Having one baby is hard to supervise. How about having twofold? It’s hard to fix your eyes on two babies all day. There will be times of neglecting a responsibility that is not intended. However, avoiding that commotion is promising with the best baby monitor for twins. With only one sight, you can check both babies having a good night sleep, or playing around a crib.

We reviewed baby monitors with single and dual cameras and hoping this will give you a hint in picking the right one for your babies and for your convenience.

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15 Best Baby Monitors for Twins 

  1. Infant Optics DXR-8

It’s a good thing to start with the latest award-winning baby monitor for two. Having two babies in the same room gets easily monitored and easily rescued when something bad happens.

The monitor exhibits clear and colored video, distinct audio, and longer battery life. It could last for 12 hours when only audio is set and for 8 hours when it comes with an image. There’s a beep warning when the battery is low.

It comes with a DXR-8 camera that has an interchangeable lens system, including normal, zoom, and wide. Further, it offers no time delay in monitoring your twins. Only one camera is included for it turns like a CCTV to check on your children.


  • A night mode
  • No apps are needed
  • A quality camera


  • Very small monitor
  1. Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color
  2. Babies love to cry at night and sometimes we won’t easily notice which one is crying. With the use of a dual monitor, it is much easier to distinguish who’s crying in just one look. Summer Infant invented a monitor to help you out.

You’ll get two cameras and one monitor in one purchase. The two cameras have a great zooming factor thus you can completely monitor the babies. Further, the audio is clear and it can be turned into night mode vision. The cameras can be placed in different rooms of about 600-feet above the surface.

For convenience, you can perceive the monitor with hands-free or using a kickstand while you’re at the kitchen. Moreover, its batteries are rechargeable or if the battery is getting low, you can set it into battery saver mode. You can also adjust the volume and brightness through it.


  • Two separate cameras
  • Adjustment button on the monitor
  • Audio visual display from quietness to loudness


  • No beep sound for notification
  1. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

Normally, babies sleep on a crib for safety. The one we will be discussing next is intended to be attached on a crib. Moreover, since smartphones are popular nowadays, its usefulness is also elevated. You can now monitor the twins thru a more advanced technique.

It is positioned capturing an overhead view above the crib wherein it monitors the overall position of the twins. Besides, it is connected to WIFI to check how long the babies’ sleep is and it enhances a better sleeping habit. In addition, the audio is monitored even if other apps are working on your smartphone.

Moreover, it serves as an advanced nightlight in which the level of lighting and the temperature on the crib is also monitored. It could turn into night mode vision and will give you an HD bird’s eye view upon your child.


  • The app wherein you can monitor your babies from anywhere
  • Background audio


  • Cannot be rotated unless manually done
  • Poor camera quality
  1. Babysense Video Baby Monitor 

Both babies are monitored even in separate rooms. No more guessing at night which baby is crying, as your eyes are fixed on both of them. Babysense helped parents in monitoring their twins since 1991 that has to be expected to continue nowadays.

The monitor and the camera have to be the perfect tandem in 24-hour care for your twins. It gives you cue upon the temperature in the room. Further, talking to your baby even if you’re away with each other is way possible with this tandem as it has a two-way communication system. In addition, the camera can play lullabies thru operating the monitor.

Additionally, even at night, you can clearly see the babies thru infrared night vision. As well as, 2x zooming in is achieved during daytime and only 1x during the night. Besides, up to 900-feet above surface, it could clearly capture the twins. The monitor has complete buttons for adjustments and alarms.


  • Better image quality
  • Can add up 2 cameras
  • Talkback and lullaby system


  • Need of extended cord for the camera
  1. DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor

Wider monitor renders a better view especially to parents who are having poor eyesight. This tandem of a monitor and a camera are must-haves if you want a betterment intensive care for your twins. The preceding monitors are smaller in size yet do a great job to observe babies. How about trying a bigger in size? Would it make any difference?

To continue, the size of the monitor is 4.3” which is hugely wider than the others. Additionally, there’s a split screen feature as when you decide to buy extra cameras, you can easily monitor it all. At night, the screen size reduces for 2” to activate a night mode vision which is not good for parents who have poor sight.

The camera can be tilted, horizontally and vertically, for better monitoring. Other features such as talkback system and lullaby audio are achieved. In addition, the sound-initiated LED gives a cue about your child’s crying status. Lastly, there’s a sound adjustable alert system whenever the battery is getting low.


  • Split screen for multi-angle image
  • Sound activated feature


  • Battery life expectancy is poor
  1. AXVUE E612 Video Baby Monitor 

Nursing your twins anytime and anywhere is made easier by AXVUE. Monitoring a child is not only during the sleeping time but also when it’s time to play. As a busy mom, fixing your eyes on your babies all day long isn’t possible. That’s why a baby monitor has been invented and with this, seeing your twins in one sight is probable.

