Having an intact relationship with your children starts at the beginning of its journey; you have to grab every opportunity to gain that kind of relationship be in your hand. Being a parent you want to take all the responsibilities in taking good care of your child but how could you do that if you’ll going to carry a baby for the rest of its childhood life? You can do that by purchasing one of the best baby carriers of 2018 discussed below.

Beforehand, baby carriers were made for the convenience of every parent to do more stuff without affecting its parenthood responsibilities. There are different kinds of helpful baby tools but this kind is one of the best tools in pampering a child.

Let’s discover its usefulness and effectiveness!

20 Best Baby Carriers of 2018

  1. LILLEBaby All-Season Baby Carrier

LILLEBaby is known for their dedication in creating innovated baby wear products in terms of its style, the comfort it could give and continuously making products that are best for the family. There are 3 models of baby carrier that’s good for all season:

This model seriously supports the hips of your baby with its adjustable seat and leg support and it is approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. It is a “ready to use” baby carrier without needing any kind of insert from birth and no worries for back pain on the parent for it has a strong lumbar support that relieves back pressures. It can carry the baby in six different ways with comfort for it is made of 100% cotton and has a temperature control section. Other models for Complete All-Season baby carrier includes Airflow, Original, Embossed and Organic Baby Carrier.

It is made for grown-up babies to whom the previous model are not able to carry. It can convey a toddler in 3 different ways including front, hip and back carrying way wherein it can breathe freely and feel comfy at the same time. Other features not mentioned are present on the first one. Another model is the CarryOn Airflow.

It is good for newborns and toddlers for it offers 4 different positions to carry a baby including front, hip, and back and for the newborn, you need to purchase a separate infant insert. It is called “Essential” because it gives a breathable and cool feeling on the baby with the help of a temperature control section.

  1. Ergobaby All-Position 360-degree Baby Carrier

Ergobaby is doing a great job in positioning their baby carriers in the market as the best. It gives an extra comfort on the baby with its ergonomically designed seat and a hood for extra protection from sunlight as well as on the parent carrying it for it is built with a padded lumbar and shoulder support. Moreover, it fits on both petite and large body size for it can be easily adjusted. It can be used into 5 positions if you’ll buy an extra insert for newborn use. The best baby carrier in providing a cool feeling for the baby it conveys.

  1. Innoo Tech Cotton Baby Sling
  2. A baby carrier with a twist as it is designed just like a wearable cloth with no hard materials attach on it. A French Terry, 95% cotton and 5% spandex made product. The company included an instructional DVD in the package for every parent to have a guide to follow on how to wear it. It is highly suitable for first-time mothers for breastfeeding as it is a hands-free baby carrier and you can do many things while carrying a baby. 

With this baby sling, no more back pains and muscle sores will be experienced by both parent and baby. But, it may not fit for a plus-sized parent.

  1. CuddleBug Baby Wrap

With this one wrap, you can do 4 things including a baby carrier, a breastfeeding cover, a post-delivery belt, and a heat regulator. A baby carrier (where it is primarily used) makes your baby be with you wherever or whatever you’re doing; in other words, it makes you more productive even cuddling with your baby. A breastfeed cover where you can do breastfeeding even outdoors without being bothered or using another covering. As a post-delivery belt which helps to restore your original size right after birth and a heat regulator to warm a baby during the cold weather.

It takes 8 steps in order to set up the baby wrap for ready use.

  1. Tula Ergonomic Carrier

Tula got the award for the best babywearing brand in the year 2017 and 2018 because of quality-made and stylish products. Being a parent doesn’t mean losing your personal style thus by having this Tula Ergonomic Carrier you can be a stylish parent as they offer various designs. You can carry a child in front or back positions as well as supporting its hips and spine without you getting hurt as it is made of padded shoulder straps and wider waist support. There’s no added zipper and a 100% cotton-made which renders more breathable and cool feeling to the baby. Additionally, a hood with optional used for sleeping or protection.

  1. Baby Bjorn One Baby Carrier

A JPMA certified baby carrier which means designed properly for baby’s safety. It is a newborn-friendly baby carrier for it doesn’t need an additional insert and it is good for outdoor use. One Baby Carrier suits more likely for a sporty parent (especially for dads) for it has extra waist support and padded shoulder strap and has plenty of pockets for storage and an added sporty bag. The baby can be carried in 4 various positions in front or at the back concerning head, neck, hip and leg support. It can be perfectly used by a newborn up to 3 years.

  1. Boba Baby Carrier

A baby carrier that is best for baby up to 45 lbs. for it has multiple adjustments for both parent and baby’s comfort and a soft-quality that is admired the most. One adjustment is located on the chest which is adjusted by sliding it up or down and the other is on the side for easy breastfeeding purposes and adjustments on the straps. In addition, it has a two-positioning built-in infant insert and a removable hood for sun and sleep protection. It can convey a baby both in front and back position.

