Double the Fun: Must-Have Items for Twins

Double the Fun: Must-Have Items for Twins

Parenting is hard enough, so it goes without saying that having twins means even more responsibilities and challenges. However, it doesn’t have to automatically equate to double the trouble or even the cost. To navigate your twin parenting journey smoothly, it helps to have the right items with you. So if you’re looking for a place to start, here are some essentials that will make caring for your twins easier:

15 Best Toddler Bed Rails

best toddler bed rail

I don’t think there’s an even scarier sound than hearing your little one fall out of bed, followed by an even louder cry.

It probably won’t happen often, but when it does, believe me when I say, it will surely scare the life out of you!

And if you think that your kid is ready to sleep on his or her own, without any guards or rails, then you might guess wrong.

So, if you are getting your kid ready to transition from a crib to a toddler bed, make sure that you invest on the best toddler bed rails to keep your baby safe and grow with them until they’re ready to sleep without one.

Best Backpack Diaper Bags Money Can Buy

Best Backpack Diaper Bags

By the time that you already have a baby, you need to have something that will carry out diapers for the baby. It’s always the best option for anyone to get their own backpack diaper bags for a more natural organization, that is why you should be able to know what the best backpack diaper bags for anybody who is always on the go.

10 Best Wood Baby Cribs

Best Wood Baby Cribs

Let’s get started finding out the best wood baby crib for the little one to feel safe and well-rested.

Babies crawl a lot. They go into corners, get whatever things they see, and sadly, they got hurt at times. Bringing them into a closed room is not the best remedy, but putting them on a crib might be helpful. Crib’s space is enough for the baby to move freely, wherein placing some toys in it is also appropriate. This could be a child’s lifetime shelter, and therefore thinking about the given cost is only a small scenario.

10 Best White Baby Cribs

Best White Baby Cribs

So you’re expecting a little angel?

And in the past few months, you’ve surely turned into an interior designer and designed your nursery like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe you’ve even reached the last page of Google searches for the best nursery designing ideas.

10 Best Convertible Cribs Reviewed

Best Convertible Cribs Reviewed

One of the toughest tasks when expecting a baby is finding the right crib. Your little one will spend a lot of time in their crib, so you must decide what you want out of your investment.

15 Best Cheap Baby Cribs Under $200

Best Cheap Baby Cribs Under $200

Being a parent these days will remind you to be more hands-on in buying baby’s requisites. And one vital need of a baby is a safe sleeping area that’ll be provided through an enclosure, specifically a baby crib. Throughout the article, we’ll discover the best cheap baby crib which you’ll confidently put your trust about the baby’s safety. You’re now becoming a cost-effective parent, hats off!

Foam VS. Coil Crib Mattress: Everything You Need To Know

Foam VS. Coil Crib Mattress: Everything You Need To Know

Your little is going to sleep on their bed for much of their new life. And once they exit infancy, they may use that very same mattress to sleep on in their toddler bed.

So, the best thing you can do for them is to get a right quality mattress which is going to last for many years.

But what do you look for? Do you want something soft or durable? Well, you got two options— foam and coil crib mattress. Each one has their own set of differences and characteristics which make them stand out from the other.

8 Best Organic Crib Mattresses Reviewed

Best Organic Crib Mattresses Reviewed

As a loving parent, you might be worried that your baby mattress is inappropriate and negatively impact your baby’s health and growth.

Deformation, allergies, and spinal malformations are just some of the issues your baby might face caused by improper bedding. So, you might want to think a hundred times before purchasing a crib mattress.

Purchasing the best organic crib mattress can help ensure that your baby is free of potential chemical threats and will have a good night’s sleep. After all, we all want what’s best for our little one.

15 Best Waterproof Crib Mattress Pads


Crib mattress easily gets wet from time to time as baby’s diaper leaks. Yet you can eliminate that wetness over the cushion by having the best waterproof crib mattress pad that’ll cover the mattress from liquid and keep it dry. From now on, that cute little baby may enjoy its rest even when everything becomes wet.

Though it is named as “waterproof”, do not expect for zero leakage in unison as it only prevents liquid from invading the mattress and do not eliminate it magically.

Here are 15 water-resistant crib mattress pads that’ll surely benefit both parents and the baby:

15 Best Waterproof Crib Mattress Pads

1. Naturepedic Waterproof Fitted Crib Pad

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Let’s start with the safest waterproof crib mattress pad in the market. Why do we say so?

Naturepedic Waterproof Crib Pad is an organically made mattress pad. There are no added chemicals such as toxins, formaldehyde, emissions, latex, and other plastic materials that may harm the being resting on it. The mattress pad is made of 100% cotton both on top and the bottom portion and in between is a waterproof barrier. The pad is shaped in rectangular and oval form to make it suitable for crib mattress and bassinets, respectively.

In addition, to avoid it being unstable at night, there’s an elastic loop on each corner to make it firm upon the mattress. The pad isn’t only waterproof but also dust-proof that results in a more breathable mattress pad.


  • Passes GREENGUARD and Global Organic Textile Standard
  • No exasperating sound
  • All-natural made


  • Pricier than any other brands


  1. American Baby Co. Waterproof Quilted Mattress Covers & Pads

American Baby Co. is known for its best waterproof crib mattress pad as they’ve gained the reputation through the baby beddings have been produced and also conquered the nursery setting.

The mattress pad is built with three layers, including organic cotton and 100% of polyester. The top and bottom layer are constructed with organic cotton while the middle layer is made of quilted polyester material. In addition, quilted polyester renders softer, easier to wash, and more comfortable as it gets rid of the noise when the baby moves. Besides, there’s a polyurethane lining to achieve its waterproof-being.

The product is so affordable that you can possibly get an extra pad which is an advantage during rainy days. As additional information, a polyester material is wash-friendly that washing it frequently will not destroy the material. All in all, the mattress pad is made fluffier and more durable than any other brands.


  • Comfier mattress pad
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Inexpensive


  • Few complaints about mold growth
  • A little bit smell of chemical while unpacking

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  1. Pad Pack N Play Crib Mattress Cover by Little One

  2. Are you annoyed whenever you tuck in a mattress pad and it doesn’t fit properly on the mattress? At some point, it may cause discomfort on the baby and we don’t want that to happen. Here’s Little One’s Pad Mattress Cover that might help to stop that chaos.

The mattress cover is composed of 4 layers. The first layer is a quilted fiber material that is soft enough for baby’s comfort. The second layer is filled with poly cluster fiber known for its absorbent power to keep the pad dry and fresh. The third layer is a waterproof lining out of polyurethane that prevents leaks. And the last layer is a heat-resistant covering to maintain its form.

Other special features include germ-resistant, hypoallergenic, and odor-resistant. Moreover, mattress pad fits on all sizes of Pack N’ Play Mini and Portable Crib Mattresses except for the square-shaped mattress.


  • Perfectly suitable for all sizes of mattresses
  • 4-layered mattress cover
  • No flame retardants


  • A bit squeaky

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  1. Serta® Perfect Sleeper® Deluxe Crib Mattress Pad

Are you in a hurry fixing the baby’s crib mattress? Well, having an easy to fit mattress pad would help and Serta Deluxe has to offer you one. There’ll be no more struggles in fitting a mattress pad on a cushion thereof.

Serta Deluxe Crib Mattress Pad is fit for the standard size of a crib mattress. The corners of the pad are easy to fit without affecting its elasticity after a long run. Further, the material is made of 100% quilted cotton and free from PVC and phthalates. The quilted cotton helps to absorb leaks and sweat easily and it prevents leakages on the inner core of the mattress. Therefore, it ends up with softer and comfier bedding for the baby.

However, other mattress coverings are softer as compared with this item yet it is a good purchase as a one-year warranty is applied. What really matters is the convenient fitting on top of a cushion and the protection it gives against leakage.


  • One-year warranty
  • Easy to fit
  • Very affordable


  • Not as soft as other brands

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  1. Gerber Water Resistant Utility Protector Pad

First of all, it is not a usual mattress pad that covers the whole cushion but a protector pad. It is listed by way of having the same intention as mattress pads and it is to prevent leakage unto the mattress. The only difference is the coverage.

The soft fleecy fabric protector pad is measured 27”x36” only. It is meant for top covering where the baby is placed during sleeping hours. Thus, whenever leakage happens, there’s a protector pad that’ll save the day. The portability of the product is indeed adorned by many as it works for crib mattresses as playards and as travel pad.

Since the pad is only small in size, it is therefore suitable for small babies that do not move much. Again, if you’re looking for a full-covering, this item may not be the best purchase for you. The waterproof feature isn’t compromised even though the pad doesn’t cover the whole mattress.


  • Portable
  • Greatly absorbs leakage


  • A problem such as pilling during washing

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  1. Sealy Waterproof Fitted Crib/Toddler Mattress Pad Covers, 2-Pack

Practicality wise! It is better to spend much now than to regret spending less after a long run that causes several repairs or worst, new purchases. This time, there’ll be 2 packs of mattress pad on your way. No worries as Sealy belongs to the biggest manufacturer of bedding that got several positive feedbacks from the consumers.

As said, two packs are included upon purchase. These are made of quilted cotton fabric and polyester. The polyester filling is sufficient to render comfortable bedding for the baby. Additionally, the mattress pads are breathable and water-resistant. The pad is designed as fitted through its SecureStay skirt and elastic edges to keep the pad snug fit onto the mattress. The item is free from PVC and it is hypoallergenic and has high-absorbency.

It fits on standard crib size measuring 52”x28”. Further, the material is easy to clean and dry resulting in a long-lasting pad cover. The company recommends an additional 2 pads for better comfort and for extra use.


  • 2 pads in one purchase
  • Snug fit


  • Not appropriate to dry on high dryer setting

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  1. Ultra Soft Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector Pad From Bamboo Rayon Fiber by Margaux & May

Seeing a baby sleeping tight even if it gets wet sometimes is overwhelming. Are you looking for softer and more effective waterproof mattress pad? Perhaps, Ultra Soft Mattress Pad is what you’re looking for.

The baby can directly sleep on it without the use of extra beddings for the texture is soft through its quilted terry cloth top. Also, the mattress pad doesn’t produce any sound whenever the baby moves and it keeps the baby warm. The mattress pad is colored white to be more complimented on the usual mattress colors.

Margaux & May have heard the complaints about the mattress pad skirt and hence they increased the size of the skirt for better securement on the edges. The elastic fabric isn’t too tight for homely fitting. The pad is machine-wash and could be dried in a low dryer setting.


  • Fitted type of mattress pad
  • Waterproof, soft, and breathable pad


  • Some complaint its too tight

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  1. Gorilla Grip Slip-Resistant Incontinence Toddler Mattress Pad

A mattress pad that is perfect for both children and adult and even for a pet. This item can be placed in a crib or in bed to prevent a drip. Both absorbency and comfort are rendered at a reasonable price and hence no regret upon this procurement.

The mattress pad has 4 layers containing soft quilted top, rayon inner layer, and soft cushion. The other layer prevents the pad from slipping. Through these 4 layers, the material achieves great absorbency and greater comfort. Amazingly, it can uphold 8 cups of fluid that’s how absorbent the mattress pad is.

Even after 300 washes, the pad is still durable and the absorbing power isn’t affected as long as the material is washed and dried properly. However, at some point, it may cause suffocation on babies and hence it is not highly recommended for baby use.


  • Great absorbency
  • Suitable for all ages


  • uneasy to dry up

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  1. Utopia Bedding Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector, 2-packs

It is the most rated waterproof crib mattress pad in terms of durability, reliability, practicality, and pricing. If you long for an affordable yet a trustworthy pad, Utopia Bedding Pad is what we recommend.

One purchase is composed of 2 packs of mattress pads made from quilted cloth that is highly absorbent and breathable. The materials used are safe and warm for baby’s skin. It has an 8-inch skirt that covers all sides of the pad. Additionally, elastic fabric is beneficial in times of fitting it into a crib cushion.

The pad fits on standard size crib specifically a toddler mattress. Cleaning the pad is easy tipsy through machine-wash and avoid ironing the product to protect its quality. Overall, the protector pad is so soft and it provides comfort on the baby.


  • Non-slipping mattress pad
  • 2 pads in one purchase (practicality wise)
  • Many positive feedbacks


  • None to mention

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  1. SureGuard Mattress Protectors Crib

We’re not yet done revealing about the best waterproof crib mattress pad as SureGuard Mattress Protectors Crib is counted in. It is suggested to buy two pads for one crib to render more comfort on the baby. Don’t worry about the price thereafter for the sake of the baby’s coziness.

The pad’s top layer is made of 100% cotton that makes no noise. The material is hypoallergenic, dust-proof and fights bacteria that make it safer for the baby’s skin. In addition, there are no chemical added and no flame retardants. The presence of a stretchable skirt prevents the pad from being unstable when attaching into a mattress. Its waterproof feature is achieved through the added polyurethane material.

For added efficacy proof, the mattress pad has GREENGUARD Gold certification that makes it more child-friendly. The pad is machine-wash and easy to dry up.


  • No chemical added
  • GREENGUARD Gold certification and lab tested


  • Additional purchase to reach the desired comfort

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  1. Bargoose Home Textiles Waterproof 3-Ply Crib Pad

Waterproof crib mattress pads are everywhere. Therefore, choosing the best product is easier these days for several selling platforms are invading. Bargoose Home Textiles is a known supplier of bedding products that are being used concerning health care.

The crib mattress pad has 2 layers of polyester material together with a vinyl membrane for waterproofing. Besides, the pad is naphthalate free and hence prevents skins infection on a baby. There’s an antimicrobial agent that prevents mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms that may destroy the pad. It has durable edges that uphold the whole mattress.

Further, the cushion pad is reversible meaning each side could be a laying surface for a baby. And both sides are water-resistant. The material could be washed thru a washing machine and dry it naturally.


  • Trustworthy brand
  • Skin-friendly and comfortable


  • A little bit pricey

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  1. KidiComfort Tencel Breathable Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad

This item is intended for infant use as the mattress pad is fit for a bassinet. However, it can be used as covering for crib mattress; it only works at its best when placed on a bassinet. The greatest expectation when it comes with a mattress pad is the comfort it provides for a baby, nothing more and nothing less.

Organically made baby essentials will never go out of style. Then again, a mattress pad that’s made from organic materials and filled with polyester fabric. The pad is so soft and breathable. Other special features are it has antimicrobial power, hypoallergenic, and of course, a waterproof crib mattress pad.

Surprisingly, there’s no shipping fee and it bears a reasonable price that every parent can afford. It is also highly rated by many users that no negative feedbacks have been heard from them.


  • No shipping fee
  • Natural and organic pad


  • Still pricier than other brands listed

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  1. Breathable Baby Air Mesh Waterproof Crib Mattress Pad

Of course, no parent wants their baby to feel uncomfortable in the course of sleeping hours. There are many customizable crib mattress pads but a suitable one is worth the purchase. Always keep in mind that a baby needs to be pampered especially the sleeping habit of it. And a waterproof crib mattress pad could help.

The pad has 3 layers. The top is made of breathable fabric material that keeps moisture away from a baby. In the middle is an air channel technology that allows free airflow and therefore makes the pad more breathable and softer. And the bottom layer serves as a protection for mattress itself against too much moisture to maintain the freshness upon the baby. The pad is therefore away from overheating and has an antimicrobial agent and it is hypoallergenic.

Further, it can cover a 7” thick mattress in a standard size crib. It is also available for toddler size mattress.


  • Versatile
  • Cooler and fresher pad


  • Little bit costly

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  1. Cozy Caterpillar Crib Mattress Protector Pad

Let’s proceed to a more eco-friendly waterproof crib mattress pad. Who would’ve thought that you can be a nature lover through using a mattress pad? No one until two moms of Cozy Caterpillar Co. made their own crib mattress protector pad.

The material used in creating this pad is bamboo velour. Bamboo has more availability in nature than cotton and hence has less impact on the environment. It is not similar to a raw bamboo that is rough for the bamboo velour is made softer and has an anti-scratch spec. Further, the pad is only a top cover not a full-covering of a crib mattress. As usual, it is a water-resistant mattress covering thus easy to clean and dry.

The difference amongst other products listed, Cozy Caterpillar Mattress Pad is OEKO-TEX certified that clearly ensures that no chemical has been added on the pad. Additionally, the pad is thicker than abovementioned brands.


  • Environmental-friendly
  • Efficient as designed by experienced moms


  • Only a top cover

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  1. COZYCUDDLES Zippered Crib Protector

Last but the most protective waterproof crib mattress pad being listed. Since dirt is so small particles that it can probably enter the inner core of a crib mattress, a fully securing pad is badly needed. Most especially, babies have sensitive skins. Finally, here’s the remedy!

The mattress pad has a TPU leak-resistant layer that takes away any moist from the mattress and a multiple layers for a comfier pad. It is fully made of cotton and fabric materials. Also, it prevents skin allergies and hence it is a great mattress pad for babies having sensitive skin. The special feature is the zipper enclosure of the pad. No more slipping indeed.

There’s a surprise in every purchase! You can get an extra waterproof pillowcase after purchasing a waterproof mattress pad. The company’s desire is to satisfy the comfort needs of every baby.