The same size of the LCD screen as compared to the preceding monitor, however, a switching function is needed to view each camera one at a time. It has a complete button on its front sides for the adjustments and settings. Whereas, the two cameras are on its standing platform that can be manually tilted in 180-degrees.

Further, a talkback system is done with a clear voice coming from the camera. There’s no need for internet connection to do so. It also informs the parent whenever the baby is crying through the VOX function. The package included wall clips and tools for assembly.


  • Included two cameras
  • Wider screen for monitoring
  • Power saver mode


  • Manually adjusted cameras
  • Camera scanning takes longer
  1. Motorola Video Baby Monitor

A worthy tandem between a monitor and cameras is a good catch in purchasing. It is important that both of them can function well, can complement each other, and can be trusted in nursing your twins. Speaking of the budget, you don’t have to prepare for more pennies in purchasing this one as it costs a reasonable price.

Motorola is known for its competitiveness in terms of quality and pricing. The monitor can be shut off when not in use to preserve its battery life. Also, a split screen function is attained thus viewing the twins at one time is permissible. Its buttons are also used in adjusting the cameras, during daytime and nighttime.

Moreover, the cameras can be tilted and zoomed through the parent’s unit. Other features include a talkback system, temperature specialist care, and a widescreen. Additionally, a beep sound serves as a cue when the battery is low. Other accessories are power adapter for both monitor and camera, and a rechargeable battery.


  • Far range connectivity
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent quality of sound 


  • Video quality is coarse
  • Lowly battery life
  1. Moonybaby Video Baby Monitor

Other monitors listed are needed to be controlled when shifting into a night mode vision while this one, it will automatically alter the mode according to a specified time. Some parents are forgetful to switch a baby monitor into night mode thus results to epic monitoring at night. However, here’s the remedy on that chaos.

The app downloaded on your smartphone can accommodate up to 4 cameras (2 are already included) that can be controlled by pressing the switching button on it to alter which baby will be monitored at one time. Further, no WIFI is needed. Other features include a talkback system, 5 lullabies, temperature monitoring, and other advanced modes.

In a 1000-ft outdoor range, you can still have a connection to your baby however, it could be different indoors of about 350-ft. only. The 2x zoom in factor is also great in checking your babies at night. Moreover, the cameras can be rotated 360-degrees but manually. You’ll be amazed by its battery saving mode wherein the LCD screen will be automatically awakened when the baby cries.


  • Clear sound and picture
  • Extended how far it reaches


  • Battery saver mode is very sensitive that it hears not just a baby cry
  1. 10.Dtemple Baby Video Monitor

Sometimes one camera is adequate to monitor two babies in a room as long as both of them are caught by the camera. Another reason, if there are still no enough budgets to buy 2 cameras in one purchase, you can settle with this one. As said, your nursing power is not compromised yet at ease.

The package includes one camera, monitor, a standard power adapter, and manual. The camera can be positioned either tabletop, on the ceiling, or attached on the wall, whichever you prefer. It is connected on the monitor about 900-feet far from each other. You can also play lullabies as an extra comfort for the babies. Moreover, it has sound sensitivity when battery saver mode has turned on wherein the monitor will light on when the baby cries.

Further, room temperature can be monitored to make sure about the baby’s comfort and safety. When the babies cry, you can talk back to them thru its talkback system as the camera will swivel towards the babies’ direction. Lastly, even hours of feeding can be recorded to alarm when it is needed to be done.


  • Clear visuals and sounds
  • Multiple positioning of the camera
  • Lightweight


  • No internet connection
  1. 11.Evoz Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Leaving your babies at home while in travel is very risky as there’ll be no one seeing them. Hence, thanks to the advancement of the technology as Evoz provides an advanced way of monitoring your kiddos even from afar. No doubt that the babies will be safe when they’re alone sleeping while you go out to buy groceries.

Software must be downloaded in your Android or iOS device and it needs to be actively connected to WIFI for you to monitor the babies. It can be clearly monitored by more than one person and that’s a good thing. Moreover, the camera’s wide-angle lens is the reason it captures clearer pictures and sends it into your monitoring device.

As you’re afar, the camera will play a lullaby to ease comfort for the babies by controlling it through your device so they won’t feel alone. Further, all data it captures are stored for review including feeding time, temperature status, sleeping hours, and diaper changes. It can detect babies’ cry and will send you an alert via email or SMS.


  • Easy to set up
  • High definition video quality
  • Smartphone connection


  • Foggy lens after a month
  1. 12.Victure 1080P Security Camera

Keeping your eyes on your twins even away from home is undoubtedly within reach. Just like the preceding product, you can monitor the kiddos and even keep your house in full safety through the use of this security camera. Normally, it is used as a surveillance monitor, however, can work well as a baby monitor considering its defining features.

Having safe custody for videos and images captured is considered by this device wherein only your own account had access on the files being saved. This requires a strong WIFI connection to constantly monitor the twins. Moreover, it can be connected via Android or iOs to complete the monitoring.

