be easier; it doesn’t act like an overnight light just a 10 minute light. It can only hold up a hundred pieces of wipes thus placing the other pieces on a ziplock will be fine. The lid can be moved in a flip-top way for stress-free access on the wipes and it helps to warm the wipes from top to the bottom.

  1. Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer

The presence of the Ever-Fresh Pillow System and the overall anti-bacterial additives in one purchase makes it the best out of the best baby wipes warmer in the market. These helped the wipe to maintain its moisture and to prevent the browning of the wipes when stored in a long period of time. It is recommended to replace the Ever-Fresh Pillow in every 3 months to remain hygienic and the replacement is sold separately. It can hold up 80 to 100 pieces of wipes but it could be better if only one-third of the warmer will be filled to easily warmth all the wipes from bottom to top. Prince Lionheart sells separately an attachable organizer for your baby’s other essentials.

  1. Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer 

Prince Lionheart proves that wipe warmers are not only made for wipes but also for cloth wipes by producing this warmies wipes warmer which only fits for cloth wipes. This could be an environmental-friendly warmer for it reduces the waste coming from the used wipes by simply replacing it with a recyclable cloth wipe. Unlike other wipes warmer with a small hole on top, this device has a wider space to hold up the rolled cloth wipes in place then turn on the warmer to add moisture on the cloth.

  1. Prince Lionheart Compact Wipes Warmer

Another Prince Lionheart wipes warmer that is designed for traveling because of its compact structure yet still needs to be plugged in. A wall and car charger are included on the package for the warming of the wipes purposes thus using it at home is allowed. Since it is small in size, it can only hold up to 30 pieces of wipes which are enough for short-distance travels. Furthermore, like other Prince Lionheart products it also has anti-microbial additives for safer moisture of the wipes inside.

  1. Wipe Warmer and Baby Wet Wipes Dispenser by Hiccapop

It is a baby wipe warmer that can hold up weekly wipes needed by your baby that is perfectly design at home. Perhaps it is more expensive than other wipes warmer but it is manufactured perfectly base on its ability to keep the wipes at its best temperature. The seal is made of silicone that maintains the moisture content of the wipes and also helps to prevent it from browning. With the use of a low-voltage power device and a thermal fuse, it becomes safer when plugging at home. It also provides a well-lit portion outside the warmer intended for changing a diaper at night and it automatically turns off after 10 minutes. It is primarily designed for both boy and a girl baby as it is colored with a neutral white.

  1. Dexbaby Wipe Warmer

If you’re using different brands of baby wipes, this wipes warmer perfectly fits your budget. This will keep the wipes warm and moisturize from top to bottom at the desired temperature. There’s a light which alarms you whether it is okay to pull-off some wipes or not yet. In terms of style, it is manufactured simple but with durability on its overall use. Additionally, the transparent window in front of the warmer lets you know if it needs to be refilled or it’s still full.

  1. Dexbaby Wipe Warmer Space Saver 

The space saver wipes warmer has been released for every parent who wants to keep their baby’s space a little wider. It is designed vertically which can literally minimize the space it can occupy thus the numbers of wipes it can hold is also minimized. But the downfall is, it cannot easily warmth the wipes at the top portion of the warmer and sadly there’s still no remedy on this chaos. However, the good part is it can warm and moist wipes for only 2 hours but could last up to 12 hours. Lastly, the night light that lit up the room with a warm radiance during midnight change of diaper. 

  1. MEMI Cozy Wipe Warmer and Dispenser

Thinking about baby’s comfort is nice but also considering your energy consumption is nicer. MEMI Cozy develops a wipe warmer that could be plugin using a USB cable that can actually lessen energy the device going to consume. Other than that, they’ve meet health, safety, and environmental standards. You can place the wipe without tearing its packaging thus makes it more convenient. It warms the wipes in a bottom to top way.

  1. Motif Maylilly “Daylilly” Wet Wipe Warmer

As wipe warmer talked about heating up a cold wipe, Motif Medical takes it into three different levels of temperature. There’s a LED display for the control of temperature up to your baby’s desired warmth. It heats the wipes in a steam heating way that makes it evenly warmth from bottom to top. The package includes the warmer and a sponge for the warming process. Most importantly, it is a BPA free product. 