  • Affordable
  • Full covering


  • Needs to be dried naturally

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Before ending up with the best waterproof crib mattress pad for your baby, take a look at these questions and hope you’ll get an idea on what you’ll purchase.

What is a crib mattress pad?

A crib mattress pad is simply a covering for a crib mattress. It adds comfort and protection for the baby as compared with a bare mattress. Moreover, it also lengthens the life of the mattress as it prevents mites from invading.

Why choose a waterproof crib mattress pad?

Babies frequently spill their milk on a mattress that causes mold and bad odor. It is dangerous on the baby’s health and therefore a waterproof pad will protect the mattress from a liquid.

What are the best features a waterproof crib mattress pad must have?

To have the best waterproof crib mattress pad, the following must be considered before purchasing one:
Non-slipping: It is only a covering but it must be tight on the mattress. A slipping pad may cause discomfort on the baby asleep. Elastic edges could help.

Easy to clean and dry: This is the main reason why you’ll buy one, to lessen the hassle in washing a covering. Mostly, they are machine-washable and naturally dried.

Soft and comfortable: This depends upon the materials being applied. Choose breathable pads to avoid suffocation.

What are the benefits of a waterproof mattress pad?

Obviously, it keeps the mattress clean and dry as well as fresher. Also, it is safer for infants who have sensitive skins.

Are there standards that must be checked a brand should comply?

Absolutely there is. Only two standards are important with this type of mattress pad: GOTS certification and GREENGUARD certification. Both talk about the material being organically made.


A crib mattress can stand alone, however, is it more comfortable and safer if it is covered with the best waterproof crib mattress pad? Of course, it is. The aforementioned brands equally have one goal and that is the safety of every baby laying on their mattress pad. It greatly lessens the time of cleaning for the mattress and bounces more bond time with your baby.

Do you have any question and recommendation? Comment down for us to know.

Best Baby Jumper for Your Baby?



The first years of your baby’s life will be full of joy and playful times, but they may prove overwhelming sometimes, especially if you’re a busy housewife trying to get things done with a super active child who won’t stay still for a millisecond. Thankfully, there is a solution for such a cute issue; getting a baby jumper that can keep your baby occupied while you’re eating or washing the dishes.

To make your experience as smooth as a baby’s bottom (pun intended), here are the top ten baby jumpers that are bound to make your kid’s life full of joyful moments even when you’re too busy on other tasks.

Without further ado, let’s get to the best baby jumper list.

  1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The fun your baby will have while bouncing up and down on this jumper, playing with the various sounds and lights, is unmatched by other toys. It will make for hours of fun since these encourage more jumping. It even features a miniature piano that is a particular joy for babies.

When it comes to the features, it has a seat that rotates freely, and covered springs for more safety, especially against pinched fingers. Moreover, if you have constraints when it comes to the size, you don’t have to worry as it is foldable which makes it a lot more compact.

Every mom out there surely has various concerns about ways to clean this product and how safe it is. Well, they needn’t worry about maintenance when getting the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo since the seat pad can be detached and easily washed, while the material used in manufacturing is BPA-free plastic.

When it comes to the inconveniences, the main problem with this product is its bulkiness, as it might prove a bit heavy to carry around. Moreover, it can’t be folded flat in order to be stored easily; thus it needs more space than necessary. Finally, it has only three height settings which may be less than necessary.

All in all, we have labeled this product as the best baby Jumper simply because it’s great for babies to move around and it’s quite versatile, allowing it to suit all babies. The advantages overshadow its few shortcomings, so we highly recommend it for you.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Colorful and appealing for babies
  • Comes with seat support and a padded neck support


  • Takes up a lot of space
  1. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper

This jumper is for those big babies who will grow to be strong, huge men and women, as it is the right one to handle their size. It does its job wonderfully thanks to a belt that can be adjusted when needed, comfortably wide openings for your baby’s thighs, a spacious limit on weight, which is a generous 25 pounds so it can last for as long as possible. It even has five height settings for maximum adaptability and the seat can be fully rotated which makes all of the various toys in the reach of your child so he can keep playing with them for hours on end.

You can remove the seat cushion to your liking and effortlessly machine-wash it when needed, and easily clean the other plastic parts as well. Moreover, you can customize the jumper by hanging other toys on the many empty loops which will make it dynamic and further stimulate the interest of your baby. Furthermore, it can be stored conveniently in spite of its large size since it is totally flat-foldable which reduces it by a lot.

Finally, the only setbacks for this great product are the rather high price tag and the required batteries for some of the available features. All in all, this the best jumper for big babies and it’s a good bargain for its price, as the features it comes with highly compensate for it.


  • Joyful and comes with several toys
  • Easy to assemble
  • Space-efficient


  • Steep price
  1. Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser with Super Stand

This jumper is more versatile than doorway jumpers simply because it doesn’t need a doorway. However, it is not as compact.

The simple design and the flat-folding feature make it perfect for carrying around, and it even fits comfortably in a car trunk without taking all of the space.

Better jumping ability was put in mind when crafting the design of the stand, as it facilitates the action and guarantees more safety since you don’t need to worry anymore about your baby hurting themselves on the door frame with a free-standing one. Moreover, the saddle design of the seat keeps the child in a proper posture and supports their body while jumping, so they are even safer. The only thing that holds it back is the lack of toys which might make less exciting than other products.

In conclusion, this is the best portable baby jumper: it is excellent, versatile and is most suited for on-the-go use, and in the regards, it beats most doorway jumpers.


  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and safe for kids


  • Get baby in the harness can be a challenging task
  1. Jolly Jumper with Door Clamp

This particular jumper is advantageous in that its seat is more wearable than other products’ seats; thus it helps to avoid your child falling to either side since it fits its body perfectly. This is especially important if he’s on the small side. But for big lads, it also works great since the weight limit is capped at 28 pounds.

Being a door jumper, it won’t take much space since it attaches to the door and takes its form. Moreover, it is so much easier to store. Additionally, you can adjust the height to your liking by varying the number of chain links you use. Furthermore, it is conceived in a way that enables your child to bounce freely and have fun while preventing high jumps for safety.

The drawbacks of this product are the limited usability outdoors, the exposed spring which might hurt the baby’s fingers, and that some properties of your frame and door are required. All in all, this is the best for small babies product, as it is a great, safe jumper that stores and makes for a lot of fun for both sexes.


  • Comfy gusset for happy and comfortable little legs
  • Secure and safe thanks to 2-step security
  • Suitable even for the smallest of babies


  • Getting your baby in this jumper can be tricky
  1. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Nope, you’re no experiencing a déjà vu. This is indeed another jumper from the reputable Fisher-Price. First of all, this product ensures your baby’s safety since there are no exposed springs, and the plastic is BPA-free. Moreover, it is easy to clean since the seat can be removed and washed alone and the body can be effortlessly wiped.

When it comes to the design, it puts safety first since the frame is made from steel so your child can make some action freely without worries, and the base is wide enough so the jumper is hardly prone to tipping over, thus protective moms should feel at ease with this product.

Moreover, it is customizable since there are three height adjustments that will suit different sizes. The unique and diverse sounds and lights will bring joy to your baby and tickle all of his senses, and the seat fully rotates without any limits.

The main problem with this jumper is that it requires more space than others to function, and some features aren’t available without batteries. Furthermore, the three-height settings might prove to be a limitation in some cases.

Finally, this is a versatile product that is worth its price for the features it provides, and it will bring lots of fun for your child. It is truly the best all-in-one jumper.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Joyful and playful design
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Takes up space
  1. Skip Hop Explore and More Activity Center

This jumper already looks like a lot of fun for your kid, with a design that includes three stages of action, but there’s more to it than what meets the eye. It encourages the whole body to participate in the activity as it has a seat that fully rotates, four toys with the possibility of adding more and a small opening to discover. This is a transparent panel that gives your baby a view of his feet, which will help him deduce how the movements of the jumper are caused by the way he flaps his legs. It will also improve

Moreover, the real advantage of this product is the versatility it offers, as you can simply use it as a stationary chair jumper, turn it into a movable cruiser, or just take the table and make it an independent activity center.

The only thing that might be a problem is that some of the toys available can pinch the child’s fingers. But the unmatched versatility of the best whole-body jumper, coupled with the good abilities it will teach your baby easily make it an outstanding product in spite of that.


  • Sturdy and secure
  • Comes with several toys
  • Beautiful and gender-neutral


  • Some of the toys can pinch the child’s fingers
  1. Jolly Jumper Original On A Stand

This jumper takes the fun of a standard doorway jumper, but without any danger, thus it is the best of both worlds. The seat is attached to the frame directly with no intermediates; thus it lowers both the height and the risk involved. For those moms who put safety above all when it comes to their babies’ toys, this is their best bet for safety.

The design promotes proper posture as the seat provides support to the child’s back, and the height can be modified so standing on the ground is possible. As for storage, it folds conveniently flat, so it’s easily storable and portable.

The inconveniences for this product include the fact that children can grow rapidly to a height that will prevent them from playing with it. Moreover, it requires ample space on the floor, and it is bare without any toys to draw the excitement of the baby.

Overall, this is really the best baby jumper of the bunch when it comes to safety, as it sacrifices a bit of activity potential for the ultimate goal of keeping our baby safe and away from danger while playing.


  • Safe and secure
  • Comfortable
  • Portable


  • Getting your baby in this jumper can be tricky
  1. Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Learning Center

This jumper offers a compression of multiple functionalities into one product, which is especially useful for space constraints in homes. It can be used as an ordinary activity jumper, an activity table or a playmat when you remove the jumping feature. This means that you will have a bargain if you buy this instead of getting three different products for each of these roles.

You can personalize this jumper with three different height settings. Moreover, there are 11 different activities and toys that will draw your child’s attention and develop his skills. You can easily clean by removing the seat pad that is exceptionally soft.

Additionally, the build quality is excellent since it is entirely made in the U.S.

The drawbacks of this jumper are the usual settings limitation and batteries requirement. Also, it takes up floor space, unlike other ones.

In conclusion, we labeled this product the “Best For Small Spaces” since it is incredibly compact for the versatility it offers; thus it deserves its already reasonable price.


  • Versatile
  • Excellent bounce factors
  • Comes with an array of colorful toys


  • The seat isn’t padded at all
  1. Bright Starts Deluxe Door Jumper

If you have checked the other products on this list and you raised your eyebrows at the high prices for your budget, we thought of you, and we’d like you to take a look at our economic choice.

This is basically an activity jumper that gripples to your door frame, and the maximum weight is 26 pounds so your baby will get use it a lot before he grows too big for it.

The spring is covered to avoid children pinching their fingers, and the strap has three height settings depending on the size of your baby. The seat has two straps for more stability, though the single one on top might cause too much action so you should ensure your kid is safe by continuously watching over the jumper.

Finally, even though the quality is lacking a bit in terms of sturdiness, it is the best affordable product by far on this list if you are on a budget.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with several extra toys


  • Not as sturdy as other jumpers on our list
  1. 10.Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump

When you are traveling around, and you need something to keep your baby occupied while avoiding dirt and such, this portable jumper is the answer to your particular need. In fact, the ease of use is what makes this product so remarkable, as it only needs to be unfolded and there you go, your baby’s activity center is ready to be dispatched! Moreover, when you’re done with it, you can easily fold it and put it in the travel bag that comes with it.

As for the design, it has the usual three height settings to fit the size of your child. Additionally, an interesting feature is the included sunshade that makes for a nice alternative to sunscreen. And for the cleaning, you can remove the seat and machine-wash it.

The setbacks are mainly the limited durability as opposed to standard jumpers, the usual three-heights restriction and the lack of stability compared to full-featured products.

All in all, this is the by far the best travel jumper since its versatility and portability are unmatched by other products on the market, so if you are taking your babies on a journey you can’t go wrong with this one!


  • No assembly is needed
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with several joyful toys


  • A bit stationary compared to other jumpers on our list

Choosing the Best Baby Jumper: F.A.Q and Buying Guide

How Beneficial Is the Best Baby Jumper?

While baby jumpers aren’t on top of the shopping list of most parents, many appreciate them since they ensure children’s safety and stability along with good entertainment. Hence, parents can accomplish house chores or professional tasks without any worry.

Jumpers come in stationary models, which are placed on the floor, or types that can be hanged on a stand or doorway. Both of the designs provide babies with great comfort and an enjoyable workout. Some sophisticated models include music, toys, and flashing lights, and other simpler ones come with a bouncing seat. Babies who cannot walk yet usually find bouncing and jumping a delightful activity.

Jumpers are suitable for use starting from four months of age, that is when babies have strong neck that is strong enough to support their head with no distress and can sit straight up in the seat on their own without collapsing.

There is no exact age to stop using jumpers, but most models set a weight limit of 25 pounds, that is when kids reach the age of sixteen to twenty months old. Yet, toddlers usually start rejecting jumpers earlier, typically by the age of 8 to 11 months, because they become too restrictive and limiting. Jumpers can even become less safe as kids tend to climb out or walk in them.

What Are the Different Types of Baby Jumpers?

Here are three models of Jumpers:

  • Stationary jumper, such as the Fisher-Price Jumperoo.
  • Stand jumper, such as the Jolly Jumper
  • Doorway jumper, such as the Graco Bumper Jumper.

Stationary jumpers come with a fully rotatable seat that’s hanged from or positioned on top of springs. They include a platter with plenty of toys. They come with a music player that has a wide variety of baby songs. Some models light up too. Nevertheless, one of their significant cons is the limited elasticity, making them the least flexible model. They are also bigger, so you have to disassemble them for storage.

Stand jumpers hang a seat from a basic frame that is similar to a swing. They don’t come with toys, music or bumpers. They also occupy a significant amount of room space but are not too large to store.

Doorway jumpers are much like stand models but are attached to a doorframe and hang a seat from a large and solid spring. Some include toys or a bumper tray, but this kind of jumpers don’t have music players. Thanks to their small size, they don’t occupy much space in the room and are easy to take down and reserve. They are also the cheapest type of jumpers. However, they are only suitable for particular doorframes.

How to Pick the Best Jumper for Your Baby?

To get the best baby jumper for your kid, it’s essential to look for certain features and functionalities that would give you, and your baby, the best experience. These features include:


The primary concern of parents when it comes to choosing a jumper is safety. Other criteria are comfort, entertaining features, and convenience to their house. So, the main characteristics to take into account to successfully choose the right jumper are safety and multi-usage, meaning the tendency of a jumper to be used by all siblings. All the models we have reviewed are quite stable and have covered springs to prevent finger pinching.

It is undeniable that jumpers come with certain risks. For instance, babies in doorway jumpers may be bruised if they are pushed against or hit the doorjamb. There are also some complaints about the breakage of clamps locking this type of jumpers to the doorway, leading to major injuries.

Long Lasting Materials:

Jumpers are made of plastic, metal or fabric components, and the most sophisticated models are produced in high-end materials that endure multiple uses over the years, which is convenient for families with many children.

Fun and Enjoyability:

Parents typically opt for a jumper that offers an extended entertaining time for their baby. Obviously, different kids enjoy different activities. Thus, the best jumpers’ seats are hanged from one or several large springs that allow easy mobility for the kid. You may also like the models are involve a music player and various toys.

Quick Assembly:

While some jumpers can be assembled effortlessly, other types come with screws and lots of components. Even though many people take into consideration the facility of assembly, we didn’t make a complicated process as a deal breaker.

Easy Adjustability:

The majority of stationary jumpers have several height settings to adjust the jumping distance as the baby grows. As a general rule of thumb, doorway models can accommodate various lengths. Some jumpers are easier to use than others, and parents usually pick up models that help them settle their baby effortlessly, which is what you ought to do yourself.

Affordable Price:

You can always find an excellent affordable jumper, and there are many useful secondhand that you can find on Craigslist or local parents’ listservs – they come at meager prices or even for free. Check the battery consumption before deciding on a buying a jumper, some need as many as 12 AAA separate batteries to flashlights and play songs.

Movement Accommodation:

children need constant supervision when they are settled in a jumper, that’s why parents should place the jumper where they can keep an eye on their baby all the time. The most popular jumpers are manufactured to fit through the doorways. Other great options are easy transportation, guaranteed long-term usage which ensures storage and reservation for the next baby.

Verdict: Choosing the Best Baby Jumper for Your Kid

Picking the best toys for your baby is no small feat, there’s no denying that. There are many things that you, as a parent, should keep in mind while doing so to accommodate your kid’s needs and ensure their safety. Should you follow our instructions and take your baby’s needs into consideration, you’re bound to find the best baby jumper in no time, so do not worry and keep reading, as your kid’s probably thrilled to start flying!

10 Best Posture Braces


Good posture leads you into a better future!

Having a good posture adds to your confidence whether when standing or sitting. Your back could give you that posture you desire so taking care of it needs your attention. Good posture is ensured by taking supplements, using posture support, doing posture workouts and by wearing posture braces.  Posture braces are wearable treatments for bad back posture or back aches and were made for restoring your posture into its healthy and stable form.

In this article, we will be discussing different brands and kinds of posture braces and will give credit on the frequently asked questions at the end of the discussion.