The camera has a two-way communication feature that lets you talk to your baby even from afar and hear your baby’s response. It also reduces unnecessary noise for clearer audio. During nighttime, the LED automatically turns on for a night vision wherein it can detect motions even at night.


  • Wide-angle lens
  • The camera rotates 355-degrees horizontally and 100-degrees vertically
  • Excellent motion detection


  • No in-built battery
  • Separate purchase of a memory card
  1. 13.DophiGo Set of 2 Wireless Baby Monitor

Did you know that you don’t have to pay a hundred dollars just to keep your babies in full security? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. Twins safety and even home’s safety are highly achievable with DophiGo’s Baby Monitor. Once more, a further way of nursing twins is listed, however, let’s take a look at its differences compared to preceding models. 

The package included 2 set of DophiGo cameras which are both 1080P HD cameras that can be tilted horizontally and vertically in very wide angles. Even its zooming factor is up to 4 times compared for only 2 times with other cameras listed. Moreover, it still renders clearer shots at night thus no worries for neglected care.

Other specs include two-way audio where talking to the twins is done via smartphone and the cameras. Another is motion detection that you’ll be immediately notified via smartphone. In case of protecting your privacy, cloud storage protects information from leakage all the time. Further, a memory card that fits in it is Samsung Evo Select keeping 32GB.


  • Has reasonable price
  • Easy to assemble and connect to a smartphone
  • 1080P HD


  • Slow customer service
  1. 14.YI 4pc Home Camera, Baby Monitor on iOS and Android App 

More cameras equal fewer worries. If you’re planning to have two twins, perhaps this baby monitor must be on your list. You can now watch over the babies anywhere with no hassle and with more confidence you’re stalking all the happenings.

The four cameras have proportionate quality feature, including wide angle lenses, 1080P HD video quality, and a panoramic view. In addition, viewing all camera captures in one screen is achieved via YI Home App. It can also detect motions and gives notification. Further, YI cloud is available for one-month free trial for better-storing security instead of spending more pennies on SD cards.

As the babies are having a sound sleep, a night vision turns on thru infrared light for clearer shots. Moreover, it detects babies’ cry and suddenly notifies the parent. Another is a two-way talk that calms babies’ tantrums even in the distance and even use to scare pets from getting nearby.


  • 4 quality cameras
  • Night vision mode is adored


  • Super sensible audio detection
  • No date and time recorded
  1. 15.Zmodo 2-pc Wireless Security Camera System

Mini cameras render comparable functions with the bigger ones. Smaller tools don’t mean lesser capabilities but flexible too. Moreover, 2 cameras are sufficient in monitoring the twins even in different rooms.

It is a wireless camera that keeps you on track on your baby’s activities wherever you go. In addition, it has a wide angle lens that doesn’t require tilting for pro viewing. It also allows multi-viewing at a time via Android, iOS, or PC monitor. Moreover, infrared light permits an adjustable night vision from no light to low light.

Other features include two-way audio and 24/7 motion detection. The camera is positioned 30ft above the ground.


  • Individually customized
  • Zooming factor


  • Mounting supports are not sturdy
  1. 16.Ring Stick Up Security Camera

Grown up twins will surely love to play outdoors. If you’re looking for a baby monitor that can be placed both indoors and outdoors, on a wall or platform, here is the last product listed that can do both. Fully monitoring of babies will never be the same again.

The camera is an all-proof device thus placing it outdoors doesn’t compromise its quality. Moreover, 1080P HD shots can be stored via a plan for improved security that demands costs. There’s an option on how it is plug-in, whether via WIFI or Ethernet.

Other features are the same as the preceding baby monitors.


  • All-weather proof
  • Sturdy mounting support


  • Expensive
  • Inadequate tilting


  • What is a baby monitor?

A baby monitor is composed of two devices; one is for capturing baby’s moments and a parent unit for monitoring. There’s a connection between the two devices resulting in one purpose: to keep an eye on the babies.

  • What to consider in buying a baby monitor?

Battery duration. Babies need to be observed all the time thus having an extended battery life is so important.

Night vision.  Clear shots at night make you at peace.

Distance range. Consider monitoring the babies even from afar by purchasing a more advanced baby monitor that can be connected on your smartphone.

  • How many monitors to purchase?

If babies sleep in one room, look for a baby monitor that can be tilted or has a wide-angle lens. Purchase a baby monitor with two cameras when the babies sleep in different rooms. 

  • Can I add up extra cameras?

Yes, there are baby monitor models that give an option to purchase an extra camera with added cost.

  • Is privacy achieved by baby monitor apps?

It is your job to investigate whether the one you’ll buy is considering your privacy or not. However, all baby monitor apps mentioned above consider privacy as a primary concern.


Parenting is a tough profession. Having twins at home normally demand more supervision upon them and it’s your irrevocable responsibility as a parent. However, by having a baby monitor, it would become easier and it increases your productivity doing other chores. We, therefore, convince you to buy one for your own sake. You can look for other brand until you find what you think is best.

Go on and monitor the twins!


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