Boba Air is a storage-friendly baby carrier which can be kept in its small pouch and a great companion in every travel with your baby. And also, an easy to clean carrier as it is made of 100% nylon. Because of its padded leg openings, it is greatly adored by most parents as it adds comfort for their baby.

  1. TwinGo Original Baby Carrier
  2. 10.It’s so struggling to carry two babies at once thus TwinGo made a twin baby carrier to ease that struggle. The baby carrier can be worn as one (one at the back and one in front) or be worn separately (one for mom and one for dad) and could be adjusted up to 8 times depending on the babies’ sizes. The hoods are 100% cotton-made which works as head support and a shield from the sun. Its waistband is also adjusted from petite up to large waistline for added comfort. For storage purposes, it has an extra-large pocket for your babies’ essentials and also for your personal stuff.
  3. 11.Bebamour New Style 2-In-1 Carrier
  4. 12.It is a 2-in-1 carrier which can work as a 3-way baby carrier as well as a 3-way baby single seat. The shoulder and waist pad is made of cotton which ensures the comfy feeling of a parent wearing it and the baby’s seat is made of foam pad to make it feel at ease. Another accessory attach on it is the removable hood and 2 baby bib attach on the shoulder strap. There’s also storage underneath the belt enclosed by a zipper. If you’ll be using it as a single seat, make a guard on your baby to ensure its safety.
  5. 13.Gemini Performance Baby Carrier by Beco

Beco created a soft-structured baby carrier with much toughness on its quality which can be used for a newborn until it weighs 16 Kg. It is fully padded thus will not cause you back pains, and muscle sores while carrying a baby as well as your baby will get its desired comfort as its leg support is also soft-padded. Lastly, no need of buying another infant insert as it is all soft-padded.

  1. 14.Clevr Cross Country Baby Backpack Hiking Carrier

Parents (especially in this generation) love to go hiking and with a baby, it could have been harder. Thus, Clevr steps up the game by creating a baby carrier suitable for hiking so you can now carry a child while enjoying the trek. It is a lightweight and an all-season baby carrier having a canopy and waterproof storage and a lot more pockets for additional storage. If you get tired carrying it on your back, it can stand alone on the surface with its metal stand. It has foam-padded seat with a 5-point safety harness for the comfort and security of the baby. It can carry a not more than 3-year-old kid weighing up to 40 lbs.

  1. 15.Mother Nest Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Mother Nest creates a 100% cotton-made baby carrier with an affordable price that meets the US safety standards. It has 2-way carrying positions according to specific ages told by the company such as facing the chest (for 4-month old) and placing at the back (for 8-months and up). There’s also a separate pocket for the parent and for the baby and it has a double-layered hood for more heat protection. For more storage, there’s a two secret pocket and one elastic pocket on the belt.

  1. 16.Baby K’Tan Original Cotton Wrap

Another USA approved 100% cotton-made baby carrier as it is best for breastfeeding, unlike other baby wrap products you don’t have to put much effort into wearing this. The package includes a baby carrier and a sash-like bag which are both machine-washable and provides greater security on your baby. There are no buckles used thus preventing unexpected muscle sores. You can place a baby in it in 5 different ways where all give comfort for the baby.

  1. 17.Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier

It is an old-style baby wrap with no buckles attach on it and it is good for a fast-growing baby for it is flexible in nature and to its fitting. There are 3 different ways of carrying a baby using this Sash Mei Tai Carrier including chest-facing, hip-position, and backpacking. It has a well-balanced seat for the baby to feel at ease and to enjoy the carrying experience. It also relieves shoulder aches with its lumbar support system as it can carry a maximum weight of 36 lbs. Another is the removable hood for sun protection.

There are 5 more models of this brand that can be effective in carrying a baby.

  1. 18.Newborn Baby Carrier by Sleepy Wrap

It is a baby carrier that is perfectly designed for newborn wherein a lot amount of elasticity helped the baby to be more comfortable and free to move without getting frustrated. As baby normally loves to feel the warmth, by using this baby wrap you can heat up your baby when it’s cold and it helps them to strengthen their immune system. It is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex that’s why wearing it doesn’t make you feel hot. Furthermore, breastfeeding and getting your baby unto sleep is easier with this baby carrier as it renders a direct contact of the baby to their parent.