Let’s see these amazing braces!

10 Best Posture Braces

  1. StabilityAce Posture Braces

StabilityAce has made a unisex comfortable designed posture brace as it is made up of non-metallic materials such as nylon and fabric and its straps are covered by padded foam with velvet. Its strap is composed of movable D-rings that help the whole braces to be adjusted to your desired fit.

StabilityAce Posture Braces is an inexpensive treatment for your bad back posture and can be measured around your chest and under your armpit. User’s verdict said this product is correcting their posture as soon as it is worn and is made up of convenient design with lightweight materials and allows you to breathe freely as you use it.

By adding an additional lower back brace or support for your treatment will deliver you a better result. Take note, you must not wear it while you are sleeping for you may feel discomfort.


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Easily adjusted
  • Lightweight.


  • Causes pain in armpit area if worn a long period of time.
  • Hard to wear by yourself.
  1. BetterBack Posture Corrector

BetterBack has developed an ergonomically-friendly posture corrector recommended by doctors and is featured on Shark Tank, a multi-Emmy awardee dealing with the best entrepreneurs in America. Best used while sitting not for workout routines and during a drive for it limits your leg movements a bit. It is available in a plus-size option which is the Therapy Plus that’s twice on the actual size. Also, it can be easily folded and be stored in a bag or even in a purse.

A highly recommended treatment not just for shoulder positioning posture but also for back and knee improved posture. Also, restores your spine’s original curve. This treatment works for 15 minutes of daily use but allowed to be worn all day to ease back pains due to work.


  • The positive response from the users.
  • More stylish than the other brands.


  • Fitting is not fixed as you sit.
  • Results to knee pain when using aggressively.
  1. Yosoo Adjustable Corrector Brace

Yosoo has changed the game by using neoprene as the main material is producing an Adjustable Corrector Brace which relieves pain from injuries and improves your posture. If you work in front of a computer all day, you can use this Adjustable Corrector Brace as your companion. It is latex-free which allows you to breathe freely while wearing it and keeps you away from sweating a bad odor and from hot feeling. You can wash but do not let it dry on a dryer.

Neoprene’ posture brace that works not only for injured backs but also relieves spinal problems and muscle tension until it restores your proper posture. It can be worn under shirts not being noticed by the people around you for it is made of thin cloth. Wear this braces starting off 15 to 25 minutes until you get used wearing it.


  • Successful results according to reviews.
  • Has small to medium size.


  • It does not have instruction guidelines.
  • No larger sizes available.
  • An issue on underarm placement.
  1. Toros Group Comfort Posture Corrector

Toros Group is already popular in making quality posture brace or other fitness products until they made this Comfort Posture Corrector that will be a big help for you to retain your back posture.

Comfort Posture Corrector can be worn the whole day without having irritations or not feeling uncomfortable for it is made up of polyester, latex and a 100 percent cotton liner. It can be used by children and even adults to improve their posture. This product works as a corrector for your lower back pain and sprain of the muscles. You can simply wear this by wearing it on top of your shirt without being discomfort. Treatment works for a minimum of 2 hours of usage until you reach the maximum 8 hours used.


  • can be adjusted
  • you can return the product to the seller if not properly fit.
  • Inexpensive


  • short Velcro on the strap
  • noticeable if worn under shirt
  • one color available.
  • cannot be worn easily
  1.  PostureMedic Original Posture Corrector Brace

PostureMedic was the innovated and customized form of PosturePerfector made by PrimeKinetix as the leading tool for posture training in America, Australia, United Kingdom and in Canada. It is designed to help a person who has a bad posture habit to have a good one by alarming the body to stand straight.

Corrector brace aimed a simple design that can be used easily and gives you an immediate relief from pain while doing exercises while wearing it. Also suitable for athletes or gym-goers to do their work-out routines without getting uncomfortable for it is intended athletes engaging strength pieces of training regularly. The company provides a Posture Medic Size Guide for you to look for your suitable fitted size. For the beginner users, you can start wearing PostureMedic Brace for 15 minutes in 3 to 4 times a day and as time passes by you can increase the required minute to wear it.


  • Easy to wear and use.
  • Has its lifetime warranty.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Durable.


  • Stretch after used.
  1. BackPainHelp’s Adjustable Posture Corrector

An award-winning posture corrector has been unleashed!

This Adjustable Posture Corrector by BackPainHelp was designed by strictly using an input from London Spine Clinic, a number one clinic that specializes on back pain, which ensures you about its quality. 

BackPainHelp offers a 30-day 100 percent money back guarantee adjustable posture corrector, one of the highest quality braces today, which is designed in correcting both upper and middle back posture for both men and women. The materials used to produce this posture corrector brace are lightweight and comfortable to bear colored with light gray and blue to make it unnoticed even if worn under shirts or coats. Since its strap is attached on a Velcro, you can freely adjust it to your preferred fitting.

You can wear it as long your healthy posture come back and wait till you can’t feel any pain at all then you can start not wearing it.


  • Suitable for training athletes.
  • Can be adjusted.


  • Limits on three available sizes
  • Not easy to wear.
  1. YK Care® Medical Shoulder Corrector

This Shoulder Corrector comprising Posture Brace and Back Corrector with a shoulder strap that supports upper back and reduces lower back pain made for both men and women. It was packed with one hump posture correct belt and also composed of neoprene that makes it breathable while worn. It also has steel inserts as a support for your back.

YK Care Medical also considered those who have symptoms of myopia and shortsightedness to use this product to reduce the risk of developing those sicknesses. As it names speaks, it corrects and develops bad posture into a good posture and also eases the pain caused by wrong posture habit. They also give a 3-month guarantee on the purchased product.


  • Medically used.
  • 3-month guarantee.


  • full body wear
  1. CAMP BEN (TM) Medium Posture Corrector

Often compared to StabilityAces’ Posture Brace because of its simple figure but it has its own branding. It is a shoulder support brace that keeps your shoulder align in its proper position. It comes from medium and large sizes for about 28 to 27 inches and 37 to 46 inches, respectively. Designed for both men and women who have a postural condition just by wearing it for about 15 seconds you could feel the ease and there’s suddenly a change in your posture.

It is a Figure 8 design which makes it comfortable to wear especially when you are facing difficulties cause by broken collarbone or wrong shoulder alignment. By regularly using it, it is possible to immediately restore your good posture but if you stop using it there’s a tendency that bad posture will come back.


  • Gradual positive result.
  • Straps made up of cushion and padded-foam.


  • Does not fit underneath shirts.
  • Uncomfortable at first use.
  1. Marakym Posture Corrector

According to on the website Very Well Health, Marakym Posture Corrector is their overall pick for the best posture braces. It is packed in a carrying bag and made up of high-quality neoprene material that makes it comfortable to wear and 10 kinesiology therapeutic tapes to straighten your posture to its healthy position. It is fully adjustable measuring 28″ to 48″.

You can start using it for only 15 to 25 minutes and increase by 20 minutes day after day. Avoid tightening the brace excessively for it can affect your blood circulation.


  • Free kinesiology tapes.
  • A free accessory such as a carrying bag.


  • Expensive
  • Not good for sports.
  1. 10.The 2 in 1 Posture Brace by Posturific Brace

To complete the top 10 best posture braces, here is The 2 in 1 Posture Brace by Posturific Brace made is the USA and recommended by doctors. It’s the only brace that can be worn in two-ways, can be a shoulder strap or a back strap, at an affordable cost.

It appears like a thin white strap, simple yet corrects your back posture in a couple of minutes. You can do exercises while wearing it for about 15 minutes at first use which can be increased when you feel comfortable wearing it.


  • Support both the shoulder and upper back.
  • Has exercise brochure
  • Suitable for children and adults.
  • Can be worn underneath a cloth.


  • The underarm area feels uncomfortable.


  • What benefits should I get on wearing posture braces?

Posture braces were made to restore your good posture in an easy way for it is all wearable at its convenience. Other benefits are it reduces back pain, neck aches, and other serious back problem and proper realignment of your spine.

  • How long should I wear a posture braces?

There is no specific duration of time you can wear a posture braces it depends on your comfort and discomfort feeling. If you feel comfortable wearing it, add more time using it. But if not, take a break on wearing your posture braces.

  • How adjustable is the brace am I wearing?

Make sure that you buy posture braces that are easily adjustable for braces are available in different sizes. It may render discomfort if bought in a smaller size and sadly non-adjustable.

  • How to clean a posture braces?

Read the instruction manual if it is machine washable or hand washable. Check also if it is allowed to be dried on dryer or more suitable in sun-drying. There are also brands that are not allowed to be washed, so double check on it.

  • Should I wear it, over or undershirts?

There are braces worthy to be worn on top of your shirt especially when it is made up of thick materials. There are also braces wearable underneath your shirts as long as it appears invisible, mostly made up of thin materials. You can choose which is which as long as you are comfortable.


Be free in asking questions on the sellers for you to have no guessing and will have a great satisfaction on the posture brace that you will purchase. You can ask those FAQs mentioned for your additional understanding about the product. It’s so dangerous to buy a product online so use your right to comment on your queries to be not dismayed in the end.

Hope you’ll find the best posture braces right for you!

Best Baby Travel Systems


When it comes to buying the best baby travel system, it is pertinent to ponder many factors, such as style, material, weight, and etc. All these features play an immensely important role in keeping your baby safe and comfortable.

Baby travel systems are a blessing from heaven for parents. However, it is particularly important to purchase one that fits your lifestyle.

Of course, other features play a significant role too, but if they aren’t complimenting your lifestyle, they are good for nothing. For example, if you travel a lot, make sure it is compatible with an infant car seat. This one feature can resolve 99% of your issues.

Furthermore, make certain that the travel system ensures safety too. If it provides superior protection and if the manufacturers have tested it for structural integrity, buy it at once.

Things You Need To Consider

Before you opt for a baby travel system, there are a few things you must consider.

    What’s the height? Is it comfortable to walk with it?

    Do your feet hit the wheels as you walk with it?

    Is it a lightweight stroller or heavyweight stroller?

    Is it easy to lift and carry for new moms?

    Can you open and close the baby travel system at ease?

    Does it have any storage area for different gears?

    Is it from a professional manufacturer?

    Does it come in a pair or you have to buy a car seat or stroller separately?

    Is it easy to pair with different brands?

    Do the breaks or swivel lock mechanism work perfectly?

Pondering all these questions will assist you in choosing the best baby travel system that fits your daily life.

We know first-time parents mostly invite troubles due to excitement, as their main aim is to have a travel system. They don’t perceive there are a lot of features in it that demand proper attention. Therefore, if you won’t consider all these factors, you will perhaps need a new travel system again.

Ways To Choose The Baby Travel System

As we have already mentioned, you can buy the parts of travel system separately.

However, if it is your first time, we recommend opting for ‘All-In-One Travel System’. This can simplify your life and won’t compel you to match different parts to make it convenient.

In case you are thinking what is ‘All-In-One Travel System’, it actually consists of all the parts which you need for your babies, such as infant car seat, car seat base, and stroller. This system is, of course, a tad bigger in size, but it is beneficial in a million ways.

For example, it can be used for 1-2 years old babies too.

Once they start sitting up, you can remove the infant seat and use the stroller for traveling. In other words, this all-in-one travel system can be used even after your child outgrows the infant car seat.

Apart from this, there are a few exceptional ways that can facilitate you in choosing the best travel system. These below tips are specifically for those who are opting for separate parts instead of buying an all-in-one travel system.

1 – Choose The Car Seat First… This is the first rule you must keep in mind. Always choose the car seat first, because the main aim of opting for the travel system is to keep your baby safe, particularly in the car. Before purchasing it, make sure it fits perfectly in your vehicle. You will often see the dimension of it on the page that assists you in making the decision. If you are a person who changes the vehicle quickly, the only option you have is to look for that cat seat which can be adjusted according to the size of your vehicle.

2 – Ponder The Stroller Frame… The next important component of the baby travel system is the stroller frame. You can snap your infant car seat on it to make a stroller. Usually, it is sold in a package, but you can buy it as a separate piece too. People often buy a stroller frame separately because it becomes economical. In addition, parents can choose its weight according to their specific requirement too. People who buy it separately often choose that model which is lightweight and more compact than regular strollers. It gives them better steering than heavy models.

3 – It Should Work In The Long-Term… Yes, pick something which you will love in the long-term. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying all-in-one travel system or separate components, if they can’t support your child in the long run, they are good for nothing. Make sure the frame of it can work even after the infant car seat is unnecessary. Moreover, it should meet all your specific requirements. For example, pick a weight you can handle. Other than that, its wheels should also match the terrain to keep the baby comfortable.

Lastly, never place your hands on a used travel system.

A used travel system isn’t considered safe for re-use. Since, mostly, it doesn’t meet safety standards. It often has some crash history which can be risky for your baby.

10 Best Baby Travel Systems

When it comes to buying a baby travel system, the options are often mind-boggling.

From ultra posh to super cheap, you can find almost every model. It can be a real pain for new parents as they don’t comprehend what the best option is.

For that reason, we have narrowed down the list to help you find the best one. Our experts did huge research and checked thousands of reviews in order to present the top-rated baby travel systems in the market.

So, are you ready? Let’s begin.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System

Want something for power walking in the park?

Get ‘Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System’.

It is one of the best products when it comes to convenience and versatility. It’s all-in-one travel system, includes mini stroller, infant car seat, and car seat adapter.

Once you get it, you don’t have to buy anything extra. You can move from home to car, to supermarket, and etc, without disturbing your kid’s sleep. They will keep on dreaming in the basket peacefully.

Professional manufacturers of Baby Jogger produced this exceptional travel system while keeping urban parents in mind, as the key aim was to facilitate them in matching the fast-paced life of the city. You can conquer the city with your baby and relish all the outdoor adventures as well. It has many qualities that turn all the pains into a beautiful poetry.

Why should I buy this travel system?

If you are pondering this question, allow us to explain its features in a tad more detail.

  • It is a one-hand fold system. All you need is to grab the strap at the center and it will fold on its own rather comfortably.
  • The one-handed breaking system of Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel is a blessing from heaven. It is just below the handlebar. Some strollers use foot break too, but it can be a difficult experience for new parents. Plus, we also prefer handbrake more than the foot brake as our hands are consistently on it. We only need to flip it up to activate.
    • It comes with removable adapters, which we believe are common in all-in-one travel systems. You can attach the City GO to the City Mini GT Stroller at ease.
  • This system is designed for different heights. You can adjust the rubberized handlebar according to your height and reposition it at any angle you want.
  • This travel system also has all-terrain wheels. It doesn’t matter whether you are on urban roads or moving on immensely rough terrain. Wheels won’t shake the stroller and keep your baby at ease all the time.

Is There Any Con In This Product?

There isn’t any specific con in this product, however, it is imperative to know that its car seat isn’t for toddlers.

The car seat of Baby Jogger City Mini GT Travel System is designed for an infant up to 32″ long only. For that reason, for a toddler you have to buy another seat.

Apart from this, currently the Baby Jogger Company isn’t shipping this product internationally. Only the residents of USA can acquire this baby travel system. Also, for the manufacturer warranty, don’t forget to contact their customer support team.

Highlights & Features

  • Dimensions of this products are 21 X 23.5 X 31.5 inches.
  • Total item weight is around 41.8 pounds.
  • It doesn’t require any kind of batteries.
  • There is taxi-safe belt path for installation without the base.
  • It has a large adjustable UV 50+ sun canopy.
  • The car seat is a bit heavier due to steel construction.
  • Rubber tires are large and move well on all terrains.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Elixer

If you are looking for a great but economical travel system, we would definitely recommend Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System.

It is an award-winning product that deserves a lot of attention.

In fact, it is one of the most reviewed products also. Most consumers opt for it because it outperforms 8-9 high priced strollers in its group. Moreover, when we ponder its features and durability, it rises above the heads and shoulders of its competitors.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System doesn’t just ride smooth with all the key features, it also looks very attractive.

If you are a contemporary person and want something that can glean all the attention, this baby travel system is for you.

Other than that, when we take a quick look at its safety features, we realize that the Baby Trend manufacturers have done an extraordinary job to protect your child. They created its design in such a way that gives side impact protection. This feature is tough to find in many other baby travel systems. They have used extra padding system which is developed from EPS energy absorbing foam. It is super perfect and protective in the case of an accident.

Why should I buy this travel system?

Don’t think parents are opting for it only because it is economical. It has a lot more exceptional features that can exceed your expectations.

  • Do you know you can reduce its size and turn it into a compact unit? Yes, it is true. The effortless trigger fold is a unique feature which facilitates in adjusting its size.
  • Its push handle is extra wide and foam padded. But, keep in mind the height of the handle isn’t adjustable in this system. If you are extra tall it can be a little bit issue for you. Otherwise, for average height parents, it is perfect.
  • Due to its extra padding, the seat of Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System meets all US safety standards. It is specifically designed to protect your baby.
  • It has bicycle tires for all terrains, but you can lock its front wheel too. Mostly, manufacturers design this feature for those who desire ease of maneuverability in the system. It is quite common and you can find this feature in many other strollers too.
  • Unlike the previous model, this stroller comes with a parent tray with 2 cup holders. It assists in keeping things safe, while you are relishing a nice walk in the park.