  1. 10.Babies R Us wipe warmer

This wipe warmer renders two heat options in accordance with your baby’s comfort and safety. It works well in the long run even if plug in a short period of time thus consumes only a low-voltage of energy. It is designed as usual as the other products mentioned earlier. The wipes on the inside can be visibly seen through its transparent frame in front of the equipment, there you’ll see if you’re running out of wipes or you still have enough wipes to be used. Similarly, it can light you up while changing diaper late at night in which the light will automatically lit off after 10 minutes.

  1. 11.Bela Beno 2-in-1 Multi-purpose Safe Voltage

Since we are discussing more on wipe warmers, we’ll focus on revealing about its wipe warmer use rather than the other uses such as warming bottles and other baby essentials. It can warm each package of wipe for about 40 minutes and it will last up to 5 days without browning. It can be used whether at home or during travels for the package includes an adapter for charging purposes. Other than that, the other uses can be executed together with the wipe warmer.

  1. 12.Combi Quick Wipe Warmer 

The handiest wipe warmer mention in this article. Put the whole package of baby wipes inside the warmer then plug it for 30 minutes. You can easily get wipes through pushing the button and wait for the wipe to pop-off. Additionally, it lights up when using at night.

  1. 13.Tuut Baby Wipe Warmer & Wipes Dispenser

Lastly, a baby wipes warmer with a lifetime guarantee to ensure its effectiveness for your baby’s bottom best comfort. It keeps the wipes warmth, fresh and moisturizes that is good for baby’s sensitive skin. Moreover, no need to remove the wipes on its own package as you can place it directly in the warmer then plug it within a few hours for warming.  It can hold up to 80 pieces of wipes in all sizes and expect for even distribution of heat through it all. The lid is made of silicone which makes it more durable while taking off some wipes for use. Last but not least, it doesn’t spend too much energy.


Since baby wipes warmer is not that popular, being aware of these following frequently asked questions may give you some hint about the product and it may help you to end up with the best product you could select.

  • What is a baby wipe warmer?

Wipe warmers are baby wipes containers with the ability to keep baby wipes warm and moisturize thus avoiding the discomfort it could give to babies while changing a diaper at the middle of the night.

  • Does it moisture and warm wipes from top to bottom?

Normally, there are two-ways in warming wipes. First, the top to the bottom way that brings primary satisfaction on the first wipe you pick which is suddenly warmth. Second, the bottom to the top way that’s more effective in heating wipes more evenly. You can choose either of the two. 

  • What types of wipes a baby wipe warmer can hold?

A baby wipes warmer can hold two types of wipes depending on its capability. The first one is the one-use wipes which are normally cold but with the help of this device, it’ll be warm. The other one is the recyclable cloth wipes or a normal baby towel. Instead of putting in boiling water, a wipe warmer will do the heating process. A wipe warmer product is certain on what it can hold so you better check it out.

  • How can I use a baby wipe warmer?

Using a baby wipe warmer is as easy as 3-steps. First, remove the top cover so you can fill in the wipes inside then close tightly. Next, to finally warmth the wipes plug in the warmer with supervision to check it over time. At last, uphold the flip-top cover then take off your needed wipe. For clearer instructions for use, read the manual provided by the product purchased. 

When the wipes are gone, it is better to clean the warmer before filling up with another piece of wipes to keep it more hygienic.

  • What are the things to consider in a baby wipe warmer?
  • Durability: To ensure the wipes moisture and warmth content it must be well-built as properly sealed. 
  • Energy-saver: Since it is the best use when plugin a few hours, having it at low-voltage consumption is well preferred.
  • Light: The warmer will brighten itself to avoid late night cry from your baby for the reason of light bulb being on.
  • Warming ability: The primary expectation on this device is its warming effect on the wipes. That’s why reading customer reviews must be given attention to be aware of its warming ability.


Seeing a baby with a good night sleep feels commendable. By having a baby wipe warmer you won’t disturb a dreaming baby during late night leak. Instead of the cold feeling caused by a wet wipe, the baby could feel warmer and comfier feel.

Hopefully, the products above helped you to understand more about wipe warmers but we still recommend seeing it yourself more products in the market, to have more choice before deciding what product you will buy.

Baby wipe warmer may not be a baby’s primary essential but it could be a way to a better living of every child in a world today. Surely, you’ll essentially need it once tried.


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