  1. 19.MiaMily 360

MiaMily 360, a Swiss expert-approved baby carrier, got the highest attention for the best baby carriers of 2018 as it offers 9 different positioning for your baby including 3D hip seats. It helps to avoid hip dysplasia by providing a proper hip seat for the baby. For the ventilation, it keeps your baby feel cool with its breathable used materials. Shoulder straps can be used in a single or double way depending on how you will carry the baby. Lastly, it contains much storage for your stuff and an extra bag for your baby’s essentials.

  1. 20.Ring Sling by Hip Baby Wrap

A 100% cotton-made baby wraps that look very simple but available in a very elegant rainbow color (made of nontoxic materials), it can be used for hip carrying. It has an aluminum ring on the upper shoulder that serves as a lock for the whole baby wrap and unfortunately, it has no shoulder pad. It can carry a baby weighing in a range of 8 to 35 lbs. Moreover, it is machine washable.

  1. 21. NimNik Sling Carrier Hipseat

NimNik made a soft-padded hip seat and a baby carrier in one package wherein the hip seat can be detached for more comfortable to carry. It is appropriate for a kid weighing 12 lbs. to 45 lbs.  And also, the waist strap is soft-padded and adjustable for more lumbar support. It also has multiple pocket storage for your phone and other essentials.

  1. 22.Ergonomic Baby Carrier by Mother on the Move

A soft-designed, mother-friendly baby carrier and can carry a baby in 3 different positions including back front-facing, chest-facing, and hip-positioning. It is not appropriate for infants to use weighing less than 12 pounds. For comfy feeling, its shoulder and waist straps are both soft-padded that kept every parent comfortable even using it all day. During storage, it can be folded and be stored in a diaper bag; that’s how portable it is.

  1. 23.Evenflo Breathable Soft Carrier

The last but not the least baby carrier to be mentioned is from Evenflo brand; not the least for it is the most affordable baby carrier on the list costing $20. Unlike other baby carriers, it only has 2 options in carrying a baby; either in and out front-facing holding the baby’s head and neck on its own. It is made of breathable fabric materials that make cool air be felt by the baby and the parent wearing it. It also has a bib located directly below the baby’s chin and it is detachable and washable. The padded back can be adjusted up to the desired fitting. Most importantly, it has a lockable buckle that supports the baby’s body.


  • Why should I use a baby carrier?

A study said that carrying a baby lessens its crying session and also enhances their relationship with their parents. You should use a baby carrier for you to develop an intact relationship with your child in an early stage.

  • In what position should the baby be in?

This depends on the baby carrier you have bought whether it allows front-facing, chest-facing, backpacking, hip-positioning, and other positions. There are baby carriers that work in multiple positioning and also for a single seat (as mentioned above). Just make sure that the baby is comfortable in its place.

  • Can baby carriers cause back or shoulder pain?

Depending on how you wore it. Most baby carrier products are having their soft-padded shoulders pads to avoid the aching of shoulders and as soon as possible there is no buckles attach to completely prevent muscle soreness. On the back, it normally has lumbar support to keep you at ease even carrying a heavy child.

Again, wear it correctly.

  • Is it safe for a baby to sleep in a baby carrier?

Absolutely yes! As your baby has the full support from head to legs thus falling asleep makes no difference in its safety. Just uncover the face and tilt the chin for the baby to breathe freely and keep the head and neck be at full support. In addition, if there’s an available hood you can use it to cover your baby from direct sunlight.

  • When should I start using a baby carrier?

You can start using a baby carrier as long as the baby is able to support its head and neck. There are appropriate baby carriers for a newborn which is the sling and wrap style where the baby can lay down during breastfeeding. But, normally a baby aged 4-months-old can start using a baby carrier still with parent’ support.

  • Does it cause hip dysplasia?

Manufacturers of baby carrier intelligently create a product by considering this chaos that’s why most baby carriers are approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute’s guidelines. There is a thing to consider preventing your baby from experiencing hips dysplasia:

  • Leg positioning

Choose a baby carrier that positions your baby’s legs in M-shaped just like when the baby is in the womb.

  • What should I consider before buying a baby carrier?

There are many features you need to consider but most importantly you must take into consideration the durability of the product and the comfort it will give to the baby when you start using it. Baby carriers are primarily made for comfort and for babies to not feel frustrated when being pampered.


We understand the difficulty of having a baby (especially for the first-timers) to continue a normal living like doing chores independently. By these baby carriers, you can move normally without setting aside your baby’s needed attention from you for it’ll be with you all the time. Your baby can have your full attention. Thus, in choosing a preferred baby carrier you need to consider your baby’s comfort and safety.

If you’re a parent and wants to have a close relationship with your child, start it with a baby carrier until it develops when the baby gets older. As we promise, you won’t regret getting one. If you’ve finally tried some of these baby carriers, we would love to hear from you. And if not, try using one of these baby carriers right after reading this.


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