Is There Any Con In This Product?

As we have said earlier, its handle is wider, but it isn’t adjustable. It can be a frustrating experience for some parents.

In addition, some consumers complain that the car of this product doesn’t have extra room. In a way, it is created particularly for littlest babies. Also, the stroller doesn’t have one-hand fold ability. You must use both hands to fold it up.

We perceive these two cons can be an issue for some people, but if we have to pick one baby travel system from our list, we will choose this one immediately.

Highlights & Features

  • Dimensions of Baby Trend Expedition are 44 X 22 X 46.
  • This product weighs around 46.1 pounds.
  • Baby Trend Company recommends 50 pounds maximum weight.
  • The material type is steel.
  • It has an adjustable canopy with sunroof ratchets to block the sun.
  • It has a rear-facing car seat.
  • You can access its storage bin from all sides.

Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System, Gotham

If there is one stroller which is loaded with innovative features, it is Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System. One of the best selling points of this travel system is the deluxe tray which features a smartphone cradle.

We personally love this smartphone cradle a lot. It is a lavish feature that clips your phone securely in. When we canvass this feature deeper, we realize that the company kept your active lifestyle in mind. It was their key aim to introduce something which can fulfill all the needs of parents.

If we say, it makes you feel like you are in office and connects you with your colleagues, while you are having a power walk in the park with your baby, it would be 100% correct.

According to some parents, who are already using this travel system, its stroller can be used in three different manners, which is often not possible. For example, it can function as a baby carriage, infant stroller, and a toddler stroller.

Why should I buy this travel system?

You should choose it if you desire a complete lavish travel system.

It has all the important features like:

  • The thing which we loved the most in Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System is wheels. If they go flat, which is highly possible, if you are a power walker or moving it on rough terrains, you can pump air in them like a bike. No need to change the entire stroller or deal with damaged wheels. Graco Company has resolved this issue cleverly.
  • It also has a child’s tray. You can use this tray for small games and treats. It can help you in keeping your child busy. Don’t think that it will be a trouble. You can get your toddler in and out of it comfortably.
  • Want to fold it up fast? No issue. There will be a marked strap on the seat. You only need to pull it in order to make it fold in one second. You can do that with one hand.
  • It is lavish in its features, but it is a lightweight design too. It weighs around 30 pounds only without the car seat. Can you believe that? It’s true. It’s not only lightweight, but also quite sturdy. However, it is not a steel material. This thing definitely reduces its weight and makes it much more portable compared to other strollers.
  • The canopy of Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Travel System is extra large too. It protects your child from bright sunlight.

Is There Any Con In This Product?

It is a quite modern baby travel system. After reading hundreds of reviews, we didn’t find any special con in it. There was only some direction which was mentioned on their page, such as ‘Machine Wash Alert’.

Do not machine wash the seat. It can destroy it. Instead, the Graco Company recommends cleaning the seat with a mild soap. Also, avoid using bleach and detergents too, even for the stroller, as it is a plastic material. Bleach can damage its sturdiness too.

Highlights & Features

  • Dimensions of this baby travel system are 40 X 24 X 42 inches.
  • The total weight is around 38 pounds.
  • Material type of this product is plastic – therefore, don’t use bleach for cleaning.
  • It has a multi-positioning reclining seat.
  • There is convenient storage basked along with child and parents tray.
  • You can lock the front wheel for added stability.
  • The car seat is for infants from 4-35 lbs.

Disney Amble Quad Travel System, Mickey Silhouette

Traveling with your baby should be a pleasant and comfortable experience. Unfortunately, there are some travel systems that turn this journey into a nightmare and compel you to waste your money time and time again.

It appears that the Disney Company perceived the issue of new parents so well. For that reason, they introduced a new travel system in the market – Disney Amble Quad Travel System – that resolves all the pain issues. It functions as a baby carrier, car seat, and stroller. It has immensely adorable design too that will make you fall in love with it.

Disney manufacturers ensured they are developing something which can complement the sense of style of parents and the comfort of their kids. We can see how they transformed it into a compact and sweet little unit which is easy to deal and not tough on your pocket too.

We have personally assessed its quality, and the thing which we love the most is the Mickey Mouse cushion in the car seat.

Though other car seats also have the cushion, usually they don’t have the ability to hold the head of the newborn baby. The cushioning system of Disney Amble Quad Travel System is not only comfortable but also help your baby’s head not to roll over the seat.

Why should I buy this travel system?

There are many pros in this product that can grab your attention in an instant.

    • It is often not that straightforward to attach the car seat to strollers. Luckily, this isn’t the case with this model of Disney. With QuickClick, it attaches with one simple click. 
    • The thing which we also love in this travel system is the ‘Maneuverable Tires’. They are perfect for crowded places. That’s why, urban parents often prefer it over other travel systems, as it gives them the benefits to move it quickly, even on tight corners.
    • Here we’d mention the tires of this product again. They are made of polypropylene. In addition, the company has developed them with EVA foam too. With maneuverability, they give an immensely smooth ride even on the rough terrains.
    • You can fold it in one easy motion. All you need is to lift it. You can do that with one hand as well. It has an exceptionally lightweight frame that won’t cause any trouble.
  • This product comes with two trays – one is for the parents and the other one is for the child. These trays have an ability to hold cup and water bottles. Also, they have depth design. You can put your personal and precious items in them too.

Is There Any Con In This Product?

If you are comparing this with some lavish model, of course, it would miss some features. But if you are canvassing its own features, it is tough to find any con in it. In fact, its wheels are one of the best features due to their EVA foam design.

They can challenge even the tires of many top-rated baby travel systems in the market.

We know there are some reviews that say its infant seat is too deep. Though we believe it is perhaps better. It keeps your child comfy and gives him a peaceful sleep.

It is all about personal choice.

Highlights & Features

  • Dimensions of this baby travel system are 33 X 20 X 19 inches.
  • The total item weight is 34.2 pounds.
  • It has a 5-point harness that can convert to 3-point as your child grows.
  • The maximum weight recommendation of the stroller is 50 pounds.
  • The stroller seat faces towards the parents. It can’t be turned around.
  • It has a large storage basket underneath the seat.
  • Padding extends down to the leg area to prevent bruising.

Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller Travel System

This baby travel system is one of the best-selling product of Graco. It is very versatile and also one of the least complained travel system in our list.

When we canvass its features in detail, we realize that it is an upgraded model of previous versions. The Graco Company resolves the issues of its previous models and tried their best to produce something which is great in all possible ways.

The overall size of the Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller Travel System is quite compact too. You can indeed see how compactly the frame folds up, which is a positive feature and hard to find in other strollers. Besides, it doesn’t take so much space too when you add the seat on it. We believe if you are looking for something compact in size specifically, this is something which can definitely meet your expectations.

Overall fabric of the seat is nice and soft. It keeps your baby relaxed. This seat also has a built-in lock-off for seat belt installation. In order to fold it, you only need to squeeze the trigger, which is on the handle. Squeeze it and twist it a little and it will fold instantly.

There is also one great feature in it which sometimes you can’t find even in the expensive baby travel system. You can easily switch the seat from the front facing to rear facing. This is also one of the biggest factors that makes it one of the best-selling products of Graco.

Why should I buy this travel system?

You should buy it because of its versatility.

Below are a few key features that can also compel you to buy it immediately.

    • It has easy to wash fabric. You can clean it time and time again. However, use only soap for it in the case for the mishaps your little one may have. Don’t use any kind of bleach or hard detergent though as it won’t be safe for the baby in the long run.
    • The storage basket underneath the seat is also one of the most premier features of this product. It is quite bigger in size compare to other strollers. You can have a cloth diaper bag and plenty of other things in it. Some parents even use the basket for placing their coat in the winter season.
    • If you want to adjust the seat and its position, there is a button on both sides of it. You need to press them before doing any kind of adjustment or changing its position. Plus, the most interesting is you can play with some different angles too, such as 10 and 80 degrees. You can adjust the seat according to these two angles. It will give your child a different view. We are indeed quite sure they will love the new angle and be happy.
    • Do you know it can stand on its own when folded? It’s true. Mostly, the strollers don’t stand on their own once you fold them. It is necessary to place them somewhere. In a way, this situation destroys the one hand fold feature too, as you still have to use both hands to place it somewhere, especially if its heavy. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with this model. Graco manufacturers have covered this aspect smartly.
    • The handle of the stroller is a single type, but it is wide – around 17 inches. The size is compact, however, we think the manufacturers wanted to give a wide appearance too. For that reason, they kept the size of both the handle and the storage basket wider and bigger. The handle of this stroller are also padded and curved.

Is There Any Con In This Product?

Yes, there is one con you must know.

The overall height of this baby travel system is fine, but the handlebar isn’t adjustable. It stays on its stroller height. If you are more than 6′, you probably have to hunch a bit to move it.

Highlights & Features

  • Dimensions of this baby travel system are 22 X 41 X 27.5 inches.
  • It weighs around 21.05 pounds.
  • Its 4-wheels are made of both rubber and plastic.
  • The canopy can extend to around 120 degrees.
  • For added ventilation, you can open the flap of the canopy.
  • The leg rest is adjustable to three positions.
  • There are two plastic brakes on the rear side.

Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller Travel System, Albie

Graco is a well-renowned company. It is truly a leader in the baby travel system industry. With their every travel system, it is their goal to make every journey a cinch.

And, we can see that in the Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller Travel System, Albie too.

It looks like the same as the Gotham and Tessa line, but it is a tad different in features. For example, it provides 10 ways to ride. The first three ways are through the infant car seat carrier. Next two ways are for infant stroller. And, the last five ways for toddler stroller.

In the toddler stroller section, you can adjust the seat for a growing child, which can hold 50 pounds of weight. Therefore, according to many experts, this system grows with your child.

Why should I buy this travel system?

This baby travel system is famous for having all the main features of other Graco products.

    • It has Click Connect Technology. In case you don’t know about it, it facilitates in securing the attachment of infant car seat to stroller. It is a common technology, which we have seen not only in the Graco strollers but also in many other travel systems.
    • Yes, your baby can face you and the world as well. This feature is quite rare. Only a few expensive baby travel systems offer this facility.
    • There is lockable front swivel wheel option too. Stroller companies present this feature in order to have stability and maneuverability in their models. Though this isn’t exactly a jogging stroller, it is better to have it especially if you are a power walker or have rough terrains in the park or around your home.
    • You will find two trays for both parents and the child. Both of them have cup holders. We often find the child tray in almost every baby travel system, but having a parent’s tray is a big bonus. It is usually found in the expensive models only.
    • It is immensely easy to assemble. New parents complain about the assembly of a baby travel system, as it is their first time and an expensive and versatile system takes a lot of time, but this isn’t the case with this one. You can assemble it within 10 minutes.

Is There Any Con In This Product?

You can face some sound issue in the wheels.

We believe the wheels aren’t up to the mark compared to other baby travel systems in the market. It appears that the Graco Company didn’t focus well on the wheels. However, it is a small issue, and it doesn’t happen often too. If you feel the wheels are making noise, you only need to oil the stuff that you clip the tire on. It will resolve the issue right away.

Highlights & Features

  • Dimensions of this product are 35.3 X 22 X 24.2 inches.
  • Total item weight is 37.2 pounds.
  • Maximum weight recommendation by the Graco manufacturers is 35 pounds.
  • Its car seat is FAA approved.
  • It is lightweight and relatively easy to assemble.
  • The infant car seat can be positioned in any way you want.
  • It glides super smoothly, without any issue in the long run.

10 Most Common Questions About Baby Travel System

Choosing your first baby travel system isn’t an easy task.

It raises lots of questions in mind. If you are also dealing with some baffling questions, we have arranged a complete list of questions and tried our best to answer them thoroughly.

So, keep on reading.

1 – Can we use the baby travel system for 1-2 years old babies?

Yes, of course, you can.

However, it is pertinent to opt for that travel system which is spacious and can hold the weight comfortably. Usually, they are designed for newborns up to age six months. For that reason, they come with car seat and Click Connect Technology.

If you have some specific questions regarding the recommended weight or age for the travel system, you can always contact the customer support team. They are always available and can give correct answers about their specific models.

2 – What is the average weight recommendation?

Every travel system has its own specific weight recommendation.

Though, we believe you should target 50 pounds. If some product’s weight recommendation is less than 50 pounds, it is better to avoid it. Besides, in this scenario, the weight of the stroller matters a lot too. Lightweight strollers have their own benefits, but they often can’t hold more than 50 pounds.

3 – Do the baby travel systems have rain covers?

Well, this is difficult to answer. Since most companies don’t provide the answer about the fabric material of their canopy. That’s why, again, it is better to contact their customers’ support team, if the fabric material isn’t mentioned on the product page.

4 – Can you put groceries in the storage bin?

This is a very common question, as a mother often visit organic markets with their babies.

If the stroller you are opting for has a storage bin, you can definitely put groceries in it. There shouldn’t be an issue. Make sure you aren’t putting too much weight, as this storage is designed for baby products, not exactly for groceries.

You can also buy an extra storage bag also. It is possible to hang it at the back of the stroller. It is a common practice among mothers.

5 – What if I’m a jogger?

There are many strollers which are specifically developed for jogging or walking recreationally. In those travel systems, the professional manufacturers especially focus on the wheels and attempt their best to make the ride super smooth, so that they can work perfectly even on the rough terrains. The goals are to keep the baby at ease.

Please, bear in mind that the jogging strollers aren’t lightweight too. They are big and heavy because the lightweight strollers can’t handle the speed of the joggers. They can disturb babies and can be dangerous also on rough paths.

There are a few more keys thing about jogging strollers which you must know. First, the maneuverability isn’t great. They are hard to turn, because of their weight.

Second, they have often big bicycle-like wheels. It is because big wheels assist in giving the smooth ride and they can handle the small bump and rough terrains efficiently too.

6 – When to use a regular seat for baby?

There isn’t any specific answer for this.

All babies are different, but the general idea is six months. If your baby has gained head and neck control, you can use a regular seat.

7 – Can a travel system turn into a double stroller?

It depends. If the same company provides this opportunity, it is great. Otherwise, it would be immensely tough to turn a single stroller into a double model.

We know, parents who deal with twins have this question in mind before opting for a travel system. They want a baby travel system which can grow with their family. Many companies offer the conversion option or offer the double stroller system, but again, it is better to ask their customer support team directly.

8 – What’s better, side-to-side or front-to-back double strollers?

Both models have their own pros and cons.

Side-to-side models aren’t too heavy and they give a nice view to both babies. You can also fold these models quite comfortably, but they hardly accommodate car seats. On the other hand, the front-to-back models are bulkier and heavier, but they accommodate a car seat, which is a big plus point. So, it is entirely up to you.

Choose a stroller which meets your requirements.

9 – What do I do if my baby travel system needs repair?

If there is a warranty, you should contact the customer support team first.

Otherwise, in case some specific part is creating an issue, it is better to replace it. Please, ensure that you are buying it from the same company. Baby travel system companies also provide parts separately, so that their customers can buy them according to their need.

10 – What are the safety features?

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a single stroller traveling system or double stroller traveling system, there are some safety features which should be present in all models.

For example, the system should have locking wheels, brakes, and extra padding seats. Furthermore, the frame should be strong enough to hold the weight of the baby during a power walk. Also, if the wheels have a shock-absorbing feature, it’s great.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, a good baby traveling system is a big purchase.

You should assess all these above details and look into what all the benefits are. If you are still confused, just pick any baby travel system from our list. All of them are from the renowned and professional companies.

Especially, Graco is one of the most respected companies in the industry. Its baby travel system is like a music that moves a million parents all day, day-to-day.

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Product – 6:

Best Infant Car Seat? Read Our Reviews to Find Out!


The coming of a new child brings about many important decisions to make. Is our current home big enough? Is it safe enough? Is this the right crib? Is this the right stroller? Should I become a stay at home mom? And the list goes on and on and on! One of the most important decisions has to be the car seat you choose for your child’s first months of life.

You want to make sure your child is comfortable, but most importantly, safe. Hours can be spent looking around for the “perfect” car seat for your child. Car seats can cost hundreds of dollars, meaning you want the best quality you can get for your budget. You can easily be disappointed when your expectations aren’t met, which is more than understandable.

To help you out, we compiled a list of the best infant car seats of 2018. Now you don’t have to spend so much time figuring out which one of the hundreds of car seats available is the right one. Be surprised when you find out that this important investment in the safety of your child doesn’t have to cost that much. We have several affordable options in our list so you don’t have to break the bank.

Things to Consider When Buying an Infant Car Seat

Choosing the right car seat for your little one is more than just a matter of seeing what fits the price range and picking from there. There are a number of things to take into consideration. You want to know what capacities the car seat has, what features you would like (padding, patterns, stroller attachment, etc), how easy it is to use, and (of course) safety.

It can be both hard and overwhelming trying to figure out what car seat to get. There are many questions you need to ask yourself and this is a very important investment. This is where our guide and reviews are going to help you figure out what infant car seat is the best for your circumstances. You can save time, and maybe even some money, with our help.

Height and Weight Limits

Most infant car seats have a weight capacity of 25-30 pounds. Since the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now suggests that children ride rear-facing for as much time as possible rather than up to 2 years old. This means that more and more infant car seats are being designed with higher weight capacities (35+ pounds) to help extend the time your child can be seated rear-facing.

Other Types of Car Seats

While we’re mainly going to cover infant car seats, there is another type of car seat available in the market. This is known as a convertible car seat and it is meant to “grow” as your child grows. They start off as rear-facing and can later be used as a forward-facing car seat. Some of these convertible car seats can even convert into booster seats later on. A convertible seat is a great way to save some money since you are investing in one product for multiple uses.

An even better option to consider is an infant car seat that can attach to a stroller. There are many different car seat/stroller combos available, also known as travel systems. This is perfect for any occasion and adds a lot of convenience. You don’t need to move you baby from a car seat to a stroller, just simply attach the car seat to the stroller base and you’re ready to go.

Why an Infant Car Seat Better Than a Convertible Car Seat

The drawback with convertible car seats is they aren’t recommended for your child until they are at least one year of age. This is because they don’t provide the snug fit and stability a car seat designed for infants does. This is especially true for newborn babies and preemies who weigh 4-9 pounds.

Your baby’s first few months of life are very delicate. From their bones and muscles, your baby needs to be handled with great care – especially when it comes to the neck and spine. An infant car seat is designed to help protect these delicate areas of your child and prevent them from becoming injured.

Another way an infant car seat is better suited for your child is the way you can carry them around wherever you go. Getting your baby in an out of the home and the car can be done without needing to expose them to undesirable weather conditions. A convertible car seat will require you to strap your child in and take them out.

The Best Infant Car Seats

Maxi-Cosi Mico AP Infant Car Seat

Our first car seat review is of the Maxi-Cosi Mico AP. It’s both stylish and comfortable, taking care of the aesthetics you would want in an infant car seat. One big drawback worth mentioning is the weight capacity which goes up to only 22 pounds. While this means you will need to upgrade your car seat sooner, it will most likely last you until your baby is 12 months old.

There are 6 different colors to choose from, some of them featuring patterned padding and trimming. A great advantage you get with the Maxi-Cosi infant car seat is the ability to use it with a few types of strollers. You can even choose to go with the Maxi-Cosi Kaia Mico Travel System and have a stroller that will last until your child is 50 pounds.

The Maxi-Cosi Mico AP is advertised to be the lightest infant seat available in the market, making it a great choice for parents who take their child out of the home often. It’s handle is slim and ergonomic, being easy to use and not as bulky as other car seats seem to be. Overall, this Maxi-Cosi car seat is a great choice for parents who want something easy to bring around for their child’s first year of life.


  • Advertised to be the lightest premium infant car seat
  • Side impact protection thanks to “air protect technology”
  • Premium padding and fabric for style and comfort
  • Weight capacity of 5-22 pounds – Up to 29 inches in height
  • 5-point harness covers for extra comfort
  • Ergonomic handle to make carrying easier
  • Choose from 6 different colors and styles
  • Ability to use on several different stroller/travel systems

Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air 360 Infant Car Seat

Safety 1st is one of our most trusted baby brands out there. This brings us to the second car seat review on our list; the Safety 1st onBoard 36 Air 360 Infant Car Seat. Thanks to 360 degrees and five layers of patented, energy absorption foam, you can be rest assured of your baby’s safety. Being both safety focused and budget friendly is what makes this car seat a great pick.

You can use this car seat for infants weighing 4-35 pounds. A five-point secure system can easily be adjusted from the front of the car seat so you can make adjustments accordingly. Store any loose LATCH straps in the base’s storage compartment to keep them away from your child. This car seat’s “quick-click” mechanism allows it to be used with several different stroller systems.

A disadvantage you should consider with this car seat is that it’s bulkiness might not work well if you use a smaller vehicle. However, this doesn’t make it any less safe for your child. The extra focus on safety is also a benefit to your child’s comfort since there is much padding provided. For a price of less than $200, this may be the safest car seat you can find for the quality you get.


  • 5 layers of padding for safety
  • Weight capacity of 4-35 pounds, reaching well into your child’s toddler years
  • Deep seat structure paired with AirProtect side-impact protection & patented GCell race car foam in order to absorb energy from crashes and bumps
  • Reinforced car seat handle
  • Easy to adjust 5-point harness
  • Car seat base included
  • Machine washable seat padding
  • Latch strap storage for loose straps available in the car seat base
  • Available in 3 different colors: Blush Pink HX, Grey Dove, and Raven HX

2018 UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat

The UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat is a choice you can’t go wrong with. Choose from five different colors and styles: blue, black, navy blue, red, and charcoal. The benefit of the blue & charcoal options is the fire-resistant merino wool fabric it’s made out of. That means there were no chemicals needed in order to make the fabric flame-resistant. A wide weight capacity of 4-35 pounds means you can safely use this car seat for your preemie.

Aside from the weight capacity, the harness straps were also made to adjust to small frames. An included insert can be used for infants from 4-8 pounds to provide even more padding and support for their delicate head and neck. A wedge is built into the car seat in order to properly angle your baby’s body for a safer ride.

Installing this car seat is extremely easy to do, both with and without a base. The harness was made to adjust easily so you don’t need to rethread it as your child grows. If you already have a UPPAbaby stroller or plan on getting one of the UPPAbaby travel strollers, then you can definitely attach this car seat to it. The benefit of getting a travel system is a ton of convenience. Overall, UPPAbaby offers great quality as well as very stylish options for parents.


  • SMART, easy to instal secure system
  • Adjustable headrest that doesn’t require a rethread
  • Integrated Side-Impact Protection
  • Storage pockets for any loose harness buckles and straps
  • Can be attached to UPPAbaby Vista & Cruz strollers – no adapters needed
  • Adjustable canopy with SPF protection
  • Weight capacity of 4-35 pounds, suitable from preemie to toddler years
  • Fabric options with chemical free, fire-resistant merino wool
  • Overall stylish and aesthetically pleasing design

Evenflo SafeMax Infant Car Seat

Our next car seat review is of the first tested in a rollover test: the Evenflo SafeMax Infant Car Seat. Thanks to an anti-rebound bar, your child gets more safety and support. Being made for use between 4-35 pounds, the smallest harness settings can be used for smaller infants and preemies. You can also make adjustments for a taller, longer child to keep them seated rear-facing for longer.

While the seat may feel expensive to the touch, it’s actually a very affordable option coming in at under $200. The canopy can extend far to help protect your child from UV rays. EPS foam is provided throughout the entire interior where your child sits to provide impact protection and energy absorption from bumps. A one-pull harness helps make adjustments and securing your child easy and effortless.

This carseat is greatly recommended for your child is they are premature, thanks to Evenflo’s design that holds your child at an angle that is comfortable and natural. Harness and buckle covers help make this seat all the more comfortable for your child to ride. Stash away any loose buckles and straps in provided buckle pockets to keep them away from wandering hands by tucking them away.


  • Full interior padding for impact protection and energy absorption
  • All fabric was made breathable to avoid overheating and to keep your child cool
  • Weight capacity of 4-35 pounds that can be for preemies and small infants up to toddler years
  • The first of its kind to be rollover tested
  • Anti-rebound bar to keep the car seat more secure and in place in cases of car accidents
  • SafeZone base made for energy absorption
  • Breathable harness and buckle covers for additional comfort
  • Extended canopy coverage to ensure protection from UV rays
  • Ergonomic handle design for ease of carry
  • Buckle pockets to store loose buckles and straps
  • Seat belt lock off system to ensure an accurate installation every time

CYBEX Aton 2 Infant Car Seat

While our next car seat comes in at a steep price tag, there are many reasons parents are praising it. The CYBEX Aton 2 Infant Car Seat offers a sleek, modern design and 8 different colors to choose from. A weight capacity of 4-35 pounds makes this car seat usable for a long time and is even suitable for preemies.

A nice advantage with this car seat is that the LATCH installation process is easy to follow and can even be done with the help of online videos. Many parents like that this seat is a bit easier to use in terms of putting their child in compared to other car seats. Choose to use this car seat with our without the base without having to worry about safety. This is especially useful for families that use switch between cars on a regular basis.

Padding provides impact protection as well as comfort in cases of accidents or bumps in the road. The CYBEX Aton 2 Infant Car Seat is actually considered one of the best car seats to help protect your child’s spine in a case of an accident. Side impact devices located on the handle is also another layer of added protection.


  • Lightweight design that is easy to carry around
  • Shell that provides energy absorption for crash protection and comfort while riding on rough terrain
  • Adjustable Led to prevent seat rotation in the case of a car crash, helping to protect your child’s spine
  • Euro Belt Routing that allows use with or without the base
  • Linear side-impact protection that absorbs side impact energy
  • Base comes with a belt tensioning system to help make LATCH installation easier
  • 3-position handle for carrying, riding, resting, as well as storage
  • Shoulder and buckle pads for comfort and smaller infants
  • Open torso angle to accommodate better breathing and digestion for your baby

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

Moving onto another affordable option in our list, the Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat is our next review. Being able to accommodate babies from 4-35 pounds and 8 different colors to choose from – all under $200 – this is a car seat parents love. This car seat features lots of safety, a one-year warranty, as well as an easy to install LATCH system.

The four point harness system is comfortable for your child and easy for you to use. An extra large sun canopy ensures your child can stay covered from the strong sun and allows them to rest peacefully. This car seats sides are layered with impact-resistant foam to absorb impact energy as well as any sorts of bumps you may run into along the road.

A drawback worth mentioning is that your child may not be as comfortable in the deep cradle as they grow bigger. However, this deep cradle design is especially beneficial for smaller infants. A lightweight frame and design helps make carrying and bringing your child around an easier experience for parents. You can choose to go with the Britax B-Agile/B-Safe Travel System if you would like the convenience of using this car seat with a stroller.


  • Side impact protection
  • Impact absorbing base
  • Durable, steel frame
  • Easy to install LATCH system and built in seat belt lock-offs for extra security
  • Spring recline and indicators for optimal installation angles
  • Ability to attach to any Britax Single Stroller system thanks to built in adapters
  • Weight capacity of 4-35 pounds
  • Height capacity of 32 inches or less
  • Easy to adjust 4 point harness system
  • Newborn body pad for smaller infant protection
  • One-year warranty to help with any issues you may experience

Graco SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat

Our final review is of the affordable Graco SnugRide 35 Infant Car Seat. This car seat was designed to accommodate babies from 4-35 pounds and 32 inches and less. You can choose from 3 different color options to suit your preference. The smaller size pairs well with smaller vehicles and you can use it with a Graco Click Connect Stroller for your convenience.

While this car seat is very affordable, it’s important to consider a few disadvantages. There aren’t really any impressive feats of this car seat. It’s a simple, affordable option that gets the job done. Parents don’t like how it’s sometimes hard to remove from the base and how the fabric isn’t cool & breathable. That being said, we should not leave out that the Graco SnugRide 35 has a more than reliable safety-record, making it more than a viable choice for tight budgets.

For the combination of price and safety, you really can’t go wrong with the Graco SnugRide 35. You get all the essentials you need and the security of a good safety record. Despite not having many additional features or perks, this car seat is an extremely popular choice among parents because it is still a great option.


  • Ultra-lightweight design that is easy to transport
  • Can be used with the Graco Click Connect Stroller for ultimate convenience
  • Weight capacity of 4-35 pounds
  • Height capacity of up to 32 inches
  • Small size is suitable for smaller vehicles
  • Removable newborn head support cushion for comfort
  • Expandable canopy for sun protection
  • Foot & leg cover for additional protection both in and out of the car
  • Easy to adjust 5-point harness system
  • Choose from 3 different colors


We took the time to review 7 of the best infant car seats in the market, taking into consideration safety, price, and additional features. The right car seat for your family’s circumstances will be different than the family across the street from you. Whichever car seat you choose on our list, feel at ease knowing that it is a safe option for your child.

The most important thing is safety. If you have any trouble with the installation of your new infant car seat, you can typically contact your local fire or police station to help you out for free. If you need to use more than one car seat, choose slimmer models and place your forward facing child in the middle. We hope you found our guide useful. If you would like to read our guide on the best strollers, make sure to check that out too!

15 Best Nursing Bras For Large Breasts 2019


If you’re a woman with a bulky set of breasts, then you probably know the struggle of finding the right bra. Bras are crucial for support, particularly if you are busty.

Now, add a humongous growth during pregnancy and you might have a panic attack as finding the right one means double the trouble.

Your body goes through a lot of changes throughout your pregnancy, and the most significant changes you will see is your boobs increasing in size by a cup or two.  And this change can definitely take a toll on your body.

So, finding the best nursing bra for large breasts is essential to becoming more comfortable in your everyday life as a mom!

Bra Sizing: A Quick Review

First things first, let us have a quick review.

A bra size is a combination of 2 measurements— the band size and the cup size.

In order to find your band size, you need to measure around your back, above your breast, and under your armpits. This numerical size is then combined with your cup size. For instance, you can wear a 38D size bra.

Although your band size may stay fairly close to the same size, your cup size will definitely change during and after your pregnancy.

15 Best Nursing Bra For Large Breasts 2019

  1. Bravado! Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

First on our list is an Amazon’s Choice. The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is made up of luxuriously soft and seamless fabric which mold to your body’s changing shape while providing superior support. It features a full drop away bra cup that is designed for maximum skin-to-skin contact with your little one.

Its luxurious softness without the wire added comfort as well as superior support. It has removable foam inserts for discretion and adding shape to your boobs. You have a variety of fun colors including pink ice, ivory, sea glass, black, and more and size ranges from small to 2X large.   

  1. Kindred Bravely Marvella Nursing Bra

A Crisbie Award Academy Star Winner, this maternity and nursing bra from Kindred Bravely is a favorite among moms. It is available in sizes from 32B – 40D and classic colors including black, ivory, pink and navy blue. You get to choose between two styles— the Marvella Classic and the Marvella Luxe.

The Marvella Classic offers a silky smooth racerback style. It has a wireless, molded-cup and extra wide chest band which offers just the right amount of support and form. In addition, the drop-down cups offer an instant skin-to-skin contact with your little one. The Marvella Luxe, on the other hand, has the same wire-free design as the Classic but with an adjustable back of standard eye-hook clasp for more versatility. 

  1. Anita Microfiber Nursing Bra

This nursing bra from Anita offers high-quality microfiber which delivers a snug and slip-free support all day, even when feeding your little one. Its microfiber fabric is a blend of polyamide or polyester fibers offering the superior softness. In addition, it has molded cups in nude or black and features an easy, one-handed clasps for nursing convenience.

The Anita Microfiber Nursing Bra also shines in terms of size ranges with the band size reaching 44 and cup can go up to I. Compared to other nursing bras, this one offers more option for women with really large busts to worry about. Smoothing leotard back does not slip and its tailored underwire offers supreme support that will definitely not disappoint. 

  1. Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Bra

A Mom’s Choice Award Winner, this nursing bra is made from ultra-soft French Terry (8 percent Spandex and 92 percent Rayon of Bamboo) without any underwire that makes it great all day and night long. It has a simple crossover front design and stretchy fabric with easy pull-aside, one-handed breastfeeding access.

In addition, this nursing bra has no hooks or clasps to mess with. It is available in sizes XS to XXL, busty and regular, with busty sizing include an elastic chest band for extra light support. You also get to choose from a variety of colors including floral, lilac, ivory, espresso, beige and more!

  1. HOFISH Full Bust Nursing Maternity Bras

A bestseller and Amazon’s Choice the HOFISH Full Bust Nursing Maternity Bras was designed to provide comfortable and convenient feeding for women. Although having a bralette-like appearance, this one offers the many versatile capabilities of standard bras with the added comfort you get from bralettes.

Sizes range from S – XXL, which can accommodate women who have D cups and bigger. It is made of spandex and nylon for support and comfort. The bra also comes with accessories such as j-hooks and extenders that particularly cater to women with large breasts and its easy drop cups offers convenience for breastfeeding.

  1. Panache Sophie Nursing Bra

The Panache Sophie Nursing Bra uses a unique combination of materials and is made from 6 percent elastane, 10 percent viscose, 16 percent cotton, 30 percent polyamide, and 3 percent polyester. Not only does it provide superior functionality and fit, but it also gives a fashionable look. IT even boasts a 2 color satin bow placed at the center front for a cute finishing touch.

Featuring a lace cup with a lined bottom cup, it offers superior support and an uplifted fit. The feed clasps make breastfeeding super easy and convenient with its one-handed removal. In addition, it features 6 fastening positions on the eye or hooks for greater adjustability during pregnancy. This nursing bra can accommodate even the bustiest women with size ranging from 28D – 40 J and offers three pretty colors, ivory/pink, black/nude and linen.

  1. Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Nursing Bra

If you are looking for a perfect, wear anywhere and go to nursing bra, then the Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Nursing Bra is your best bet. With a wireless, seamless construction, this nursing bra offers comfortable support that nursing and pregnant women can depend on. It is available in different colors and size ranging from S – XL with Busty and Regular options. 

With no underwire or annoying tags, this bra hugs your shape and definitely changes with you throughout pregnancy and nursing. Its spandex-blend fabric can accommodate your changing breast sizes, while the hook-back closure and adjustable straps offer a perfect fit every time. It also features clip-down cups that provide one-handed breastfeeding access and the removable pads provide extra shape and a smooth look under clothing.

  1. Elomi Underwire Molded Nursing Bra

The Elomi Nursing Bra is made of 3 percent elastane, 6 percent polyamide, and 91 percent polyester and is one of the most elegant options for daytime use. It has a seam-free cups design for a smooth appearance and to prevent rubbing with your already sensitive nipples. It also features a drop cup full-circle design for all your nursing needs.

Available in a variety of sizes from 34E – 48E in UK sizes. It has a flexible wire for added support and comfort without compromising shape. It is made of harder mold for support but with comfortable fabrics and has a powernet back for a sleek appearance.

  1. Le Mystere Sexy Mama Lace Nursing Bra

It might seem difficult to feel like your old self again with you changing weight and breast size. Imitating the look of regular push up bras, the Le Mystere Sexy Mama Nursing Bra allows you to forget about your body changes, targets your insecurities and make you feel sexy again. The bra features intricate lace patterns and miniature perforations that make it look so sexy and enhances your breast appearance.

Made with spandex and nylon, it offers great flexibility which gives way to your enlarging breasts. And even if you are already busty before pregnancy, you don’t have to worry since its largest cup size come in G, enough to last you through breastfeeding phase.

This sexy nursing bra is also adjustable and convenient like any other nursing bras. It has the same easy, one-handed drop down cups for breastfeeding. In addition, it has 5 rows of hook/eye clasps to help accommodate your changing body. Also, it has a 3-clasp fastening system that secures the bra in place even if you have a fussy baby while feeding.

  1. Anita Underwire Nursing Bra

Another great nursing bra from Anita, this one offers molded, seamless cups for women with extra-sensitive breasts. It has all-around breast support and naturally shaping your boobs, while the soft underwiring offers perfect support and fit. Sizes go from 32C – 44C and is available in 4 colors— nude, white, skin tone, and black.

Like any other nursing bras, this one has the Kwik Klip which allows the cup to be open and closed with one hand for breastfeeding. It is made with 3-positioner back fastener so you can find the perfect fit. Featuring cotton fabric, this nursing bra offers superior comfort and features a classic design that most women love.

  1. Branii Full Support Cotton Nursing Bra

This nursing bra from Branii combines the breathability of a sports bra with the look and classic design of normal bras. Using spandex and cotton material, this bra offers comfort for all-day wear and breastfeeding.

It has adjustable shoulder straps so you can adjust it according to your changing breast sizes. The useful clip-up shoulder straps are designed for easy exposure during breastfeeding. The bra is also made without molded cups and underwire, so you can wear it for hours anytime! What’s more, is that you will get a Bra Extender which allows your body to expand for extra comfort and a free strap clip which eliminate the annoying falling bra straps.

  1. Gratlin Padded Underwire Nursing Bra

Made with comfortable and smooth fabric, the Gratlin Padded Underwire Nursing Bra provides an all-around support for every nursing moms. Its strong underwire helps lift and support your breast really well, while the slightly padded cups offer superior comfort. Made of 15 percent spandex and 85 percent polyamide, it stretches and shape your changing body.

It has convenient clip-up shoulder straps that rest above for easy and convenient exposure during breastfeeding. Gratlin offers a variety of classic colors including light pink, black, white and beige and you can choose from 32C – 40DD bra sizes.

  1. Freya Dotty Nursing Bra

Who said moms can’t have polka dots underwear? Perfect for new moms, the Freya Dotty Nursing Bra offers an ultra-girly styling with pretty details. Not only that, it is among the best nursing bra for large boobs and you can find sizes as big as HH. Made of 3 percent nylon, 9 percent spandex, and 88 percent polyester, this nursing bra offers comfort, support, and style.

This nursing bra is also a bit “lavish” and comes with a nice touch of laces and bows, making it feel and look more expensive than it is. This bra comes with 3-section, wireless cups that shape and support your breast and has specially designed clip and 3 hook and eye closures for perfect fit and support.

  1. Bella Materna Nursing Bra

For those women looking a simple and classic look but with a luxurious feel, then the Bella Materna Nursing Bra is what you are looking for, and at a reasonable price. It uses 20 percent Lycra and 80 percent nylon which offers flexibility and comfort as well as wicking capabilities, designed for increased comfort on hot weathers.

Great for women with already large busts it is available in 2 sizes— medium and large. It has 6 stages of hook-eye closure at the back for perfect fit and its wide hem elastic provides comfort and support. In addition, the pad gives coverage and extra lift while the Oeko-Tex fabric is certified toxin free. 

  1. Curve Muse Plus Size Maternity and Nursing Bra

Curve Muse combines sophistication and comfort with its set nursing bras. Designed with the needs of breastfeeding women, these bras feature form-fitting and super soft cups with a release clasp for easy breastfeeding. Its non-chaffing straps will certainly not dig onto your shoulder while the strong hook eye back closure should help you feel secure.

This nursing bra range in sizes from 34C – 48DD for both plus size and regular sized women. What makes it different from other nursing bra is its beautiful designed with the edge of each full coverage nursing bra boasts stunning lace trim for a girly look.

What is a Nursing Bra?

Nursing bras have been around since the 1950s. It is simply a bra, specifically designed with cups which open. And while these bras offer extra support that your breasts need, in actuality, it is the opening that you need.

The best nursing bra for large breasts has an opening flap on their cups so you can feed your little one while the rest of the bra stays in place.

Consequences of Wearing The Wrong Size Nursing Bra

It’s quite common for moms to buy and wear the wrong nursing bra size, particularly if you got large boobs. Trying to squeeze them into a nursing bra that is too small or not supportive enough may cause all sorts of problems. These include:

  • Difficulty nursing access
  • Swelling of breasts
  • Discomfort
  • Bra straps that dig in
  • Spillage out the top and sides of your nursing bra
  • Under-boob rashes
  • Aggravated nipples
  • Added strain on the back
  • Breast infections (mastitis or plugged ducts)

What Should a Properly Fitting Nursing Bra Feel Like?

  • You should be able to slip two fingers underneath the band without any difficulty.
  • The bra comfortably expands and contract with you through your breaths.
  • The wing support should feel secure but not restricted.
  • Your posture should be upright with shoulders drawn back slightly and not pulled forward.
  • Cups always fit smoothly across your breasts without bulging, spillage or digging into your tissue.
  • There should be no elements of the bra digging to your body, for instance, straps digging into your back or shoulders.

Buying Guide: What To Look For In A Nursing Bra?

For busty women, there are particular things that you need to look for when searching for a perfect nursing bra. Here are some of the qualities you need to look out for:

  1. Wireless Structure

One of the greatest tips for women who have trouble with large breasts is this:

“Stick with wireless.”

And although you might like to have underwire in your regular bra, you are definitely not going to like it when you are pregnant.

Do not be worried that you will not have support with wireless nursing bras, there are great nursing wireless bras out there for larger boobs that still offer ample support.

Look for a bra that has 3 stations in the back and 3 hooks at each station for superior support, even when the flap on the cup is open.

  1. Breathable Fabrics

You need to check and see if the cups on the nursing bra you are trying are made of breathable and quality fabric. Ideally, you should choose a nursing bra that is made of 100 percent cotton. However, there are some new synthetic fabrics, such as microfiber that allows superior breathability.

  1. Easy Breastfeeding Access

While support and comfort are at the top of your priority when looking for the best nursing bra for large breasts, you just can’t forget about the level of ease.

One of the main reasons why you are buying a nursing bra is easy breastfeeding access. Nursing bras allow you to expose your nipple and feed your baby without having to entirely take off your bra.

So, steer clear of nursing bras which are too complicated and do not accurately allow you to feed your little one easily. You need to look for a nursing bra that can be opened and closed with one hand. To do this, you will have to try the fastener first and see if it can be opened and closed easily.

  1. Coverage

When nursing, you might notice that your nipples behave strangely. This is okay since your body is changing.

However, it is crucial to make sure that you have accurate coverage in order to prevent any potentially embarrassing situations in public. Make sure that you find a nursing bra with good coverage, which sometimes means more padding than normal.

It is common knowledge for women with large busts that more padding can mean an uncomfortable and horrible fit. However, there are nursing bras which offer excellent coverage without adding pressure on your chest. So, look out for those kinds.

  1. Soft Cups

Soft cups make everything much more comfortable when nursing.

Your nipples, after pregnancy, are more likely to be very sensitive to everything. Thus investing in a nursing bra with soft cups can make a world’s difference.

Consider finding a nursing bra with cups that don’t rub or irritate your nipples.

What To Avoid When Searching For A Nursing Bra?

There are so-called nursing bras which do not have flaps and these needs to be avoided at all costs. You also need to avoid nursing bras which are completely opened at the front, since this will give you a hard time putting your breasts back in place after you are done with breastfeeding.

As mentioned earlier, you need to stay away from underwire bras since they can obstruct your milk ducts and you will be at risk of getting mastitis or recurrent plugged ducts. This usually occurs since your milk-producing tissue can extend all the way back to your ribs and up your armpits.

However, if you really need to go with underwire for support, then you need to be meticulous with the fitting and get only the nursing bra for large breasts available.


Choosing the best nursing bra for large breasts goes beyond searching through cute patterns and fun colors. Finding one that is supportive, convenient, functional and comfortable, all at the same time is a priority.

And the above-mentioned nursing bras are the perfect choices that fit all the criteria for a stress-free and comfortable nursing!

15 Best Sleep Bra with Reviews


Most women would surely agree that the best bra is by not wearing a bra, but still, there are some women who believe that wearing a bra while sleeping can help prevent your breasts from sagging as you grow older. Although there’s no record to prove if wearing a bra or not is good when sleeping, there would still be times where you need or want to wear one.

Of course, if you ever wear a bra while sleeping, you’ll need the best sleep bra that is comfortable as possible. The bra should have no pads, clasps, wires, and has a loose fit while still providing the coverage and shape you needed. And because of this, sleep bra looks quite similar to maternity bra or sport but without the compression.

  1. Hanes Seamless Wire-Free Bra

If you are looking for pullover and comfortable sleep bra, the seamless bra from Hanes might just work for you. Having the best comfort in mind, Hanes has designed a cozy bra which you can use every day, even during bedtime. In addition to its design, this seamless bra is also wire-free, therefore would be no annoying, pinching feeling.

With the sleep bra, you’ll be able to sleep in any position you want without worrying about the bra’s wire digging into your skin. The bra also has a flexible fit to ensure it can hold its shape, which could help enhance your chest’s figure. But the most important part of it is that it can stay where it should be. Also, since the cups of this bra are unlined, your nipples might show through it, so it would be better if it’s used during bedtime.

  1. Fruit of the Loom Cotton Sports Bra

Are you a bit obsessed about using a sleep bra with spaghetti straps? If your answer is yes, then you might want to get your hands to one of the sleep bras from Fruit of the Loom. Not only because you can already get three sleep bras in one purchase, but you can also get a bra that is very flexible. This way, you can save a lot of money and time in looking for a comfortable sleep bra, and what you can actually wear during occasions.

In addition, this comfortable cotton bra can also prevent you from having a uniboob look, thanks to the bras sewn front. But most importantly, its effortless lines that are visible to its cotton fabric has made the sleeping bra more versatile, which means, you can use it more than just a bra for bedtime. The only downside of this bra is that they aren’t adjustable, and it wouldn’t provide you with enough support in certain activities such as a workout.

  1. Carole Martin Wireless Sleep Bra

Are you tired of reaching behind your back every time you wear and remove your bra? Or do you struggle with the usual hook closure at the back side of your bra? Then you would surely love this wireless sleep bra from Carole Martin, as you can consider all your bra lock problems to be solved. This comfortable sleep bra comes with a front closure, meaning it can get you out of your misery when struggling with a back closure.

With this bra, you’ll no longer struggle in reaching behind just to unclasp or hook your bra. You can keep everything easy and simple by wearing this full freedom bra that is also wire-free. but most importantly, it does a great job of outlining your chest area while providing you with enough support for your daily activities. This also means that the bra is very versatile as you can also use it when going to work, school, and even on other occasions.

  1. Hanes Evolution Sleep Bra

Choosing the best bra that you could use to support your breast while sleeping can be quite a challenge, but it would definitely worth it, especially if you badly need one. Since these kinds of bras are specially designed to be comfortable, Hanes’ Evolution bra is no exception when it comes to providing you with a very comfortable fit. Aside from the Seamless Wire-free bra of Hanes, the Evolution bra is also no doubt one of Hanes’ best creations.

Also, since this model doesn’t come with any annoying seams and ridges, you won’t have to worry about getting annoying marks on your body, as well as feeling the bra’s seams digging into your skin. This is quite true if your bra is underwired, and this is the reason why sleep bras are designed to not have any form of wire in it. Another worth mentioning about this clothing is that it is itch-free and lightweight, which is perfect for those who have sensitive skin.

  1. Kindred Bravely Racerback Maternity Sleep Bra

If your old bras are preventing you from having a good night sleep, you should start considering looking for another bra like sleep bras. There’s no reason for you to torture yourself with those bras when you can just get something comfy and practical. This sleep bra was originally designed to be used for maternity or nursing, but since it’s very versatile this is certainly a must-have bra that you could use daily.

Even if you are not nursing any child, you can take advantage of this bra’s ultra-soft cups and fabric when sleeping. There’s no need for you to worry about painful hook closures and wires digging into your skin while sleeping. To wear this bra, all you have to do is to pull this over your head and experience how smooth it glides over your skin. This sleeping bra is great if you are just using it around the house, or when it’s time for you to sleep.

  1. Hanes Comfort-Blend Pullover Bra

If you are looking for a dual solution for your sleepless nights due to not having enough breast support, then this comforting blend from Hanes just might be the right product for you. If you haven’t found the right sleep bra for yourself, then we highly suggest this piece of clothing from Hanes. Aside from having a simple design, this model is currently one of the best-sellers due to its versatility.

More than being used as a sleeping bra, you can also use it for sports as it can provide you with enough breast support and other daily activities. This bra doesn’t come with any hook, front and back closures as you’ll only have to pull this over your head. Therefore, you can relax and stop worrying about clasping and unclasping your bra every time you use for bedtime or daily activities.

  1. Glamorise Plus-Size Sleeping Bra

By having soft cups, wide straps, and a couple of adjustable clasps, this sleeping bra from Glamorise is among the products that have some of the highest reviews in the market. While using this product, the bra’s fabric doesn’t feel itchy or scratchy like some of the other supportive materials. But it would still provide you a natural minimized shape without having to deal with the underwire pain.

However, if you prefer using bra’s that has at least a bit of cotton fabric in it, then this product might not be the one for you as this is made with 75% of Polyamide and about 25% of Elastane. But if you don’t mind using these kinds of fabrics, then you can instantly buy one in the online market. Also, its pretty lace trim is soft and the cup can stretch to up to your cup size, which is pretty amazing to provide the much-needed comfort.

  1. Vanity Fair Beauty Figure Non-Wired Bra

Like all of the sleep bras here on this list, sleeping bra from Vanity Fair is also non-wired and free of any banded frame. It can offer you with the utmost support, even for those who have a bigger bust without feeling any pinches. The bra’s center lace will keep your breasts centered, even if you tend to sleep sideways. Therefore, this is one of the best sleep bras that you can get in the market that can provide you the best support.

So, why should you purchase the Vanity Fair sleeping bra? Since this bra comes with a full cup to provide a proper fit and containment, sides and center-front are narrower to provide enough support, both straps provide the right support yet narrow enough than a full-figure strap, and could come with about 2 to 4 hooks, depending on the size, and some eye closure. So, why would you not buy this product?

  1. AM Clothes Plus Size Seamless and Wireless Sports Bra

For only under $20, you can already get a highly reliable, yet comfortable bra for three at a great price. This is perfect for those who want to order their products in one go, as well as for those who want to save some money. Most of AM Clothes sleep bras are made with a comfy and stretchy fabric without any wirings.

Rather than using wires, they use removable padding instead, along with thick straps, double-knit material, and some elastic center busts to provide some lift and support over your breasts. The great thing about this product is that you have ten color options to choose from, including bras in all black or bright shades. So, whether you are looking for something bright or light-colored sleeping bras, you can find them all at AM Clothes.

  1. Amoena Frances Front-Closure Bra

Now here’s a bra for those who want to use something made with soft cotton, or at least partially made with cotton as this bra contains a bit of spandex in it to stretch. This bra from Amoena is a great combination of comfort and convenience, which makes it perfect for those who want to use a versatile sleeping bra.

With the bra’s wide straps along with its racerback design, it can help stop all your skin’s cutting, pain, and chaffing while its front-close feature is a great option for back sleepers and for those who can’t reach behind their backs. And if you have just had surgery, you can safely and instantly use this product.

  1. Leading Lady Zig-Zag Weave Sleep Bra

The most unique part of this sleeping bra from Leading Lady is its creative gravity-defying materials. This bra is made with a zigzag weave so that it could keep your breasts feeling comfortable, but are still receiving enough support. The great thing about this bra is that it comes with front-close clasps, therefore you no longer have to turn your back around if you are a back sleeper.

Also, this specific brand comes with various colors and designs, which is great for those who are wanting to use a stylish sleep bra. As for its straps, they are lightly reinforced to help reduce stretch and maintains the longevity and integrity of the sleeping bra. Since it comes with an expanded size, it would make it easier for you to find the size that has an ideal fit.

  1. Boody Body EcoWear Padded Shaper Bra

If you are the kind of person who values the ecosystem, then you would surely love this sleeping bra from Boddy Body as it is 80% made of bamboo rayon, which is grown without the use of pesticides. Therefore, not only is it an eco-friendly product, but it is also very soft and breathable to the skin. So, this is a great option for those who want a good night sleep.

Since it has a very soft fabric, you can sleep in any position you want as you won’t experience any digging feeling, wires, or uncomfortable fasteners. However, it does come with removable padding, so that you can customize the bra’s level of support and shaping. In addition, it also has a thermo-regulating feature that could help you stay warm in the winter and cool during the summer.

  1. Calvin Klein Wire-Free Contour Bra

For those who are looking for sleep bra from a well-known brand, lucky for you that Calvin Klein also offers a wire-free contour bra which you could even use while sleeping. As what’s mentioned to its name, this bra is an ideal bra for those who want complete coverage, while being provided with support that can hug your body no matter what your position is.

And since it doesn’t have any seams or wires, it wouldn’t dig anywhere on your skin, and it provides you with enough stretch so that you can freely move around. It also has a natural lift and push up to enhance your breasts shape, and even accentuates your cleavage with padding, even though it’s sleeping bra.

  1. 32 Degrees Camisole with Bra

This easy to wear camisole is made from a fabric that has soft and quick-drying material. But its most interesting feature is its built-in bra that connects directly to the straps and garment, which shapes your silhouette and lifts up your bust-line with the help of its molded padding. However, unlike the other products, this only comes with three color options.

For those who are thinking if this product is cotton, unfortunately, no. This camisole is made with 85% of Polyester and about 15% of Spandex. Because of the materials used, when washing sleep shirt, it can dry fast even without being dried under the heat of the sun. the bottom part of the camisole is flowy which makes it ideal for those who want to hide their bellies.

  1. Bali Comfort Revolution Wire-Free Bra

With more than 3,000 reviews, this wire-free bra is definitely one of the best-selling sleep bras in the market. instead of wires and paddings, it uses an incredibly comfortable foam along with elastic bands, which can keep your breasts centered and evenly supported. You can also wear for any activities that you do daily aside from sleeping, such as work, sports, and under kinds of daily errands.

It comes with wide straps and seamless stretch fabric to provide an all-around comfort, which you’ll need when sleeping. It can also fit easily to any users thanks to its smart size shape. And if you’re not satisfied with the quality of this product, you are free to return any unwashed and unworn items along with their tags still intact. Its original packing should also come with it.

What Should You Look for in a Sleep Bra?

Sleep bras are made to support any side of your breasts while still providing the comfort you needed. This means that there are sleep bras in the market that can fit those who have a large breast size. But before you go lingerie shopping, there are some things that you need to consider first before buying a sleep bra.

  • Bra Size

This is the most important part when buying a sleep bra, you’ll have to get the right size of the bra so that you can use it comfortably. Make sure to not use a sleep bra that is too loose or too tight for you to wear. Usually, sleep bras come in XS, S, M, and XL sizes and are based on the cup size. Therefore, if you ever order a sleep bra online, make sure that you know your beast’s size first.

If you don’t know your bust size yet, you can use a tape measure and measure it around your breasts. During measurement, make sure that you’re not pulling on the tape measure too tight or too loose to get the right breast measurement. Use the tape on your ribs, just below your breasts and then around bust size right at the fullest point, which is around your nipples.

The difference between those measurements would be your cup size.

  • Sleep Bra’s Softness

Aside from sizes, you’ll also have to consider the fabric’s softness as well as its foam or padding to see if it can provide the comfort you needed. Remember, sleep bras are made to be extra soft to provide the best comfort while sleeping, as well as the support your breasts need especially when you are laying sideways. And no matter what your position is, your sleep bra shouldn’t allow making you feel uncomfortable.

  • Wire-Free and Lightweight

After surviving another busy day while wearing an underwire bra, freeing your breasts from those kinds of bras is one of the best feelings. But no matter how much you hate wearing bras with underwires, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of using a sleep bra. Your breasts can still get the support it needs throughout the night without feeling any painful digging.

Therefore, it would be best for you to look for the best sleep bra that is wire-free and lightweight. Aside from using it for bedtime, you can also get a bra that you could use for bedtime as well, as well as for your daily activities that can provide the support and comfort you needed. Once you have found the right bra for you, you no longer need to wear wired and push up bras daily, except on special occasions or if needed.

Also, using wired bras during bedtime will only pinch and dig through your skin over time. Therefore, you should look for a sleep bra that is both lightweight and wire-free to ensure you’ll have the best comfort at night. You can also try using bralettes that are usually made from cotton and stretchable, especially if you prefer using cotton based sleep bras.


Sleep bras are specially designed to provide your breasts with support no matter your bust size is. The best sleep bra that you can get should be lightweight rather than making you feel imprisoned at night. Some sleeping bras will even make you feel like you are wearing a camisole or a soft cropped top. But if you are not comfortable with it, you can always use a sleep bra that is joined by eyes and hook.

There are some sleep bras that are made with garters, which could help you lie down on your back without having to deal with pinching locks. Regardless of the sleep bra’s price, you should always put your comfort first before everything.

20 Tips for Teaching Your Baby to Self-Soothe


A simple definition of self-soothing would be the ability of babies or toddlers to get calm, relaxed and go back to sleep all by themselves, without really needing assistance from the parents. You would really love it when your baby can fall asleep quickly and easily without you having to do much.

Also, you would love it more when your baby wakes up at night and goes back to sleep without disturbing you. These and more can be achieved if your baby learns how to self-soothe. And you know the most exciting part, it really is not that difficult, you can teach your baby to self-soothe with easily with just little effort on your part. Below are some tips for teaching your baby to self-soothe;

  1. Start Early

Like I always say, anything you want to do, you should start early so as to achieve your desired results. Allowing your baby to self soothe later than you should would make the process harder than easier for you to cope with. You can even start from day one (just a hype, really) in encouraging your baby to self soothe if you want, the ideal thing there is the earlier the better. Whereas there is really no specific time or age for this, your baby should be able to start self soothing between four months to one year of age.

  1. Get your baby loveys

Loveys are just transitional objects, they can be anything. Loveys can be a security blanket, a beloved toy, anything that is safe to carry around and your baby can form a bond with it. To get the perfect deal for your baby, you should get an item that your child can easily relate to without much persuasion on your part and add it to your baby’s bedtime routine. You can introduce a lovey to your baby when he is about 3 months of age, once your baby forms an attachment to it, it will help them feel safe and soothe them to sleep.

  1. Use an Air Purifier

Because the quality of air in your home is very important, you need to make sure it is in its best condition. Air purifiers were made to clear the air of dust, allergens and odd odors. This can help your baby feel relaxed and comfortable with sleeping as they make sure that your baby breathes pure air. Also, these air purifiers do not make any noise, they are very quiet so you can run them all through the night and your baby would not be disturbed by it in any way.

  1. Make Background noise

You must have heard about this so many times, background noise (white noise) is something babies love. This background noise is gentle and consistent so it can soothe your baby to sleep. With a little noise in the background, your baby will feel calm and happy too. It also helps prevent other distracting noises around the house from reaching your baby. To your baby , it would just be like the same calming sound he was used to hearing in the womb. You can play calm and soothing music from any device or you make use of a sound machine.

  1. Dim the lights

I shouldn’t be telling you this, you should already know that your baby cannot sleep in a very lit room, even you as an adult will find it very much uncomfortable. When the lights are on, your baby gets the feeling that it is daytime and it will be almost impossible for him to sleep off. If it’s possible to leave the room entirely dark, you should but in other not to get your baby scared when they wake, leave the room dimly lit. You can get a night light for this or you attach a dimmer switch to a lamp.

  1. Put your baby down when drowsy

Before your baby falls asleep completely, he will feel drowsy for a few moments. You shouldn’t carry your baby around and rock him till he is fully asleep. No doubt that, newborns benefit from the rocking and bouncing but this is not the case now. Try to put your baby down when he is drowsy but still awake. This is very effective as it will help your baby learn how to self soothe himself to falling asleep and also be able to get back to sleep on his own when he accidentally wakes up in the middle of the night.

  1. Try swaddling

Swaddling helps soothe your baby to sleep; it’s something you already know. So if you want your baby to be able to self soothe without your help, what’s stopping you from swaddling. When you swaddle your baby, it will help him sleep longer and more soundly as he will feel calm and won’t get disturbed by his own startle reflexes. However, swaddling is ideal for the early months of your baby’s life because as your baby grows, you will eventually have to drop the swaddles.

  1. Make sure your baby is cool

The temperature of the room your baby sleeps in is very important if you want him to get to sleep all by himself. If the temperature is not OK enough, your baby will find it very difficult in falling asleep, even if you are there to soothe him. You have to find a way to make the temperature in the room moderate and consistent. About 65 – 70 degrees is best as your baby’s room needs to be cool for a good night sleep, you can make use of temperature regulating gears to achieve this.

  1. Use a pacifier

Pacifiers are known to help calm babies down and that may just be what you need to make your baby fall asleep – to calm him down. They encourage babies to self soothe by making them do the calming down job all by themselves. With pacifiers, your baby learns how to control his feelings and it also makes him feel relaxed and secure as they provide him with comfort. Once your baby is calm, it is very possible for him to quickly fall asleep, and you would not have to do a thing.

  1. Quit picking up

Not every time your baby wakes up and start crying should you go and pick him up. If you rely want your baby to learn how to sleep all by himself, then you should quit picking him up all the time. What should you do? If your baby wakes up suddenly and attempts to cry, you can make him feel your presence without picking him up. Allowing him see you, gives him the rest of mind that you are around and once he’s calm, he falls back asleep without you having to do the soothing. This may not seem really nice and fair to your little one but you are trying to help them development and sometimes, certain sacrifices need to be made.

  1. Feed your baby before

Nutrition helps for a lot of things, and getting a good night sleep is one of them. Making sure that your baby is well fed before putting him to bed is ideal if you want him to fall asleep and stay asleep because one cannot sleep comfortably on an empty stomach. However, the feeding should be light and hours before its bed time because feeding just right before bed time can actually make your baby uncomfortable with falling asleep. The food should be down and digested so that your baby will feel relaxed and calm when laid down.

  1. Feed your baby after bed

You can interchange this for the previous step but this is necessary to calm your baby down too. There are possibilities of your baby being hungry when he wakes up so make sure you do feed him.

  1. Allow your baby to self explore

Self exploration is one simple way to help your baby self soothe and it has really been effective for those who have tried it. It’s simple; just allow your baby to enjoy the delight from his own explorations of maybe his toes, fingers, or hair; anything he likes fiddling with. Do not stop your baby form exploring himself it is a better way for him to learn how to self-soothe, he understand his body and knows just what to do to derive pleasure.

  1. Maintain a bed time routine

You should have a bed time routine that you follow so your baby can stay organized and know just when he is expected to sleep. Not having a bed time routine – meaning you put your baby to bed anytime and anyhow you like – will not make your baby feel relaxed and there is no way he can self soothe. Maintaining a Bedtime routines will help calm your baby and get him prepared for a good night’s sleep which is overall important if you are teaching your baby how to self soothe.

  1. Don’t have a too complex bed time routine

Whereas you should maintain a bed time routine, do not make it too complex that you end up disorganizing you and your baby in the process. Your baby bed time routine should be simple, maximum of 3 – 4 or 5 steps, this is advisable so your baby can also understand what you are doing and not be left along. If you have a too complex bed time routine, there is a possibility that it is not going to work and your baby will find it difficult to fall asleep instead of it being easy.

  1. Get a Good Baby Diaper

This is advisable because most babies are prone to diaper rash and it would be difficult for your baby to be able to self soothe when he is uncomfortable. Also if your baby gets soaked and wet while sleeping, it will be difficult too for your baby to fall asleep again by himself if he wakes up in the middle of the night. To take care of this, you need overnight diapers that can hold up well; they are best since as they can last all through the night while your baby is sleeping.

  1. Try a Baby Monitor

Baby Monitors (you can call them baby alarms) are devices you use to remotely listen to the sounds your baby make, especially when asleep. They work just like a radio system and are both available in audio and video. With a baby monitor, you get to constantly monitor your baby and communicate with them even when you are no in the same room with him. From hearing your voice even as you are not there, your baby will get the assurance that he is safe and be able to go back to bed.

  1. Gradually Distance Yourself

When it’s time to say Goodnight, you should try to distance yourself gradually. What do I mean? You can say goodnight to your baby close to his crib this night, the next you distance yourself a bit, you do the same thing the next day until you can just stay at the door to say goodnight without your baby being disturbed. This will make your baby not to expect much from you when you lay him down to sleep and learn to depend more on himself to do the soothing job.

  1. Be Patient

You should be patient with this, it does not work overnight. Do not get mad if your baby is not learning quickly. Have patient and be calm, just as you would want your baby to be.

  1. Get rid of the Rocking Chair

I made this last so as to really grab your attention. Getting rid of the rocking chair has more to do with you than your baby. You want your baby to be able to self soothe so you do not want to see yourself sitting on a rocking chair, rocking your baby to sleep. I know you can control yourself, but get rid of it if you can, just to avoid the temptation.


It is known that babies who self soothe are better sleepers, so if you want your baby to sleep better (most especially all by himself) start teaching him to self soothe today.

How to Create a Baby Bedtime Routine in 15 Steps


Baby bedtime routines are necessary; they help make things easier for both you and your baby at night. If you need to create a baby bedtime routine to help your baby fall asleep, the steps below will help you achieve that.

  1. Begin Early

As the saying goes “The early bird gets the worm”, If you want your baby to maintain a bed time routine, it is best if you start early and on time. If you know what you could do to help your baby maintain a bed time routine (which you will be finding out in this article), try to start implementing them at once so as to get results quickly. When is the best time for you to start a bedtime routine for your baby? Between six to eight weeks of age should be perfect enough.

  1. Engage them in fun before bed time

Doing a particular fun activity before bed time every night will help your baby understand when it is time for sleep.  Anything would do, the aim is just to give your baby that bed time signal until they get used to it and would no longer be needing it. You can read them bed time stories or let them play with toys when it’s close to bed time and let them sleep right after that. By doing this every day, not only will your baby know when it is time to sleep, it will also make your baby anticipate bed time as thoughts of the fun awaiting will come to mind.

  1. Give your baby a soak

This is one of the most effective means of creating a bed time routine, a sweet warm bath just before bed time. Try to give your baby a soothing bath in the tub about 30 minutes before bed time; it will help him feel relaxed and willing to go to bed. Even adults do feel the need for sleep at night after a good night bath, what more babies.  If you continue with this routine every day, while enjoying the bath, your baby will understand that he is meant to sleep after that.

  1. Try Some Scents

Scents with very pleasant smell can help soothe your baby to sleep. Ideal scents you can make use of include lavender, sweet orange and others. You can mix these scents together with you baby carrier oil and apply it on the skin or you can simply diffuse them, they are sure to give your baby that dizzy feel that will see them sleeping soon. Scented candle can also be perfect for this, just light few of them and let the scent fill the place.

  1. Carry out a Baby Massage

Everyone enjoys having a massage as massages work great in making one feel relaxed. These massages were not meant for adults alone; babies do need and enjoy them too. You should carry out a baby massage some minutes before your baby’s bed time if you want to help them fall asleep and enjoy their sleep as well.  Massage their necks, legs, and other body parts and do try to be gentle with it, it is not necessary for you to use oil. Also, Massage is not just to help your baby relax and sleep; it is also a great way for you to bond with your baby.

  1. Wrap your Baby

It is called swaddling and is one of the ways you can get your baby to fall asleep every night as it is one of the safe sleep recommendation steps by the AAP. Swaddling is easy; you just wrap a baby in a blanket so they feel warm and secured; sometimes a sleep sack can be used. By using a swaddle, your baby won’t get disturbed by his own startle reflex which is common with most babies. It also helps calm your baby but make sure the swaddle is not too tight around the chest so as not to affect his breathing.

  1. Play Background Noise

You already know what a background noise is, it is sometimes called white noise. It is true that babies may be able to fall asleep quickly when there is a little noise in the background. Your baby has already been used to white noise from when he was in the womb and these noises help soothe and comfort your baby when it is time for sleep as they block out other noises in the environment. You can purchase white noise machines for these; these white noise machines have different soothing sounds that can be effective in making your baby fall asleep.

  1. Watch when you feed

You are making a mistake if you are the type that feeds your baby just right before bed time. It is unlikely for your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep because the food in his tummy will make him uncomfortable. Try to feed your baby way earlier before bed time, about an hour or more before so as to give his body enough time to digest the food. Some people do eliminate nighttime feeding completely, this may work but it is not safe for babies under six months of age as they need to eat frequently.

  1. Make sure the air is fresh and pure

Fresh air is good for everyone; you fall asleep faster when the air is fresh and pure and so it is for babies too. If not that it is night time, taking your baby outside to sleep is best (you know you should not try that). So what can you do to ensure that the air is fresh? It’s simple, get a cool mist humidifier, there are so many of them available for you to buy and add to your baby nursery. These humidifiers add moisture to the air and create a favorable breathing condition for your baby which will make your baby fall asleep and sleep comfortably.

  1. Watch the Room Temperature

It’s unlikely for anyone to sleep in room with an uncomfortable temperature. The room in which your baby is kept should not be too hot or too cold if you want them to fall asleep. Other than for sleeping purposes, there are many disadvantages if your baby’s room is not in the right temperature it should be and one of them is that it can cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). For your baby to sleep comfortably, the room temperature should be kept between 20 – 22.2°C.

  1. Get Rid of Distractions

Can you fall asleep when you are distracted? The answer is a capital NO, but you can fall asleep when the place is calm and so it is for babies. If you want your baby to maintain a bed time routine, you sure do not need any form of distraction that will make them uneasy and quick to wake. There are few things you should do to chase distractions away from your baby nursery so they can fall asleep and stay asleep like dimming the light bulbs and getting rid of unwanted noises. Also, you and your partner should not discuss close to where your baby is sleeping, if for any reason you must, try to keep your voice in the lowest of tunes.

  1. Use a Pacifier

Pacifiers are safe to use at both naptime and bedtime and it is a nice way to get your baby to sleep. Using a pacifier is not to make your baby sleep for a long time or sleep more comfortably; it is just a perfect way to make them fall asleep faster. You should not just get your baby any pacifier, ensure you use a safe pacifier and one that is designed for his age, then watch him fall asleep. If you can, remove it after he falls asleep but if you feel he will wake up, leave it.

  1. Try Sleep Training

Sleep training is simply the process where you teach as baby how to fall asleep and stay asleep all through the night. With this training, your baby gets to put himself to bed on his own. It is recommended that you start sleep training when your baby is about 4 – 6 months old or even older due to the fact that babies are different. There are different methods of sleep training, you could try a few with your baby and stick to the one that works best.

  1. Switch Baby Care Givers

Baby care givers in this case are you and your partner, it would be great if you both take turns in helping your baby fall asleep. Why is that? Sometimes you may not be around and if your baby is used to just you in his bed time routine, it may be hard for anyone else to make him fall asleep, so try and switch and take turns.

  1. Write down your schedule

If you have found the perfect bed time routine for your baby, it should not just be in your head as there may be times when you will not be around to carry it out. You do not want any other person finding it hard to put your baby to bed so try to write it down.

15 Things You Can Do To Prepare For Your Baby


While expecting a baby, you have to prepare for a lot of things, from making sure that you and your baby are in good health to preparing your surroundings for the coming of your new born. This article contains 15 things amongst others that you can do to prepare for your baby, from things you should buy, things you should engage yourself in and more.

1. Seek Pediatric Care

Who is a Pediatrician? A Pediatrician is a medical practitioner specializing in children and their diseases. The health and development of your baby should be your among your top priorities so a Pediatrician is needed. It is no longer news that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) enjoins expectant parents and families to schedule their first pediatrician visit during pregnancy. With the help of a pediatrician, you get to find solutions to common issues and concerns regarding your baby, and doing so before your baby comes is best. It also gives the pediatrician enough time to get to know you and your family better. Ensure that you seek pediatric care from a qualified pediatrician, book and schedule appointments ahead of your baby’s arrival and try to meet up with them. Pediatric care may be expensive at times, especially when you have to book a private pediatrician, but it is worth the money.

2. Choose your baby name

Choosing a baby name is another very important task to complete while preparing to have your baby. It is true that some people like waiting till after the baby arrives before choosing a befitting name but, it is always advisable that you pick a name before to give you enough time to deliberate on it. There are thousands of names out there that you can choose from and at the same time, there is so much to consider in other to pick the right name for your baby. Names are significant, so you should not just go choose any name, there certainly must be a reason behind it. The number one source of baby names is the family tree and also most families have specific naming traditions that you should follow.

3. Buy Baby Clothes

Of course you cannot skip this one for any reason. Shopping and buying baby clothes are one of the most important things to do while preparing for the arrival of your baby m. Your baby cannot stay naked after being born; he or she needs to be clothed almost immediately. There are lots of shops and stores where you can buy baby clothes and you can also choose to shop for baby clothes online. To make it more fun, you can shop together with friends and family. Know the right sizes to buy and buy as many as you think your baby would need but at the same time, do not buy too much as your baby will outgrow them within few months. Also, make sure you buy nice wears that will really look cute on your baby.

4. Prepare a Baby Nursery

Your home needs to be informed that a baby is coming so you should definitely prepare a baby nursery. Select a room, a room you feel is best and make sure it is safe. Clean it thoroughly, take out anything that shouldn’t be there. To add style and live, repaint the walls with a more baby friendly color; do make sure that the paint is non toxic. You can also choose to decorate the walls with wall art if you want. Buy all the furniture you would need in a baby nursery like the baby crib, dresser, changing table and others.

5. Buy Nursing Items

After giving birth, you immediately enter into the nursing period and not being prepared for that is not the type of situation you would like to find yourself in. There are lots of nursing items you should buy and they include, Nursing bras, Nursing Robes, Nursing pads, Nursing pillows, Nipple creams and a whole lot more. All these items are needed to make your nursing period less stressful and much more enjoyable, it is very important that you get them now. You can ask your friends who have been through this stage before, and they will tell you how important it is to buy these nursing items. Make sure you get quality ones too.

6. Get Enough Sleep

You must have heard this over and over, even before you got pregnant and yes, you are hearing it again because it is important in general health and very important to you as a pregnant woman. Sleep has a great effect on the baby you carry in your womb, It has been stated that expectant mothers who are preparing to have their babies should try to sleep at least for seven to eight hours per day, some hospitals and doctors even recommends more sleeping time. It is no doubt that many women find it hard to fall asleep while pregnant and this normally leads to complications at birth. Getting enough sleep while pregnant is a highly effective means of taking care of pregnancy strains and it is also good for your child’s health.

7. Seek Advice from experienced moms

When preparing for your baby, especially if it is your first time, you are sure to get curious and concerned about some issues that you have to ask questions. It would be no harm seeking advices from experienced mothers, those who have passed through the stages you are now. Your own mother is a nice person to turn to for advices if you need some, or your friends and other relatives who are experienced. You can also spend time online on parenting blogs and forums where you could meet other mothers who can help answer some of your questions and give you useful advices as well, you could learn a lot. However, you should know the ones to take, if you feel like a particular advice is not really applicable to you, you should drop it.

8. Pack your Hospital Bag

You can fall into labor at any time when it’s due, when that time comes, you would not want to be rushed to the hospital and find out that not everything you need is inside your Hospital bag. That being said, it is very advisable that you take your time now that you are still preparing for your baby’s arrival to prepare your hospital bag and make sure it contains all you need. Most important things to have in your Hospital bag includes Dressing gowns and Night dresses, Slippers, Massage oil or lotion, snacks, socks, Hair bands and more. Your hospital may also recommend list of items you need to get, make sure you buy them too.

9. Look Beautiful

This is not a joke; you need to look beautiful while preparing for your baby. Why is this? It is because as a pregnant woman, you are sure to get a lot of attention from family and friends who may come to visit and assist you. You are sure to take pictures especially after giving birth and you would love to look your best in them. Make your hair in the best style you know, do your makeovers, paint your nails and perform every other beauty technique that will complement your appearance. You could tell your partner to get you some fresh jewelries and accessories or you get them yourself. It’s just really nice for you to look your best while you await your baby.

10. Make your home baby proof

Making your home baby proof is a sure way of keeping your baby safe when he or she arrives. When babies starts walking, or even when they starts to crawl, you would be surprised at how easy it will be for them to get into all areas of the house when you are not watching so therefore, all areas of your home needs to be baby proof. There are many things to do to make your home baby proof but most importantly is to get rid of sharp objects or keep them very far away from baby’s reach. Most furniture has sharp edges, try to cover them up with padding lock up places you wouldn’t want your baby to enter. You can check online or seek expert advice on how to properly baby proof your house.

11. Take Parenting classes

Taking parenting classes is something you should engage yourself in while preparing to have your baby. Why are these classes important, it gives you professional advices on how to take care of your baby and be a good parent when it’s time. You also get to learn how to manage your home, healthy nutrition habits and more. These parenting classes are usually organized in hospitals, other organizations and agencies also offer parenting classes.  You can choose to sign up for one online as well if it an option you prefer. Parenting classes are not only for expectant mothers, they are also very important if you already have a child.

12. Exercise

Most women are scared to exercise while pregnant, some believe it is not safe but in reality it is an essential aspect of preparing for your baby. Doing exercises when pregnant helps to have a healthy pregnancy, these exercises helps boost your energy and keep your blood flowing and this is very useful in preventing constipation, sweating and bloating. It is recommended that you exercise for at least 30 minutes every day if possible. Being physically active also helps you to maintain your shape while pregnant and to quickly recover after you must have given birth. However, you should be selective of the type of exercises you do as not all exercises if ok for a pregnant woman. If you registered in a gym, your instructor is sure to direct you on which exercises are best for you.

13. Get a baby car seat

For you to be able to move your baby around in your car, you need to get a baby car seat. It is a safe way to carry your baby in your car without them getting hurt especially as you would need to be visiting the hospital frequently. There are many baby car seats available that you could buy, just buy and install it and wait for your baby to come and occupy it.

14. Drink lots of Water

Water is life as it is necessary for the survival of any being on earth. As an expectant mom preparing for the arrival of your baby you should not be dehydrated, drinking enough water is very important for you. Water helps your body absorb essential nutrients and also helps distribute it to the fetus in your womb. Drinking enough water also helps prevent constipation, headaches, fatigue and anxiety which are usually common when one is dehydrated. You should drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water per day, and very importantly you should have a drink of water just before going to sleep. While drinking water is very important for you during pregnancy, make sure you are drinking from a safe source.

15. Get a Baby Memory Book

What better way is it to revisit pregnancy and your baby’s early childhood years if not through a baby memory book. Getting a memory book for your yet to be born baby is one of the ways to prepare, you get to store different developments and milestones reached in the life of you and your baby. While waiting for your baby, you should take your time to look for a good memory book that you can buy to store all those wonderful memories you would love to recall in years to come.


The things you can do to do to prepare for your baby are not limited to just the 15 listed here as there are whole lot other things you can do. Carrying out the 15 in this article should be ok and ideal for getting the best pregnancy experience.

How to prevent diaper rash


Diaper rash and babies are one topic that never gets done with, never gets through. Almost all babies contact diaper rash in one stage or the other, no matter how hard parents try, only few has been able to raise babies without them experiencing this skin problem. At times, it gets cured all by itself, other times, it takes medical treatments to send it away. Like the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” so in other for your baby not to develop a diaper rash, it’s best if you learn how to prevent it now.

If you want to know how you can prevent diaper rash, this article contains all you need to know. Before we look at how to prevent it, let’s look at what this diaper rash really is, what causes it and the symptoms to identify it.

What is diaper rash?

Also known as irritant diaper dermatitis, Diaper rash is a common inflamed skin condition with babies, particularly at the bottom area. It causes red or pinkish patches on affected areas and is usually experienced by babies of 12 months and below.

What causes diaper rash?

There are many known causes of diaper rash, your baby can get diaper rash through any of the following reasons;

1. Wearing a soiled diaper for long; This is the main and primary cause of diaper rash. When your baby diaper gets soiled by poo or urine and you let it stay on for long without changing it, there are high chances that the skin will develop diaper rash.

2. Tight fitting diapers; Many mothers are guilty of this, they always wear their baby diapers so tight that there is no much space for air to get in probably because they want to prevent blowouts. This is one of the causes of diaper rash, if the diaper is too tight on your baby, it may chafe your baby’s skin leading to irritations and rashes.

3. Allergic reactions; Your baby’s skin may have an allergy for some products like soaps, wipes, cream and diapers too. Coming in contact with such products may result in the skin being irritated and cause diaper rashes and other contact dermatitis.

4. Yeast or Bacteria Infection; This is very common, the fact that the diaper area is usually wet and moist makes it vulnerable to be infected by bacteria or yeast, this infection may lead to diaper rash.

5. Change of diet; Yes, the food a baby eats may also be a cause of diaper rash. This is likely to happen when the baby starts eating solid foods, if you are still nursing and breastfeeding your baby, what you eat may also be the case.

What are the symptoms of Diaper rash?

Talking about the symptoms of diaper rash, you are likely to notice it once you see it. The infected area (mostly the bottom area) will appear reddish and inflamed. Also, if your baby cries when you are carrying out a diaper change or when you are washing the bottom area, you should check for a diaper rash infection.

Let’s now get to know the possible ways of preventing diaper rash.

How to prevent diaper rash

Below are some tips that can help you prevent diaper rash;

1. Frequently Change your Baby Diapers; This should be at the back of your mind all the time if you want to prevent diaper rash. You shouldn’t leave your baby diapers – especially the wet ones – on longer than it should. No matter how comfortable your baby may seem wearing a diaper, you should always make sure to check if it is soiled, if it is, remove it immediately and replace with a clean one. Even if your baby is in a daycare or crèche, you should instruct the staffs looking after the babies to change your baby’s diaper when it’s due.

2. Rinse your baby’s bottom between diaper change; You should not just remove your baby’s diaper and put another one on. Mothers don’t usually take note of this especially when the diaper is not too wet, some just use a cloth to randomly clean and put on the next diaper. This should not be if you want to prevent diaper rash. To rinse, you should use warm water from a pail, water bottle, sink or bath tub, you can as well use a damp cloth to do this. If you want to make use of diaper wipes or soap, ensure that it is  free from alcohol and fragrance.

3. Allow your baby to dry properly; After rinsing your baby’s bottom, always ensure that you allow it to dry properly. You should not put on a new diaper when the bottom area is still damp or moist. It is advisable that you allow the skin to air dry, you can wait for about 10 – 15 minutes for this to happen. In other cases you can make use of a towel to clean the bottom dry, while cleaning try not to rub too hard on the skin, rubbing hard may irritate your baby’s skin which may result to the diaper rash you are trying to prevent.

4. Don’t scrub your baby’s bottom; I already dropped a little hint about this in the previous tip. Scrubbing can irritate the skin and its not just for babies. Even as an adult, if you scrub too much on your skin it may cause skin irritations. This is one of the ways your baby can develop diaper rash on other body areas other than the bottom. Whatever you are doing, whether bathing or just wiping your baby clean, try not to apply too much pressure, be gentle because your baby’s skin is very sensitive.

5. Invest in a good diaper rash cream; Getting and making use of a good diaper rash creams is one of the most effective ways of protecting your baby from developing diaper rashes. These creams act like a shield over your baby’s tender skin, so the possibility of your baby getting infected is lessened. You should try to apply the diaper rash cream during every diaper change. However, note that these diaper rash creams all contain different ingredients, your baby may have an allergy to some of them. Try to do a proper research and look for recommendations so that you can pick one that your baby will be OK with.

6. Wash your hands thoroughly after each diaper change; If you finish carrying out a diaper change and you do not properly wash your hands, there are chances that your babies might get infected when you touch or carry them which may result to them getting diaper rashes. If you want your baby to stay clean and free from diaper rash, you as a mother should also do your part in staying clean by washing your hands thoroughly after each diaper change. You can also try making use of disposable gloves during a diaper change if you can.

7. Wash your baby diapers properly; When I say wash your baby diapers properly, I’m talking about the cloth diapers if that is what you make use of. Ensure that your baby cloth diapers are clean and free from any skin irritating substance. You can wash these diapers in hot water with a mild soap or detergent, it is advisable that you pre-soak it before washing to get a more effective result. You can as well make use of a cloth diaper sprayer to do this as well, look for a quality one that is very effective and will give you what you want.

8. Use a diaper that is less absorbent; While this might not seem too important, it is still one of the things you can do to prevent diaper rashes. The reason why you should use a diaper that is less absorbent is simply because they contain less moisture. A diaper that absorbs so much moisture may leave your baby’s skin wet most of the time making it vulnerable to developing diaper rash. Whether you are making use of cloth diapers or disposable ones, try to look for the ones that are not too absorbent.

9. Watch out for skin irritants; These irritants may be skin creams, soap, perfumes and more. If a particular product has ingredients that can irritate your baby’s delicate skin, you should endeavor to stay very far from it if you don’t want your baby developing diaper rashes. If possible, try using only warm water on your baby’s bottom area. If you want to make use of soaps, make sure that it is free from skin irritating ingredients. You can also try applying lavender oil as it contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

10. Leave your baby diaper free when you can; There is no commandment or law that says your baby should wear diapers all the time. You can leave your babies without a diaper on most of the time, about an hour or two especially when indoors.


There you have it, preventing diaper rash is not an impossible task, if you know what to do and you do it, it may be a lot more easier than you think.